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t-L THE QUESTION OF JJEALTH. This is a matter which concerns you surely at one time or another especially when Influenza is so prevalent &■$it is just now. It is well to know what to take to ward oil an attack of this most weakening disease to combat it whilst under its baleful influence, and paVticularly after an attack, for then tho system is so lowered as to be liable to tho most dangerous of complaints. GWILYM jgJVANS' QUININE JglTTERS. Is acknowledged by all who have given it a fair trial to be the be-õt specific remedy for dealing with Influenza in ail its various stages, being a Prepara- > tion skilfully prepared with Quinine 1\ and accompanied with other Blood r|j Parifyingand enriching agents, Guita £ >iej jjl for the Liver, Digestion, and all woe* ailments requiring Tonic strengthening nnd nerve increasing properties. It is invaluable when suffering with Colds, Pneumonia, or any eerious illness or prostration caused by sleeplessness or worry of any kind, when the body ha/3 i general feeling of weakness and l&ssi- tude. JJEJUAY. j CONSIDER IT jL Send for a copy of the pamphlet of tes- timonials, which carefully read and consider well, then buy a bottle at your nearest Chemist or Stores, but &ae when purchasing that the name "Gwilym Evans" is on the label, stamp, &nd bottle, for without which none are genuine. gOLB EVERYWHERE. In bottles, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each. Sole Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTUR- ING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY. SOUTH WALES. CLARKE'S B41 PILLS are warranted to,cure, in either sex, all acquired or constitutional Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Oravel, and Pains in the back. Free irom Mer- cury. Established upwards of 40 years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each. of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty j stamps by the makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company. Lincoln. 4/" MONTHLY Will secure 10/6 and 21/- Bales of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, also Blankets, Sheets, Ouilte, Boots, vcsturneb. Skirts, Suits, Clothing, etc. Send postcard for lists. gWholesale Supply Co., 79, Knightrider Street, London, E.C. tm S i M "n a <Ba i! FIWIV^VIS ■ taken regularly at this time of j I year will build-up, strengthen and ffl shield the body that has been a ^8 weakened by Winter. For Influ- K 1 enza, Colds, Chills and winter m «. ills it is unequalled. Name this m paper and send 3d. to cover carriage for M \A FREE TRIAL bottle and see how much real 4 1^ good it will do you. ft CO., Ltd. J* wmcarnls Works.I ^880 Norwich. ftl i MtH s! BSB t A N TURKISH BATHS Hot and Cold Water Baths j '■— f SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS have been made for an experienced trained Nurse to be in attendance on Tuesdays (ladies' day). i Mr. JOHN POBTKB has had over 20 years practical experience at some of the best establishments in the country, and is making arrangements for the Naopein Treatment, in addition to Sulphur Brine. Pine, Sulphur Vapour, Pine Vapour and Plain Vapour Baths at reasonable charges. LADIES' DAY, TUESDAYS Mease Note Address- Below Parish Church. TAFF VALE Billposting Co. The Borough Billposters, re the Largest in the District, and are Pro prietors of over 100 STATIONS Built on the Latest Modern Principle, and occupying the Moat Important Positions, including all the Railway Stations and Electric Tram Routes in Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais, Caeharris, Cefn, Pentrebach, Aberoanaid, troedyrhiw, Merthyr Vale, Aberfan. Also at Brecon, Talyllyn, and Distriot. Ail Orders receive Prompt and Personal Attention. • Experienced and Efficient Staff. Handbills Distributed by Reliable Men. Sandwich Boards, ftc., Supplied. Kindly Note Address 14, Calebelajnd Street, MERTHYR Billposting Co. LIMITED, Williams' Square, Glebeland Street, i a You want your Bills properly posted come to us, we keep experienced workmen. tl have the GREATEST NUMBER of Hoardingsj the LARGEST Hoardings, and the ØEST Hoardings in the Distrieti So Hoardings in Side Streets. NAT. TELEPHONE 223. MOUNTAIN ASH AND DISTRICT billposting and Advertising Co., Ltd. Having the LARGEST NUMBER OF BILLPOSTING STATIONS IN THE DISTRICT, are prepared to take Con- tracts by the Month or Year. JJANDBILLS DISTRIBUTED throughout District by RELIABLE MEN. w Manager and Secretary— W. HOWELL, F.C.I.S.

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