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===- 25,000 Sixpenny Sample Packets of CHOCOLATE FREE for fresh Purchasers of Suchard's "Ibis" Cocoa. '■> X?»x: Knowing that Suchard's IBIS Cocoa need only be tried once to be used always, the manufacturers have decided to present, gratis and post free, a sixpenny packet of one of their well-known Chocolates (" Velma," Milka," or Milnut ") to !very fresh purchaser of a i-lb. tin of "Ibis" Cocoa. This offer is made solely for the purpose of introducing to anyone not yet icquainted with Suchard's Specialities, a Cocoa and a Chocolate of superlative txcellence. How to obtain the Free Gift. First purchase a quarter-pound tin of Suchard's Cocoa (" Ibis Brand) from your grocer. It will cost you 8d. Inside the round tin (just at the top) will It-ie found a paper disc, which is here repro- cuced. This disc you should attach to the form at the foot of this announcement, fsUSHARj -C Facsimile of disc to be sent with form. which, after being filled up, should be sent to Messrs. Suchard, 33, King William Street, London, E.C. A disc from -1-lb. or i -lb. tln will do equally well. In return you will receive a full sixpenny packet of one of Suchard's well- known makes of Chocolate—"Velma," f I Alilk-a,' or Milnut." You are Given the Choice, but whichever you decide to have woufa, in the ordinary way, cost you sixpence. The manufacturers firmly believe that the majority of those who thus try J., Suchard's Cocoa and Chocolate will be- come regular purchasers of these Speciali- ties, obtaining future supplies, of course, through the regular channels of trade. Suchard's Cocoa ("IBIS" Brand). There are many good cocoas, but none that can compare with Suchard's (" Ibis I Brand). Suchard's is altogether more pala- table, digestible, and nourishing than any other cocoa made. It represents the very highest quality yet attained in coeoas-you need only try it to prove that this is so. Nor can there be any doubt about its economy for family use-a breakfast cup full, at full strength, only costs a farthing, Suchard's "Velma" Chocolate. Certainly the greatest achievement in Chocolate yet. In Velma one gets the- real chocolate flavour. It tastes of nothing but Chocolate. Until you have tried Velma" you cannot really know how delicious Chocolate-real Chocolate-cap be. Suchard's Milka Chocolate. Combining t. purest Chocolate with genuine Swiss Milk, Milka possesses all the good points of other Milk Chocolates, but it has this special advantage, it does not b cloy in the palate. Suchard's "Milnut" Chocolate. A Chocolate with a most delicious hazel- nut flavour. This speciality has only recently been on ilic market, but has already achieved a striking success. It is a char- acteristic Suchard sweet—toothsome, nutritions, and absolutely pure. Form for Free* 6d. To Messrs. SUCHARD, 33, King William Street, London, E.C Sirs.—Having purchased a tin ot Suchard's Cocoa, please send in accnrdance with your offer, one 6d. packet of Suchard's II VelnH," Milka," or "Milnut" Chocolale, I attach disc taken from the tin, which entitles me to this packet. I Name jL :• A ddress 'r ( ( Cross out the brand not chosen. "Merthyr Express." April 2nd, 1913. M l Packet of Chocolate. 'i;' /1 *44'* fff. giptf''MII 4i/V 4?''4k ^ni 'rvy# 1 —="l 1 I m. \Y<! \t ONLY ONE GIFT PACKET SENT TO SAME ADDRESS. I ."A VE YOU A BAD LEG With wounds that discharge or otherwise, per. haps surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it leaves the impression? If so. under the skin you have poison that defies all the remedies you have tried, which, if not extracted, you never can recover, but go on suffering till death releases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, the joints being ulcerated the same with the ankles, round. which the skin may be discoloured, or there may be wounds; the disease, allow- ed to continue, will deprive you of the power to walk. You may have attended various hos- pitals and had medical advice, and been told your case is hopeless, or advised to submit to amputation; but do not, for I CAN CURE YOU. I DON'T SAY PERHAPS BUT I WILL. Because others have failed is no reason I should. Send at once a P.O. for 2s. 6d. to M. E. ALBERT, 73, FARRINGDON STREET, LON- DON and you will receive a box of 1 Grasshopper Ointrhent 4nd Pills which is a sure remedy for the cure if Bad Legs, Housemaid's Knee Uulcerated Joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, Tumours, Abstesses,, Sore Throat-, Bronchitis, Bunions, and Ringworm. (Copyright.) YOUR A is Try this much-talked- Ike d a t of Sauce. e '-o y isL' Everybody is wlt delighted with I and its new and licious most delicious flavour. pp- 4/- MONTHLY «Pfl! wctire 10/6 and 21/- Bales of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, also Blankets. Sheets, Quilts, Boots, Costumes, rikirts, Suits, Clothing, etc. Send postcard for lists. Wholesale Supply Co., 79, Knightrider Street, London, E.C. 10 ;i t There's many a little one lost who would be here to-day if their Mothers had not neprlected them. Their pitiful screams and restless- ness by dy and night denote pain which can be stopped and tbe danger removed by 'ONES/: RED DROPS The Faunous Specific for Wind, Gripes, Convulsions etc. They are invaluable as a soother and healthgiver. Where there's a baby there should be Jones' Red Drops Lo Save Pain and Sorrow. l.ilt per Bottle from the following Agents;- Merthyr, Mr. V. A. WILLS, Chemist, 3a, Victoria it. Dowiais, Mr. EVANS, Cheir,ist, Union Street. O.VJKVV LI SB I pflHlcci H Troedyrhiw, Messrs. J, D, } SABlfcS ja JONES & SONS, Canton 1 jffflfillWBFTWBBHM House. I Heaufort Mr. Price, Post-office. Hargoed Sir. Pritchard, Chemist. B Caerau Maesteg Mr. Howells, Chemist, n Pontypridd From all Chemists. Eg Tonypandy ..Mr. Emrys Richards, Chemist. SB I/lwynypia.Mr. J. W. Uicliards, Chemist.. §|j Treorchy Mr. Prothero. Chemist. Sg Treorchy Mr. Da vies, Cliemist. nj Ferndale —Mr. Burgess. Chemist. R Tylorstown. Mr: W. R. Williams, Chemist. (I Abercynon.Mr. W. C. Williams, Chemist. 8j Mountain Ash Mr. Williams, Chemist. H Mountain Ash Mr. Jones. Chemist. K forth From all Chemists. B jONES & SONS, Manufacturing fg Chemists, LLANIDLOES. JJ — READ THIS It will interest yon. If yon suffer from pains in the h»ek ? Is the urinp, cloudy or gravelly 1 TheRe &re the symptoms of Kidney complaint. Be wise In time and attend to your trouble. I will send n hottllij of my marvellous remedy FREE OF CHARGE to every applicant during the next two weeks. DONOVAN'S KIDNEY DROPS. A sure cure for Backache, Congestion of the Kidneys, and all disorders arising from Kidney Disease. Send a P.O. for 6d. to cover coat of postage and packing (no stamps) to Sole Pro- prietor, ALFRED DONOVAN, 14, Mervyn Stroeo Aberfao, South

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