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"The Cardigan Bay Visitor" !• Contains full and correct List of Visitors, Local and General News, and Views of Criccieth, Barmouth, Aberystwyth, &c., &c. PRICE ONE PENNY. Sold by Mr. John Evans, Glanymor House, Barmouth W. H. Smith & Sons, Bookstall Mrs. Arnfleld, Stationer Mr. Owen Jones, Stationer, Beach Road, and at the Cambrian News Offices, Church Street, Barmouth, and Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. GOLDEN LION ROYAL HOTEL. THE COUNTY HOTEL," DOLGELLEY. Utvler entirely New Ma agement. Decorated ana Re-Furnished t.-iroug :out. Ladies' Drawing Room, Coffee R 11m, B> liards, Lawn Tennis NEW SMOKING LOUNGE. HORSES AND CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Mountain Guides and P n,s, Lock "P Onach-houses, Loose Boxes, and Stall fo tifty Horses. TERMS—MODERATE. [1 166—2] For tariff, apply to the Manager. ARTHOG HALL HOTEL, NEAR BARM UTH. THIS HOTEL is most plea-antl v • uated, commanding some of the finest MOUNTAIN SCENERY in Wales, and h w its own Grounds (of over 40 acres), the famous ART HOG WATERFALLS And the Ancient Fort'of Ci-ai, B ,.h. I ir-kets to view the sam". can only be ob ained at the Hotel. TROUT FISHING in t" 0 L;.¡,v. trictly preserved for the e: joyrmnt of visitors s aying in the Hotel free with use of Bo ts. Sea Fishing, B>;>i..g. Bathing, Lawn T. n-i«, G >lf. Hot and Cold*. Good mixed r >ugh SHOOTING, o er 3,000 acre*, Telegrams: Postal Address: Hornbv, Barmoutn. Ar-hog Ha l Hotel, For Tariff apply- Artheg, uear Dolg. lley, N. W. HARRY H. HORN BY, Proprietor. 108 ORIELTON HALL, BAMOUTH. THE Private Grounds, exte di g over twenty acres and command the firest views of the Estuary and ('ad rLlns..r, beautifully wooded and sheltered provided with seats and level walks of over two mile-. ORIP,LL ON H A i,L i.a ■-• 11 newly furnished, decorated, and enlarged. BILLIARD, RIMOKFNU, AND RECREATION ROOMS. HOT AND COLD WATER T rl R0UG4 )UT. LARGE DINING HALL, SEPARATE TABLES. Sanitary Arrangeme ,t. cert Red erf c'. Seven minuteswalk from Station, cli, an Post Office. LAWN TENNIS GROUND. For Terms, ,1aily re p- si u. utd all particulars, apply, Private 'Bus m b all Taill THE SECRF, P PY. 105 .J LION HOTEL, BARMOUTH. COMMERCIAL, FAMILY, AND POKING HOUSE. Ordinary da, ly it I o'clo, k A « ell-appoii.ted COACH, CT-I A R-A-BANC, will leave the above Hot I every other day for Dolgelh y, Tor,, nt Walk, ai d Tynygroes Waterfalls. Worthington's Ales and Dubiin Sti ut in Botties and Casks Part'CN 1 >r* oi application a: the Bar. 1-167 -10 W.JONES, Proprietor. R N F 119 L D'S ROME OF MUSIC FOR MUSIC IN THE HOME, PWLLHELI, DOLGELLEY, BARMOUTH, TOWYN, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF Mr PYEMONT, Organist and Choir Master, St. John's Church, Barmouth. OUR PRICES ARE BEYON COMPETITION. OUR INSTRUMENTS GIVE UNIVERSAL SATISFACTION. THE MOST 1,-4 NORTH A-,D THE MOST MUSIC WAREHOUSE IN NORTH AD POPULAR MID ALES. LONDON PARCELS DAILY. Apply for the numerous Tcstim' nids from the Gentry, Clergy, Churches, Chapels, County and Beard Schools. The greatest care is taken by personally selecting all PIANOS, HARMONIUMS, and AMERICAN ORGANS, so that a R liable Instrumer,t may always be depended on. Our Instrument- are out on hi, e by all the fading Choirs and Eisteddfodau. MR PYEMONT will be assisted in the Tuning and Repairing by his son, MR W. G PYEMONT, from Collard and Col'ard, London. NEW MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS, AND FITTINGS. iLL COMMUNICATIONS AND TELEGRAMS TO— ARNFIELD'S, DOLGELLEY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. THE QUICKEST ROUTE BETWEEN ABERYSTWYTH AND CAMBRIAN COAST AND LONDON, MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL, CARDIFF, SOUTH WALES A n ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. ACCELERATED FAST EXPRESS TRAILS DAILY. T R A I N SERVICE FOR JULY, A U GUS T, AND SEPTEMBER. 1899 T j /r, P ui a ui a HI a ni a m j. id a in i> m p m ~—l"™"—~—TT"T"——r——————— London (Eustoii) dept. 10 » 5 15 9 30 11 U; ,2 35 Pwllheli (for Nevin)- dept ? 7 8 J S P m p m (Padding,on) „ CoO 9 30 9 50 '2 10 Barmouth P| c •>- fl' 9 00 11 lo •• l4 0 Biraiin«;hiini(>e\v-street) „ 11 42 7 20 11 35 12 25 3 35 Abervstwv:h 7"i5 t l-'l t „? ■" 35 30 1 50 5 55 r h '/V n 6 M5 30 I12 4 •• 12 48 1 40 4 40 Merthvr (B. and M ) arr 9 in ° 00 2 15 2f45 6 25 Sta °n) » I ■■ 6 0 8 » ■■ 5 2 10 X wport.Mon I ■« 2? Shttficld- ■ 9 40 ({ 0 8 iO Q 07 o o c^n /pvir- 3o i45i Ma Chester (London-road) „ 12 0 8 35 10 45 !1150 3 30 fTaffl" 3 47 7 35 cIrdTrTa(ffi'e"5tree,) 1155 8 15 !>2 30 •• I 12 10 3 25 Livwpool (Lime'-stre'e,) Tn 4 44 S 24 US ;• J?5 SsSffVr* ■■ ■ iSliSHt VI | | I jjg. •• r 1*4 w:i- S ,?Si Jg Aberystwyth arr 6 40 11 35 2 15 3 35 4 20 5 10 5 30 6 50 9 45 (\ew°strfet I In i ¥A 5 40 7 22 7 22 P^hT/r v "1,1 1U 11 5'' 2 36 3 50 4 3S 5 55 5 55 7 30 London'(Padd o"ton I so 1 on 7 10 8 25 « 25 2*32 I P«llh.-], (forNevin)- ■ „ ;10 50 2 0 4 20 5 45 5 45 7 25 7 25 9 10 (EnsVon) 3 4^ f 8 45 10 ^0 10 50 + Kuns trcm "> -in N| 4r> 10 and from M Stations (including DOLGELLEY and MACHYXLLETH) on the CAMBRIAN 1 H I R FY CHEAP RAIL AND COACH EXCTTR^TOVQ LAKE,6 M^L^HOERR>MKV.SNILJ^ VALLEY, CORRIS VALLEY TALYLLYN ROMAN STEPS, MUCHRAS ISLAND, BEDDGELERT FOR SNOWDOX! ABERGLASLYJ^PASS, NE^X^ABERSOCH^ CWMBYCHAN LAKE) AB^Rl^JVu^TIi ^LACI^Y^L^ETh' bO^TH S UTO\V^YN ^DOLrEL^ A K>\inT^Tai^tT^ODS in Scotland, and Ireland to PORTMADOC CRLCCIEFH, PWLLHELI. LLANIDLOES, RHAYADER. BUILTH WELLS AN?S^AABMABD™AKN' HARLECH^ CHl'A'p WEEK-EX? and) TE )r ELEYEX)!A y' T!ÇKETS are issued EVERY Friday and Saturday THROUGHOUT THE YEAR from the Principal Towns in England tlw WATERI.N(,- PLACES. TOV??!^ ABERDOVEY, on the f. ll .wmg Sunday (where train *ervics permits), Monday or Tuesday. rvvUjllJ:'H aDd DOLGELLF.Y, available for return .^ry Wfidnesday during .July, August, and September, CHEAP WEEKLY or FCRTNIGHTT V TTrirwTPa • j r ■> COAST and cert an Statin, available to return on the following Monday, Wednesday, Monday week or^ednVsdav weT ?\D°N touthe CAMBRIAN also issued during the same fer.od „n every Wednesday to LONDON, available to return following Wednesday o? Wed^dlv^eek 6AME FARES ARE tendon! 'the'W, on the Cambrian RaUways may be had application to' Mr W. H. GOUGH, Saperin Oswestry, June, 1899. Oswestry, June, 1899. C. S. DEN-TISS, General Manager

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