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DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY. To the Editor of THE NORTH WALES TIMES. SIR, Observing that some of your contemporaries published remarks on the annual report of this Charity, which are calculated to mislead, the Committee will be obliged if you would be good enough to insert the following report by the Lady Superintendent on the subject of ex- penditure, which report has been accepted by the Committee as satisfactory. I would add that the weekly maintenance stands at 6s. per week (see annual report). Yomrs truly, W. VAUGHAN JONES, Secretary. 8th March, 1899. In accordance with the Committee's request to find out the increase of £ 46 189. 6d. in the meat account foi 1898 as compared with the year 1897, the number of in-patients admitted being four fewer during 1898 than during 1897,' after careful analysis of all accounts,1 made with the help of the Secretary's Clerk, I beg to report as follows !That the monetary increase is ;t;3(j ios. t)(1. and not £ 46 18s. 6d. 2.—That although there were four fewer patients admitted during 1898 than during 1897, the daily average of occupied beds during 1898 was 18, as against 15 in 1897. S.-In 1898, 4,226 ordinary diets were sent to the wards, as against 3,287 during 1897, show- ing an increase of 939 diets for 1898. There were also 325 chop diets as against 235 in 1897, showing an increase of 90 chop diets; and 1,023 beef tea diets as against 909 in 1897, showing an increase of 114. Allowing half pound of meat to each ordinary and chop diet, this increase of 1,029 diets equals 514ilbs. of meat, and allowing lbs. of meat to each beef tea diet equals 55! lbs., which together amount to 600 lbs. of meat. 4.- 600 lbs. of meat at 7d. per lb. would cost £ 17 10.. 5.—In 1898, the average price paid for meat was 7d. per lb.; in 1897, 6§d. per lb. The difference of id. per lb. on 5,190 lbs. (the whole of the meat brought in for patients and residuals) comes to £ 5 Sa. lid. 6.—Add these two, £ 17 10s. Od. and fZ 8s. 1 Jd ,equab;922 Ift lid. I.-On the December, 1897, account, there was paid in January, 1898, E4 9s. 2d. more than I in the corresponding month of the previous year, which brings the sum to jE27 4s. 3d. 8. In 1898, 578 chicken and fish diets were sent to the wards, as against 405 in 1897, show- ing an increase of 173; and 1,021 eggs were sent to the wards, as against 679 in the previous year, showing an increase of 341. The cost of this increase was f4 4s. 9d. 9.—The increase in the bacon account was 91 16s. lld., bringing the amount tof 33 5s Hid. 10.—The deficiency of JE3 12s. 6d. in the meat account required to make up the sum of JE36 18s. 6d. is accounted for by the decrease of Ell 19s. 7d. on the bread and beer bills, an in- creased amount of butchers' meat having been consumed instead of bread and beer. (Signed) M. GRIFFITH, Lady Superintendent.



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