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Mid-Rhondda Railway Facilities.


Mid-Rhondda Railway Facilities. New Station Wanted. Public Meeting at Tonypandy. A public meeting was held at Richards' Assembly Room, ionypandy, on Wednesday evening tor the purpose or petitioning the Taff Vale HaIl way Company to provide a railway station tor Tonypanay and Tre- alaw near Trealaw Bridge. The chair was taken by Councillor Dd. Williams, presi- dent of the Mid-JJhondda Chamber of Trade by which body the meeting was convened. There was a good and thoroughly represen- tative attendance. The chairman, at the outset, submitted convincing statistics shewing the necessity of a new station for the centre of Mid-lihondda. His figures, based upon the last report of the medical officer, Dr. Herbert Jones, shewed the esti- mated population of Mid-Rhoudda to be 36,000, divided as follows: Llwynypia, 3,153; Tonypandy, 4,569; Clydach Vale, 9,/17; Trealaw, 6,126; Penygraig, 5,863; Williamstown and Edmundstown, 2,736; Dinas, 2,320; parts of (jrilfach, 338; Pen- rhiwfer, 325; and the lower portion of -is- trad, 9/5. These were at present served by Llwynypia and Dinas stations. In the event ot a new station being erected at Tre- alaw he estimated that they would be used by the following: to Llwynypia station- Llwynypia district, 3,133 half of Clydach Vale, 4,859; quarter of Trealaw, 1,506; lower part of Y strad, 975; total 10,473. To Dinas station Penygraig, 4563 Wil- liamstown and Edmundstown, 2,736; Dinas, 2,120; quarter of Trealaw, 1507; total, 11,451. To the new station at Trealaw- Tonypandy district, 4569; half Trealaw, 3.013; half Clydach Vale, 4,859; part of Penygraig, 1,300; Gilfach, 338; total, 14,079. The population of the Valleys in 1871, about the time Llwynypia station was opened was 16,914 now it was 123,347 an increase of 106,433, but, no extra station hada been erected since 1871! This was how other towns were served: Cwmparc and Treorchy with a population of 11,336 had a station iN eath, 11,157; Cadoxton and Barry, 25,000, four stations; Maesteg, 9,471, one station; Carmarthen, 10,338; Maerdy, 4,979; Hatod, 3 to 4,000; Nanty- moel, 4000; Caerphilly, 3,500 yet Tony- pandy with its 14,079 had not one. The speaker concluded by saying that an addi- tional railway station was a necessity (ap- plause). Aid. Richard Lewis thought no further argument was necessary to convince any impartial and right thinking person that an additional station was necessary. The Tail Vale officials, like all profit making com- panies, felt it was best to let sleeping dogs he, but the public had been too patient as regarded railway facilities. iNo stronger argument in favour of a station at Trealaw was needed than the fact that the only Tait goods warehouse to supply Mid-Rhondda was fixed at Trealaw. was the centre and the Tali Vale Company regarded it as such. The figures given by the chairman proved conclusively that enormously the greater population was nearer Trealaw than at the two existing stations. They had not the remotest idea that either Llwynypia or Dinas station should be done away with, but they did want an extra station to give greater convenience to people who lived nearer Trealaw bridge than to Dmas or Llwynypia. The Tan had benefitted enor- mously by having their stations in that lo- cality and by supply their merchandise. When public companies went to Parliament for powers to establish railways, etc., the first thing they had to shew was that they were laying themselves out to meet the wants of the public, and that the making ot profits was a secondary consideration (hear, hear). If that was the case he thought the Taff Vale Company eouid not without jeopardising their prospects in future re- fuse the present request. They had no wish to do anything unpleasant if the com- pany did not meet them, but it was won- derful what a large number of people could do to interfere with their future prospects, and if they would not meet them then they would not forget to put a sprag in the wheel when the first occasion arose when they went in for further powers (hear, hear). The Great Western Railway directors fully realised that if they had one or two sta- tions in Mid-Rhondda it would very ma- terially increase their revenue, and the public would welcome such a convenience very much. Their case to establish a passenger line would be very much weaker if the Taff undertook to give a station at Trealaw. They did not want to fight the Taft, but, by jingo, if the did they would cause some trouble (applause). There might have been engineering difficulties in the way of constructing a station 18 years ago at Trealaw, but they were not unsur- mountable to-day. He suggested that a deputation he appointed to wait upon Mr Beasley, the general manager of the Taff Vale Railway (applause). Councillor J. D. Williams, J.P., Clydach Court, said he was in sympathy with the movement, and prepared to do anything in his power to assist it. With the vast in- crease in the population they could not re- main in the same position now as they were years ago. Unless a new station were pro- vided at Treaiavv there was no doubt but that a considerable number would use the new Great Western station at Penygraig. He had written to obtain the support of his honour Judge Gwilym 'Williams, who re- plied, "I quite agree that a station near the goods shed at Trealaw would be desirable on many grounds and I shall be ready to co-operate with your Chamber of Trade in endeavouring to obtain the assent of the Taff Vale Railway Company." (Applause). Councillor R. S. Griffiths remarked that if the new station were nearer for half of Clydach Vale it would be for tile whole. It was not necessary to argue the subject: they all agreed that a station was neces- sary, and he was glad they had a lever to force the Taff in the establishment of the Great Western opposition. Rev. E. Richardg said that some time had elapsed since tne last deputation waited upon the Taff to ask for an additional sta- tion, and they had now a strong case. Mr D. S. Thomas, secretary of the Cham- ber of Trade, proposed that a deputation wait upon Mr Beaseley with a view to ob- taining a new station near Trealaw bridge. Rev. E. Richards seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr Tom John, "Rhondda Leader," and unanimously car- ried. The following were appointed as members of the deputation. -ais Honour Judge Williams, Councillors Dd. Wil- liams, J. D. Williams, J.P., R. S. Grif- liths, Messrs Thos. Jones, Bridge Street, Tom John, blacksmith ;D. W Davies, J.P., Dl. Thomas, Trealaw; J. W. Jones, Tony- pandy; John Lloyd, builder, Trealaw: D. 8. Thomas, John Jones, butter merchant, and the Rev. E. Richards. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

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