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1- -T H E N L L A N. -< ENTERTAINMENT BY THE INFANTS. LAST week, the children of the Henllan Infant School gave three excellent entertainments of a miscellaneous character, two performances being held on Friday, and the other on Satur- day evening. Last year, these children gave their first entertainment of this nature, and the success achieved on that occasion, together with the hearty support accorded their effort by the public, induced their able and efficient headmistress, Miss West, to prepare for the ex- ceptional treat given on the present occasion. The entertainment was held under the patron- age of Lieutenant-Col. Heaton, Major Foulkes, Captain Cole, Mr. W. D. W. Griffith, Mr. W. H. Morgan, Mr. J. F. Lister, Mr. E. A. Tumour, Rev. H. Humphreys, Rev. H. O. Hughes (two members of the School Board), and Mrs. Townshend Mainwaring, Galltfaenan. The performances throughout were of a very high order, and the children went through their onerous duties in a most satisfactory manner. The programme was long and varied, and to bring these small children to such a high state of perfection must indeed have entailed a vast amount of labour and trouble on Miss West. However, she has proved herself to be an adept in the art of training children, and her success was eminently welldeserved. Everything wenb off without a hitch, and to see the little ones entering so hearty into the spirit of their work, and the perfect manner in which they accomplished their difficult task, was a matter of general surprise and admiration. Miss West had been ably assisted in lier work b^ Miss Annie Thomas, and both are to be congratu- lated on the efficient way the performances were carried through. The programme opened with a pianoforte solo by Miss West, followed by a recitation, I Welcome,' by seven infant girls. A song, en- titled 'The Lost Doll,' was very efficiently rendered by Miss Mary Hughes,, the children joining in the chorus. The next item was long and chorus, Swinging,' by the infants A swing was provided for the occasion, a little girl placed in it, and swung by another infant, whilst the other children sang with sweetness and pathos the chorus. This was a very happy effort, and was applauded. The exercise, 'Ja. panese Fan.' by the girls, and the song, 'See Saw,' by all the children were two very inter- esting items, and capitally rendered. A duett, entitled. Pretty Polly Hopkins,' followed, and this proved to be one of the best items on the programme. Polly was represented by Miss R. Roberts, and 'Mr. Tomkins' by Master David Da,vies, both appearing in character. The performance fairly brought down the house, and a repetition of the piece had to be given. Miss Carry Jones recited 'A mortify ing mistake,' and the first part of the pro- gramme was brought to a close by Miss Annie Thomafi, who sang 'She wanted something,' and a chorus entitled The flower belts, by the infants. The second part; was opened with a piano- forte duett by Miss West- and Miss Annie Thomas. Master David Davies then took pos- session of the stage, and, as usual, this little favourite gave an excellent rendering of the song For me,' and was encored. The Misses Mary Roberts and Dora Davies followed wii,h a recitation 'Bamboozling Grandma.' Miss Gwenie Jones and Miss Mary Hughes then gave a duett, with the suggestive titie 'I dmlt; want to play in your yard,' and it was followed by a May Pole Exercise, in which the infant boys and girls took part. A May Pole Dance is always interesting, and this proved no excep tion to the rule. It was accompanied with a 'Heel and Toe Polka,' which is a very diffi- cult thing for young children to perform, but they succeeded in doing their part exceedingly well, and, of course, received the hearty cheers of the audience. The other items on the pro- gramme were song and chorus, 'Red Riding Hood,' by the infants recitation, 'Bed Time,' by the Misses Mary Hughes and Carry Jones song, The Cockney's Garden,' by Miss Annie Thomas; a 'Musical Drill,' by the infant boys, and a song, Merry Little Milkmaids,' by the infant girls. Captain Cole presided on Friday afternoon, the Rev. H. Humphreys in the evening, and Mr. R. Roberts (Foxhall), acting on behalf of the Rev. H. O. Hughes, on Saturday evening. These gentlemen expressed themselves highly pleased by the performances, and complimented Miss West on the great success of the enter- tainment. The parents of the children were also thanked for the interest they had taken in the preparations, and the assistance given by them to the teachers in sending the children to the practices, and in supplying them with dresses, &c. The audiencess t each performance were very numerous, and we are given to under- stand that the proceeds will be dovoted to prizes, &c.

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