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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE HORTI CULTURAL SHOW. On Wednesday the fifth annual show of the North Cardiganshire Horticultural Society was held in the Elysian Grove. Unfortunately, for the second time in succession, the weather was wet and stormy and the day's proceedings will result in a considerable deficit. It is to be hoped, however, that the Society will not lose heart, bat persevere in the good work the Society is undoubtedly doing in the encouragement of gardening and the growth of flowers, the one being of materia! advantage to the family and the other of scarcely less importance to a resort for visitors, where the beauty and comfort of a town depends almost entirely on each householder making his particular dwelling clean and beautiful. After the lSDG show the Society started with a balance in hand of jE34 3s 4d but, in consequence of the wet day, ended the following year with a balance on the wrong side of the ledger of il3 !).s Od and that deficit will probably this year be increased to t.-PO, which is not a large sum for any society to be responsible for with a committee such a the Committee having the management of the Society with the whole town of Aberystwyth at their back. In some societies a deduction of a certain amount per cent, is made in the prizes when there is a serious deficit and it is only reasonable that some of the loss should be sustained by the people who take money as well as those who devote hours of time during the year to getting up the annual show and receive absolutely nothing. The Eari of Lisburne does not take a great deal of active interest in the public affairs of Aberystwyth and in this he is not singular among the local land- owners but he is no doubt a backbone of the Horti- ctiltural Soci, t for he not only gives the lead, as the aristocracy are supposed to do, as president of the Society, but is a large exhibitor. In fact, without the Earl of Lisburne, the show as regards flowers would be something like a play of Hamlet with Ham- let left out. Mr G. D. White is honorary vice-presi- dent, whatever that may mean, as vice-presidents are never or seldom paid for their services, and the ordi- niry vice-presidents are the Mayor of Aberystwyth, the Countess Amherst, Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., Mr John Francis, Wallog, and Mr W. J. Inglis Jones, Derry Ormond. The other members of the Com- mittee are :—Chairman of the Committee of Manage- ment, Mr Hugh Hughes, Glynpadarn; vice-chairman, Mr J. Purton, Terrace-road Committee, Messrs H. C. Fryer, Marine-terrace; W. H. Paliner C^ueen s- road; H. Mallorv, Llanbadarn-road C. M. Williams, Pier-street; T. H. Edwards, Llanbadarn-road; 1. W. Powell, Crynfryn J. J. James, Penglaig-road P. Lobb, Little Darkgate-street; Edward Evans, Great Darkgate-street; T. A. Sargeant, Smithfield- road; D. M. Davies, New-street; John Morgan, printer; Thomas Ellis, Rhydyfinan; H. Sheraton, Penglais-roa-d S. Glitheroe Bank Vaults Harry Wheatley, Terrace-road Robert Peake. Bath-street; George Kowlev, Terrace-road; R. C. Williams, gardener, Crosswood James V eary, gardener, Gog- erddan D. Colviile, gardener, Fronfraith; A. Austin,' gardener, Abermaide C. Palmer, Llan- badarn-road R. Weller, New-street. The treasurer was Mr J. R. Rees, and the secretary, Mr H. G. Atwood, who as heretofore contributed materially to the success of the show, for it was successful in every- thing but the weather, by his attention to details and courtesy. The show was better housed than on former occasions, for the tents were larger and were not so "tuffy or the scent of the flowers so overpowering. The cottagers, as heretefore, had a tent all to them- selves and well they tilled it with fruit and flowers. The not more important exhibits, but the more costly and luxuriant exhibits, vere displayed in a large marquee. Around the sides were tables on which were exhibited fruit and vegetables, cut flowers, and flowers in pots. Down the centre were magnificent groups of flowers and plants which attracted every- body's attention and, in f-te t, formed the subject for the blue ribbon of the Society. Last year, the Earl of Lisburne took the ribbon. This year he was again successful. Last year, Mr J. Inglis Jones came second and Gogerddan third. This year Gogerddan had advanced and ran Crosswood rather close in regard to materials, but Derry Ormond had slightly retrogressed, though the group in itself, were other dear charmers away, was well worthy the prize. The gardeners represented were Mr Williams, Crosswood; Mr Veary, Gogerddan; Mr Crosier, Derry Ormond; Mr Austin, Abermaide and Mr Colville, Fronfraith. The group with which the Earl of Lisburne took first prize was topped with fans of light palms immediately under which were shoots of white and blue cam- panul&s gracefully arranged. Thence fell away in artistic lines masses of lily auretum. alocacia, crotons, orchids in great variety (for which Crosswood is famous), ferns, and calad.iurcs. A base of lilies of the valley and maiden-hair fern was edged by a pretty border of panicum. A novelty of the group was a yellow arum lily and several pitcher plants. The Gogerddan group was exceedingly rich in material and the design was, on the whole, artistic but there was a slight falling off in the heart of the group which undoubtedly gave to the otherwise very excellent col- lection second place. The Derry Ormond group was somewhat less various in material, but it was, on the whole, as has been said, a very creditable exhibition, particularly when the additional distance of Derry Ormond from the show ground is taken into consideration. In the groups ef hothouse plants and flowers, a magnificent anthunam with glossy deep-green leaves beautifully marked was shown by the Earl of Lisburne with success. It was very much admired. Mr Dougall, the man- ager of the Gas Works, is not only an expert in the manufacture of gas, but is a great lovet of flowers as anyone can see who visits the scene of his operations and notices how he has made the usually-gloomy sur- roundings of gas manufacture beautiful with flowers. t the show he offered a special prize in the shape of a valuable English lever watch for the best group of twelve begonias, six single and six double, the prize being open to all competitors. The prize was taken by Mr Austin, the Abermaide gardener, by a collec- tion of begonias which were universally admired. A fairly-large pecuniary offer was made for a beautiful double begonia in the group and a seedling reared by Mr Austin himself was an exceedingly-pretty 8P^C1- men. Mr Websdell of the Caergog Nurseries, Aber- ystwyth, was successful in his groups of stove and greenhouse plants and Messrs Clibran and Messrs Dickson were represented among the professional gar- deners. In the not-for-competition exhibits was a. beautiful light-yellow carnation just streaked with terra cotta, a seedling grown by Mr Weller, the Aber- ystwvth Corporation gardener. He also exhibited several fine-grown coxscoffibs. In tact, the whole show was exceedingly interesting and beautiful and it only required fine weather to have made it pecuniary successful. The judges were Messrs J- Lambert, Powis Castle, R. C. Townsend, Aston Hall, Oswestry, and Mr Charles Roberts, Halston Gardens, Oswestry, horti- cultural Mr G. Rosser, Neath, dog and poultry; and Mr T. W. Powell, Aberystwyth, honey. The following is the prize list Division A.—Open to all those who keep profes- sional gardeners within the county of Cardigan.— Group of plants in pots arranged for effect to fill a space of 100 square feet, moss allowed, 1, The Earl of Lisburne 2, Sir Pryse Pryse 3, Mr Inglis Jones. Group of plants in pots arranged for effect to fill a space of 28 square feet (Mr W. H. Palmer will eive a silver medal to the gardener taking first prize), 1, W. H. Palmer 2, L. P. Pugh h.c, Hugh Hughes, Glyn- padarn. Stove and greenhouse plants, 1, The Earl of Lisburne 2, Sir Prvse Pryse. Exotic ferns, 1, Sir Pryse Pryse 2, Earl of Lisourne. Four exotic ferns, 1, J Websdell 2, J. R. Loxdale. Table plants, 1, Sir Pryse Pryse; 2, Earl of Lisburne. Fuschias, 1, Sir Pryse Pryse; 2, Inglis Jones. Six fuschias, 1, Sir Pryse Pryse 2, Hugh Hughes. Six single zonale geranium. 1, Inglis Jones. Six double, 1, Inglis Jones. Six tuberous begonias, double, 1, Inglis Jones. Six single, 1, Inglis Jones 2, Hugh Hughes. Four rex begonias, no entry. Three palms, 1, Sir Pryse 2, Inglis Jones. Four coxscombs, 1, W. H. Palmer; 2, L. P. Push. Four coleus, distinct, 1. Sir Pryse; 2. W. H. Palmer. Cut thwers-Twenty-four dahlias, 1, Earl of Lisburne. Twelve dahlias, 1, Sir Pryse; 2, J. R. Cox. Twelve roses, 1, Earl of Lisburne; 2, J. R. Loxdale. Six roses, 1, L. P. Pugh. Twelve asters, 1, Earl of Lisburne; 2, Sir Pryse. Carnations, 1, Sir Pryse 2, Eul of Lisburne. Sprays of gladiola, 1, Sir Pryse Bunches of stove greenhouse flowers, 1, Sir Pryse. Hunches of cut flower-, distinct, ], Sir Pryse 2, J. Ji- Loxdale, Twelve trusses of zonale geraniums, 1, Earl of Lisburne 2, Sir Pryse. Twelve tuberous begonias, 1, Sir Pryse 2, Earl of Lisburne. Black grapes, 1. Sir Pryse 2, JLi. P. Pugh. White grapes, 1, the Earl of Lisburne; 2, Inglis Jones. Melon, 1, Sir Pryse 2, W. H. Palmer. Six peaches, 1. W. J. Taylor, Falcc.ndale 2, Earl of Lisburne. Eight nectarines, 1, Inglis Jones 2, Earl of Lisburne. Pears, 1, Sir Pryse. Six dessert apples, 1, Sir Pryse 2. L. P. Pugh, Kitchen apples, 1, J. Websdell; 2, \V. H. Palmer. Plums, 1, Sir Pev.,e. Tomatoes, 1, L. P. Pugh 2. Sir Pryse. Cucumbers, 1, L. r. rugn z, sir rryse. ivuney potatoes, I, VV. Taylor. Fplcondale 2, L. P. Pug-h. Round potatoes, 1, Eatl of Lir-burne; 2, W. Taylor, Falcondale. Onions, 1. L. P. Pugh: 2, Misses Jones, Frongog. Runner brans, 1. Sir Pryse. Carrots, 1, L. P. Pugh 2, Earl of Lisburne. Turnips, 1. Earl of Lisburne 2, L. P. prlgh. Cplery, I, Benl of Lisburne 2, Sir Pryse. Peas, 1, Eirl of Lisburne; 2, L. P. Pugh. Eigh'. varieties of vegetables 1, L. P. Pugh 2, Earl (If Lisburne. Division B, open to amateurs residing in the district of the Society not employing a regular gardener. Persons growing vegetables for sale or any jobbing gardeners not admitted as competitors.—Plants in pots, L J. Purton 2. H. Sheraton. British ferns, 1. H. Sheraton, Exotic ferns, 1, H. Sheraton; 2, Misses Jones. Tuberous begonias, 1, H. Sherato l 2, J. Purton. Fuschias, distinct, 1, H. Sheraton; 2, J. Purton. Zonale" geraniums, 1, H. Sheraton; 2, Misses Jones. Specimen plant, 1. H. Sheraton 2, .r. Purt )n, Coleti-, 1, H. Sheraton. Balsam, 1, Misses Jones. Petunias. 1, J. Purton. Asters, 1, H. Sheraton; 2, Mrs Griffiths, Taisimau. Cut blooms, six roses, 1. Misses Jones 2, J. Purton. Dahlias, 1, Misses Jones. Cactus dahlias, 1, Misses •Tones. Asters, 1, H. Sheraton. Six asters, 1, J. Purton 2, Misses Jones. Sinsrle bloom pansies, 1, C. C. Douglas, Llanrnystyd 2, J. Purton. Bunches of annuals, 1, C. C. Douglas; 2, Misses Jones. Cut flowers in vase, 1, J. Purtjn. Broad beans, 1, Misses 2, E. M. Leir. Cwnigoedwig. French beans, 1, E. M. Leir 2, Misses Jones. Kidney beans, 1, Misses Jones; 2, J. Purton. Beet, 1. T. O. Hughes, Brynamlwg; 2, Misses Jones. Table cabbage, 1, Sarah Edwards, Clarach 2, Harry Lloyd, Pier- street. Red cabbage, 1, Sarah Edwards 2, Mary Griffiths. Long carrots, 1, Misses Jones; 2, T. O. Hughes. Short carrots, 1, E. M. Leir 2, Misses Jones. Cauliflowers, L Misses Jones; 2, Sarah Edwards. Cel"ry, 1, J. l'urton 2, Mary Griffiths. Cucumbers, 1, H. Sheraton 2. J. Purton. Leeks, 1, T. 0. Hughes 2, Misses Jones. Lettuce, 1, H. Sheraton 2, Harry Lloyd. Onions, 1, C. C. Douglas 2, Misses Jones. Parsnips, 1, T. O. Hughes 2, Misses Jones. Peas, 1, T. O. Hughes 2, Jane Davies, Clarach. Kidney potatoes, 1, Mary Griffiths 2, T. 0. Hughes. Round potatoes, 1, T. 0. Hughes 2, Jane Davies, Claiach. Radishes, 1, M. Griffiths 2, H. Sheraton. Rhubarb, 1, H. Lloyd; 2, Mrs A. Davies, Glyn. Shallots, 1, M. Griffiths 2, C. C. Douglas. Turnips, E. M. Leir 2, Jane Davies. Vegetable marrow, 1, Harry Lloyd 2, Sarah Davies. Black or white grapes, 1, Misses Jones 2, J. Purton. Dessert apples, 1, Jane Davies 2, D. Jones, Rest. Kiteb-n apoles, 1, H. Sheraton; 2, Jane Davies. Currants, 1, Misses Jones 2, Jane Davies. Gooseberries, 1, J. Purton 2, Jane Davies. Pears, 1, no first 2, M. Griffiths. Plums, 1, M. Griffiths. Tomatoes, 1, J. Purton 2, E. M. Leir. Division C.-Open to cottagers and others who da not employ any outside assistance.—Balsam, I, M. Griffiths; 2, W. H. Griffiths, Taisimiau. Single begonia, 1, J. M. Jones, Capel Seion 2, Evan Morgan, Llanilar. Double begonia, 1, James Rees, Cliff Side; no second. Any kind fern, 1, JamesRees 2. J. M. Johes. Fuschia, 1, W. H. Griffiths; 2, Jas. Rees. Single zonale geranium, 1, J. M. Jones; 2, James Rees. Double zonale geranium, 1, William Roberts, P,-nffordd 2, James Reea. Hydranga in bloom, 1, William Roberts; 2, J. M. Jones. Four sprine plants, various, 1, James Rees; 2, John Williams. Penparke. Asters, 1, John Williams 2, James Rees. Hardy cut flowers, 1. John Williams 2, James Reps. Wild flowers, 1, Evan Evans, Tan- rallt; 2, William Roberts. Basket of wild flowers, 1, Evan Evans, Tanrallt; 2, Jane James, Rhiwhir, Aber- maide. Broad beans, 1, Evan Morgan, Llanilar 2, Evan Evans. Tanrallt. French beans, 1, M. Griffiths; 2. Edward Edwards, Clarach. Kidney beans, 1, W. H. Griffiths; 2, Mary Griffiths. Beet, 1, Edward Edwards; 2, John Williams, Penparke. Table cab- bage, 1. Edward Edwards 2, Jane Davies, Clarach. Red cabbage. 1. Alfred Evans, Mill-street 2, Edw. Edwards. Cauliflowers, 1, John Williams; 2, W. H. Griffiths. Carrots, 1, J. M. Jones 2, S. Glitheroe. Celery, 1, James Rees; 2. W. H. Griffiths. Cucum- ber, 1, John Williams no second. Leeks, 1, Evan Morgan 2, John Williams. Cabbage lettuce, 1, Harry Davies 2, M. Griffiths. Cos lettuce, 1, Edw. Edwards; 2, S. Glitherue. Onions, 1, Evan Williams, Tanygraigr 2, Henry Davies. Curled parsley, 1, M. (iriftjths 2, Edward Edwards. Pai snips, 1, John Williams; 2, W. H. Griffiths. Twenty pods of peas, 1, J. M..Tones; 2, Kdwar-i Edwards.' Kidney potatoes, 1, J. M. Jones 2, M. Griffiths. Round potatoes, 1, Anne Jones, Llangawsau 2, Edward Edwards. Radishes, 1, M. Griffiths; 2, Edward Edwards. Rhubarb, 1, Alfred Evans; 2, Evan Evan-, Tanrallt. Shallots, 1, Evan Evans; 2, W. H. Griffiths. Pot herbs, 1, J. M. Jones 2, no entry. Vegetable marrow, 1, S. Glitheroe 2, E. Edwards. Turnips, 1, J. M. Jones; 2, John Williams. Dessert apples, 1. Morris Jones, Rest 2, Mary Jone-, Llangawsau. Kitchen apples, 1, James Morgan, North-parade 2, Mary Jones, Llangawsau. Pears, 1, E. Edwards; 2, Anne Jones Currants, 1, Evan Morgan 2, E.Edwards. Gooseberries, 1, Evan-Morgan 2. Jane Davies. Eight plums, 1, H. LIJýd, Xanteos Cottage 2, M. Giiffiths. Special prizes-L-adie.i spray, 1. W. H. Palmer; 2, C. C. Douglas. Three button holes, 1, W. H. Palmer; 2, J. Purton. Six jars of extracted honey, 1, Morris Jones, Rest 2, James Purton. Comb honey, 1, Morris Jones 2, the Earl of Lisburne. Collection of five distinct variety of vegetables, 1, L. P. Pugh 2, J. R. Cox, Tyissa. Four distinct variety of vege- tables, 1, J. Purton 2, no entry. Collection of vege- tables, 1, J. R. Cox; 2, Misses Jones. Group of pegonias, 1, L P. Pugh. DOGS (Open to all comers). Class 1. -Shpep dog or bitch—1 and r, David Edwards 2, T. Carruthers; 3, William Edwards v.h.c., J. W. Jones h.c., T. H. Edward, Miss Davies, William Bailey, T. Kitchen. Class 2.—Fox terrier—1, W. V. Howell Thomas 2 and 3, G. C. Williams v.h.c., William Probin, J. V. Rees, W. R Boycott h.c., E. A. L. Powell, E. V. Rees, F. Benni.son. Class 3.—Welsh terrier-I, Hugh W. Roberts, Gloucester House 2, D. M. Davies 3, E. A. L. Powell. Class 4.—Best terrier of any breed-I. W. V. Howell Thomas; 2, William Probin; 3, T. H. Edwards h.c., David Lewi?, James Rees, D. M. Davies. Class 5.—Bert pug dog—2, E. G. Harris. Class G, BeHt setter of any breed—1, J. E. James, 2, Captain S. Lush tigton;13 and h.c., R. C. Richardes; Wm. H. Jones. Class 7.—Best spaniel—1 and 2, F. Ll. James 3, Dr T. D. Harries; r., D. M. Davies v.h.c., R. G. Bennett h.c., C. Palmer. Class 8.—Best dog, not afore mentioned—1, F. Ll. James 2, R. C. Richardes 3, E. Evans v.h.c., R. K. Jenkins. J A special prize (silver medal) given for the best dog in the show, presented by the judge, Mr G. Rosser, Neath, was won by Mr W. H. Howell Thomas's terrier. POULTRY. (Open to all comers). Class 1.—Turkey cock and hen—1, R. F. Forestier. Walter, Bronfelon, Caersws 2 and 3, Lewis Williams, Paptmawr, Abermaide. Class 2.—Two young geese—1, n. F. Forestier- Walker, Caersws; 2, Mrs C. James, Rhiwhir, Aber. maide; 3, Evan Evans, Tanyrallt, Llanilar; h.c., Lewis Williams, Abermaide. Class 3.-Drake and duck (Aylesbury breed)—1, J. H. Thomas, Comminscoch 2, M. Rees, Brynymor Dairy; 3, Mrs Jane Davies, Comminscoch. Class 4.—Drake and duck (any variety)—1, H. Hughes, Glynpadarn 2, R. F. Forestier-Walker, Caerswg; 3 and h.c., Lewis Williams, Abermaide; h.c., E. Evans, Tanyrallt. Class 5.-Cock and hen (Dorking breed)-I, W. Edwards, Cross, Clarach 2 and 3, Lewis Williams, Abermaide. Class 6.—Cock and hen (Plymouth Rocks)-2, T. Davies, Comminscoch. Class 7.-Cock and hen (Minorcas)-2, T. Davies, Comminscoch. Class 8.—Cock and hen (game)-l, Robert Rees, 4, Drovers'-road, Lampeter 2, J. H. Thomas, Commins- coch 3, J. B. Evans, Cnwch Coch, Crosswood. Class 9.-Cock and hen (Leghorn)—No entry. Class 10.—Cock and hen (any other variety)—1, Mrs Reynolds, the Mill, Abermaide; 2, William Taylor, Falcondale, Lampeter; 3, David Richards, Brynllwyd, Capel Seion; h.c., J. H. Thomas, Com- minscoch.


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