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FIRM I ASA I ROCK! | I Founded 70 years ago on as & solid a basis as Gibraltar's §L famous Rock-built upon » an unswerving policy of ■ HIGHEST VALUE, I Lowest Prices always, B H. SAMUEL'S Colossal i Business is now more firmly H established than ever. 9 No other Retail Establish- 1 ment can afford to offer 1 you equal value at such | startling low prices. 1 H. SAMUEL'S vast Sales enable him 11 to offer Sj WATCHES, I JEWELLERY, i PLATE, CUTLERY, &C. I AT PRICES WHICH I ABSOLUTELY DEFY B ALL C0M1»K.TIT»ONt. 3| H.SAMUEH THE HOUSE FOA ^THTtouse^ Prove this by comparison with H CALL TO-DAY B I Prove this by comparison with Cj 250,000 TESTIMONIALS! | I READ THIS! fl "I am sure if I tried other firms I H should not have such good articles for H the money." H Miss STOWE. Shipton-on-Stour. B GOLD LOCKET. 1 Handsome Real Gold Locket, g% ig\ Hj beautifully engraved, great vari- j/fi H ety ot designs. EIewhere 5/6 ■ SILVER VESTA BOXES. B A typical instance of H. Samuel's — H money saving Bargains *f /K H Elsewhere 3/9 H A MONTH UNDER WATER I STARTLING TESTIMONY! ■ 62, King Edward-street, Blaenearw, H South Wales, 18th March. 1910. H "One of your 'Acme' Levers was Hj bought by my Brother 7 years ago. Un- H fortunately he got drowned off Van- couver Island last May, and although he H was not discovered until a month after, H the watch being under water that length Hj of time made no difference whatever to it. H It keeps time to a second."—A. SMITH. 83 THIS IS THE WATCH!! 8 H. SAMUEL'S Famous WATCH H WITH THE PATENTS, AC/ £ 9 The'ACME Keyless or Keywind, 7 years AVWTR'P jfi warranty. Equal to any watch K at any price fcr appearance, CDCC ■ accuracy and lasting wear. I 11C tl ■ H MORE THAN SATISFIED! 1 Miss E. BROWN, 13. West End, Upper S Stratton, Dear Swindon, writing recently Bjj says" I am really more than satisfied ■ with my purchase." B GOLD NECKLETS. B Magnificent Real Gold Necklets. "7 9j Astounding Value at the Price. I/O S BISCUIT BARRELS (Solid Oak) | Handsomely Finished with heavily A /Q B silver-plated mounts and shields *fr/ u B SILVER-PLATED TEA SETS, 12/6 to E5; B MARBLE CLOCKS for Presentation, 21/ B ENAMEL BLOUSE WATCHES complete B with Bows, 10/6; ENGAGEMENT RINGS. B self with Real Stones. 21/ LADIES' GOLD B WATCHES, 17/6; THOUSANDS OF AS- B TOUNDING BARGAINS AT NEXT TO B FACTORY PRICES. jfi IH. SAMUEL'S IS THE LARGEST BRITISH 9 FIRM OF ITS KIND IN THE B EMPIRE. B See the Name over the Shop before Hj entering. H Full Month's Trial and Your B Rail Fare Paid. S CALL TO-DAY CALL NOW! | BEWARE OF IMITATORS ff EMPIRE. B See the Name over the Shop before Hj entering. H Full Month's Trial and Your B Rail Fare Paid. S CALL TO-DAY CALL NOW! | BEWARE OF IMITATORS ff KSAMUEL I 119, HIGH-STREET I 1 MERTHYR. | ■ Also at Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. H B If unable to call, write for big freti Catalogue R B to Head Office- H B H. SAMUEL. 105, Market-at. Manchester. B IF' WH £ MaffeaSf*,L 2 r TVOOSAATOS V ItoothVacre ii WL AND fl| fl Wpsowwo NEURALGIA J| Affff 5TOA £ S I POWDERS A 1 COOCHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. MIRACULOUS CREST, COUGH, AND LUNG HEALER. WiU immediately arrest the course of the disease And Cl.!ard against all ill tffectg. It possesses mar- YeUOU8 healing and tonic properties, apd gives Relief to Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, roncfaitis, Difficulty of Breathing, etc. It is very enedcial, aad has preved for Many years a «nd a BLBSS1NO to THOUSANDS of oUPKeRBR6 in all parts of the World. 1/1 Priùa, tm and 2/3,.1 all Chemists and Stores. 19 or 2/6 from the sole proprietors and inventors, O. DEAKIN & HUQHE8, The Inflammation Remedies- Co., BLAEMAVOM, II oJllj TAKE "THE IREATH PEAKIN'S O'LIP! :=-=- _= ^Are you looking: for anything:? if »Oi a in our column* will set It for





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