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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE (CONTINUED.) EPIDEMIC OF MEASLES. Brecon road, Merthyr; Twynyrodyn, Dowlais, and Pen- ydarren infants' schools are closed this week, un account of an epidemic of measles. POLICE CONCERT.—On Thursday night the annual concert was given, at the Theatre Royal, in aid of the Police Benevolent Fund. The t programme was arranged by Madame Clara No veil o Davies, leader of the Royal Welsh Ladiea' Choir. CONCERT AT THE WORKHOUSE.—A very pleasant evening was spent at this institution on Tuesday when the High-street Pierrot Party, consisting of the following ladies and gentlemen, took part -.—Misses Millie Moms, Gladys Owen, Jenetta Powell, Maisie Morris and Messrs. J. Macmeskin, A. R. Morris, J. 1. Griffiths, Bryn Powell, Dave Evans and J. Gwynn: aom- panist, Mrs. W. T. Powell conductor, Mr. J. T. Owen. The entertainment was followed by a very laughable farce entitled" Dont spoil the fun," in which the following took put :-Misses ♦Hadvs Owen, Maisie Morris, and Messrs. H. Williams, E. Morris and J. Paulett. The inmates heartily enjoyed the entertainment. COMPENSATION CAE.At Merthyr County Court, on Thursday, William and Margaret "Davies claimed compensation from Messrs. Hill's Plymouth Co., ir respect of the loss of their son, George Davies, aged 14, who was killed by being run over by a journey of trams, at South Pit, on 13th January" last.—Mr. St. John Francis-Williams (instructed by Mr. A. T. Thomas) was for i*ha applicants Mr. R. Allen (instructed by Messrs. G. C. James, Charles and Davies) for the respondents.—It was alleged that the accident did not arise out of and in the eoursa of deceased s employment,—It transpired that a decision ot his Honour's, in a similar case, would come before the court of Appeal on Friday, and his Honour reserved judgment. 0YFASTHFA AND MERTHYR MUNICIPAL BA--zDl FKTE.—In connection with this fete a juvenile competition will take place in Cyfarthfa Park, on the 30th June, and the general committee, being very desirous of making this event successful, are o tie ring prizes to the value of £ 25. A meeting wiil be held in the Town Hail next Monday evening, at 8.30, to select the competitive pieces for boys' and girls' choirs, .•*nd to appoint adjudicators. A heaity invita- fcion is given to all conductors of juvenile choirs, of Sunday schools, Bands of Hope and day schools, and all others interested in music to be present. Conductors unable to ba present are ssked to send representatives. Communica- tions' may be sent either to Councillor H. M. Lloyd, chairman of musical committee, or to Mr. John T. Owen, secretary, Town Hall, Merthyr. HI<;H-STREET BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL.—J The anniversary services were held on Sunday last, when powerful sermous were preached by the Rev. Evan Williams, Dalston Junction, London, to large and appreciative congregations, In the afternoon, a special children's service was held, when solos were rendered by the following ;—Miss F. Pickford, Miss G. Owen, Mr. J. I. Griffiths recitations by Misses Marjory Davies, Daisy Jenkins, Bessie Owen, Muriel Davies, Helen Seaman, Tydti Hunt, Olgar Eastwood, and Master Harold Davies. Mr. Williams gave a delightful and pithy address, which was greatly enjoyed by all. The chair was occupied by Mr. John Davies (solicitor). During the evening service Miss Annie Rees, Dowlais, rendered a solo with much feeling and effect. The congregations were large, and the response to an appeal for liberal collections on behalf of the school building fund was most encouraging. The school choir, who had been trained by J. T. Owen, rendered special i hymns during the dáy. Mr. W. T. Powell presided at the organ. FESTIVAL OF THE PASSOVER.—On Saturday evening, Sunday and during the week the festival of the Passover has been celebrated at Merthyr Synagogue. The festival exténds eight days, and affeits the homa as well is the Church. At the home the ybung children j are taught the meaning of the Passover, and special fastings are observed.' On Sunday the services were well attended, the Rev. E. Bloom conducting, and appropriate sermons were delivered by the Rev. Aaron Isaac. In the rooming he took as his text Exodus xii., 22., Arid ye shall take a bunch of hyssop and dip It in the blood which is in the basin, and strike the lintel and the two side-posts with, the blood that is in the basin, and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning cf the festival." The rev. gentleman explained that the Passover was celebrated as an historical memorial of the deliverance of their forefathers from Egyptian bondage, and of the day on which as a hee people they fit entered on the paths of history. It was natural, he said, that tuch an important event should have beela (ishtned in with sacred ceremonials, to mark the beginning of not only a new epoch, but the commencement of their history. It was a religious ceremonial, which took place not in tcr at public assembly, but in individual homes. Moses bade them" draw our and take ye a lamb Recording to you families, and kill the Passover. This act directly prccedtd the exodus from the law of slavery, and the entry into the land of freedom. The hyssop was to typically remind the Israelites, who had been enslaved and cp pressed in Egypt for centuries, whore they were likened to tue hyssop on the wall, the meanest of all plants, that in the command to take a bunch of hyssop they wore exhorted to bec-iiie united. The sacrifice,* the Passover lamb, was a token of their trust in and submis- sion to Gcd, for the lamb was sacred to-Egyptians; the blood was the symbol of God's protection. For it was said When He will see the blood oc the lintel and two side-posts the Lord will, pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroy- er to come into your houses." The nation's j legends told of heroes who bathed in the blood of dragons, believing thereby to become ill. vincible, yet they were finally vanquished. But israel was fired to enthusiasm and courage by the cry of the blood of her martyred sons, who were, brought to the slaughter as lambs. The verse was a cail to them to be firmly united, and to make the homo the Seat of religion, and to give the home f he distinctive Jewish character. He appealed :Q them not to give up their ancient I customs and eeretuomtd, I MADAME LOWTHER KNIGHT, whose success here with her chart has been so marked, has much pleasure in announcing that Mrs. Ballard, of Brynteg-terrace, is now her agent and teacher j for Merthyr.—Lessons as usual. .FREE SAMPLE DOSES of the safe cough and cold cure—^Lloyd's Pectoral Fruit Balsam- will 9 given away daily for one month, at Henry M. Lloyd's, the People's Chemist, Victoria-street, Merthyr. H. RILEY (late brewer and manager for over two-and-a-half years to Hansard & Son) begs to announce to the inhabitants of Merthyr and district that he is starting business as aerated [ water manufacturer, and hopes to merit a share of the public patronage. Prompt attention to all orders. Specialities Sunflower Brand mineral waters, hop bitters, etc.—Penyrynys Works (back of Theatre Royal), Merthyr. MERTHYR, DOWLAIS AND DISTRICT RESCUE HOME.—The second annual street collection for the beneht of the Rescue Home will take place on Whit-Saturday, May 14th. The street collection last year was a very great success, and the committee hope that this year a larger amount will be collected, as funds are urgently needed to carry on this most necessary work. Collectors will be placed on all the principal thoroughfares of the district, and we trust that the public will give the help this work so richly deserves. ST. TYDFIL'S WELL CHURCH.—At the annual Vestry meeting, held in connection with this chufch, the following officers were elected :— Rector's warden, Mr. Roger Williams; people's warden. Mr. John Taylor; sidesmen, Messrs. Thomas (Cyfarthfa Castle), D. J. Parry, T. Davies (The Aventie), Jenkln Jones Shorten, J. W. Lewis, W. H. Ackland, T. J. Rice, W. Evans, T. Daries (Tudor-street), W. J. James Hill, Robt. Jones, W. Williams, Seward, E. T. Davies, Phelps, Daniel Rees, J. A. Williams, and Steele whilst Messrs. T. Elias and D. Davies were elected treasure and secretary respectively and Messrs. W. Evans and Seward auditors. MEKCHED Y DE.—The quarterly meeting of the local branches were held in the Vestry of Elizabeth-street Chapel, Dowlais, on Tuesday, The afternoon session was devoted to conference work, at which officers for the ensuing year were elected. The death of Mrs. Emma Williams, vice-president of the South Wales Union, was feelingly referred to, and a votfe of sympathy with her daughter was passed in silence. Mrs. Thomas, Penywern, presided at the con- ference. Mrs. Williams took an active part and keen interest in the work of temperance, and was one of the pioneers of the movement. A public meeting held in the evening, when Mr?. Hughes (Fairview-terrace) and Mrs. Mor- fydd Evans (Kenftg Hill) gave telling addresses, while Mrs. Phillips, Madame Kate Llewellyn and Miss Williams contributed solos and recitations. Mrs. Bowen, president of the Dowlais Branch, presided. II

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