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ABEHAYKON. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, WEDNESDAY, ACUCST 10TH.—Present: Mr Lewis James, presiding; Messrs John Davies, L'anbadarn Trefeglwys J. C. Jones, Griffith Griiffths, ami A. Lloyl Rees, Llanarth Dr Evans, Llantihingel Ystrad D. < Jones and E. Caregian Evans, Llandisiliogogo T. A. Lloyd, Llansanttfracd; Josuah Lewis, Cydplwyt United Thomas Davies, Llanddewi J. M. Howell, Hentynvw and J. M. Jones, Cileennin les,r'.i B. C. Jorns, cltrk Griffith Evans, master; and Wiliiam Evaos and David Davies, relieving officers. Evans, master and Wiliiam Evaos and David Davies, relieving officers. Statistics.—Out-relief administered during the past fortnight, Liansantffrae i district, per Mr W. Evans. £ 3S 19s O.i to 105 paupers corresponding period last year, 149 2s Od to 170 paupers. Llandyssilio district, per Mr D. Davies, £ 34 lis 0d to 14S paupers: corresponding period last year, £ 3.3 19s Oil to 1.52 paupers. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 42 last year corresponding period, 45. Number of inmates in tne House, 15 last year corresponding period, 11. The Chair.—In the absence c-' the Ch:). rtnan and Vicc-chairinao, Mr Lewis Junes was voted to the chair on the motion of Dr Evans. Eva-is inquired the | amount paid in r- x-ac,iuation the Clerk replied 2, öel f..r e'lch occasion, that was, os a year, vaccination t king, plae^ twice a ye\ at the different stations. Obituary.—Trie deaths notified from Car- marthen Asylum of James Je-kins of Troedrhiv, Dihewid, sixty-eigct, and Jeukia Evans or Xcw- quay, sixty-two. ftriotlAcaU for the In mates. — Ine Master rep-i,tedI the receipt of another parcel of periodicals from Mrs Lewis, Llanayron, lor the inmates.—On the motion of Dr Evans, seconded by Mr Jcsuah Lewis, a vote of thanks was accorded to Mrs Lewis. Return of Annie Courtcnay.—The Relieving Officer reported thai Annie Courtenay, who had been a source of great concern to the old Board of Guardians, had returned to Aheravron and had applied for out-relief. She was chargeable to the Swansea Ucron and had a daughter aged fourteen. -Mr J. C. Jones said the Swansea Union accepted chargeabiiity without aa order and he proposed that the House should be offered. The case could be further discussed at the next meeting.—Dr Evans seconded the proposition which was agreed tc. Husband and Wife.—The Guardians next con- sidered the case of a woman from Llanon who ent-red the House a fortnight ago, it was alleged, because her husband did not grant her sufficient money for maintenance.—Tne Relieving Officer said she used to have an income of £100 a year, but had spent a lot of money in drink and, as a result, a difference occurred between her and her husband.—Mr T. A. Lloyd, Llanon, understood that the husband was prepared to pay the expenses of maintaining her at the House, but Mr Thomas Davies did not see that the Guardians should interfere in a dispute between husband and wife. It was a case that should be settled by the magistrates.—The other members agreed and, on the motion of Mr J. C. Jones, it was resolved that the Guardians should pay the costs of a summons against the husband for maintenance. A Llandyssilio Case. -Application was made by the Relieving Officer (Mr David Davies) for out- relief to David Phillips of the Factory, Llandyssilio, aged eighty-seven. His wife was aged eighty and both were infirm. He believed it was a deserving case.—Mr J. C. Jones and Mr Thomas Davies in- quired who were the owners of the Factory ? It was no use granting out-relief if the old people owned the Factory.—It was also stated that the old people had a number of rich relatives.—It was decided that the Relieving Officer should make in quiries and report upon the case to the next meet- ing. A Comment.—Mr T. A. Lloyd said the Board were occupied twice the time necessary in looking over the relief book for the Liandyssilio district. There were always new cases from Llandyssilio. The relief book for Llansantffraed district was gone through in half the time.—Mr Caregian E.-ans re- pudiated this statement, remarking that there were more cases from Llansantffraed district that day. —The Chairman Order, order.