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CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. OHSiSTRAS AN] HEW YEAR'S EXCJ3SI0NS. Tue AY cek Paul E:;<>u Tiekets, usually issued on Fridays and Saturday: v.'id also bo issued ;rom art Cambrian Stations, on Thursdays, L'eceiiiber and to Birmingham, Woiverb -uupton, a \» a sn!l, lVterbiu-o, Leicester, Derby, Staifoid, Burron-on-Trc-nr, Cnvntry, Shrewsbury, Alan- ch.ster, Preston, Blackburn, Leeds, Dt-wsburv, Jliidder.<jk*jtl. B )it.u, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Se s com be, \i:111, AVarrlugton and Bradford. 1 kese dicker a will be available by uiiy Ordinary Th■•(►ugh Brain, and to Return on any day up to the following Tuesday, where train serriee permit. On Wednesday, December 21, Cheap Excursion Tickets to CARDIFF, MERTIIYR, POWLAIS, SWANSEA, NEATH, and NEWPORT, (Moil.) The tickets will be available to ret-Lirii on an v date u ) to Thursday, December 31st, inclusive (except Caristmas Day and Sunday, December 27). j On Thursday Evening, December 21, Cheap 3 or 5 Days Trip wiil be run to LONDON, 3 Days Passengers return on Saturday, Dec. 28. 5 Days Passengers return on Monday, Dec. 28. On Saturday, Dec. 2f», Cheap Day Trips will be run t-I Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Llandudno, Rhyl, ckc. Also a Half Day Trip to Liverpool and Manchester, on the s tme date from Oswestry and Ellesnxere. For full particulars -.s to train times and fares, see handbills at all Sla'ions, or on application to Mr. AV. II. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Mr. AV. If. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. TEE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Por a Good Piano. '"10. ANNUAL SALE AT Arnfield's HOME OF MUSIC FOR SMUSIC IN THE HOME DDLGELLEY AND BARMOUTH. ZCLOSE OF THE \8EASON. COME AND SEE The Largest Stock IN NORTH & MID-WAkES Send for our Prices of NEW & :SECOND-HAND INSTRUMENTS5 By the Best Makers only. PIANOS FROM THIS SEASON HIRE ATBLESSSTHAN Oost Price. -.All sommunications to ARNFIELDS Dolgelley. >rLM, CHEAP PRINTING E AT "NEGESYDD" OFFICE, t*1.i ^CORRIS,^ JR.S.O. ?"O' UN 0 RYFEDDODAU Masnachol Cymrui Ydyw y PARSELl -3eg a Chwech, yn cynwys Par o Fiancedi C, Plr o Gvn- fas<tu Caercg, Cwif G\\y¡ IJClI Li. Yr oil i am IOS. 6c. HefyJ, Dofnydd Dress o Frethyn Serge Caerog, 6 o wahanol ILviau, ani 6s. lie. hto JhetHyn Ciyf ful Cartivf, GwLln i gy J, 6 o wahanol ihviau, 8s. lie. Dan ton wch am Batrwm ar iYys at Qœt.. Miiliams f fi t I) COMMKltCK HOUSE. IX >1.0 ELLA U, Neu Y Pioneer, LLANDUDNO, Y Compton, COLWVN BAY. Rhoddwdi cli-el.ii i'r Cymro, a chewcli taniu pa UII yw y gareu. :r Heiyd, rhoddir C) I?g arall, sef G WO BR O HANER GIN I neu Bresant o un o'r COT I A U UCHAf God I dog hytiy, 15S. be. Am y casgliad goreu a nnvya! cyllawn o'r Gwahanol Ddulliau yu Nghywru o Gyjarch ecu Gtlydd. Rh:¡iJ i'l cyLu! füJ n.C\lI lLtwelbyn y:pj¡, o'r v- OWEN JONES, A.C., CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT, & PUBLIC AUDITOR. BARMOUTH. TOWYNCOUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. HEADMASTER: 1). H. DAVIES, B.A. MISTRESS :] MISS J. E. JENKINS. SCIENCE MASTER THOMAS JONES,. A.R.C.S. CLASSICAL MASTER: THOMAS G. ROBERTS, B.A. (Late of the University of Peirilv), MUSIC MISS MAY ROBERTS. TEACHER IN COOKERY AND LAUNDRY: MISS A. DANIEL ist Class DiJjlomee K.T.S.C. (London). In commodious and permanent buildings. A Chemical Laboratory equiped for 30 students with the best apparatus procurable now ready. Also a School of Cookery and Laundry Work for the Girls. Classes formed to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities 01 London and Wales. Tuition lees, ;6'5 per annum. Boarders re- ceived by Headmaster at low charges. Next icrm will commence on Monday, 11th January, U)97. Prospectus on application to Headmaster or E. VINCENT HUMPHREYS, Clerk to the Governor s. 33. Is, ROWLANDS. (ES J ABL1SHED iS6o,\ Liverpool House, Aberdovey, GENERAL GROCERY, PROVISION, AND GENERAL MERCHANT. tg|^hrfkw5r^|i^L-|S &^eI^VreserveS. Peek Ereen & Co.'s Biscuits & Cakes. Crosse IN: biaekweil s 1 ickles, Sauces. &rc P'L^NT Ar„r J Li T7 0 Stilton & Cheshire Cheese. Fresil Breld f' r ?n 110,e.VU1'ed Jams & Bacon, Biscuits alwaj s ir, stock. Ceylon and 1^ T V aj i!and-5\ade S,r? j v.c_)iun ana Indian leas at is. bd., 2s., 2s. 4d.& 2s. 8d. per lb Agent for Tower" and Dwyryd" Teas. LOIN DON & LIVERPOOL^ GLOBE FIRE INSURANCE AGENCY. NEWYDD DA I BAWB!! CEln YN AWR YN MASNACHDY NODEDIG DA VIES, ALBERT HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH Stock fawr ac amrywiol o Bob math o Esgidiau at y Tymor Presenol. Y Gwneuthuriad Goreu a'r Ffasiynau Diweddaraf. PRISIAU ANARFEROL o ISEL. DIGONEDD 0 LEGGINGS, GAITERS, GOLOSHES, &c. THE COUNTY STUDIOS DOLGELLEY 01 TOWYN t>o — "Sttr. §. Ji). IJouttfl is now so well known, that every one may be certain ot getting the best possible work. No better or more artistic photograph can be taken any where, and can be had at all prices. A\A^AV\vVV\V\V\AVN\A^V\VVV^V SUCCESS IS A WAYS G U AHA NTEED. qi I 4 1. AGENT to LEADING MAKERS of BICYCLES, SEWING MACHINES, GUNS & LOCKS. jgSewing Machines from £2 2s. to £ 14.—Gurantecd for 3 years.—Is. 3d. p i-r .we-ek. A II parts of the alove cleaend and repaired on the Premises" Keys of every description ke t in Stocy. JOHMiEYANSj Whitesmith, Machinist 25, Maengwyn Street, MACHYNLLETH*: =r.- AT Y RHill SYOD AR BRIODI. — ■■ Azifouvrcli size y Fodrwy Briodasol sydcl yn eisiau. I'w cael am unrliyw bris 0 IBs. i 40s., gan I T. C. JONES, JEWELLER, TOWYN, Ehoddir haner dwsin o hvyau te prydfertlx gyda phob modrwy. H. W. GRIFFITHS BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 2G, HIGH STREET, TOWYN. Amrywiaeth inawi- o bob math o Esgidiau, Slippers, Gaiters, a Leggings i DDYNION, MEBCIIED, A PHLANT. Gomcliwyliwr i'r "K" BOOTS. Y Te goreu a mwyaf rhinweddol ydyw ALLADIN'S MAGIC TEA. Mewn pacedi ilb. a :'i tb- "j? MAGrC. l a; T Hi1. L Pris 2s. a, 18. 6c pwys. Y mae y TE ardderchog hwn yn anghydmarol am Nerth ei Ffrwythlondeb a'i Arogl Hyfryd. Gellir ei gael yn wholesale o 5, Button Street, LIVERPOOL, VINCENT DAVIES. Ironmongery, Ship Chandlery, Grocery, Flour & Corn. Gelwir 3ylw at gyilenwad da o'r nwyddau viehoc am brisiau rhesymol. CORNER SHOP3 ABERDOVEY. MACHYNLLETH fit f ntaratoat« ^cljaol -:c:- School Re-opened Monday Sept. 21, 1896. -0:- The School Year is divided into Three Terms. Fees £ 2 per Term Z.5 per year payable in advance. Remission when more than one from a family. Head Master: MR. H. H. MEYLER, M.A, (Formerly Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford; and late Assistant-Matter at JIilllIill öe/wol, London, X. lV. Assistant-Master: MR. EVAN JONES, B.A., (Lond.), litte)-. B.,Se. (Lond.) University Cullcye of JFaks. Assistant-Mistress Miss LILLY LUMLEY. (Late Scholar of the Uni versity Colict/e of North Wales) Recent Successes in Cambridge Local (one mark of distinction) and in Science and Art Departments Examinations, First and Advanced Stages. SCHOLARSHIPS Are offered for Competition for Children in Elementary Schools and others; also, Bursaries sufficient to cover the estimated expenses of travelling to and from school. Children who have passed Standard 5 are eligible for admission without examination. Forms of Admission to be obtained from, and applications to be sent to me, JOHN ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Governors, MACHYNLLETH. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. A FURTHER ACCELERATION IN THE TRAIN SERVICE Between Cambrian Line and Llandrindod, Merthyr, Newport, Cardiff, & South Waies Stations, Will come into force on December ist. For full particulars, see December Time Tables. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. HYSBYSIAD 0 BWYS. BYDD GAN II. r. HUMPHREYS, GWINDY gyflawader o BEEF, MUTTON, &C O'r ansawdd goreu at WYLIAJTR NA DOLIG. Hefyd pob math o nwyddau eraill yn y Grocery am Brisiau Isel Gelwch a barnweh drosoch eich hun. Yn hytrach na chael eich siomi, anfonwch Oriiet s yn fuan. Y LLE ADNABYDDUS AM WATCHES RHAGOROL. G-REENWICH HOUSE, DOLGELLAU. —S— AT DRIGOLION CORRIS, ABERLLEFENI, ABERGYNOL- WYN, TOWYN, ABERDYFI, ABERMAW, MACHYNLLETH, &c. W. WILLIAMS, WATCH & GlaOGK MAKER, A ddymuna i Drigolion y lleoedd uchod dalu ymweliad a'r masnachdy uchod, He y cant weled drostynt en hunain NWVDDAU o'r DEFNYDDJAD GOREU. Cedwir WATCHES 0 BOB PUIS. STOC HELAETH 0 GLOCIAU, JEWELLERY, MODRWYAU AUR, &c. Cymerir y gofal manykif, a thelir sylw neill- duol i ADGYWEIRIO WATCHES. Gellir yn hawdd a diogel eu danfon drwy'r Post. AN It! I KG ION. Ceidw W. W. Stoc ragorol o XVdtclies Aur ardderchog, Clociau a Jewellery, cyfaddas fel anrhegion a testimonials. — s — Y mae Oriaduroll a Chlociau W. W. yn adna- byddus ymhob rhan 0 Sir Feirionydd, a derbynir cymeradwyaethau mynych i'w rhagoroldeb. Mae W. \V. yn dal cysylltiad a'r masnachdai goreu yn Lloegr, ac felly bydd ganddo bob amser y Stoc Oreu mewn Aur ac Arian. =: G. PARSONS & SON, 13UKCOMBB HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH- CHEAPEST AND BEST Oil! Oil! Oil! Oil! Oil! 4 Quarts for 8 jd. ROYAL DAYLIGHT! ROYAL DAYLIGHT! ESiT We ar the only Agents for the Patent Wick! Patent Wick! For all kinds of Lamps. Titi- OtiR Matches Matches! Matches! Matches (j Large Jinxes lcl. 8 Small Itoxes Id. JSfgr TRY OUR Candles I Candies: Candles! Candles! 9 for 2cl., Small Size. 5 for 2d. Large Size. Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Best Crystal Moist, 2 lbs for oid. Best Loaf Sugar 2 ibti for -1 jd. Tea Presents, Tin Goods, Potted Goods, At greatly reduced prices. FIRST PRIZES AWARDED. Seeds, Bulbs. Plants, Trees, Carrots, I11 all Machynlleth Shows. Large SelccUon Latest Design Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets, Wreaths, With or without Cases. BRISTOL SIIAG AND FAXCY Tobaccos, Cigarettes, Cigars, Snuff, Thin Twist, Cake, Thick Twist. LARGEST SELECTION iN THE TOWN OF PIPES, AVALICIXG STICKS, PIPES, All kinds of repairs executed tlivoiigli Uanufnuturel We hold from the -Commissioners of Inland Revenue a Licence for Patent Medicines, Patent Medicines, Store Prices, Store Prices. Storo Prices. LOCK OUT, LOOK OUT, LOOK CUT. For the XMAS NOVELTIES, XMAS NOVELTIES Nothing Like them before. We are the Only Agent in the Town for UPTON'S TEAS, which are the BEST, And have the Largest Sale in the World. NOTE THE PKICLUS The Finest Tea the World can Produce, Ie. 7d. per lb. No higher Price. Rich and Fragrant, ie. dd. per lb. Have you seen a List of Presents we give with Bonus Tea P Ask for our lSToted Grlycorino Gums and Yoico Pastille. -= PENCE ENVELOPES." Gwneir Pence Envelopes at G:»SO^A^AU Kglwysig, &c., yn rhad a destlus yn Swyddfa f NEGUSYDD, Corris.