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MACHYNLLETH. SCHOOL BOARD.—Mr Thomas Parsons, Burcombe House, has been elected without opposition a member of the School Board for the parish of Isy- garreg. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, TUESDAY, ] SEPTEMBER 20TH.—Present Councillor W. M. Jones, mayor, presiding Councillors Lord Henry Vane Tempest, John Thomas, G. W. < Griffiths, J. M. Breeze, T. R. Morgan, Henry Lewis, Richard Gillart; Messrs John Rowlands, clerk John Jones, surveyor and inspector, and 1 Dr A. O. Davies, medical ofEcer. j WATERWORKS. | The Clerk announced that this was a special i meeting convened to consider the letter read at the 1 ordinary meeting held a fortnight ago from Messrs ( Kirby and Sons, the Council's engineers, in regard to the settlement of the contract between the Council and Mr Phcenix, the contractor of the waterworks. He suggested that the matter should be discussed in committee.—The suggestion was adopted.—The ] letter dealt with the claims of Mr Phoenix, which ] originally totalled jE774 14s 3d, including f556 9s 2d r in which liability could be admitted and £218 5s Id ) in which liability could not be admitted. In the ) case of the items in which liability could be ) admittsd, the claim had been reduced from, jE556 9s 2d to £290 10s 9d and this latter amount, to ] which £100 was provided in the contract, was the total amount which they (the engineers) were now ( prepared to certify as being extra to the charge, ( namely, £190 103 9d. The second list of items in 1 which liability under the contract could not be admitted had not been gone intc pending the in- ( Btructions of the Council.—The Clerk explained that the total cost of the waterworks as per con- ) tract was 9d, of which £4,491 had already been paid by the Council on account, leaving a 1 balance of £213 13s 9d, which the engineers were prepared to certify, but which was covered < by the retention clause of the contract 1 meantime.—After considerable -discussion, it was, resolved to write to the engineers asking for more 1 particulars.—Mr John Thomas called attention to ( the condition of the road leading to the waterworks i which he said Was in a deplorable condition. Who was responsible for its repair—the Council or the ( Contractor —The Clerk replied that the Contractor ] was responsible and would doubtless see to the ( matter shortly—^lr John Thomas also pointed out that the paths through which the pipes ran had not ] been levelled.—-The Clerk said the fields would ] be levelled as soon as Mr Phcenix obtained the ] permission of the owners who were anxious that the t crops should not be interfered with in any way.— > The Surveyor said he had written to the Contractor t on the matter of leakages.—Lord Henry Vane t Tempest said he understood that there was a leak- ] age near the National School, but the Inspector ] said it had been repaired.—Mr Henry Lewis said ( at the last meeting he made a statement with refer- J ence to the course adopted by the Contractor in a connection with the leakages of the pipes. He made, that statement on information supplied him by the Surveyor who misled him. On making further ] enquiries, he found that his statement at the Coun- ] cil meeting was unfounded and he thought it but r right to make that explanation at the earliest 1 opportunity.—A letter was read from Mr Gillart f *vith reference to the connection of Aberfrydlan c tarm with the town water supply.—The applica- f tion was granted. t AUDIT. 1 The Clerk said he had received a letter from the f ublic Auditor in regard to the yearly audit of r accounts which he would submit at the ordinary ( meeting. J REJECTION OF THE SEWERAGE SCHEME. t The following letter was read from the Local ( Government Board Sept 13th, 1898-1 am 1 directed the Local Government Board to state tiY-at they have had under :onsideratvon the report made by their In- pector (Mr Ducat) after the inquiry held by him Vbh reference to the application of the Urban Distric: Council of Machynlleth for sanction to borrow £:3,000 for purposes of sewerage and sewage lifeposal. The Board are advised that the pro- posed scheme is not one which should be approved by them, as it is very incomplete and unsatisfac- tory in many important respccfs. In particular, they are advised that nnuyadllitional sewer3 are required in order to effectively exclude all sewage from the existing drains which at present rlis- charge into a stream, and that the land proposed to be acquired for the outfall works is quite un- suitdble, either as a, site for the tanks and filters or for the purification of sewage. The Board are not, therefore, prepared to sanction a loan in re- spect of tne scheme now before them, and they must request the District Council to tike the necessary steps for the preparation and submission cf a revised scheme. Fresh estimate forms are ei.closed."—The Clerk said he had forwarded a copy of th" letter to the engineers who immediately replied. In the course of their letter, the engin- eerlS sa:d t hert appeared to be no alternative but to go it; for a new scheme. — The matter was treated in committee.—Two members were in favour of deferring the sewerage question until all matters pertaining to the waterworks had been settled, but other nr mbera pointed out that a sewerage scheme would have to be carried out sooner or later and the sooner the better.—Consideration of the matter was deferred to the ordinary meeting. RAILWAY FACILITIES. The Clerk said that at the instance of the Courcil he to the Cambrian Railways Company in regard to the railway facilities to Machynlleth during the winter, more particularly in regard to the trains running on market days, persons being unable to come tJ the town during fairs and mar- kets from Llanidloes, Newtown, and Llanbrynmair way until half-past one in the afternoon. Not only was the winter service of trains inconvenient to farmers, but also to commercial travellers and other persons having business to transact in tile town. Lord Henry Vane Tempest, one of the directors of the Company and a member of the Council, had also promised to exercise his influence in the matter. (Applause.)—Lord Henry explained to the Council that immediately after the la<t meeting he wrote to. the Secretary urging upon him to do all he could to improve the present facilities to Machynlleth. The reply which the Clerk had received would, he felt sure, be hailed with satis- faction. (Appjause.)—The Clerk thereupon read the following letter which he had received:- September 19th. Reverting to your letter of the 6th met. with regard to the question of train service to Machynlleth,I have pleasure in informing you that arrangements have been made for a train to run daily during the ensuing winter months start- ing from Oswestry at 8-10 a.m. and calling at all stations between Welshpool and Maehynlleth and due at the latter at 10-42. I trust that this ar- rangement will meet with the approval of your Council. Yours faithfully, C. S. Denniss." (Ap- plause.)—The Chairman said it was a source of great satisfaction to have a train run at the hour mentioned during the winter months. Lord Henry was deserving of their thanks for the trouble he had taken in the matter.—Mr J. M. Breeze pro- posed and Mr Henry Lewisseoonded a vote of thanks to his Lordship which was carried amid ap- plause.—It was also resolved to write to the Rail- way Company thanking them for acceding to the request of the Council. UNSATISFACTORY DRAINS. A letter was received complaining of an unsatis- factory drain in the vicinity of the Londonderry Cottage Hospital. Complaints were also made by the Chairman and other members in regard to other drains.—The matters were referred to the considera- tion of the Sanitary Committee. TENDERS. Only one tender was received for cleaning cess- pools in the town, being from Mr Evan Jones, Cae Garshon-lane, and it was accepted.—Two tenders were received for cleaning the ditches, Mr Joseph Jones contracting to do the work for 41d per rood lOd Mr Evan Jones at 4d.—It was agreed by five votes to two to accept the tender of the lowest. PLANS. The Surveyor submitted plans of proposed altera- tions to dwelling houses in Maengwyn-street, by Mr N. Bennet Owen, the owner.—Mr T. R. Morgan moved that as the plans were in accordance with the byelaws they should be accepted, conditional upon a sewer ventilating pipe being constructed to the satisfaction of the Surveyor.—Mr Richard Gillart seconded the proposition which was agreed to. THE STREETS. It w as resolved, on the suggestion of the Surveyor, to proceed with the metalling of the streets without I ielay, arrangements being pending for the hire of bhe county steam roller for the purpose.—The Council then rose. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, WEDNESDAY, SEI-T- .I01JiIH" 2 1ST.—Frtseilt 111' Bonnet Owen, o lw. h- man, presiding Mr D. Evans, vice chairman Mrs Lloyd, Mr Ellis Hughes, Mr J. Rowlands, Mr Henry Jones, Mr Richard Jones, Mr J. Watkins, Mr J. Davies, Mr Richard Morgan, Morben Mr John Vades, Darowen Mr E. Hughes, Llanwrin Mr Richard Morgan, Mr Richard Owen, Mr Richard Hughes, Mr Evans, clerk, and Mr David Morgan, assistant clerk. Statistics.—Out-relief administered during the past fortnight Machynlleth district, per Mr John Jones, £17 Ss Od to 48 paupers Pennal iistrict, per Mr WTm. Jones, £28 9s Od to 95 paupers Darowen district, per Mr Daniel Howcll, £4 lls 2d to 157 paupers. Number of inmates in the House, 35 last year corresponding period, 34. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 34 corresponding period last year, 41. Master's Report.—The Master reported that the inmates were entertained at the Plas as reported to Lhe last meeting and were received by the Marchioness of Loudonderrry and the grounds were thrown open to all to enjoy themselves. A knife and fork tea, with cake, &c., was provided ind all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mrs Llewelyn Evans and Mi?s Jones, Rock Villa, visited the House on Tuesday afternoon and presented the inmates with cake and tea and the men vvith tobacco. Inasmuch as vagrants were detained at Machynlleth over Sundays, would it not be advis- able to ask Aberystwyth and Caersws unions to also to detain vagrants over Sundays?—On the pro- position of Mrs Lloyd, seconded by Mr Evans, Pennal, it was agreed to thank the donors for their generosity. It was also agreed to write to Aber- ystwyth and Caersws asking the Guardians thereto detain vagrants over Sundays. Appeal. —Assent wa.s given to the Guardians ap- pearing as respondents in the appeal case by Edward and Jane Jones, Red Lion Inn, Machynlleth. An Effect of the Coal Strike.—A letter was read from a collier who owed f4 towards the mainten "nee of a parent, saying it was impossible to pay in consequence of the disastrous coal strike which had kept him cut of work for six months. Even now bhe strike was settled, he could not go back to work is the workings were so much out of repair and 3ven then he would be three weeks before receiving wages. Then he would have to pay something to wipe off the back rent and the shop debt.—In the circumstances, the Guardians felt that they could act enforce payment.