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1 GOLDEN LION KOYAL HOTEL. << THE COUNTY HOTEL," DOLGELLEY. Under entirely New Management. Decorated and Re-Furnished tnroughout. Ladies' Drawing Room. Coffee Room, BiMiards, Lawn Tennis. NEW SMOKING LOUNGE. HORSES AND CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. MOJntain Guides and Ponies, Lock-up Coach-houses, Lob3e Boxes, 10(1 Stalls for fifty Horses. TERMS—MODERATE. [1 — 166—2] For tariff, apply to the Manager. ARTHOG HALL HOTEL, NEAR BARMOUTH. THIS HOTEL is most pleasantly situated, commanding some of the finest MOUiN TALN SCENERY in Wales, and has within its own Grounds (of over 40 acres), the famous ARTHOG WATERFALLS J Ancient Fort of Craig Bwch. Tickets to view the same cau only be obtained at the Hotel. TROUT FISHING in two large Lakes strictly preserved for the enjoyment of visitors sraying in the D M fi lith use of Boats. Sea Fishing, Boating, Bathing, Lawn len.-is, Golf. Hote Baths Good mixed rough SHOOTING, over 3,000 acres. Hot and Cold iiatas. s pogUl Addrcss Telegrams Arthog Hall Hotel, Hornby, Barmout Arthog, Dear Dolgelley, N.W. For Tariff apply— s' HARRY H. HORNBY, Proprietor. 108 OEIELTON HALLT" BARMOUTH. THF private Grounds, extending over twenty acres and command the finest views of the Estuary and Cader Idris, are beautifully wooded and sheltered provided with seats and level walks of over two miles. ORIELTON HALL has been newly furnished, decorated, and enlarged. BILLIARD, SMOKING, AND RECREATION ROOMS. HOT AND COLD WATER THROUGHOUT. LARGE DINING HALL, SEPARATE TABLES. Sanitary Arrangements certified perfect. Seven minutes' walk from Station, Church, and Post Office. LAWN TENNIS GROUND. For Terms, daily or cn pension, and all particulars, apply, t, nil Trains THE SECRETARY. 105 Private Bus meets all irains. LION HOTEL, BARMOUTH. COMMERCIAL, FAMILY, AND POSTING HOUSE. Ordinary daily at 1 o'clock A well-appointed COACH, CHAR-A-BANC, willleavc the above Hot-1 every other day for Dolgelley, Torrent Walk, and Tynygroes Waterfalls. Worthington's Alts and Dublin Stout in Bottles and Casks. Particulars on application at the Bar. 1 167 10 W.JONES, Proprietor. ARNFIELFS J HOME OF MUSIC FOR MUSIC IN THE HOME, PWLLHELI, DOLGELLEY, BARMOUTH, TOWYN, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF Mr PYEMONT Organist and Choir Master, St. John's Church, Barmouth. 7 ° OUR PRICES ARE BEYONI) COMPETITION. OUR INSTRUMENTS GIVE UNIVERSAL SATISFACTION. TIIE NIO.ST I- NORTEI A;D T"MwL0U, MUSIC WAREHOUSE IsSZ"^L. LONDON PARCELS DAILY. Apply for the numerous Testimonials from the Gentry, Clergy, Churches, Chapels, County and Beard Schools. The greatest care is taken by personally selecting all PIANOS, HARMONIUMS, and AMERICAN ORGANS, so that a Reliable Instrument may always be depended on. Our Instruments are out on hiie by all the leadiug Cnoirs and Eisteddfodau. MR PYEMONT will be assisted in the Tuning and Repairing by his son, MR Nl-. G PYEMONT, 11 from Collard and Collard, London. NEW MUSIC AND MlJSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS, AND FITTINGS. ALL COMMUNICATIONS AND TELEGRAMS TO- I ARNFIELD'S, DOLGELLEY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. THE QUICKEST ROUTE BETWEEN ABERYSTWYTH AND CAMBRIAN COAST AND LONDON, MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL. CARDIFF, SOUTH WALES AND I ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. ACCELERATED FAST EXPRESS TRAINS DAILY. TRAIN SERVICE FOR J ULY, A U C; U T, AND S E P T E M B E R IS 9 9 p III U iu a HI A M U 111 A UI A M p m p IN u M a nj a London (Euston) dept. Hi II 5 13 9 30 11 o 2 Pwllheli (for Nevin)- dept.' 7 o 9 r\ ii i P m P m p 111 (Paddinirtoi ) 0 50 9 30 9 50 in Barmouth 8 25 '•) 11 i-i •> *:A 4 0 Birmingham (New-street) 11 42 7 20 *n 8" 12 2r, 3 Abervstwvh 7 15 s 4-, j ••• 5 55 (Snow Hill „ in 33 6 0 b 31 .12 4 12 48 1 40 4 4*' Merthyr (B. and M.) u'rr •> 4j, « lM5 6 25 Leeds (New Station) 9 3o 6 O 8 55 10 5 2 in N vp .rt. Mon Z F. Sheffield 9 40 (i 0 8 50 9 27 12 48 Cardiff (lihvmnev) -J 4- ••• ••• Manchester (Lcndon-road) „ 12 0 S 35 10 45 11 So 3 30 (Taff) 4 44 s 04 "• Liverpool (Liuie-street) „ 11 55 8 15 .10 30 12 10 3 25 Liverpool (Lime-street) 2 0 5'^ £ X: t'on — Cardiff (Taff) .» •• •• 7 50 10 30 1 ]5 Manchester (Londoii-road) 2 o 5 k 7s v 10 (Khyinney) „ 8 35 1120 :12 20 Sheffield 4 o £ 73 10 » 5 1 5 Newport, .Mon 8 25 11 10 2 5 Leeds (New Station) 3 37 r -.0 1n'i- 43 Merthyr (B. and II.) „ 9 38 12 0 2 SO Birmingham (Snow Hill)- 1° 15 » 1;; = ",n „••• 5 47 Aberystwyth arr 0 40 |11 35 2 15 3 35 4 20 5 10 5 30 6 50 9 45 (New-street) 2 30 <> -'4 o- ? — Barmouth „ 7 10 ill 5') 2 36 3 5V 4 35 5 55 5 55 7 30 London(Paddin-toii) S 30, o r? 8 2,5 2 32 Pwllhpi; (for Nevin) „ llQ 50 2 0 14 20 5 45 5 45 7 25 7 25 9 in (Eus'nn) "3 4:, jr, 10 50 t Kirns 1 rem Au'_ru»t 1st Lu September IJ 0111.1- ^0^ CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS are issued daily to and from all Stations (including DOLGELLEY and MACHYNLLETH' on thp ri\rppT<v COAST; also about THIRTY CHEAP RAIL AND COACH EXCURSIONS to all the MOST BEAUTIFUL and INTERESTING SCENERY on the COAST, including THE LLYENAXT V ALLEY COKRIS A' \TT FV T T A-T T LAKE. BXVLCHOERDDRWS PASS, TORRENT WALK, PRECIPICE WALK. BIRD ROCK and DOLG< >CH ¥ ALL* C\ARPV.-W T •ROMAN STEPS, MOCHRAS ISLAND, BEDDGELERT FOR SNONVDOX, ABERGLASLYX PASS, XEYIX, ABERSOCH. «-HAN LAKE, TOURIST TICKETS, available for two months, i<sned thr-mehout the year from LOXDOX and all nrincinal Stations in Fn^lnnrl j t ABERYSTWYTH..MACHYNLLETH. BORTH. ABERDOYEY, TOWYN, DOL(TELLEY, BARM()L TH, LLA\BEDJ^i^^PE\sTp/tfr^r^u-0 PORTMADOC. CRICCIETH, PWLLHELI. LLANIDLOES, RHAYADER. BUILTH WELLS, and BRECON. "EXbAKX, HARLECH, CHEAP WEEK-END and TEN or ELEYEN DAYS' TICKETS are issued every Friday and Saturday THROUGHOUT THE YEAn from the -D Towns- in Eogland to the CAMBRIAN WATERING PLACES. J a WEEK-END TICKETS are issued from LONDON (L. & N.\A and G.W. Co s Stations) e^prv Friday or Saturday to ABERY^TWYTFT AP CDnAvpT TOWYN. BARMOUTH, LLANBEDR and PENSARN, HARLECH, PORTMADOC, CRICCIETH, PWLLHELI, and DOLGELLFY RfDOA E1- on the following Sunday (where train servici p-rnnts), Monday or Tuesday. ljlJ±'LLh 1 avjul*b,e for return Every Wednesday durin? .July, Aupnst, and September, CHEAP WEEKLY «.r FORTNIGHTLY TICKETS are i^ued frma LONDON to tkp PIITRPTAV COAST and cert .111 Inland Stations, available to return on the following Monday. Wednesday, Monday week, or Wedne:day week Tickets* t th « v also issued during the same period 011 every Wednesday to LONDON, available to return following Wednesday or Wtdne-day week a e same rares are All information regarding Excursion Trains and Tourist Arrangements 011 the Cambrian Railways may be had on application to Mr W W pravtI tendent of the Line. Oswestry. t>H, Supenn Oswestry. June. 1!)(¡. C. S. DEXXISS Genenil BARMOTJTII TO VISITORS. TO VISITORS. ] 1 I WITHOUT A DOUBT: MORTON'S BOOT STORES, KNOWN BY THE NAME OF 12, HIGH STREET, BARMOUTH, Are now complete with the Finest Stock of Boots, Shoes, and Slippers for the Season that it is possible to produce. DICK'S stand pre-eminent in the BOOT and SHOE TRADE for Good Material, Good Workmanship, and Low Prices. Every Department is crammed full with all the Newest things in Leather and with all sorts of fittings, so that any foot, it matters not its size or shape, can be comfortably and easily fitted. Every Article is of Excellent Quality and Splendid Value. Repairs Neatly, Promptly, and Reasonably executed, and with nothing but the Best English Bark-Tanned Leather. Shops in this District: ^ABERYSTWYTH, CARDIGAN, LAMPETER, MACHYN- LLETH, DOLGELLEY, BARMOUTH, PWLLHELI. All well stocked with every description of Boots and Shoes. 33 YEARS ESTABLISHED IN ABERYSTWYTH FITTING EOOMgFOR LADIES. 148 ROYE'S SUPERIOR BOAltDINCx HOUSE, BELLE VUE, BARMOUTH. i rPHIS HIGH-CLASS Establishment is comfortably arranged to accommodate ^dlea> Gentlemen, and Families It occupies J 1 the highest and healthiest pait of the town, which is universally recommended by Men as a Winter Resort. Tne Dining, Drawing, and Smoking Rooms are all large and airy. South aspect ^er> window has an extensive view of Sea and Mountains. The table is supplied on the most liberal scale, with everything of the best quality and the general arrange- ments are such as will ensure every comfort to visitors. Two.minutes' wa! k r ha Railway Station and Sea. l'ishiiiir, Boatins, Bathing, Lawn Tennis, Golf, and Cricketing in the Neighbourhood. Pri\ate Apartments without Board if desired. Town Porter meets all Trains. 1-167-111 miss ROYE. PATIWNISED BY R I C H A R D NEWELL, AND H.Il.H ] I -dQ- PURVEYOR OP MEAT, CENTRAL BUILDINGS, PORTMADOC. H.M. IHE QUFCHN THEPRINOE OF WALES. BRANCHES-Beach-rod, Barmouth; 12. Hitrh-street, CRICCIETH; CENTRAL BUILDINGS, MAES, PWLLHELI; and at BLAENAU FESTINIOG. HAVING extensive Cold Rooms enables me to have a constant supply of Prime Beef (Lamb, Veal and Pork when ia season) aod the celebrated four-year-old real Welsh Mountain Mutton, bred on the Snowdonian, Cader, and Piynlimon ranges. A constant supply of Home-cured Hams and Bacon. TRY MY CELEBRATED SAUSAGES made by Gardiner's Simplex Silent Sausage Machine, driven by water power, thereby securing perfect cleanliness and thorough Mincing. 103 i DR. WILLIAMSI ENDOWED HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, j DOLGELLEY. Headmistress—MISS DIANA THOMAS, B.A. j STAFF :-Miss ANSTEY (Cambridge Teachers' Certificate). Miss TITLEY (Cambridge Teachers' Certificate). Miss JONES (Cambridge Teachers' Certificate). ART :-Miss WAGSTAFFE (Royal Drawing Society Teachers' Certificate). MUSIC :-Miss WALTERS, L.R.A.M. Mr M. W. GRIFFITH (Mus. Bac.). DAIRY AND COOKERY WORK :-Miss HUGHES (Diplomée S.K. and U.C.W.) HOUSE MISTRESS :-Miss TOOTAL. Thi* School combines a healthy home life with a most efficient education. During the last nine years 567 successes have been obtained in Public Examinations. The following certificates were sained last year:— Matric. of the University of Wales, 2. Oxford Local: Senior, 8 Junior, Honours 4- Pass, 8; Preliminary, 7. S. Kensington Science and Art Botany, elementary, 6, advanced, 7; Mathematics, 2; Freehand Drawing, 1st class, 4, 2nd class, 4; Model Drawing, 1st class, 1 2nd class. 6 Light and Shade, 2 Geometry, 4. Royal Drawing Society of Great Britain and Ire- land, 81. Associattd Board of the Royal College and Royal Academy of Music: Piano, higher divi- sion, 3, lower 6 Violin, higher division, 2 Singing, higher division, 1 Harmony, higher division, 3, lower, 6. The School Buildings and Recreation Grounds are excellently adapted to secure Health and Comfort, and are in perfect sanitary condition. A detached Sanatorium has recently been built. There is accommodation for 60 Boarders and 40 Day PupIls. Prospectus on application to the Headmistress, or to MR W. R. DAVIES, 3 Clerk to the Governors. BEACIi ROAD POST OFFICE. D. DAVIES & SONS, HIGH-CLASS CONFECTIONERS, FRUITERERS, ] POULTERERS AND FISHMONGERS BARMOUTH —- I Cadburj's, Fry's, Menier, and Rowntree's 0 Chocolates. t Sweet3 of all kinds. Sole Proprietors of the Bathing Machines and Barmouih Steam Laundry. 106 106 DOLGELLEY R. DAVIES, HIGH CLASS CONFECTIONER, Criterion Temperance Hotel, DOLGELLEY LUNCHEONS, BREAKFASTS, DINNERS, &c., supplied on the Shortest Notice. Every Accommodation for Tourists and other Visitors. Terms Moderate. DEALER IN BRITISH and FOREIGN FRUIT. 1 ¡ J. & J. GIBSON, PRINTERS Bookbinders, AND Lithographers, TERRACE ROAD ABERYSTWYTH. Estimates given and samples sent tree on application. BARMOUTH. THE CORS-Y-GEDOL AND MARINE HOTELS AND FREEHOLD LAND Co., LTD. J WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WLSE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, Respectfully inform the Visitors to Barmouth and the public generally ts&at they have opened an othee for supplying Wines, Sp'rits, Liqueurs, Ale, S'ouc (in cask and bottle), Cider, Mineral Waters, Ac, retail at wholesale prices. Office, Cors-y-gedpol Hotel, next Z5 the Hotel entrance. All goods of the best qualities only, which will defy eompetitiop [ A trial respectfully solicited. SOLE AGENTS FOR— THOS. SALT & Co., LTD., BREWERS, BURTON-ON-TRENT. Awarded Gold Medals for the excellence and purity of their Burton Ales at :— International Health Exhibition, London, 1884. l" International Exhibition, Liverpool, 1886. International Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1886. L Compare prices of these High-Class Ales and Stout with those of other dealers. Cash prices, per. doz s D East India Pale Ale or Extra Stout-Reputed Pints 3 3 do. do. —Imperial Half-pints 2 0 Light Bitter or Dinner Ales—Reputed Pints 2 3 do. do. —Imperial Half-pints 1 10 Bottles charged Is per dozen and allowed in full when returned. £ THE CORS-Y-GEDOL HOTEL. THE MARINE HOTEL i ST. ANN'S MANSIONS (High-class Boarding House). Tariff on application. BENJAMIN J. ALLSOP, 2—166 Managing Director J