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DENBIGHSHIRE & FLINTSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY AND A 'DISSATISFIED COMPETITOR.' To the Editor of the' NORTH WALES TIMES.' SIR, Before my letter to Mr. P. P. Pennant on the subject of my discontent is left to its final repose to lie on the table of the Society, may I, through the medium of your paper, be allowed to correct one or two erroneous impressions arising from the report in your last issue, and to respectfully ask Mr. Welsby, the Secretary, that if he cannot do me the justice that I am entitled to in respect to the Society's prizes, and as it will not cost him anything, that he will at least do me the justice of quoting my letter correctly. I was perfectly well aware that, according to the schedule, the Society a silver medal was not specially specified, and if he will only take the trouble to look at my letter again he will find the following para. graph 'The medals offered by the ^Society Being considered by the competitors to be if not the Society's medal, yet to be of such value as to be worthy of competition and of the Society,' so that my disaffection did not arise from that cause. I was also quite aware that the prize was given by the Wrexham Local Committee, but am equally well aware that the prizes given by that Committee are subject to the sanction and approval of the General Com- mittee, and that there are specified rulea governing all local prizes, but this is pader l ferson.' It appears that Mr. Welsby is a stickler for accuracy, at any rate one would imagine so, and perhaps he will pardon me for assisting him to be more so, for he says that the schedule did not promise a Society medal, but simply a silver medal and a bronze-medal. That being so, and having won the two, will he kindly tell me where the bronze medal is? Perhaps he will explain why a tarnished silver medal was substituted instead of the bronze one as per schedule? Some of my friends have facetiously asked was it thrown in as 'good luck' along with the others. Superficially it would appear that I must indeed be a very 'dissatisfied' competitor when after winning a bronze medal and receiving a silver one, that I should be indignant over it, but to those who have seen th3 medals the reason is quite obvious, and I challenge Mr.Welsbytopro- cure a bronze medal of the uniform size^of the silver ones that won't cost him more time, trouble, and, probably, money, than the silver ones!! I took the liberty of submitting them to the Local Secretary-the Mayor of Wrex. ham-and his comment on the same was: I do not think the medals at all satisfactory, and shall enquire into their value. Turning again to the schedule it states: 'Non-subscribers shall be entitled to compete for the Society's prizes on payment of an entrance fee of 10 per cent. on the value of the fiist prize. Am I then only entitled to a medal a few coppers in excess of my entrance fee? This appears to have pro- voked the laughter of the Committee, but may I ask any of the gentlemen present where the laugh would come in if they entered a beast in the show and paid 5s. entrance money and re- ceived 7s. 6d. as first prize? Just one word in conclusion, to the Secretary, being that he has arrogated to himself the right of stopping any competition where there is a i dissatisfied' competitor, may I be allowed to congratulate him on having already to some measure achieved that object with respect to the future bread competitions ? I am not the only one that has cause to be diasatisned over this competition, for I think I can with 'brotherly feeling' ask the Secretary to 'shake hands' over it. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours, &c., JOHN C. JONES. Pwllgwyn Stores, Caerwys.




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