Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



DOLGELLE5T. -f FAIR.—The old-established and famous annnal fair known to every old Dolgelleyite as Ffair Dyniewid" was held last Tu.;s Jay when a g eat many cattle were brought in. Yearlings were sol) at prices varying from £6 10s to ES I O and better stock ranged from £10 to £13. Horses werp rather poor and only a few changed hands at indifferent prices. SPECIAL SESSIONS.—Before Dr J. E. Jonas and J. Meyrick Jones, Esq. Drunk and Disorderly.—John Rees, Dublin, was charged by P.C. Ben Evans with having been drunk and riotous at Mallwyd on Monday, Septem- ber 19th.—The Police Constable deposed that the defendant became very disorderly and abusive and had to be carried intothe police cell.—Previous charges against the defendant were proved and the Beueh|sentjhim to gaol for one calendar month with hard labour. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, TUESDAY, SEPT EMBER 20TH.—Present Councillor J. Meyrick Jones, mayor, presiding Councillors J. Wil iams, Edward Williams, Dr John Jon- s, and David Meredith, Messrs R. Barnett, acting clerk, and W. Jones, surveyor and inspector. WAGES. The wages sheets of the workmen were examined and passed. NO QUORUM. Mr Edward Williams drew attention to the fact that there was seldom a quorum of members at committee meetings. He believed that there were too many members on each committee and that the number forming a quorum was excessive. In the case of the Lighting Committee, he suggested that in future if only one turned up he should con- sist of a quorum.-Dr Jones supported the sug- gestion, but the Mayor ruled it out of order, stating that the Council could not interfere with the resolu tions passed at the annual meeting. LIGHTING. The Clerk said a meeting of the Lighting Com- mittee was convened for Tuesday evening, but only two members attended, Messrs Griffith Owen and Edward Williams. They had inspected the various places and recommended that a lamp should he erected on the north side of Cadtr road opposite the corner of No 3, Idris-t^rrace that the lamp in Twllcoch should be removed to a point opposite the steps leading to the two houses belonging to Mrs Chidlaw Roberts at Brynteg that a new lamp should be erected on the corner of the out-buildings attached to Mr John Thomas's house in Glyndwr- street so as to light the road leading past his house and the front of the first row of houses at English- terrace that the attention of the Gas Company should be called to the defective lighting given by the lamp opposite the Lion Hotel, and to the fact that the lamp at the entrance to the Church from Murian-road was not lit on Tuesday night, and that the lighting of Springfield street was defective, and that better or additional lighting should be provided.—Mr David Meredith suggested the erection of a lamp in Upper Springfield-street. —It being suggested that the recommendations of the Committee should be adopted excepting that pertaining to the erection of a lamp in English- terrace, Mr Edward Williams moved the adoption of all the recommendations and contended that a lamp was absolutely necessary in English-terrace, where two accidents had recently taken place.- Eventually it was resolved to adopt all the recom- mendations except tnat of erecting a lamp in English-terrace, Dr Jones stating that as this involved special expenditure, notice of motion should be given.—Mr Edward Williams then gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that new lamps should be erected in Springfield- street and at English-terrace and, at the instance of Mr John Williams, he included in the notice that a lamp should be erected in Felin Uchaf, opposite Idris Cottage.—The Clerk stated that the lighting of the lamp opposite the Lion Hotel had already been remedied and on the following day instructions would be given to carry out the other recommendations. DEFERRED. In consequence of the fair and the temperance meeting held in the town that evening, the Council resolved to limit the business to the consideration of these matters only. Consideration of all other matters was deferred to the next ordinary meeting.



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