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COUNTY OF DENBIGH. appointment of Clerk of the Peace TtIE Standing Joint Committee constituted under h Section 30 of the Local Government Act, 1888, invite applications for the appointment of • OF THE PEACE for the County, which tho^tment will be made at a Special Meeting of fcf tnrn'^tee to be held at Ruthin, on the 24th day thi»v °k» 1899, at noon, and will operate as and from -Ut day of April following. & Ha ?alary °f the Clerk of the Peace (who must be Judfrr^Ster or a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of J icature) will be £ 850 per annum, payable quar- fte- ?' and will cover all travelling expenses to Quar- jHji?essi°ns, to meetings of the Standing Joint Com- Oori •an<^ Committees, to meetings of the County &ttp ant* Committees, office rent and expenses, Ittd °ther Committees and Public Inquiries | t» any Acts of Parliament, business done under I tjj Kegistration Acts and the Assessment Acts, and derJ? ormance other duties which necessarily of p ,.uPon Clerk of the Peace under all Acts tjjej~ar'iament now or hereafter passed relating ^t n°t include conveyancing, law rj^Se8, books, stationery, postages and telegrams. 0fg„ Clerk of the Peace appointed shall have his J)e at Ruthin, shall reside within the County of Poini anc^ shall pay quarterly to the Deputy ap- ^ov the Standing Joint Committee out of the A p8tlrrl a saI&ry at the rate of £ 250 per annum. t^andidate canvassing any member or members 30 will be disqualified. of o c°Pies of the application together with 30 copies <Wrecent testimonials, are to be sent to me, the un- loQ^SIed, by not later thantthe 6th day of March, endorsed' Clerk of the Peace.' | ft "ated this 9tday of February, 1899. ? JNO. ROBERTS, t „ Deputy Clerk. jj g s^e Street, Ruthin. •An outline of the principal duties devolving int Clerk of the Peace may be obtained by pending Candidates upon application to the ^Pttty^Clerk. beput; Clerk. QAMEKEEPER Wanted, Single, with good refer- eilees Must understand Pheasant rearing, and good Rabbit catcher.-Apply, No. 60, at this office. Ranted a General SERVANT, able to take full of Charge of Housekeeping. Not under 23 years SWT' Comfortable home.—Apply in the first in- \y. j.30, Church' street, Flint. ;'{'\8 Portrait of Mr. Gee. I J Publishers are much pleased with the uni- h Veraal appreciation of the Portrait of Mr. Gee 6(Jjii 'with the North Wales Times, and the two W-°n8 BANNERS. AS they are daily receiving tail tionB for fur,ther copie«f*they beg to announce /J»t a copy will be sent, securely packed, and post £ *ld, for 6d. -Apply to GEE and SON, North Wales Times Office, Denbigh. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The Oldest Established Auction and ( Estate Business in Ehyl. JVr^'WlLLIAM HALL (successor to the late Mr. T.C.AMOS), ^CJTIONEEB and ESTATE AGENT, egs to state that in consequence of the continued INCREASE OF BUSINESS, I h, has removed to larger Premises in the I TOWW HALL CHAMBERS. f SALES BY AUCTION In any part of the County. a*es Managed, and Rents Collected. Valuations and Insur neim, TIAtti Aüëtiobêêr & Estate Agent, I TOWN HALL CHAMBERS, RHYL, Also t t Presta1.yn, and Seaforth, rpool. MR. GEE'S PORTRAIT. 8 Set a Frame suitable for Mr. GEE'S PORTRAIT, go to rs. I a x: I cw- I L xm MARKET HALL, DENBIGH, o has just received an enormous Stock of OAk. GILT, & BLACK FRAMES, ch will be sold at VERY LOW PRICES. H I L'L'S OD CROSS KEYS HOTEL, 1KIOLD. The Second Monthly PIGEON OotiRg Match, WILL TAKE PLACE CN THE on CREATION GROUND, NEW STREET, o n THURSDAY, February 23rd, 1899. PRIZES. 1. Handsome 8-day Rosewood Timepiece. ted Teapot. Set of Silver-plated Casters. ^Supply of Pigeons will be provided, 9d. each li IfTEIES.—2s. each (including Dinner at i ft,0}06^). to be made at the Hotel, up to Shn+k 0Ilday °* M&teh* Dinner for Hon- UDoteis, Is. each. 'aST BIRD TRAPPED at 1.30 d clock. USUAL CONDITIONS. MISS CROMAR 1. (LATE WILLIAMS), Portland Place, Denbigh Boot & Shoe Warehouse, CROMAR having assisted the late Miss f°r years in the -BoOt and Shoe oy 0*B now Succeeded to the Business, and hopes, ICT ATTRIQ TION, REAL VALUE, Ir to and LOW PRICES, I,, retain the Customers and to give them every satisfaction. INSPECTION .IN V -I TIED.. Ifete • J KIEL BUTTER IN PERFECTION. E.P.Jones, Son, & Co. DENBIGH, Are direct Importers of the FINEST KIEL BUTTER, lAnd therefore the PUBLIC can rely on OUALITY & FRESHNESS, And the Pricoas the Lowest THE OLD ESTABLISHED Meat Emporium, DENBIGH. ROBERT ELLIS (Son of the late Mr. ROBERT ELLIS), Begs to announce that he has succeeded to the Business lately carried on by Mr. SAMUEL ROBERTS, and previously by the late Mr. ROBERT ELLIS, and that he has OPENED, at the above well-known address, where, by strict personal attention to business, judicious selection of Stock, and moderate prices, he hopes to de. serve the patronage so liberally given in the past to his predecessors. FRESH MEAT DAILY. GOODS DELIVERED DAILY. Orders by post carefully and promptly attended to. NOTE THE ADDRESS— PEN-Y-BRY&, DENBIGH. ESTABLISHED 1837. PARRY WILLIAMS & SON, Family Grocers, Flour & Provision Dealers, 44, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, The well known Tea, Blending Establishment Sole Agent for 'BENARTY' TEA. Fresh Welsh Butter. Frost's Patent Flours. The Choicest Provisions In Town. PARRY WILLIAMS & SON, 44, High Street, Denbigh. SALEy JONES BROS. Great Annual Sale COMMENCED Wednesday, February 1st. Extraordinary Bargains. | Goods in all Departments Reduced. The Stock has only to be seen for the GREAT BARGAINS to be appreciated. JONES BROS. General, and Fancy Drapers, BEE HIVE, LIENBISH. ) TO CHEMISTS.—Wanted a respectable Youth as an Apprentice. Comfortable home. ;— Apply early to O. ISSOED JONES, M.P.S., Apothecaries Hall, I Llanrwst. v i: Quality UP! Price DOWN! STEAD & SIMPSON'S don't depend on big words, and alluring promises. Stead and Simpson's Boots stand on their own merits. STEAD & SIMPSON Offer the utmost value in Autumn and Winter BOOTS AND SHOES, NOVEL IDEAS and STYLES in DRESS SHOES. REPAIRS.—Right Good, Right Cheap. 46 & 48, High Street, DENBIGH. Alliance Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1824. OAPITAL-Fl VE MILLIONO. FUNDS-FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Loitf ROTHSOHILJ* CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS. Chief Secretary, Chief Office-BARTHOT OMEW LANB LONDON. LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without r68trictiom Liberal reinstatement) and Nonforfeiture plans. A low and limited expenditure. Large Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously Moderate Rates. Surveys of Estates and Works we Prompt Settlement of Losses. B RANCHES At—among other placets LIVERPOOL-30, Exchange Street East 0. MORGAN OWEN, Secretary. WREXHAM 28, High Street: JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the Company's Branches or Aronta The Remedy of the Age for INDIGESTION. BENSON EVANS' GASTROCYNE For Indigestion. It differs from all other Preparations. It contains those Medical Agents which strengthen and help the Stomach to produce sufficient Gastric Juice to pro- perly assimulate the food. Gastrocyne strikes at the ROOT of the EVIL, giving, not a temporary but a thorough cure. Price. Is. lid. and 2s. per bottle. BENSON EVANS' Pink Liver Pilules. If your Liver or Kidneys are sluggish, and out of order, try one of the Pilules. If you are troubled with Palpitation of the Heart or Flatulency, you can always rely on these Pilules. Pricelm Bottles (40 Pilules) 71cL and (90 Pilules) Is. lid. BENSON EVANS' Cherry Balsam. For Coughs, Colds, Wheezing at the Chest, and all the symptons of acute Bronchitis. It stands unrivalled. ONCE TRIED, ALWAYS USED. If you are troubled with CORNS or WARTS, you should procure a bottle of BUNODION. Price 7!d. and Is. lid. per bottle. MANUFACTURED BY T. BENSON EVANS, Chemist and Druggist, 32, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. GLASS, CHINA, & EARTHENWARE. The Vale of Clwyd GLASS & CHINA STORES, DEIO-BIO-H. Fancy Vases, Flower Pots, Teapots, Egg Stands Cruets, Set of Jugs, Sardines, Cheese Stands. Toilet & Trinket Services. New Design Tea Service, Dinner and Dessert Ware, latest Patterns. Table and Fancy Glass, Dishes and Comports. Pans, Mugs, Dishes, Bottles in Easthenware. Blanc^Mange and Jelly Moulds. [,ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. SAM. T. MI L LER, Crown Square. Warehouses—Factory Place & Henllan St. THE OLD ESTABLISHED Kings Arms Hotel, Denbigh, (Under New Management). Proprietress—Mrs. A. E. BRADSHAW. Every comfort for Travellers and Visitors. An ORDINARY every Market & Fair Day, from 12 to 2 o'clock. Good Stabling. Lock-up Coach Houses aud Loose Boxes. PARCEL ROOM. TERMS—MODERATE. E. H. PARRY, High Street, PRESTATYN Respectfully desires to call the attention of the Public to his well selected Stock of General Furnishing, Building, and Agricultural Ironmonery, Kitchen Ranges, Parlour Grates, and Mantel Pieces, Bedsteads and Bedding. Cutlery and Culinary Ware, Agricultural Implements and Garden Requisites, Guns and Sporting Accessories in great variety. Eley's Sporting Ammunition- Cartridges filled, &c. Baths. &c., for Sale or Hire. N.B.—Agents for leading Cycle Manufacturers. Every Acommodation, Comfort, and Excellent Cuisine at THE GROSVENOR, FAMILY and COMMERCIAL Temperance Hotel (Facing the Station BODFOR STREET, RHYL. THE HOUSE FOR FOOTBALL TEAMS. Good Is. Dinner in the Dining Room on Ground Floor. Dinners and Teas in the Coffee & Private Rooms on First Floor. Chops & Steaks from the Grill. Passengers changing Trains at Rhyl can have a snack' or bowl of Soup at the GROSVENOR. Prompt Service and Moderate Charges, BEDS (including Attendance), from Is. 6d. Stockrooms, &c. for .Commercial Gentlemen. Before applying elsewhere write to CHARLES SNOWDEN, Refreshment Caterer, RHYL. An Advice Worthy of your Attention. IF YOU WANT GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS OF THE BEST QUALITY, At Moderate Prices, TRY R. OWEN. Our Prices in Flour, Corn, &c., will stand comparison, and Quality guaranteed. NOTE THE ADDRESS— R. OWEN, 45, High Street and Star Shop, DENBIGH. Warehouses- DIAMOND BUILDINGS CHAMPAGNE k-Xl un R GINGER ALE. 'The Blue Ribbon of Aerated Watersl MANUFACTUBED BY JAMES HUGHES, Kirkdale Works, Liverpool. A HIGH CLASS BEVERAGE made from the very finest and purest ingredients. ASK FOR IT EVERYWHERE. None Genuine without my label. QUALITY' is our leading feature. PERFECTION' our Motto. Our CHAMPAGNE GINGER ALE is noted for Excellence of Quality. I PURITY in Manufacture, ACME In Blending, PERFECTION on all potut& All Householders Should always Buy Messrs. WM. EVANS & SON, Cloths, Flannels, Serges, Blankets, Quilts, &c. Which Customers will always find to be Superior to all others. We Defy Competition. Samples can be seen anytime. Testimonials from all parts of the World. W. EVANS AND SON, Estab. Pancty Woollen Mills, 1780. CAERWYS. THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN Pianoforte & Music Company, ROCHDALE HOUSE, HIGH STREET. RHYL (Opposite the General Post Office). Pianos, American Organs, Har- moniums, By BRINSMEAD, BISHOP, and other leading Makers. Liberal Discount for Cash; or easy terms of pay- ment. INSTRUMENTS LET ONHIRE. Violins, Mandolines, Banjos, Melodeons, Auto Harps, Musical Boxes, &c., In great variety. 1 x^INGS & REPAIRS by Experienced Man (Late with BroadwC & Son). J. BARROW, Tan-y- Castell,' Lower Clwyd Street, RUTHIN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Game, Poultry, Eggs, and Butter. J. B. has opened business in the above where the Public may be supplied with MUTTON, PORK, SAUSAGE, &c. All Orders per post or otherwise promptly attended to Telegrams-BARROW. Authin,N.W. SYMC, s %o? B BWB t EDi U RO K COFFEE ESSENCE makes delicious coffee in a No trouble, no waste. In small and iurgo mottles, from all Grocers. GUARANTEED FURE. 100 lake a Good Start FOR THE NEW YEAR BY Throwing Away all Prejudice, And do not rest with the idea that you are getting the best value, For Far Ahead Of every other BRKAD is that sold at JOHN OWEN, Cambrian Bakery, DENBIGH STREET, LLANRWST. 39, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. If you want a New HAT, just try our famous W make, the best Hat in the trade. A large and well selected Stock of Ties, Collars, Shirts UMBRELLAS, And every Article for Gent's wear. FEW OVERCOATS, To Clear at Reduced Prices. THE SHOP FOR GENTLEMEN. R. GRIFFITH JONES. 'Come, give us a trial of our quality,' Come, a New Machine. CONNAH & CO., The Wheelmen of North Wales, Are making tremendous Reductions in the prices of New Machines:— Example-Druids E 7 17 6 Royal Welsh 10 0 0 Royal Cambrian 12 10 0 All fitted with detachable Pneumatic Tyres, £ 2 per Machine less than last year's prices. Quality better than ever. BASSINETTES from 25s. Mail Carts from 12s. 6d. For Sale or Hire. Repairs and Braizing a Speciality. Agents for Humber, Premier, Rudge, Cres- cent, Raleigh, Swift, Enfield, New Hudson. Pneumatic Safties, from £ 6 10s. ACCESSORIES at Factory Prices. Last year's Stock of Machines at less than cost price to clear. Second hand Machines largest stock in the country. Pneumatic Safeties, thoroughly reliable, from £ 3 10s. Write for list. MOTO CARS, the Conveyance of the future, a Speciality. CONNAH & CO., the Ncrth Wales Cycle and Motor Car Merchants. They jest at scars who order our Machines, We will mount the Rudge, and consider their means ARTISTIC AND SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPH X RAYS. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS begs to inform the public of the Vale of Clwyd and North Wales gener- ally that he has obtained the LATEST and most im. proved Electrical apparatus, and is prepared to Cryptoscope or Radiograph any part of the human body through the clothing. Terms on Application. ESTABLISHED 1885. JOHN WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Each sitter personally attended to by J. W. Please note the Address:—PORTLAND STUDIO, 8, High Street, RHYL GREENHALGH & GEARY, (FRANCIS GEARY, A.A.I.) Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, RHYL. Valuations for Probate. Mortgages arranged. FREE ADVERTISING. PROPERTIES FOR SALE OR TO BE LET.— Property-owners and others desirous of depos- ing of Property, Businesses, &c., by private treaty are Invited to send full particulars to the undermen- tioned for insertion (free of charge) in the NOR- WALES FREE PROPERTY REGISTAR," pub. lished monthly, having an extensive circulation, and being the only free advertising medium of its kind in the district. Intending purchasers and tenants should seiad:for a copy of the Register, which will be forwar- ded, post free, on application to the Proprietors and Publishers Messrs. Greenhalgh and Geary, Auction- eers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, RhyL VALE OF CLWYD. ROYAL OAK INN,RUTHIN. Proprietor-THOMAP WILLIAMS (Late of Harpi Corwen). Comfortable Accommodation for Travellers and Visitors. DINNERS from 11 o'clock to 2. TEAS at any hour on Fair Days, ate. Lessee of Posting Stations at Corwen and Neigh- bourhood. All Advertisements and Posters promptly diplay if forwarded to the Harp Hotel, Corwen. GOOD AND EXTENSIVE STABLNG. TERMS—MODERATE. 9.4 THE NORTH WALES ASPHAITE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS-MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED, Estimates and Specifications may be bad on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, RhyL ROBERT E. HUGHES AUCTIONEER, Surveyor, Valuer, Land and Estate Agent. ~4 OFFICES- 10 Abbey Street, Rhyl; Stafford Buildings, Prestatyn.