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Mr. Fred Wallts. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Pentrecelyn Hall, near Ruthin. MR. FRED WALLIS Has been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction, on Thursday, March 25th, 1897, The Household Furniture and Effects, Commencing at 12 o'clock. Mv. 6. J, RHTDONEJf FARM, LLANINYS^ 4 Miles from Denbigh, 3 mi'ea from Ruthin, midway between Llanrhaindr and Rhewl Railway Stations. Highly important and artractire Sale of 37 Head of Cattle 6 valuable Cart and Hack Horses; 7 choice Bacon Pigs. Sow aiiri later, in-pit: Sow, Poultrv, Geese Imp eoients, Horse Gearing, Harness, Useful two wh"d Dog Cart, 2 stacks of Wheat Straw. Hou-enold Furniture, Dairy iSffect?, several Hives of Bees, &c. MR. G. F. BYFORD Begs to announce his instructions from Mr. Robert Lloyd, who is leaving the Farm, to Sell by Auction upon the above premises, On THURSDA Y & FRIDAY. the 18th <& 19th days of MARCH, 1897, The whole of me very valuable Live Stock, Tmp erne ts, Horse Gearing, H- rness, Household Furniture, &o. Order of Sale.—Thursday, March 18th.-Implements. Produce, Gearing, Harness. Cattle, Horses, kligs, Poultry, and Hives of Bees. Friday, March 19th. -Houeehold Furniture, Dairy Effects, &c. Further particulars in Sale Posters and Catalogues, the latter of which can be had a week previous to the date of Sale, from Mr. R. Lloyd, Bryn Derwen. Mold or from the Auctioneer, at Ruthin. Luncheon on the first day, from 11 till 12 30. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock to the minute. Friday's sale at 1 o'clock punctually. Auctioneer's Office, Ruthin. Messrs. lnugh and (go., LAND AQEITT3, SFJRVEYOP.8 AUCTIONEERS, Oenbi^h <!Sc Rliyl. IMPORTANT SALE OF OEFN MAIN FARM, aron, About 4 miles from Denbigh. On FRIDA Y, APRIL 2nd, 1897. t" A HEAD of Cattle, 8 Horses, 27 Fat Shropshire O U Sheep, 10 Shropshire Ewes with Lambs, 2 Sows (both with Litter), Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, Household Furniture, &c. Messrs. CLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers. Estate Offices, Denbigh. DRILL HALL, DENBIGH, On FRIDA Y, the 19th day of MARCH, 1897. Complimentary CONCERT To Miss JENNY JONES. PRESIDENT. HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR OF DENBIGH. The following Ladies and Gentlemen have kindly promised their services :— MRS BURTON-GRIFFITHS. Miss Maggie Williams & Miss Helsby, Mr. Horace Haselden (Solo Violin), Messrs E. Barlow, T. Bartley. R. Jones T. C. Jones, T. R WiUiams, E. J. Swayne R. G. Jones, J. T. Meirion Jones, and C. M. Humphreys. Accompanists— Messrs. T. W. SALUSBURY & ALEX BELLAMY. Doors open at 7 30, Concert to commence at 8 p.m. Admission—First Seats, 2s.; Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. GWILYM PARRY, ) „ JNO. H. PALMER, ]Hon- S^s. BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. t MAY-DAY FESTIVITIES. A T the request of a large and influential number rV of Ratepayers, a PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the^ Council Chamber, Denbigh, on Monday next, the 15th instant, at 8 o'clock p.m., to decide whether a MAY DAY PROCESSION is to take place this year. W. MELLARD, Denbigh, 12th March, 1897. MAYOR. VALE OF CLWYD. ROYAL OAK INN, RUTHIN Proprietor-THOMAS WILLIAMS (Late of Harp, Corwen). Comfortable Accommodation for Travellers and Visitors. DINNERS from 1L o'clock till 2. I TEAS at any our on Fair Days, &e. Lessee of Posting Stations at Corwen and Neigh- I bourhood. All Advertisements and Posters promptly displayed' if forwarded to the Harp Hotel, Corwen. I GOOD AND EXTENSIVE STABLNG. TEEMS—MODKKATB. MONEY TO LEND privately on Mortgage, from One to Three Hundred. —- A r>r>lv No 44 at the office of this paper. 11 -OQisH to'advance on good Mortgage Security. I'D' 1/ Interest, PA per cent. Apply S J North "Wales Times Office,' Denbigh. WANTED, a situation as BAILIFF on a Farm. Nine years experience. Husband and Wife' young, and childless. Apply to No. 9707 at this office.' TO BE LET or SOLD, No. 12, 16, 18 & 20, BEECH WOOD ROAD, N BHYL. EWLY completed, with every convenience; 3 Entertaining Rooms, 6 Bedrooms, good Kitchens gantry, Gardens, &c.; Gas and Electric Bells in each °Am'i Hot; Water in Scullery and Bath Room. 7 cJ? j' i' '^1MCOCK, Architect and Surveyor, < i River Street, Rhyl.. Victoria. with HOOD complete, on Sale, we best Makers and is in excel has a Pol« «^1i\oarhaTing but little used. It lightly bnt a^.i3 £ i 1° a driving Seat, which is wben reauirert f,y 0' a?# c'*n be aaed, or not « required It-will be sold a Bargain. Apply to No. 9510 at this office -i. ,a,.i '.i: Auction Sales by Mr.TC.Amos. 17, West Parade, Rhyl. FURNITURE and EFFECTS, MARCH 16th, 17th. and 18th, at 1 30 p.m. each day PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 22, Water Street, Rhyl, About Middle of MARCH. 31, Water Street, Rhyl. Early in APRIL. 7, Brighton Terrace, Rhyl. Second IVeek in April. SPECIAL NOTICE! Voice Production & Singing. Mr. T.ÅMOS JONES, R.A.M. BARITONE, Brorze and Siver Medallist Is open to give Lessons in the above Subjects. Pupils visited at their own homes, if preferred, at Rhyl, Denbigh, Colwyn Bay, &c. Open for Engagements in Oratorio, Ballad, Miscellaneous Concerts. &c For arrangements, and Press Opinions, apply to GORDON HOUSE, RHYL, or to Mr. W. H. EVANS, Chirk Shop, Denbigh. North Sea Fish Emporium, 22, Market Hall, Rhyl, AND High Street, Prestatyn. Choice Selection of Fresh & Cured Fish Daily. ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Best Brands of Tinned Goods & Sauces. Cream and Cream Cheese from the noted aurton Dairy. POULTRY GAME (in Season). T, BOYLE, Proprietor. Agent for J. L. Green's Celebrated London Cured Haddocks. Hotels and Private Families supplied on reasonable terms. Country and Post Orders delivered daily. St. Asaph visited Tuesdays and Fridays. Graig Ddewart Quarry, NEAR RUTHIN, The Proprietor of the above Quarry begs to inform the Public that there is now to be had a constant supply of Lime, Building & Coping Stones, Window Sills, Gate Posts, Chippings, &c. For Terms, apply to the Foreman of the Quarry. BASIC SLAG. The Discovery of the Age is that the use of BASIC SLAG the best possible means of Improving Pastures, and of pro- ducing a Good Crop of Hay, BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS. All Slag is not BASIC SLAG. Why do other Merchants maintain that they Sell the same Manure as E. R.? Because, what he sells can always be depended upon. ANALYSES GUARANTEED. For further particulars, apply to EVAN ROBERTS, Plas Isaf, Llansannan. HIGH CLASS TAILORING At POPULAR PRICES. Norfolk, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Golf Suits, In Harris Tweeds, Homespuns, Lovatt, Irish and Inverness Tweeds. Covert Coats, Knicker Breeches, Riding Breeches. Ladies' Tailoring a Specialite. Golf Capes and Fancy Vests In Newest Shades. Latest Styles. AT OSBORNE'S, TAILOR, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. [A CARD.] W. J. SIMCOCK, Architect, Surveyor, and Valuer, HAVELOCK HOUSE, 7, RIVER STREET, RHYL. Plans, Specifications, and Bills- of Quantities, pre pared for all classes of work. Buildings superintended, and Valuations made. PRUDENTIAL ASST) RANCE COMPANY, Limited. CHIEF OFFICE-HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. Summary of the Report presented at the Forty-eighth Annual Meeting held on the 4th March, 1897. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of Policies issued during the year was ¡ number in force being 499,296. The number of Free Policies which became 64,241 assuring the sum of 96,507,820, and producing a New Annual Premium Claims during the year was 9,283. Income of £ 354,526.. The total number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 12,130,542: The Premiums received during the year were 22,543,262, being an increase of their average duration is almost exactly eight years. £239,249 over the year 1895. The Assets of the Company, in both Branches, as shewn in Balance Sheet, The Claims of the year amounted to £ 588,874. The number of Deaths was are £ 27,059,111, being an increase of 23,143,221 over those of 1895. A supple- 4,598 and 365 Endowment Assurances matured. ment showing in detail the various investments is published with this Report. The number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 455,795. In their last Report the Directors drew attention to the success which had INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The Premiums received during the year were attended the introduction of the special tables combining Life Assurance with a 24,578,793, being an increase of £ 226,168. provision for old age. The popularity of these tables still continues, and it will The Claims of the year amounted to £ 1,706,481. The number of Deaths was interest the Shareholders to learn that Endowment Assurances and other forms 183,959 and 1,630 Endowment Assurances matured. of provision for old age are largely adopted by the public, the number1 of The number of Free Policies granted during the year to those Policyholders of Policies securing benefits at age 60 and upwards being over 550,000, and five years' standing, who desired to discontinue their payments, was 59,534, the securing capital sums exceeding £ 23,000,000. -=-=======-=-=:==.==::=:=- =========-=====-===:===.=::=====-====-===== General Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, on the 31st December, 1896. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. £ S. D. £ s. D. Shareholders' Capital 900;000 0 0 British Government Securities (E2,700,000 Consols) 2,645,133 12 3 Ordinary Branch Funds 13,068.344 8 10 Indian and Colonial Government Securities 2,408,591 5 9 Industrial Branch Fund k. 12,474,529 15 5 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stocks 2,153,656 5 11 Reserve Fund 500,000 0 0 Loans on County Council, Municipal, and other Rates 5,950,065 15 0 Claims under Life Policies admitted 116,237 2 6 Freehold Ground Rents, and Scotch Feu Duties 2,498,965 13 9 Freehold and Leasehold Property 1,646 880 6 1 Mortgages 2,576,307 7 3 Railway, Gas, Water, and other Stocks and Shares 4,256,977 19 7 Metropolitan Consolidated Stock, and City of London Bonds.. 367.520 13 6 Bank of England Stock 200,559 18 6 Foreign Government Securities 366*204 14 8 Reversions 374,'413 2 7 Reversions 374,413 2 7 Loans on the Company's Policies 473,803 1 7 Rent Charges 138,'762 16 1 Outstanding Premiums 428,993 18 3 Cash in hands of Superintendents, and Agents' Balances 51.007 3 8 Outstanding Interest, and Rents 216,784 14 3 Cash-on deposit, on current accounts, and in hand 304,482 18 1 £ 27,059^111 6 9 £ 27,059,111 6 9 THOMAS C. DEWEY,) M I EDGAR HOR^E, Chairman. HENRY HARBEN ) WILLIAM HUuHES, J Managers" | W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary. j j. w. SIMMONDS, } Direct°rs. We have examined the Cash transactions, Receipts and Payments, affecting th accounts of the Assets and Investments for the year ended December 31st 1896, and we find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities, Certificates, &c., representing the Assets and Invest- ly ments set out in the above Account, and we certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 31st 1896. 17th February, 1897. DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS & CO. Prospectus, Annual Report, and detailed list of Securities may be obtained from T. HUGHES, Assistant Superintendent, Denbigh or from any of the local Agents. W. THOMPSON, Superintendent, District Office, Holborn House, Rhyl. MESSRS. BERRIE & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, 43, HIGH STREET (Near the Railway Bridge and Alexandra Hotel), RHYL, Conduct Sales by Auction of Live & Dead Farming Stock, Property, and House- hold Furniture. A Complete Register kept of Houses and Lard to be Sold and Let. Valuations prepared for Probate, &c. Fire, Life, and PKte Glass Insurances affected. When desired Advances can be made on Effects for absolute sale. THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN Pianoforte & Music Company, ROCHDALE HOUSE, < HIGH STREET, RHYL (Opposite the General Post Office). Pianos, American Organs, Har- j moniums, By BRINSMEAD, BISHOP, and other leading Makers.* ) Liberal Discount for Cash; or easy terms of pay- ment. INSTRUMENTS LET ON HIRE. j Violins, Mandolines, Banjos, Melodeons, Auto Harps,' Musical Boxes, &c., In great variety. Music Stools, Stands, Cabinets, Strings, And fittings of all kinds. TUNINGS & REPAIRS by Experienced Man, (Late with Broadwood & Son). Largest Stock of Vocal & Instrumental Music in Rhyl. Inspection Invited. PIANISTS and BANDS Supplied for Balls and Evening Parties. GREENHALGH & GEARY, Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, RHYL. Valuations for Probate. Mortgages arranged. A compendious List of Properties, to be Let or Sold, issued monthly. THE NORTH WALES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS—MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED, Estimates and Specifications may be ad on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, Rhyl. SUPPLEMENTS TO THE NORTH WALES TIMES.' It is our intention to issue, from time to time, as opportunities arise, a Series of Supplements Journal, GIVING Illustrations of Places, Articles of Interest, Public Personages, AND Current Events. I These Supplements will be printed on good paper, and insetted in the Journal. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 12, li, 18 & 13, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-Purchase System. NOTE.—OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER. AND HAS BEEN HIGHLY COMMENDED BY THE WHOLE OF THE LOCAL PRESS rpHE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY JL the oldest established, and by far the most exten- sive Furnishers on the Hire-Purchase system in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion, consider- ably cheaper than the majority of those Firms who sell for Cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona-flde manufacturers of the principle goods we sell. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXPEN SES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which our busi ness is carried on. and our reasonable terms and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales, as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered' to suit the convenience of customers. Payments Week- ly Monthly, or Quarterly:— Amount of Purchase, 910. Payment, per week, 3s. 6d <> 920. 5s. Od "I 10s. Od ;eioo „ 17s. 6d £500. 30s: Od An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy in- tending purchasers that we give better value and offer easier payments than any otner House Furnish- ers on the Hire-purchase system in the Provinces. All Goods are delivered free in our own or private vans, and no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. The urate supplied. Snipping Orders executed witJf .etpa ch. C A. UT, 0 J. -As some F,rmk, adopt various means- su h as < op /ing our Prospectus. &C.vith the evident mtentioi o! inducing the public to believe they are connect. d with us-PJEASIZ NOTE OUR ADDRESS. OUR NEW PROSPECTUS. LARGE ILLUSTRA- TED CATALOGUE, PRESS OPINIONS. AND PRICE «POF FREE ON Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-purchase systetti. Business hours-9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Railway Fares allowed to CounWy Customers. ———— t v QLOBE JUTRNISHING QOMPANY 12, 14, 16, and IS, PEMBROKE PLACE. LIVEROOL. 9648 8 R E A K F A S T S U P P E R. E P P S S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. ff m N IR COCOA f. BOILING WATER OR MILK. 88 TUB G) R 0 SV E NOR, FAMILY and COMMERCIAL Temperance Hotel, (LATE STAR) BODFOR STREET, HHYL, (Close to the Station). Under entirely New Managemeut. HOME COMFORTS, highly recommended. Sunday TABLE D'HOT?:, 2s. Boarding Terms from 5s. 6d. per day. Beds from Is. 6d., including attendance. Commercial, Private, Sitting, Dining, Coffee and Smoke Room. Baths (h. and c.). A GOOD SHILLING DINNER, In General Room, ground floor. Chops and Steaks from the Grille. P.S.-Schools, Choirs, and other Parties specially catered for. Orders for Post promptly attended to. CHARLES SNOWDEN, Proprietor. Alliance Assurance Company bf ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL-FIVE MILLIONS. FUNDS-FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Lord ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary. Chief Office-BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON. LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restrictions. Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plans. A low and limited expenditure. Large Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously, Moderate Rates. Surveys of Estates and Works free- Prompt Settlement of Losses. BRANCHES At-amcng other places LIVERPOOL-30, Exchange Street East O. MORGAN OWEN, Secretary. WREXHAM 28, High Street: JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary. Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the Company's Branches or Asrents EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. March Bth, 1897. Gwenilian Thomas, I arrived Swansea, March 6. 'lolo Morganwg,' arrived O; an — P. 'Anne Thom&s,' arrived Cardiff — 6. 'Wynnstay,' arrived Sunderland — S. I Walter Thomas,' left Cardiff Feb, 27. Bala/ arrived Newport March 4. W. J. Badcliffe,' passed Pera Feb. 18. Clarrisa Radcliffe,' arrived Cardiff Jan. 98. Sarah Radcliffe,' arrived Cardiff March 2. 'Mary Thoma,.i,' passed Gibraltar — 2. 'Jane Radcliffe,' arrived Tyne MarCh25. Douglas Hill,' arrived Marseilles — S. Llanberis,' passed Gibratai — 9. Manchester,5 left Philadelphia — 5- Peterston,' arrived Novorossisk — 7. Anthony RaOcliffe" arrived Nicolaieff 1. Ethel Radcliffe,' passed Pera 19. Dunmven,' left Cardiff 3. rTRAINED Nurses Iloroe, 26 & 28, Wind- I sor Street, Liverpool. Mrs. OWEN, Matron Comfortable home for patients at moderate charges. Nuraea supplied to all parts. Telephone,, 9847. Christmas Presents. The most useful and delightful Christmas Present you can give to anyone is a BICYCLE. We have in Stock over 200 New Ones, AND 180 Second-hand Ones, For you to choose from, ranging in price from 25e. for Children, and from £ 5 10s. for Adults (Pneuma- tic). Call and inspect. You will not be pressed to purchase. Also, over 100 Dolls, Baby Carriages in all the latest styles, Bricks, Air Guns, Pistols, & Sporting Goods. CHARLES CONNAH A CO., RHYL. RICE JONES, Watch and Clock Maker, &c., 1, BRIDGE STREET, DENBIGH. WATCHES of all kinds in Gold. Silver, and Pure white Metal Cases, At the very lowest prices. EVERY WATCH WARRANTED. Should a Watch not give satisfaction after a fair tria the same will be willingly exchanged. CLOCKS-I, 8, and 14 days—at lowest Prices. Warranted. 22 Carat WEDDING RINGS, by weight Nice and useful Presents given with each Ring. WATCHES and CLOCKS Cleaned and thoroughly Repaired, At the lowest prices possible. Troublesome Watdhes, etc., put to rights. Pure Blood is Health and Strength. Impure Blood is Disease and Death. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS Overcome the worst forms of diseases and the foulest state of the Blood, Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys; the go to the core of every disease, where no other med14 cine has power to reach. l^^t ^rea^ Purifier cures the following con- Giddiness in the head, dimness of sight, weak eves or wind in the stomach or bowels, loss of memory, palpitation of the heart, liver and bilious obst. uctions, asthma, rheumatic, lumbaeo niles pain8ii1° 'ke back, scurvy, bad legs, wounds' ?weJllD<?3' scrofula, eczema, gatherings tn- ^welfedPfpp? nnifi biotches on the'flee andf^J ,*eS8. erysipelas, jaundice, droiray of aU kinds. These pills clear the blood TJ? M-IAI^ter' f?°S1 wll&tever caifee arising. lid- ar>d 2s. 9d. each. Sold by all ^emists or from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 44 Oxford street, Swansea, for 15 or 34 stamps. At the Spring and during the hot weather, th Blood should be thoroughly Cleansed and Purified, to nsure a good state of health, which may be effected t small cost by using these never-failing Pills. R. OWEI-NT, 45, High Street and Star Shop, DENBIGH, Begs to announce that he has made arrangements to take over, On the 1st day of JANUARY, 1897, THE Flour, Neal, Corn, &c., Business, Transacted by MRS. HUGHES, KING'S MILLS, And hopes, by guaranteeing Good Value and Low Prices, to secure the patronage previously accorded to his predecessors. ARTISTIC AND SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY. A X hA v t' MR. JOHN WILLIAMS be of the Vale of Clwyd r feo inform the pu#Jc any that he has ootsmed th jid North Wales$tT,er proved Electrical appara' .e LATEST and most 1L p-yptoscope or Radiogrr and is prepared body through the c.ot-1) -*ph any part of the human fernr Jtig. i<lu Application. established 1885. J0HV WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET^ RH5TL. 'j),1Eacl1 Sitj^r Personally attend^) by J W -W-PORTLAND STUDIO, 8, High Street, BsiZ ..mi: