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"TuWYN. I;


TuWYN. I; INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MANAGERS, SATUR. Mr H. Haydn Oones, < chairman, presiding Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Roberts, the Rev Humphrey Williams, Messrs J. Hughes Jones, William .Jones, John Evans, William Jones, J. Meyrick Roviert3, Humphrey Jones, and William Kvans, clerk. FINANCIAL :iTA. TE The Chairman read the audited statement of accounts which stated that during the year gnnts had been received from the County Governing Body to the amount of £54,5 and from the Science and Art Department, f215 10s 5d. The sum of £152 ISs 4d ha,1 bpcn received by the holding of concerts, the tuition feea amount-id to £IO 4s 10d. and an amount was received on account of Hugh Owen's charity of JE46 3a 2d. There was a balance in hand at the begiuning of the year of £4,83 14s Oid. Among the items of expenditure were- salaries and capitation fees, £6.H 19s; purchase money of playground, £2:0. The balance in hand waa f502 6s 6.1. (Hear, hear.)—The Chairman observed that last year they only received £250 from the County Governing Body, so than in the amount received this year there was a considerable amount which waa due for the preceding year. The accounts had been audited before the quarter's salaries had been paid, so that that amount had to be deducted to arrive at the actual balance up to date. The balance exceeded last year's balance by about £ 19.—Mrs Rowlands thought the Head- master was to be congratulated on the large amount of the grant from the Science and Art Department. The Chairman: It enables us to kepp an extra teacher.—On the proposition of Mrs Rowlands, secondedjby the Rev Humphrey William*, a vote of thanks was passed to the auditors, Mr Bowen and Mr Hugh Thomas. DRAINAGE uF BOYS' PLAYGROUND The matter of draining the boys' playground wa3 referred to a committee with authority to consult an expert on the question. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT MASTER. There were thirty-four applicants for the post of assistant master, four of whom were specially re- commended by the Principals of Aberystwyth and Bangor colleges. The Headmaster declared three of the latter to be the most suitable of the whole number for the school.—After s me conversation, it was decided to reduce the number to two, Messrs Derry Evans, Aberystwyth College, and R. Williams, Bangor, for final selection.—Mr J. Hughes Jones then proposed that the two be asked to come down to be interviewed by the Board.—Mr Meyrick Roberts asked what better they would be after seeing them ?—Miss Rowlands said that some candidates appeared before the County Governing Body and after seeing some of them they would not think of appointing them. — Mr Meyrick Roberts asked whether that was not from a lady's point of view, and Miss Rowlands replied that the men were equally strong in the matter.—It was then decided to interview the two applicants. INCREASE IN SALARY. On the proposition of Mr Meyrick Roberts, sec- onded by Mr J. Maethlon James, it was resolved to increase the salary of Mr Williams from £100 to £120, he having been a year in the school and his work having been very satisfactory.—The Head- master said the results of Mr Williams's teaching had been very good. SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION. The Headmaster said that in accordance with the instructions of the Managers he sent notices to the elementary teachers of the district calling a conference.for the purpose of considering arrange ments for the scholarship examination. A syllabas was drawn up and it was decided that the examina- tion should be held some time before the end of the present term; that an outsider be appointed examiner and that the questions should be printed in order that teachers might have an idea in future of the nature of the questions put.—The recont- mendatious of the conference were approved of and Mr E. W. Jones, headmaster of the Barmouth Connty School, was appointed examiner. MISCELLANEOUS. On the proposition of Mr Wm. Jones, it was agreed that the summer holidays should commence on July 27th and extend to September 19th.-It was decided to sell the hay in the school ground by tender.—It was resolved to hold a meeting for the distribution of prizes next Christmas.