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STANDING JOINT POLICE COMMITTEE. PROTECTION TO YOUNG CHILDREN. A Quarterly Meeting of the Flintshire Stand- ing Joint Police Committee, was held at the County Hall, on Thursday, when there were present-Councillors Dr. Edwards (pre- siding), R. Ll. Jones, Mr. W. Wynne, Mr. Tattun Davies Cooke, Councillor J. Bellis, Councillor W. Astbury. Councillor G. A. Parry, Mr. E. H. Wain, Mr. J. Watkinson, Mr. R. V. Kyrke, Mr. C. P. Morgan, Alderman R. J. Jones (Bagillt), and Mr. T. H. Ollive (Deputy Clerk). THE CHIEF CONSTABLE'S ANNUAL REPORT. Major Webber, Chief Constable, read his Annual Repert as follows :— iCHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. MOLD, 18th February, 197. Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen, I have the honour to lay before you the An- nual Statement of Crime required by the Go- vernment. During the year ending 31st of December, 1896. there were 114 indictable offences re- ported, for which 67 persons were apprehended, and 37 persons proceeded against by summons. Of these 104 persons proceeded against 71 were dealt with summarily, 21 were committed or bailed for trial, 6 cases were withdrawn, and 6 discharged. There were 811 persons proceeded against for non-indictable offences, of whom 649 were com- mitted, 160 discharged, and 2 delivered to the army. Of the 649 persons convicted, 85 were for assaults, 143 under the Elementary Educa- tion Acts, 130 for drunkenness, and 28 for offences against the Poor Laws. There has been a slight decrease in the num- ber of convictions for drunkenness as compared with the previous year. For offences under the Licensing Laws there have been during the year 13 fully-licensed houses proceeded against with 11 convictions. There has also been one beer-house proceeded against and convicted. In consequence of P.C. Robert Parry having retired on a pension, I have, so as to complete the number of the force, appointed No. 14 Robert Geo. Jones. The Home Secretary having sanctioned your proposal to increase the pay of Acting Ser- geants by one penny a day, I would ask for your instructions as to the date from which this increase should take effect. I submit my estimate for pay and contingen- cies for the months of April, May and June, showing a total of 91,280. My accounts for the quarter ending 31st of December, 1996, have been examined by Mr. T. Williams, County Treasurer, and found cor- rect. They have also been examined by your sub-committee, and are now laid before you. I have the honour to be, Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, (Signed) B. T. WEBBER, Chief Constable. The Chairman and Members of the Standing Joint Committee of Flint- shire. The report was adopted. » SWEATING. # A letter was read from the Board of Trade in reply to the Committee's enquiry whether Messrs. Dolan, of London, who bad tendered for the police clothing for the ensuing twelve months, were 'sweaters.' The letter stated that no compliant of such a character had ever been made towards the firm, who, at the pre- sent time, held Government contracts. The letter was considered quite satisfactory. INCREASE OF PAY TO ACTING-SERGEANTS. A letter was read from the Home Secretary in reply to the Committee's resolution to in. crease the pay of Acting-Sergeants by one penny per day, and assenting to the same. On the propositian of Mr. Watkinson, se. conded by Councillor R. Ll. Jones, it was decided to make the increase from the 19th of November last, when the resolution was passed. CRUELTY TO CHILDREN. Councillor R. Ll. Jones asked whether some- thing could not be done to assist the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children? There wis considerable difficulty in getting support not so much for the wan t of sympathy, but about tlii knowledge of the Society, and the ex' -Ilgny work it did. He thought it was one of jhe m ist important Societies that could possibly exu-0, and he did not think it should be left so much to the Inspectors of the Society So det ;<-t the ca&es. He would be very glad if ihe meeting would give an expression of opin- ön, f,nd he was quite sure that the Chief Con- it able would see that it was carried out, and ihat the police took greater interest and moved nore about they knew such cases oc. curred. He believed that if it was taken up hat parents would be taught their seme of duty, and become better themselves, and the children by being bebterly brought up, would grow out of that brutish tendency which other- wise they cultivate. He moved a resolution to that effect. j Mr. Watkinson seconded. Mr. Wynne said that it was quite understood when the Act was passed that the police should prosecute, and it was never intended that that should be undertaken by any voluntary society. Major Webber said it would be a pity in many ways to bring the police as it were into t opposition with these Inspectors. The work should be done jointly. But the Inspectors could secure information which i he police could not get, by going from house to house. The best plan was to allow the present friendly ar- rangement with the police and the inspectors to exist. He was heartily in sympathy with the objects of the Society, and greatly appreci- ated the good work it was doing. Mr. Watkinson said that in the two cases of this character that had been brought before him, the prosecutions had been conducted by the Inspectors, and convictions obtained; in those instances the police could not have got the information. Councillor R. LI. Jones stated that as the police instituted prosecutions for offences against animals, much more should they do so for offences against human beings. Major Webber observed that the cases for cruelty to children were domiciliary, whilst against animals they occurred on the road. I The motion was carried. j SALE OF BEER TO CHILDREN. Councillor J. Bellis said that his attention } had been drawn to the question of sale of j beer and other intoxicants to children for outside consumption, and he was requested to ask what was the law on that point ? The Clerk stated, and so did several of those present, that there was no restriction to the sale of intoxicants to children for outside con- sumption.





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