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CYFALLL Y FFERMWR A'tt (j-VVEITHIWR YW CLEW MORRIS EVANS A'l GWMNI, FFESTINIOC. At y Crydcymalau, Briwiau, Llosgiadau, Y Ddanodd, Piles, Diphtheria, &c., &c. ROll yw Meddyginiaeth Ryfeddaf yr Oes, ac y mae yu sier wedi proti hyny i filoedd o u Cwinpas. Mae yu awr ar Werth gan y Grocers trwy Gymru a Lloegr. Nid oes eisiau oud i chwi roddi prawf arno, na byddwoh yr un farn a'r miloedd. Y Tystiolaethau i'w Cael trwy eich Grocers lleol. Gelweli arn dnno. Ni ddylai yr un teulu fud hebddo. Mae yn sicr, diogel, a rlJsd. Cotied Gweitliwyr a Ffermwyr fod yr Olew hwu yn gaftaeliad arbenig iddynt. GWERTHIIt MEWN POTELAU Is. He.; Is. 6c; 2s. 6c.: a 10s. RHAG Y DDANNODD, "NEURALGIA, Ay A P1-0EN YN Y PEN Y o MEDDYGIN1AETII OREU'Il OES z' HOLLOL DDIOGEL M I BAWB. MEWN POTELI, is. IIC, 2s, 33. 6c. ] GAY BOB FFERYLLYDD, NEU GAN M. HOWELL JONES, TOWYN, MERIONETH. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. The Special attention of the public is- drawn to the FURTHER REDUCED RATE for the con- veyance of FRESH MEAT, including Welsh Mutton, also for Butter, Cheese, Fish & Fruit, carried at half the or- dinary Parcels Rate, Station to Station at Owners Risk Minimum Charge, Sixpence. On and from the 1st April, Rams will be conveyed between stations on the Cambrian Railways at a charge as for Two Dogs, with a minimum of Two shillings each Ram. The TOURIST TICKETS to the Cambrian, Tdurist Resorts during the Winter months, are now available for Two Months, and these Tickets are also issued from London. Every Saturday during June, July, August, September, CHEAP WEEKLY 'O'R FORTNIGHTLY 1 TICKETS are issued from London, Oxford, Banbury, Leamington, Kenilworth, and Coventry, to the Cambrian Coasts, and certain inland stations, available to return on Monday, Monday Week, on Monday Fortnight, and on the following Saturday, on Saturday Weeks. Tickets at same fares are also issued during the same period on every Monday to London, Oxford, Banbury, Leamington, Kenilwcrth, and Coventry, available to return following Satur- day, on Saturday Week. Every information can be obtained from Mr. W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. CHEAP PRINTING; AT "NEGESYDD" OFFICE CORRIS, R.S.O. te f, Corns |buUni, anb Iniutstrtal ,^l;akr. AUGUST 21st, 1897. In addition to a FINE DISPLAY of Garden Produce, &c., Poultry, Cows, Dogs, Carving, &c., the following interesting competitions will take place Slate Splitting, Shearing, Single & Double Hand Boring GRAND OPEN SHEEP DOG TRIALS. FIRST PRIZE, 1-2. WF S LVER CHALLENGE CUP Will be awarded to the one who takes the greatest numLer of FIRST PRIZES three years in succession. All Entries Close AUGUST 16TH. Catalogues may be had from the Secretary, H. WILLIAMS. Plevsc-, Note Change of Date from August 14tli, to August 21st, 1897. OWEN JONES, A.C., CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT, & PUBLIC AUDITOR. BARMOUTH. TOWYN COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. HEADMASTER I). H. DAVIES, B.A. MISTRESS: Miss J. E. JENKINS. SCIENCE MASTER THOMAS JOKES, A.R.C.S. CLASSICAL MASTER THOMAS G. ROBERTS, B A. (Late of Ilie University of Paris Music MISS MAY ROBERTS. TEACHER IN COOKERV AND LAUNDRY Miss A. DANIEL ist Class Diplomee A .T.S.C\ (Loudon). In commodious and permanent buildings. A Chemical Laboratory equiped lor 30 students with the best apparatus procurable now ready. Also a School of Cookery and Laundry Work for the Girls. Classes formed to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities of London ana ales. Tuition fees, £ 5 per annum. Boarders re- ceived by Headmaster at low charges. Next term will commence on The ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP'H EXAMINATION will be held in July. For particulars appJ) to the Clerk. Prospectus on application to Headmaster 01 E- J. EVANS, Clerk to the Governo-t s. CdiL, ESGIDIAU! ESGIDIAU!! rilYNWCII EICH ESGIDIAU YN SIOP DA VIES, ALBERT HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH Ceir g-aridio EdJJ Da, Rhad, Ffasiynol, a DLGONEDD 0 LE I DDEWIS. Newydd dderbyn STOC ANFERTHOL o Esgidiau Haf. Gwneir a thrvvsir esg'idiau ar y lie. THE BALA MINERAL WATER CO. ISA LA. NORTH WALES. PURE AERATED WATERS; SUPPLIES IN PATENT GLASS-STOPPERED & ORDINARY CORK BOTTLES: Also in SYPHONS. -d Carriage p-aid OIl 12 doz. ë1 upwards to any Railway Station. :0- Address:- Bala M.W., Co., BALA. QspiD A T'M JCi X JS JD X Jtri JJxXXNl prevented by the timely use of HENRY LAURANCES' IMPROVED SPECTACLES & EYE-CLASSES which have proved beneficial to thousands. Hundreds of Testimonials Have been received from Medical Gentlemen, the Clergy, &c., whose sight has been benefited by their use wlitm all others hau failed. A lengthened Hit gratis on application to— M. THOMAS. CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, BRIDGE ST., COHIUS. By whom these Celebrated Spectacles anu Lye-Glasses are Sold. o)ie (ti-e yeiiut'iie unless damped il.L. Allan o'r \Vas». Yn Swyddfa Madoc, Tremadog. Y ddau Rifyn Cyntaf o'r "BR YT HON." Pedwar plyg, yr hWIJ a argreflir yn un gyfrol (Royal Octavo), set yr un blygiad a'r rhai olal. Dygir ef allan mevvn 12 0 Rifynau 6c yr un, a gellir tahysgrifio am dano yn rhifynau neu b b yn gyfrol. Ni argreffir ond y rhif y tanysgiilu am dano. Derbynir enwau gan y Llyfrvverthwyr, neu yn Swyddfe'r NEGESYDD. iN, OT ICE OF REMOVAL. MRS. EVANS, Late of 5, College Green, Towyn, begs to announce her removal to 11 DYSYHNl HOUSE, 14, COLLEGE TERRACE, being more commodious premises. And also takes this opportunity ot thanking the public lor their kind support in the past ana hopes by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of the same. APARTMENTS FOR VISITORS. COMMERCIALS ACCOMMODATED AT REASONABLE TERMS. Aote the Address MRS. EVANS, DYSYNNI HOUSE, 14, College Terrace, TOWYN. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. RAIL & COACH EXCURSIONS. Excursions by Hail and Coach are run every week day up to September -30th, from the Cambrian Watering- l'laees on the elsli Coast to the following places of interest— Abersocli Moclmis Island iieddgelert Llyfmnit Vulley Cuder tdris lliu-utwrog Gamrad Waterfall Aantgwiiu (Jon-is Neviii Cwnirhaiadr Waterfall Haven Waterfall Devil s Bridge Precipice allc Dolgoch Waterfall Talylryu Lake Dysynni Valley Torrent WalK Giucspwll Cascade '1' ynygroes Cvviubyclian^Laiie Tany bwlch Happy Valley And also to: Lake Vjriivi'}", lJinas Mawddvvy, Ijwlchoexxklrws l'ass, Littiiyiiiawdclw3,, and Dolgelley, on days shown in Kail and Coach Tour Programme. For further particulars, see bills to be had gratis at all Cambrian Stattons. C. S. DE-X-NISS, General Manager. THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY For a Good Piano. ANNUAL SALE AT Arnfield's IIorI OF MUSIC FOR MUSK; IN THE HOME- DOLGELLEY SHD BSRMOUTH. CLOSE OF THE SEASON. COME AND SEE The Largest Stock IH NORTH & MXP-\V*AXAKS Send for our Prices of NEW & SECOND-HAND INSTRUMENTS By the Best Makers only. All communications to A- R- iNTFIELI)'S- Dolgelley. Y Te goreu a mwyaf rhinvveddoi ydyw ALLADIN'S MAGIC TEA. Mewn pacedi ilb. a | lb" tp- p MAG) C* Jl "■ .——— ■■ Pris 2s. a! 2s. 6c pwys. I Y mae y TE ardderchog hwn yn anghydmarol am Nerth ei Ffrwythlondeb a'i Arogl Hyfryd. Gellir ei gael yn wholesale 0 5, Button Street, LIVERPOOL, VINCENT I)AVIES. Ironmongery, Ship Chandlery, Grocery, Flour,& Corn. Gelwir ,y1w at gyfleinrad da o'r nwyddau aclioc. am brisiau rliesymol. CORNER SHOP, ABERDOVEY. MACHYNLLETH County |ntwnt £ &iat« .cbnnl -:c:- School Re-opened Monday Sept. 21, 1896. o: The School Year is divided into Three Terms. Fees £ 2 per Term Z,5 per year payable in advance. Remission when more than one from a iatniiy. Head Master: MR. H. H. MEYLER, M.A, (Formerly Scholar of Jcsus College, Oxford; and late AS8i¡;(lIlIt-,Ll1a¡;{cr at Mill Mill School, London, N. IV. Assistant-Master: MR. EVAN JONES, B.A., (Lond.), Inter. (loiitt.) University College of Wales. Assistant-Mistress Miss LILLY LIJMLEY. ( Latc Scholar of the University College of North Wales) Recent Successes in Cambridge Local (one mark of distinction) and in Science and Art Departments Examinations, First andAdvanced Stages. EXAMINATION FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. The Examination for Scholarships in con- nection with the above school will be held on Saturday' July 24, 1897, conducted by Mr. A. T. Tetley, M.A., Newtown. The subjects of Examination will consist of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Cram- mar, Geography, English History, Dictation, and Welsh Translation. Alternative qnestions will be set covering the work done in the above-mentioned Subjects, by Standards V., VI., and VII., in accordance with Education Code in which candidates will be allowed to exercise a choice. Bursaries will be granted by the Governors to Scholars sufficient to cover the estimated expenses of travelling to and from school. Intending candidates should send in their names on forms supplied for the purpose, to the undersigned, not later than Saturday, July 17th. JOHN ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Governors, May 28, 1&97, MAClIYSLLETlL Bycld SALE FAWR Commerce House, DOLGELLAU, YN DECHREU Y Sadwrn Cyntaf yn AWST. AllFONWCH AM UN O'R CATALOGUES. DROS W £ 5,000 0 STOCK. AM AGOS Haner y Prisiau Arferol. Williams & (Eriffitlj PERCHENOGION. HOME FROM HOME. VISITORS TO LLANDRINDOD WELLS, Should stay at MRS, G. M. BENBOW, 'MAENOL,' PARK CRESCENT, CENTRAL POSITION and close to PARK, PUMP ROOM, and BATHS, POST OFFICS, and MARKET HALL, only 3 MINUTES VVALK from the RAILWAY STATION. Board or without board. Moderate Prices.