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111 ,1 urn.—mm -.11 MI ¡ I Jr A sifting top m regulates its use ¡ B No matter how dirty the 11 B tables and floors may be, || m if you want them clean 11 I wk**) and spotless always re- fil member that Vim Does it M The Cleanser S and tL ? q?z*> Polisher W 9 m -;[ IT pi b fFt FAMEO? ftic A A. so,, QDET alogue a,,)pl Or to 36, Queen Victoria j-.reot, Lc ~don, E.C. 4/- MONTHLY £ *iU secure 10/6 and 21/- Bales of HOUSEHOLD RAPERY, also Blankets. Sheets, Ouilts, Boots, Btumes, Skirts, Suits, Clothing, etc. Send postcard *>r lists. Wholesale Supply Co., 79, Knightrider Street, London, E.C. STJNSHINE AND SNOW We are again in the month of pitfalls; the month when the unwary spurn the faithful old friends of a short time back, discarding coats fend woollens in the alluring brightness of the spring sunshine. Pro- bably no season of the year has been the topic of more warnings against precipitous changing of raiment than the present, yet there* ai-e a multitude who disregard them. Even the careful are not proof against the weather of April and May. At the begin- ning of spring bodily vitality is at its lowest; "We are without energy or vigour, and com- paratively easy prey to influenza and other ills in season." The secret of maintaining ood health and buoyant strength is in (Counteracting the bodily weakness by taking into the system some invigorating and Nourishing tonic such as the ever-valuable Wincarnis. Nothing shows the disinterestedness of tnedical men so much as,the way in which 'they advise people to take Wincarnis and to an-old illness and keep down doctors' a bills -Grand Magazine. Sample will be sent free on receipt of 3d. 11 cover carriage. Address: COLEMAN Co., Ltd., 298, Wincarnis Works, Nor- wich, and name this paper. HAVE YOU A BAD LEG J^ith wounds that discharge or otherwise, per- haps surrounded with inflammation and swollen, when you press your finger on the inflamed &*rt it leaves tne impression? If so, under the *kin vou have poison that defies all the remedies You have tried, which-, if not extracted, you tlever can resover, but go on suffering till death pleases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, joints being ulcerated; the same with the ^kles, round which the skin may be discoloured, tlr there may be wounds; the disease, allow- M to continue, will deprive you of the power walk. You may have attended various hos- pitals and had medical advice, and been told tour case is hopeless, or advised to submit to ••fcputation; but do not, for I CAN CURE YOU. I OON T SAY PERHAPS BUT I WILL. ^ecause others have failed is no reason I ^ould. Send at once a P.O. for 2s. 6d. to M. E. ALBERT, 73, FARRINGDON STREET, LON- ON and you will receive a box of Grasshopper Ointment Pills which is & sure remedy for the cure S*. Bad Legs Housemaid's Knee Uuloerated joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, Tumours, ^bscesses. Sore Throat. Bronchitis. Bunions, d Ringworm. (Copyright ) _n W«'t ')'! ') Simply sav H. P, 3 and give your grocer I f 6d. and you will § have a bottle of the delicious — t READ THIS IV interest you. If yon suffer from pains in Is the urine cloudy or gravelly ? These the symptoms of Kidney complaint. Be wi9e ;;ne and attend to your trouble. I will send a e of my marvellous remedy PREE OF CHARGE e\'ery applicant during the next two weeks. 4 DONOVAN'S KIDNEY DROPS. ^i<?Ure cure *or Backache, Congestion of the ey&> and all disorders arising from Kidney j- sen(j a p.o. for 6d. to cover cost of aRe and packing (no stamps) to Sole Pro- Mfctc>r, 4tFRED DONOVAN, 14. Mervyn Street, Aberfan, South Wales. legraPhiC Addresa-Boulton, Merthye a.t. Telephone, No. 122. bead & Disabled Horses & Cattle PROMPTT MOVED J, Boulton Sons, LICENSED lforse Slaughterers. 'Rebeddau FARM, tttOUII rft,IN HARE, MERTHYR. | BRANCHES AT lrho vy }nn stables, Sirhowy, inn Stables, Aberam'aru

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