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PRBSTiTYK. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Wednesday, when there were present- Messrs W. H. Coward, J.P. (who presided in the absence of the Chairman), R. Davies, John Pritchard, J. B. Linnell, Ellis Roberts, Thomas 'Williams, Thomas Hughes, Rev. T. Price, and Dr. Griffith, with Mr. John Hughes (Clerk), and Mr. W. C. Bell (Surveyor). INDISPOSITION OF THE CHAIRMAN. Mr. Coward, in taking the chair, expressed regret at the indisposition of Mr. John Jones, the Chairman of the Council. Had the Chair- man been present, he felt sure that his first duty would have been to wish the members of the Council a happy new year. In his absence he had much pleasure in doing so. THE NEW FIRE ENGINE. It was recommended by the Road Committee that the Council should order the steam fire engine, to make application for a loan to the Local Government Board, and in the event of a refusal to make arrangements with the makers to extend the payment over a term of five years, to be paid out of the revenue in annual instalments. Dr. Griffiths moved the soiifirmation of the minutes, and urged upon the Council the ne- cessity of ordering the engine at oaee. Mr. Linnell had promised to provide a suilNtbl« place to store it until they had erected a firi statioD. The motion was carried. THE PROPOSED MUNICIPAL OFFICES AND TOWN IMPROVEMENTS. The Improvement Committeelrecommended that in view of,their being unable to arrange for the widening of High Street in the course of this winter, that the following works only be included in the application to the Local Govern- ment Board for a loan, viz., Nant-hall Road, drainage up to Mostyn Avenue, Gronant Road drainage, Meliden Road drainage, Fire Engine Station and Store Room, Fire Engine and Equipment. The Surveyor had been instructed to prepare plans for fire engine station and store only, and not to include plans for Council offices. Dr. Griffith moved the adoption of the minutes. Mr. R. Davies asked who were present afc the meeting when the recommendations were passed. Dr. Griffith replied that Mr. John Jones, Mr. G. O. Jones, and himself, were present. They could not be expected to carry out the views of those that were absent. They should have been present instead of neglecting their duties as Councillors to go to love meetings' (laughter). Mr. Ellis Roberts remarked that when cer- tain members were absent the meetings were postponed. Mr. J. B. Linnell asked if the Vicar was pre- pared to give his consent to a two storey build- ing. the Chairman replied that the Vicar had said that he would not only consent to a two storey building, but to a three storey one, if necessary The Vicar-That is quite right. I have no objection. Mr. R. Davies, as an amendment to the re- commendation of the Committee, moved that the original plans be adopted, which provided for a fire engine station and offices for the Clerk and Surveyor on thq-ground floor, and a Council Chamber capable of accommodating 50 people on the second storey., Mr. Thomas Hughes seconded the amend- ment. Dr. Griffith remarked that he would make this a test question with those candidate, who were retiring at the next election. The Chairman objected to threat of that kind being made: It was time enough for elec- tioneering when the election came. The Surveyor said he had no objection to the two storey building as originally proposed, but he had expressed the opinion that it would be much better to have more open space than was on a site of land which only measured sixty feet by thirty. The Clerk said it would be contrary to their own byelaws to have a two storey building. Mr. Ellis Roberts remarked that when cer- tain plans were submitted, they had over- ridden the byelaws before. Dr. Griffith-Then. that was not right. Mr. R. Davies-That is the way things are done here. Mr. Ellis Roberts-Why talk about byelaws when we over-ride them ? Dr. Griffith-The Council should set a good example. ,e. On a division, Mr. Davies' amendment was carried, Dr. Griffith alone voting against it. IMPROVEMENTS IN HIGH STREET, Mr. J. B. Linnell moved that the sum of £ 500 be included in the proposed loan for town im provements for the purpose for constructing a footpath in High Street, and doing away with the gutters, even if they could not widen the street now. Dr. Griffiths, while sympathising with Mr. Linnell, pointed out that the difficulty was if they kerbed and channelled the street now, they would have to do away with it when they widen High Street. Mr. R. Davies said that several property owners had promised land for the widening. Other members having spoken, Mr. Linnell's proposal was carried.






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