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'L_= THE ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY. WIIEX a concern is of such magnitude that its capital must be expresed by millions, it ceases to be a private affair, and became of general interest. Especially is this the case when, in addition to its magnitude as a financial com- pany, its operations affect the welfare of thou- sands of the inhabitants of the country. Of such a character is the Alliance Assurance Company, the annual meeting of which was held on the 10th inst. In the Life Account we find that 1,591 rieW polices were issued during the year, for a sum of £ 1,000,758. The new premiums received amounted to £35.995. The total amount re- ceived as premiums dnring the year amounted to £ 330,828 18s. 9d. This sum after meeting all expenses of management leaves a surpulns income of £ 175,245 lOs. lid. In the Fire Department, a net profit of £108,671 4s. is shown, although the sum of £ 265,297 12s. lOd. has been paid in claims. The total value of the company at the end of 1896 was £ 2,985,788 10s. Sd. The Alliance is one of the most siiccessftd among the many gigantic Insurance of the country, and so far as human eye can see, any person who choses to avail himself ° its benefits, is as safe as prudence and fore thought can make him.

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