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DENBIGH. '-"''''../""-''''-_'/'-../''J-....r...../',-,,


DENBIGH. 'J-r. The Fair.-The monthly fair on Tuesday was one of the smallest held during the past year, both as regards the quantity of stock, and the attendance of dealers and buyers. Prices on the whole were lower than at the previous fair. Balls at the Asylum.-The annual Balls of the Asylum were held, the patients ball on Friday evening, at the officers' ball on Tues- day evening last. Both were very well attended. At the first, the music was sup- plied by the Asylum Band, under the leader- ship of Mr. C. M. Humphreys, and at the second by Haselden's Band. Swine Fever.-An order from the Board a Agriculture just issued, proclaims the fol- lowing districts as infected with swine fever —the Borough of Denbigh, the parishes of Llanrhaiadr, LIanychan, and Llanynys (Rural). This order will no doubt be fol- lowed up by the closing of the pig fairs in the district. During the last few weeks, I pigs have been slaughtered on several farms j in the vicinity of Denbigh, and last week I three or four valuable boars at the Hawk and Buckle had to be destroyed. Robbery at Townsend.-On Sunday night, a quantity of coal w -a stolen from the back premises of Mr. Meirion Jones' establish- ment. The thieves had also smashed a window, and had endeavoured to get into a room, but had failed, owing to a bar of iron that was placed across the window. It is to be hoped that the police will be able to arrest these unwelcome visitors. Death of a Denbighite in America.—The melancholy news reacned town on Wednes- day, of the death in America, of Mr. Moses Ellis Hughes, adopted son of the late Mr. T. ughes, joiner, and Mrs. Hughes, Yale-St. The deceased emigrated to the west some years ago. He was well-known to a large circle of friends in the town, who, no doubt, will be sorry to hear of his demise. Silver Wedding Gift.—We understand that it is intend d to purchase a powerful harmonium for use at the services held in Henllan street, C. M chapel. The bulk of the cost is borne by Mr Joseph Roberts, junior, Henllan street, as a souvenier of the twenty fifth year of his married life. We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, on the sensible way adopted by them of celebrating their silver wedding, and hope that they shall also see their golden wedding. Breaking into a Wine Store.-On Tuesday night, or during the early hours of Wednes day morning, one of the plate glass windows of the Factory Place Wine Vaults, recently the property of the late Mr. J. Meredith Roberts, and now in the possession of Messrs. Salt and Co., was broken, and several bottles of brandy and beer stolen therefrom. The robbery was a particularly daring one, there being several houses in close proximity. The police are actively engaged in making inquiries into the matter We are informed that the thief or thieves had taken extraordinary precautions to prevent their operations being discovered. The stone used to smash the window had been wrapped up in linseed meal and brown paper, evidently to deaden the noise. The Gate. A terrific windstorm passed over the town on Thursday afternoon, and considerable damage to property has been caused in various parts of the town. At Gwalia Villas, which are situated opposite to the Castle entrance, the chimney of the house occupied by Mr. Hutchinson, mana- ger of the Star Tea Shop, was blown down, the debris crashing with much force through the roof, causing serious damage and loss. A large portion of the roof was also des- troyed. A chimney was also blown down in a house occupied by Mrs. Jones at Graig View. One of the windows of the 'Pioneer Drapery Establishment' in Highgate, was blown in with great force, doing consider- be damage. Other accidents of a less serious nature have also taken place. The Liars.Under the patronage of the Mayor, who was also present, accompanied by the Mayoress (Miss Tumour) an ex- cellent performance of the above fascina- ting play, by the well known dramatist, Mr. Henry Arthur Jones, was given at the Drill Hall, on Tuesday, evening, by Mr. W. Payne Seddon's Company. Undoubtedly this was one of the cleverest companies that has ever visited the town. The Liars' is a new and original comedy, in four acts, and has been acted at the Criterion Theatre, London for over two hundreds nights. Its presentation to a Denbigh audience on Tuesday night, was worthy of the high reputation which this company possesses, and we may venture to say, that a more finished performance was never witnessed in the town. Owing to the indisposition of Miss Winifred Arthnr Jones, the leading role was taken by Miss G. Darragh, who was a charming 'Lady Jessica.' Mr. Stanley Dark as Sir Christopher Deeming' proved himself an actor of great force and natural- ness. Miss Campbell as Lady Rosamond,' Miss M. Jones as Dolly Coke,' Mr. Edward Swinton as 'Freddie Tatton,' and Mr. Stan- ley Dick as Archibald Coke' acted their parts almost to perfection. The play at times was highly amusing, and, as the plot deepened, and the dfficulties of the Liars' multiplied, the interest of the audience also became intensified. The persuasive eloquence of Sir Christopher,' by which he surmounted the difficulties, and saved the honour of Lady Jessica,' and her infatuated lover, was worthy of the author, and the occasion. There was a fairly large audience present. "y


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