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Messrs. Clough db Co. ^AfrD AGENTS, SURVEYORS, A. 0 CTIONEiiES, JahyI. ReTheKensington Fine Art Pottery Co., Hanley, Staffordshire. To settle a Dispute, on account of whom it may concern. Messrs. CLOUGH & CO. have received j™ instructions to remove from the above manu "witty, for absolute sale by Public Auction, in the DRILL HALL, DENBIGH, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. & Friday, March 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, at 2.30 and 7 o'clock each day. A portion of their magnificent Stock of PORCELAIN, CHINA AND EARTHENWARE. The Stock comprises: 44 DINNEF. SERVICES, in various sizes, for 12, 24, 36 parsons, amongst which are the Duke of York ^Pe and other sh apes. TEA SHBvrcES and 400 Breakfast DITTO, in JJJ^Mporcelain china, and many which match each DBSSEKT SERVICES, for 12 and 18 persons, in &ttcelain and transparent cvina, and finished with good decoration in the newest designs. 140 TRINKET SETS in various patterns. FIVB O'CLOCK TEA Services in fine English 2# and most recent patterns adapted to afternoon ^vices, and beautifully deoorated in dead gold. 1200 CHAMBER SERVICES, consisting of single and JJjJJble sets, all richly ornamented and decorated oy jjJ&e of the best artiste in the Staffordshire Potteries, poinding Stewart, K nt, Baker. Bernard, and ^r<i, and in the latest designs. special feature in this stock will be complete trices in the OLD CROWN DERBY style of decora- jc*. and other styles now so much in vogue, con- offlbf! of dinner, dessert, tea, breakfast, and 5 ji^Oak tea services, all to match, together with ^taber and trinket sets of the same pattern. Jtocluded amongst the ornamental portion of the Jjjpk will be found some of the most magnificent Wcimens of the potter's art. consisting of jardiniere, 2P*Be of which stand 4 ft. high, and decorated in «J»e newest and most fashionable' decorations, the Wdrk of some of the cleverest artistes In the Stafford- shire Potteries. there are also several pairs of magnificent hand- painted Vases, standing 30 inches, high, the work of Baker. Si ewart and Cliff, and other artists. 20 SWANS ON PEDESTALS, standing about 45 Inches high, and the whole manufactured in finest Porcelain, a speciality only made by the Vendors of Wis Stock, and forming a most beautiful Jardinier dining room, drawing room, hall, or corridor. ■Jij addition to the items specially mentioned there Y* a *S,rge and varied assortment of smaller, jardiniers, Flower Pots, Vases, and other articles of ornamental character, together with a number of gwail Vases, in CROWN DERBY STYLE. Worcester and REAL CAMEO decorations. e_?k? whole of the Stock is of the beet possible des- j £ «Pwon, auoh as the Vendors have manufactured and ■applied for many years. "I.. order to secure the careful handling and safe rrpklng to carry to the purchaser's residence (no rjatter what distance) the auctioneer has specially Slanged with the Vendors for the attendance at the at EXPERIENCED PACKERS, who will pack lots of charge; and if goods are bought to the value JJMS5 packages will be providjed fpee, so that they ffay be taken away or sent for by the purchaser, or "leeired, and on address being civen to the clerk z: 8ale, they will be sent by rail or carrier direct «*fuige forward to any part of world, but the (jftUntry d° n0t fle*iver B°°d9 either in Town or Stock may be viewed each mornint? of sale from o'clock; ano the AUCTIONEEROAN CONFIDENTLY the special attention of his friends to this Sale. TOWN OF DENBIGH. Sale of Freehold Property. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO., ".Sol. & F.A.I., will offer for sale by Public Auction, at the Crown Denbigh, on Thursday, the 23rd day of March, at 2 30 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to and North Wales Incorporated Law "Moiety's Public Sale conditions, and to suck Special ^ditaons as will be then and there produced and r, All that Freehold Property, 4 situate in Park Street, AND FORMERLY KNOWN AS GRAMMAR SCHOOL, and now as the COUNTY SCHOOL, one or more lots, viz tot I.-All that Piece or SARCEL OF LAND as the Playground, having a frontage to Park of 74 feet 4 inches, and comprising 1,600 square 'wOa, more or less, and being a grand Building Site. .M; 2, adjoining Lot 1.—The DWELLING HOUSE fef?. SCHOOL, with Lawn in front. The House con- j^as—on Ground Floor, Entrance Hall, StairCase Dining Room and Sitting Rsom with Bay j Lavatory, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Scullery, ^fder, &c. First Floor—DrAwing 'RboBa with Bay tij^dpw, 4 Bedrooms, and a Bath Room. Second Bedrooms and W.C' j^t«re tor, two flights of Stairs te this House, which %Ak ,t es it easy to convert into two Dwelling Houses; has a frontage to Park Street of 100 feet 4 inches, *n w^°-e li^OO square yards, more or vlr'ot 3.—All that Piece or PARCEL OF LAND, Wining Lot 2, now used as a'GARDEN, and having fontage to Park Street of 78 feet 4 inches, and in the whole 1,157 square yards, more or IWif. further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 2 enQIgh, or to A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Solicitor. Chambers, Denbigh, where a plan of the pro- ty can be inspected. Agency and Auctioneers Offices, Street, Denbigh. SaJe of Valuable Freehold Property. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO., le. S. L., & P. A. I., will ftotoi °5er *or Pnblio Auction, at the Crown :i f Denbigh, on Thursday, March 23rd, 1899, at dit; punctually in the afternoon, subject to coa- °as to be there and then produced, viz :— In t Parish of Caerwys, County of Flint. iii Lot .-All that FREEHOLD FIELD or Building to thJo ate at back of Frondeg, with a frontage th» b erwys Road, and within three minutes walk «. ,ailway Station, and containing 7a. Or. 20p.. ^.orless. ]a I'Lot offers plendi4 Site for a Residence. It by !•»%.= '^at the Marl bed which is worked close YUna Underneath. of Llanrhaiddr, County of Denbigh. HBN EFAIL, situate about a a half from Denbigh, on the upper roftd to Llanrhaiadr, being two substantially and well built semi-detached Cottages, with Cowhouses and other Out buildings, Crofts, Gardens and Premises, compris- ing in the whole 3a. Ir. Op., more or less, in the occu- pation of Mrs. Mary Jones and Robert Owen Davies., In the Town of Denbigh. Lot 3.-All those 4 DWELLING HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises, with frontage to Water Street, and bounded on the west by Barkers Well Lane, in the occupation of MJ. John Williams and others- better known as the property of tb "te Mr. Richard Wynne. Lot 4.—All that GARDEN or Piece of Land, situate on the south side of the Old Burgesses Tower, and being within the Old Castle Demesne, containing 291 square yards, or thereabouts, in the occupation of the Owner, Mr. Hugh Dew. For further particulars, as to Lot 1, apply to Messrs. H. FORSHAW & HAWKINS, Solicitors, 5, Castle Street, Liverpool; Lot 2, Messrs. GOLD EDWARDS & CO., Solicitors; Lot 3, Mr. A. O. EVANS, Solicitor-and as to the whole, the AUCTIONEERS —all the latter of Denbigh. Estate Offices, Denbigh. TO LET. HOUSE and SMITHY, containing Tools, &c., with ±JL a Garden, and an acre of land. Rent 26. For further particulars apply to Daniel Davies, Prion, Denbigh. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Mold HORTICULTURAL Society. THE ANNUAL SHOW WIN BE HELD ON THE Grounds adjoining Dr. Edward Williams' Resi- dence, PLASYNDRE, on THURSDAY, 27th July, 1899. J. Schedules on application to LEWIS E. LLOYD, Hon. Sec. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. DENBIGH & NORTH EAST WALES BRANCH. THE ANNUAL PUBLIC MEETING will be held on THURSDAY, MARCH 16th, at St. Asaph. Full particulars will be given next week. A. FOULKES-ROBERTS, Hon. Sec. BEST VALUE IN THE WORLD. BULLER'S FOB LADIES, GENTS, and JFYENILE CTCIES. BUILT TO RIDE. NO REPAIRS REQUIRED. We respectfully invite inspection. If you do not understand the points of a GOOD MACHINE, bring some one who does. Agents for all the VERY best makers. Singers, Rovers, Quadrant, Allard, Cen- taurs, Alldays, Bayliss Thomas; makers to Govern- ment and G.P.O., and many other of the very oldest firms. Call and see the Masterpiece, the CHAINLESS QUADRANT, fitted with Lloyd's Patent Cross Roller Gear. Do you want a first grade Machine for JEl ? Send for particulars. LET 'EM ALL COME. Our Prices compete with any on Market. 'Lessons, Lists, &c., free. Repairer to C.T.G. by appointment. Note address: BULLER, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. SCHOOL BOARD ACCOUNTS. T the undersigned, hereby give Notice, J-j that the AUDITS of the Accounts of the under- mentioned School Boards for the year ended Michaelmas last, will severally commence at the re- spective places and at the respective times specified below. Name o' Place at which Time annointed School board. Audit will be held for Audit. ————.———— Date, Hour. „ t f ~T8SQ] Ruabon Union Workhouse, March 2011 a.m. Wrexham. Abenbury do. do. 2 p.m. Hope do. do. 3 p.m. Broughton do. March 2110 a.m. Brymbo do. do. 11 a.m. Stansty do. do. 2 p.m. Wrexham do. do. 4 p.m. Beraham do. do. 4 30 p.m. Dated the 28th day of February, 1899. (Signed), WILLIAM GRIFFITH, District Auditor of the North Wales Audit District. LAWN MOWERS. 250,000 sold. APPOINTED BY ROYAL WARRANT MAKERS TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN and HIS ROYAL HiaHNKsa THK PRINCE OF WALES. (jJ-REEN'S PATENT "SILENS MESSOR" LAWN MOWERS. NEW MONARCH AND OTHER PATTERNS. FIRST, FOREMOST, AND BEST IN THE WORLD. EVERY ONE SENT OUT IS GUARANTEED. BEWARE OF DECEPTIVE IMITATIONS. ALL MAKES OF MOWERS REPAIRED BY SPECIAL MACHINERY. GREENS PATENT GARDEN ROLLERS (WATER BALLAST AND ORDINARY PATTERN) TENNIS COURT MAKERS. IRON FENCING, EDGE CLIPPERS. GATES. AND HURDLES. GARDEN SEATS. WATER BARROWS. VASES AND LAMPS. HOSE REELS. GARDEN TOOLS. They may be had of all respectable Ironmongers and Seedsmen in the United Kingdom, or from the ) Manufacturers. "J^HOMAS GREEN AND SON LIMITED, SMITHFIELD IRONWORKS, LEEDS, and SURREY WORKS. B LACKFRIARS-ROAD, ] LONDON, S.E. -———— —————————————— j GAMEKEEPER Wanted, Single, with good refer- ences. Must understand Pheasant rearing, and a good Rabbit cateher.-Apply, No. 60. at this office. T/ITANTED, a Young Lady as, Apprentice T T to the Contebtionery Business. Age about 18 ycars.-Apply to Mrs. HUGHEs, tConlectioDer, Vale Street, Denbigh. DENBIGH SCHOOL BOARD. FINANCIAL STATEMENT. THE DISTRICT AUDITORS ACT, 1879 (42 Vict. c. 6). Statement of Receipts and Expenditure By the Denbigh School Board for the year ended the 29th day of September, 1898. INCOME. EXPENDITURE. £ S. D. £ S. D. A ff. D t EL D. To Balance 29th September, 1897: 1. Expenses of Administra- General Account 155 9 0 tion, &c:.— To grant from'tha Committee of By Salaries of Officers of the Council on Education:— Board 86 16 0 — Annual Grant 541 18 6 — Expenses of Administration 3114 6 Fee Grant under the Elemen- 118 10 6 tary Education Act, 1891 284 15 0 2. Expenses of Maintenance Annual Grant from the of Public Elementary Schools: Science and Art Department 26 8 0 By Salaries of Teachers 1 020 9 5 From Bating Authority 1.M0 0 0 ,« ln — Network 2 19 JSHjght, Owning, & ™ 16 10 — Local Government Board placement of Furniture, and Agricultural Rating Act. 13.12 8 Repairs to Building and Furniture 110 2 5 — Rents, Rates, Taxes, and Insurance 26 10 8 1,280 18 4 3. Expenses of Maintenance at Industrial Schools 31 1 7 4. Technical Instruction 5 0 0 5. Local Accoont:— By Repayment of Principal 167 6 9 Interest 147 5 2 —————— 314 1111 1,750 2 4 Total Expenditure, viz.:— 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, as above 1,750 2 4 r By Balance in hands of Tre- surer, 29th September, 1898: General Account. 398 2 7 Total gpl,,148 4 Total £ 2,148 4 11 Outstanding Liabilities of the Board Memorandum at the end of the year. £ s. D. £ s. D. Nett Expenditure te be certified for the Balance Loan No. 1 from the Public Works purposes of the above Act: 1,750 2 4 Loan Commissioners (Fron Goch) 1,285 15 0 ————— ■■■ Loan No. 2 do. (Love Lane Class Rooms) 75 0 0 — Loan No. 3 and 4(Fron goch Girls, In- fant, and Love Lane Schools) 2,710 0 0 I certify that this Account has been examined, and passed by the School Board, as provided by See. 17 of < the Act 36, and 37 Viet., c. 86. IJI:8 R, IHUMPHREYSi ROBERTS, Clerk to the School Board.\ J.j HARRISON JONES, Chairman. 25th October, 1898. g I hereby certify that I have compared the entries in the above Statement with the Vouchers and other Documents relating thereto, and that the Regulations with respect to such Statement have been duly com- plied with. I hereby further certify that I have ascertained by Audit the correctness of such Statement, and that the total amount expended as above by the School Board during the year ended the 29th day of September, 1898, and allowed by me at the Audit, is One thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds, two shillings and four pence. As witness my hand this 17th day of February, 1899, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, District Auditor. N.B.—Expenditure, 1875 ^73 84 joj 1876 791 0 8j 1877 2,352 6 1 — 1|78 i?4i9 8 7 — 1879 1,058 18 3 £ — 1880 1,008 5 7 Jf?1 ••• ••• ••• '913 14 1§ — 1882 1,074 11 3 — }883 i>3oi 2 11 1884 1,679 16 3 — 1885 1,174 11 1 1886 1,021 8 6 — 1887 1,274 5 3 1888 1,186 7 10 — If89 1,201 4 9 — 1890 1,191 7 4 1891 1179 14 1 Jgg 1,806 9 0 1,541 3 5 — }894 3,i01 5 6 ••• ». 2,694 7 4 — 1|96 2,302 3 11 — 1897 1,800 16 10 1898 1,750 2 4 Contributions by Rating Authority in 1875 100 00), Ditto ditto 1876 350 0 0 Ditto ditto 1877 450 0 0 Ditto ditto 1878 530 0 0 Ditto ditto 1879 500 0 0 Ditto ditto 1880 350 0 0 Ditto ditto 1881 800 0 0 Ditt» ditto 1882 525 0 0 Ditto ditto 1883 400 0 0 Ditto ditto 1884 550 0 0 Or for 24 years a v „ -j Ditto ditto 1885 825 0 0 equal to 8s. Ud. in School Board } Ditto ditto 1886 550 0 0 the £ >on preaent 18?4 Ditto !H!!° 1887 525 0 o j rateable value 'of December, 1874. Ditto ditto 1888 600 0 0 Borough, or aver- dj*to 1889 625 0 0 age of 4| per an- Ditto ditto 1890 650 0 0 num. 1 Ditto ditto 1891 600 00 I Ditto ditto 1892 450 0 0 Ditto ditto 1893 800 0 0 D*tt° ditto 1894 900 0 0 Ditto ditto 1895 950 9 0 Ditto ditto 1896 750 0 0 Ditto ditto 1897 700 0 0 I Ditto ditto 1898 1,000 0 0 214,4 go 0 0J Total Repayment on account of Principal and Interest to Public Works Loan Commissionera oat of above sum of £ 14,480 on account of Loan £ 3,276 4s. 7d. Grants gained since Schools under Board. 1876. £ 181; 1877, £ 214; 1878. £ 258; 1879, £ 346i 1880, £ 864: 1881, £ 418: 1882 £ 478* 1882 A500* ijuu Aioa. ISM £ 474; 1886, £ 455; 1887, £ 488; 1888, £ 439; 1889, £ 475; 1^ 1891 £ 464-1$>2 iw- ill' Jfm' £ 531; 1895, £ 521; 1896, £ 542; 1897, £ 565; i898, £ 568. £ 503; 185M Number on Books, and Average Attendance on which Grants Paid. T r *> tv _l Average Attendance. Love Lane Boys Department -irc Frongoch Girls' 134 Frongoch Infant — 1^4 Henllan Mixed — k-i Infant — 49 656 Average Attendance and Grant gained, inclusive of Drawing, in 1878, 1888. and 1898. 1878. I 1888. 1898. » Name of School. Average Grant. Average Grant. Average Grant. Attendance. £ Attendance. £ Attendance. £ iz £ sf&~ E I"~s i i~~lT » s H ? "g >8 Infants go 33 35 27 49 42 1 284 227 536 439 566 568 R HUMPHREYS ROBERTS, Solicitor, Denbigh, i Clerk to the School Board. t 17, Wellington Road, RHYL. (OPPOSITE TOWN HALL). LADIES & Tailoring Establishment. I respectfully beg to draw attention to my new and varied Stock for the coming Season, which contains the NEWEST NOVELTIES In Coatings, Suitings, Trouserings Vestings. RIDING HABITS. LADIES' COSTUMES CLOTH IN ALL SHADES AT MODERATE PRICES. CLERICALS, LIVERIES. I shall be pleased to send Patterns on application, or will call on receipt of Post Card. All Garments are made on the Premises by ex- perienced Workmen under my own Supervision. Trial Orders solicited. D. DAVIES. J. BARROW, 4 Tan-y-Castell,' Lower Clwyd Street, RUTHIN. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Game, Poultry, Eggs, and Butter. J. B. has opened business in the above where the Public may be supplied with MUTTON, PORK, SAUSAGE, &c. All Orders per post or etherwise promptly attended to Telegrams-BARROW, Ruthin,N.W. SYMINGTON'S EDINBURGH COFFEE ESSENCE makes delicious coffee in a moment. No trouble, no waste. In small and large bottles, from all Grocers. GUARANTEED PURE. 100 THE OLD ESTABLISHED Meat Emporium, DENBIGH. ROBERT ELLIS (Son of the late Mr. ROBERT ELLIS), Begs to announce that he has succeeded to the Business lately carried on by Mr. SAMUEL ROBERTS, and previously by the late Mr. ROBERT ELLIS, and that he has OPENED, at the above well-known address, where, by strict personal attention to business, judicious selection of Stock, and moderate prices, he hopes to de. serve the patronage so liberally given in the past to his predecessors. FRESlflilEAT DAILY. GOODS DELIVERED DAILY. Orders by post carefully and promptly attended to. NOTE THE ADDRESS- PEN.Y-BRYN, DENBIGH. KIEL BUTTER IN' PERFECTION. v E.P.Jones,Son,&Co. im 33 x 4a X-X Are direct Importers ef the FINEST KIEL BUTTER, lAnd therefore the PUBLIC can rely on OUALITY & FRESHNESS, And the Prico as the Lowest @@@<(ifY@@. I Have you tried SYMINGTON'S | Edinburgh Dandelion Coffee Essence ? I It is much used by persons of weak or feeble digestion. From all Grocers, jf 73 'Come, give us a trial of our quality,' Come, a New Machine. CONNAH & CO., The Wheelmen of North Wales, Are making tremendous Reductions in the prices of New Machines: Example-Druids C7 17 6 Royal Welsh 10 0 0 Royal Cambrian 12 10 0 All fitted with detachable Pneumatic Tyres, 9 2 per Machine less than last year's prices. Quality better than ever. BASSINETTES from 25s. Mail Carts from 12s. 6d. For Sale or Hire. Repairs and Braizing a Speciality. Agents for Humber, Premier, Rudge, Cres- cent, Raleigh, Swift, Enfield, New Hndson. Pneumatic Safties, from £ 6 10s. ACCESSORIES at Factory Prices. Last year's Stock of Machines at less than cost price to clear. Second hand Machines largest stock in the country. Pneumatic Safeties, thoroughly reliable, from £ 3 10s. Write for list. MOTO CARS, the Conveyance of the future, a Speciality. CONNAH & CO., the North Wales Cycle and Motor Car Merchants. They jest at scars who order our Machines, We will mount the Rudge, and consider their mens ARTISTIC AND SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY. A X RAYS. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS begs to inform the public of the Yale of Clwyd and North Wales gener- ally that he has obtained the LATEST and most im- proved Electrical apparatus, and is prepared te Cryptoscope or Radiograph any part of the humat body through the clothing. Terms on Application. ESTABLISHED 1885. JOHN WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Each sitter personally attended to by J. W. Please note the Address:—PORTLAND STUDIO, 8. High Street. Rhtl GREENHALGH & GEARY, (FRANCIS GEARY. A.A.I.) Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, RHYL. Valuations for Probate. Mortgages arranged FREE ADVERTISING. PROPERTIES FOR SALE OR TO BE LET.— Property-owners and others desirous of dispos- ing of Property, Businesses, &c., by private treaty are invited to send full particulars to the undermen- tioned for insertion (free of charge) in the NO WALES FREE PROPERTY REGISTAR," pub- lished monthly, having an extensive circulation, ud being the only free advertising medium of its kind in the district. Intending purchasers and tenants shonMI Bead.for a copy of the Register, which will be forwar- ded, post free, on application to the Proprietors and Publishers: Messrs. Greenhalgh and Geary, Auetion- eers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, Rhyl. VALE OF CLWYD. ROYAL OAK INN,RUTHIN. Proprietor-THOMAF WILLIAMS (Late of Harp, Corwen). Comfortable Accommodation for TravoUm ml Visitors. DINNERS from 11 o'clock to 2. TEAS at any hour on Fair Days, &e. Lessee of Posting Stations at Corwen and Neigh- bourhood. All Advertisements and Posters promptly diplayed, if forwarded to the Harp Hotel, Corwen. GOOD AND EXTENSIVE STABLNG. Tkbms—MODERATE. 9/4 THE NORTH WALES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Wort SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS-MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED. Estimates and Specifications may be had on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, RhyL ROBERT E. HUGHES, AUCTIONEER, Surveyor, Valuer, Land and Estate Agent. OFFICES- 10 Abbey Street, Rhyl; Stafford Bui I dings. Prestatyn.