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COLWYN BAY. -ff"< GAS SUPPLY. PROPOSED PURCHASE BY THE COUNCIL A special meeting of the Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Urban District Council was held on Friday aiternoon, to consider the proposed purchase of the gas works. Mr. G. Bevan, the chairman, presided, and called upon Mr. R. S. Chamberlain, solicitor to the Council in this matter, to explain the pro- ceedings which it would be necessary to take to promote a bill in Parliament with the object of acquiring the undertaking. Mr. Chamberlain said the first thing to be done wan to give notice to the Gas Company that the Council intended to purchase under the clause of the Companies Act of 1896, as soon as the necessary Act could be obtained, and that the ConncíI were applying to Parliament for the necessary powers for the purpose in the season of 1901. Mr. W. Davies asked whether it was proper for these steps to be taken until the ratepayers had been consulted. Mr. Chamberlain replied that a ratepayers' meeting was being calied. As a matter of fact, it was, un ier the Act of Parliament, for the Couacil to decide whether the purchase should be carried out or not That the Council had already done, and they had agreed to present a bill. The bill having been presented, the law provided ihat no more expense should be in. curred until the ratepayers hid hid an oppor- tunity of sal in, whether it was a bill the Coun- cil should support. Up to the point he had indicated, the Council were left to exercise their undoubted authority. Mr. W. Davies, having learnt from Mr. Chamberlain by a farther question that there was no difference between an urban district council and a corporation in regard to the law on the matter, said his experience was that in the case of corporations it was not usual for such steps as the purchase of a gas works to be taken without first consulting the ratepayers. Mr. Chamberlain remarked that he had known some councillors who had not the fear- lessness to carry out their duty. As to whether the public meeting was held first or not was a mere matter of courtesy. Mr. W. Davies—1 am satisfied with that information. The Chairman moved, aad Mr. H. Hughes seconde d, a resolution, in the terms recommen- ded by Mr. Chamberlain, giving notice to the Gas Company. Mr. W. Davies moved, as an amendment, that the common seal be not affixed to such notice. Mr. Robert Evans seconded. Messrs D "vies and Evans voted for the amendment, and the resolut-Lon was voted for by the Chairman, Messrs. Hughes, Thomas Parry, T. Byrne, and Thomas Roberts. The resolution was declared carried. It was announced that the Local Government Inquiry in reference to the proposed urban powers for the parish of Llysfaen would take place on Wednesday. Ihe Chairman announced that Mr. S. Moss, M P., bad been provisionally retained on behalf of the Council to appear at the inquiry. On the motion of Mr. Thomas Roberts, seconded by Mr. H. Hughes, the retaining of Mr. Moss was confirmed, aud it was also deci- ded that several members of the Council should be requested to give evidence in support of the Council's claim to a readjustment of boundaries between the parish of Liysfaen and the urban district. Mr. W. Davies pointed out that the Llysfaen children so filled the Colwyn school that the School Board were required to build a new school for their accommodation. But the Llysfaen people could not be compelled to guarantee to continue sending their children there, and, therefore, they might escape their share of the payment for the building. This matter ought to be brought before the inspector who conducted theinquily.


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