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Aberdare Bachelors' Club,


Aberdare Bachelors' Club, SUCCESSFUL DANCE AND SUPPER. On Friday evening a social function was held at the Memorial UnD, Aberdare, under the auspices of the newly-fortned Bachelors' Club in Aberdare. This was the outcome of a suggestion made by Mr. J. McCormack. carried out by his fricrubs in the town and himself. Most of the credit for its success falls upon Mr. MacCormack. The following guests were pre- sent :—Ladies.—Misses P. Mathias, C. James, F. Evans, M. Clifford, J. Thomas, F. Nicholas, Fl. Hushes, B. Morgan, R- PelJ, Rosser, Coombes (Pontypridd), B. M. Richards, W. Pritchard, K. and M. James, M. Jones, E. Morri3, a.nd J- Lewis gentlemen—Messrs. J. Morris, (chairman) Jas. MacCortnack (secretary), Dai Stephens, Clifford Hughes, R. and D. R. Jones, D. Davies, Archie Williams, Arthur Bowen, Fred Davies, D. W- Evans, D. Watkins, Dan Davies, Gwilym Jones, W. Ralle, Morley Griffiths, R. S. Howells (Pontypridd), A. E. Martin, T. Elliot (Ponty- pridd), C. Morris, Rees Thomas and W. Reed. After the arrival of the fifty guests a sump- tuous supper was partaken of, the catering having been entrusted to Messrs. F. W. Caunt and Son. On the cross-table, supported by Messrs. MacCormack (sec.). Williams, Bowen, Davies, Watkins, Stevens, Evans, etc., Mr. Jack Morris ably presided. The first toast honoured was that of The King and Royal Family," proposed by the President, the company singing ",God save the King." The next toast was The Ladies," proposed by Mr. D. W. Evans, Aberaman, who spoke of the value of the fair sex. Miss Bessie Richards, on behalf of the ladies present, responded. She said she was proud that such a high opinion of women had been voiced. She was confident that she was expressing the opinon of all the ladies present when sho they were grateful for having been so generously entertained by the A.B.C. The Visitors was proposed by Mr. Morley Griffiths, who said he hoped all those who were not Aberdarians would enjoy themselves, and feel quite at home amongst the A.B.C. and their lady friends. Mr. R. S. Howells, of Pontypridd, responded. The next. toast, Success to the Aberdare Bachelors' Club and Mr. Jas. MacCormack," was proposed by Mr. Dd. Stevens, who very briefly spoke of the merits of this club, formed in the town as a. cementing influence, amongst the young men. There were many young fellows in the town, and it was thought that an evening together now and again would have a very ennobling effect on them. He especially mentioned Mr. MacCormack, who amongst the young men was very popular, and who had worked most assiduously for the success of the A.B.C. Mr. I. Elliot, Pontypridd, responded, and I wished the Aberdare Bachelors' Club every success and long life. They were, as far as he knew them, a very jolly lot, and would not fail on this and other occasions to bring about successful functions. This toast was drunk most heartily. Mr. MacCormack rose amid cheers to respond, the company also sang He's a jolly good fellow." Mr. MacCormack explained how it came about that ladies were invited. Young men in Aberdare had loug felt there was need of some kind of club, wherein they might meet and enjoy one another's company, and later arranged a kind of banquet. Originally they intended to exclude ladies, but on the proposition of one of their number, supported by many others, it was determined to give their lady friends also a share in the evening's enjoyment. After supper, dancing was indulged in, Mr. Fred Davies generously contributing excellent music. Mr. MacCormack and Mr. D. Watkins acted as M.C.'s. Games were also indulged in, and during the evening musical items I interspersed the dances. Mr. Arthur Bowen gave a splendid rendering of Thora," and ws,3 given hearty applause, as also was Mr. T. Elliot for his solo. Mr. Levi Morris gave a fine clarionet solo, and Mr. Stephen Evan3 a violin solo, all of which were heartily apprec- iated. These latter gentlemen, with Mr. Jack Morris, Mr. Maddox, and the accompanist, and one or two others, formed an effective orchestra, rendering some attractive and popular dance music. Mr. Reed, the new Empire manager, also contributed a musical recitation.



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