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1 I f It is high time that the public knew some- thing about soap! It has often been said that the I No hard soap or soda is needed most successful soapmaker was with Witch "—another saving 1 | the one who could make the most Get "Witch" from your Grocer. § water stand on end." Get water from your tap. I That has been changed since it is estimated that C7,200,000 8 the new Witch Soap process is spent every year for soap. | was discovered. That means that the women of | Ordinary Hard Soaps and "Dry" (?) Great Britain are positively throw- Soaps contain I i n g a w a*y 10 to 20 ø [2,700,000 a as much water )'ea^r on water' Soap. waste! Hard Soap is thedotbei w&kovenugiit, Save your I nearly one-third In the morwng, they'll wiiite. pennies by buy- | water. ing Witch Soap | "Dry" (?) Soap is over one-half (the «/Soap Soap in Powder). | water. Pennies make the shillings and I "Witch is the a/i-Soap Soap in the shillings make the f2,700,000 | Powder, containing only an un- wasled on watcrl I avoidable 3 per cent, of water— ^ee directions on packet | that's the first saving. and a" Grocers, | J. Oilmen and Stores. No te: Tli e 2d. packet of Witch contains more than twice as much as the id. packet. Also lViteh" is packed loosely, so that it will not cake and absorb moisture. 201 1 7wcr c (IRIC I W ^J<r\Ve^m nousAMDS of ItoothVacre ii&l NEURALGIA T Ja xmo smets PfflSwSsBT Mjwt/fxcnury, [ POWDERS Rii1/^rSi HOOPING-COUGH I CROUP S B The Celebrated Effectual Cure without H ■ Internal Medicine. H I ROCHE'S I I HERBAL EMBROCATION. B fj Will also be found very efficacious H B in cases of H I BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and fi B RHEUMATISM. B ■ Price 4s. per Bottle, of all Chemists fij 8 W. EDWARDS & SON", 157. Queen Victoria H H Street. London, Eng. n 4/- MONTHLY ^ill secure 10/6 and 21/- Bales of HOUSEHOLD PRAPERY. also Blankets. Sheets, Quilts. Boots, Costumes, Skirts, Suite, Clothing, etc. Send postcard rot lists. Wholesale Supply Co., 79, Knightrider Street, London, E.C. I HAVE A TERRIBLE ^tXiADACHE AND AM SO BILIOUS AND SICK THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. THERE are thousands of Men and Women of jt* a8"es suffering so, making Life a burden. Jf known how effective HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS |^4 NO one would delay a moment before taking J Pills act like a charm, and give KFJJ^DIATE relief in the most severe attacks of TFR-ADACHES, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGES. DEPRESSION OF SPIRITS. IRRITA. A4TY. By acting on the Blood as T&EY 60, IHJ* RENiov« the cause of Inactivity of the Liver S7- Kidneys, and cure BACKACHE, CON- FCY^ATION, WIND. PILES, and all SKIN Read a few extracts from letters re- cannot speak too highly of your ^U^lies's Blood Pills. T* cured me of a severe Sick Headache, 8.b.1 10nsness. and Foul Stomach in a very ORt time.-C. James, Wigan. I have been in a very weak state for JV^NTHS; severe pains in the Kidneys, *R>J UNIATLC P8^11 'N A'L my limbs, Headache, TIO Stomach, with Wind and Indiges- 14, due no doubt to Bad Blood poisoning J WHOLE system. Your ^Ugh4s's Blood Pills,' in a .very short time.—W. Jones, fribroko Terrace. Pontypool. TJ. ^AVE been a great sufferer from Pain in L> "«&D and Back, with Wind and Indi- "ON. I was induoed to try ^^ghos's Blood Pills 11.1 did me an extraordinary amount of LINV Now am quite WTELL.—Sarah Phil- DS- ELM Street, Ferndale. JYJ* PILLS always do good, ^GGBK. F& V" BUYING see that this VTHU- MARK> » Heart, SRT'S oa each box, with- FT^'EH none is genuine. ,ughests Blood Pills,' ^§8^^ &«I take no Substitute. 'Sr to d by Chemists and IRI a.t Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., or send value IlCt; .0. or Stamps to Maker JACOB ES. M.P.S., L.D.S., Manufacturing r4lPt. PENARTH, CARDIFF, t


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