Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

9 erthygl ar y dudalen hon










TOW YN. VOLUNTEERS.—News has reached the town that Captain Piper and his hosts of volunteers are coming again. Preliminary arrangements are already being made for their reception. The number of volunteers will be aJarge one. The men will arrive in August. EXTENSION OF WATER MAIN.—The water main has been extended along Neptune-road to Fairland and so have the sewers. It is fair to assume that the building schemesjso well started on this beauti- ful spot will he proceeded with at once. NEW SEA WALL AND ESPLANADE.—These works have been commenced and will be pushed cn with the greatest vigour, so as to be completed before winter. People who go down to look at the opera- tions wonder at the magnificent view from the land at the back of the sea wall. A gentleman the other day declared that of all the beautiful views on the coast, the view from Geulangoch excels them all. PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL.—There appears to be a feeling, especially amQPg the older section of the community, that some marks of esteem should be given to the retiring postmaster. His long and satisfactory services, extending over thirty years, would appear to entitle him to some recognition and it is understood that several gentlemen in the town have the matter under consideration and are arranging for bringing it to a head. THINGS OF BEAUTY.—Towyn is growing in size and it would be very desirable if its beauty were to grow apace. Church-street has been improved very much indeed during the last two years, but the porch at the entrance to the graveyard and the hearse house adjoining it are certainly not things of beauty and do not cause joy for the present, let alone for ever. Could not the Vicar, who has had so much done for the Church, be prevailed upon to removed this eyesore ? He would earn the gratitude and the esteem of many if he could bring the north end of Church-street to correspond in beauty with the south end of it. In Station-square there i3 a pillar box which is certainly an object of wonder has been so for the last ten years. No one h8 wondered at its beauty, but most have done so at its ugliness. A distant relation of this pillar has been erected on the Esplanade, but it is somewhat better looking. A beautiful marble tablet commemorating the laying of the foundation stone of the sea wall and of the Esplanade has been encased in an ugly pile of blue brick at the northern end of the Esplanade. It is difficult to find who is responsible for this thing- of beauty and more diffi- cult to account for the way people are allowed to put up erections of this kind on public streets and thoroughfares without submitting plans and obtain- ing authority. These things of beauty certainly deserve the attention of the public.

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