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---------BAKMOUTH. !



BALA. INTERMEDIATE 'CPOOL. -On Tuesday, September 20 h, the C )unty School (boys and girls) was re- opened after the summer holidays. Several new pupils have entered aud a large number competed at the entrance scholarship examination. A meet- ing of the Managers will be held on Thursday when the scholarships will be awarded to the successful catid)(lales. eicNic.-Through the instrumentality of their conductor (Mr J. B. Parry) and Gwrtheryn, the Bah, Juvenile Choir last Thursday picnicked at Garth Bach, Llanuwchllyn. The children, together with the Committee of the choir aud their friends, were conveyed to Garth in a four-in-hand drag and coaches from the White Lion Hotel. The drive was very p'easant and greatly enjoyed by all. On reaching Llauuwchllyn an ascent was made to the Garth Bich. An excellent tea was provided and was enjoyed. The children played games and spent a very jolly time. On their return to Bala the choir saug several pieces in front of the White Lion Hotel, the rendering of which were greatly appreciated by visitors staying at the Hotel and in the town. The weather was beautiful and an enjoy- able afternooil was spent. PENLLYN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH -Present: Mr L. J. Davies, J.P., chairman; Mr Robert Thomas, yice-ohairmau Mrs Price, Mrs Morris, Messrs J. J. Edwards, J. Ll. Jones, Robert Jones E. M. Roberts, Evan Jones, Roberc Davies, Robert Hughes, William Richards, and John Roberts Messrs J. R. Jones, clerk J. P. Jones, assistant clerk John Edwards, surveyor. Pandymawr and Garth Roadi.-The Committee appointed to inspect these roads presented their report and recommended the Council to take them over to repair.—On the motion of Mr Evan Jones, seconded by Mr Robert Jones, the report was adopted. PenllhliardMi Poad.-Messrs Robert Jones and John Lloyd Jones, who had been appointed to inspect this read, submitted their report in which they recommended that the same be taken over and repaired by the Council and that a sum not exceed- ing 1:3 should be expended thereon.—On the motion of Mr Robert Thomas, seconded by Mr Robert Davies, the report was adopted. Buarthrneini Bridge.—The following copy resolu- tion from the Merioneth County Council was read "ThÜ the County Council contribute the sum of 950 towards the erection of a bridge suitable for vehicular traffic over the River Erwent near Buarthmeini, Llauuwchllyn, such bridge to be built in accordance with the plan and specification sub. mitted by the County Surveyor and under his supervision." The Chairman had also given notice at the last meeting that he would call attention to this bridge, but after receiving this resolution from the County Council he believed the advisable plan would be to refer the question to a committee which could carefully consider the matter and that they report to the next meeting.—On the motion of Mr William Richards, seconded by Mr Robert Jones, it WPS decided to adopt the suggestion of ttt Orurn. uu tile committee: The Chairman, Vicc-chairman, Mrs Morris, and Mr Evan Jones.—The Clerk was instructed to write to the County Surveyor for the plan and specification. Infectious Diseases Act.-A letter was read from the Merioneth County Council urging the Council to adopt the piovisions of the Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1889, within their district with- out (i,lity, -AfL,,r some few remarks, it was resolved upon tne motion of Mr Robert Thomas, seconded by Mr J. Lloyd Jones, that the question of adopting this Act be considered at the next meeting. Celyn Water Supply.— According to notice given, Mr Ho" ei't Jones proposed that a proper water supply be provided for the inhabitants of Celyn. .Mr Jones also handed in a petition signed by the inhabitants supporting his motion. He also said that there was a well within a very short distance of the village where there was excellent water and the cost would not be heavy to obtain from there. —Mr Robert Thomas thought it would he advisable for a committee to inspect the place and submit a full report thereon as to the cast, &c.-Mr Thomas's proposal was agreed to aud Mrs Price Messrs Evan Jones, John Lloyd Janea, and Robert Jones were appointed such committee. Reports, ^he Surveyor's report for the month was lend. He mentioned repairs required to be done to the Dolhendre and Nantddu Plata, but as the present time was not suitable to do the work the consideration of repairing Dolhendre Plat was deferred sine die and a committee was appointed to visit the iNantddu Plat and submit a further report on tne repairs required to be done.—The Inspec- tor's report was read for the mcnth in which he complained of an open drain at Llawrybettws which was a great nuisance. -It was decided that this drain should be repaired at once as suaeested by the Inspector. Miscellaneous -A letter was read from Mr John Thomas, Cloddiau, asking the Council to make an application to the Merioneth County Council to take over the old Festiniog road which was years ago a main road and also that the members of the District Council who were on the County Council should support the application.—It was decided, upon the motion of Mr Evan Jone8, seconded by Mr Robert Hughes, that this Council make an application to the Merioneth County Council to ask them to take over the road leading from Tryweryn Factory to Brynmaen Llifor and declare the same to be a main road.-On the motion of Mr Robert Thomas, seconded by Mr Robert Davies, it was decided to make a similar application to the County Council with respect to the Llanwddyn road which leads from Tynygwrych Farm to the county boundary between Merioneth and Montgomery.—The Chairman gave notice that at the next meeting he would propose that the Council adopt byelaws. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, SATURDAY, SEPTEM- BER 17TH.—Present Mr Evan Jones, J.P., chairman Miss Parry in the vice-chair Mrs Price, Mrs Morris, Messrs L. J. Davies, J.P. J. J. Edwards, E. M. Roberts, Robert Jones,' >, Lloyd Jones, Robert Thomas, Daniel Roberts. John Roberts, Robert Davies, William Richards, J. R. Jones, clerk J. P. Jones, assistant clerk; Edward Jones, relieving officer and G. Roberts, master. Statistics. Amount of out relief expended during the past two weeks, 933 Os 6d to 157 paupers corresponding period last year, f36 Is 6d to 160 paupers. Number of inmates in the House during the last week, 30 corresponding period last year, 23. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight 27, as compared with 43 cor- responding week last year. The balance in the Treasurer's hands was £ 116 9a 7d. Cheques were signed for £ 35. Miscellaneous.—A circular letter was read from the Local Government Board with respect to poor law legislation in 1898, and also one re the Vac- cination Act, 1898, which called attention to the new arrangements for public vaccination contem- plated by the above-mentioned Act with respect to stations.—The Relieving Officer was empowered to apply to the justices for an .order to seize money, goods, etc., of a pauper lunatic for the payment of expenses due to the union for rnaintenance.-The relief lists were then gone through, but they did not take much time as there were very few cases. The Chairman remarked that he did not remember a time when there were so few cases -Mrs Morris and Mr Robert Thomas reported that they had visited the House that day and found everywhere clean and airy and all the inmates com- fortable.-The Master reported that on September 10th Mrs Burton of Eryl Aran kindly treated all the inmates and some of the officials to Barmouth for the day. On the motion of Mrs Price seconded by Miss Parry, a vote of thanks was ac- corded to Mrs Burton for her kindness.—A meet- ing of the Assessment Committee was subsequently held under the presidency of Mr Evan Jones, J.P. when several appeals were heard by the occupiers of licensed houses in the town.—After a lengthy discussion, a reduction was made by the Com- mittee in all the appeals.