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Vok a Dim poen. Paharrj y dyoddefwch? Os ydych yn dyoddef gyda'r Ddanodd nen Ddiffyg Treuliad ewch at y Welsh National Artificial Teeth Company, Reg. A bydd iddynt hwy yn fuan iawn eich gwneuthur yn iawn. Nid yw Darganfyddiad Ddiweddar a Thrydamaeth yn peru ofn pan ynymweled a hwy, ond rhoddi budd a llesad, oblegyd cyfiawnir pob gweithred yn y modd nnvyaf cywrain a di-boen, yn gymaint felly, fel na fydd i Want bach wrthod dyfod drachefn i weled y dyn tyner sydd yn dangos iddynt olenadan dysglaer, ae yn tynu en danedd allan. Uan fod Peirianau Ager a Thrydan genym mor berffaith, yr ydym yn alluog i wneuthur, a clnvblhau yn deilwng, restr gyflawn (uchaf ac isaf) mown Pedair Awr, ac felly yn arbediad i ymwelwyr or wlad, Arian ac Amser. Yr ydym yn tynu danedd yn ddiboen gyda chynortliwy yr Electricity, Encaine, Cocain, nell Ethyl Spray. Yr unig Ddanedd Medal-Wobr Gwreiddiol. Y Defnyddiau Goreu yn unig ddefnyddir. Ni chedwir rwbish. Cwblheir yr holl waith ar yr adeilad gan weithwyr bywyd-brofiadol. Goleuir y lie dnvyddo a Thrydaniaeth. Cedwir Boneddiges i wasanaethu. FERN DALE.—Bydd Mr. Leslie, Goruchwyliwr Llywodraethol, yn ymweled a thy Mrs. Barkleys, 8, High Street, Ferndale, bod dydd Linn, o 2 hyd 6 o'r gloch. TONYPANDY.—Hefyd, bydd yn nhy Mr. Jones, gyferbyn a'r Theatre Royal, Tonypandy, bob dydd Mawrth, o 2 hyd 6 o'r gloch. Prif gwyddfa-32, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD (gyferbyn a Tredegar Arms). Yn agored bob dydd o 9 yn y boreu hyd 8 yn yr hwyr. COFIWCH Y CYFEIRIAD. ==-======-=======-===-=-=-=====-======-=- =:=-=-==-==-=-==:===.==========-= THE Pontypridd Furnishing Co. 114, Dun raven-st., TONYPANDY, THE LEADING HOUSE FURNISHERS Largest Selection, Best Design, Lowest Prices for Cash or easy terms THEY OFFEh INDUCEMENTS TO BUYERS OF Household Furniture! THAT PLACE THEM IN THE FRONT HANK AS MANUFACTURERS OF BEDROOM SUITES. PARLOUR SUITES. WARDROBES, BOOKCASE PARLOUR & KITCHEN GOODS. THEY HAVE ALWAYS ON SHOW IMMENSE STOCKS OF Bedsteads Spring and other Mattresses, Bedding, and every Furnish- ing Requisite. A Visit to their Showrooms and Workshops is invited, where the FINEST DISPLAY of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE in WALES! AWAITS YOUR INSPECTION. All Goods DELIVERED FREE (same day as ordered, if required) to Penrhiwceiber' Mountain Ash, A herd are, Aberaman, Treherbert, Treorky, and any part of the Rhondda Valleys. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS— Pontypridd Furnishing Co., 114, flunraven-stjonypandy And at 56 & 58, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. TELEPHONE P.O. No. 9. 3*20 NO HIRE SYSTEM FURNISH AT SAMUEL TAYLOR 46 & 48, Cowbridge Road, Canton, Cardiff, Is. in the £ allowed off all Goods. Avoid Instalment Systems. Instalment and so-called Easy or Gradual Payment pystenis are simply lures to lead you into debt. Why nlace yourself in a false position, arid risk the unpleasant- ess that crowds on a debtor ? All Goods sold strictly for Cash only. A-ll Goods delivered either in our own vans or by rail free any distance. Canton Trams pass the door. Note the Prices. No Limited Company Feather Bed,Bolster,and two Pillows (full-size), pure linen tick, all beeswaxed inside, weight 601bs only 1 15 0 Wool Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows, weight SOlbs. only o 10 6 Wire Mattresses, 4ft Gin, double woven 0 8 11 Wire Mattresses, 4ft 6in.,double woven,cabled edge and centre 1. 0 12 0 Wire Mattresses, 4ft. tiin., 4-ply, cabled centre and sides, usually sold at 21s, only 0 17 11 Wool Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 5-inch thick 0 9 11 Washed Wool Mattresses, guaranteed sweet and wholesome, only 0 12 6 Wool Mattresses, 4ft (jin, best that can ba bought for money, only 0 15 6 Wool Pillows (i 0 11A eather Pillows 0 2 6 Feather Bolsters 0 5 6 Wool Bolsters 0 2 0 StrawMattresses, 4ft 6in, 4-inch thick. 0 6 11 Straw Mattresses, 4ft. 6in., 6-inch thick 0.911 Chair Bedsteads and Cushions, full size, complete o 12 6 Strong Iron Bedsteads, 4ft. 6in, only 0 14 11 Strong Brass Rail Bedstead, 4ft. 6in., only. 0 16 11 Very handsome Bedstead, with Rosettes and two Brass Poles, 4ft. tin 0 19 11 Beautiful Bedstead, with 6 Brass Rings and 6 Spindles, 4ft. 6in., only 1 10 0 Very massive 2in. thick Pillar Bedstead, 4ft. 6in. 250 Strong, well made, spindle-back Couch, only 0 16 11 Strong Combination Bedsteads, fitted with Wire Mattresses, complete, 3ft x 4ft only 0 14 11 Mangles, Harwood Rollers, thoroughly reliable, only 1 15 0 Solid Walnut Octagon Tables, only 0 16 11 Loo Tables, large size, only 0 18 6 Very handsome Solid Walnut Sideboards, 4ft.. 3 19 6 Beautiful Design Solid Walnut Sideboard, 4ft. 6in 5 19 6 Grand Value, 6ft Bow-front Sideboard, Solid Walnut, very massive, only 8 8 0 Chetfoniers. 1 9 6 Dining Table, 5ft., telescope, Walnut 115 6 Leather Suites, thoroughly well made (7 pieces) all sprite-seated. 3100 Do, do (!) pieces) 4 5 0 Saddlebag Suites (7 pieces) 6 16 0 Do (9 pieces) 7 10 0 Dressing Chests and Washstands in satin or black Walnut colour, Two Chairs and Towel Rail, only 350 ery handsome Walnut or Mahogany Duchesses, with Two Chairs and Towel Rail, complete ..350 I do not advertise any Goods I cannot produce. SAMUELTAYLOR, 46 48, Cowbridge road, Canton, Cardiff Orders by Post promptly attended to, Send for Catalogue No Hire System. 353 Expiration of Lease. DANIEL DAVIES & Co. lleg to announce the Lease of SAINT MARY STREET, CARDIFF, Having expired, the whole of the stock has been removed to 9, Custom House St., Cardiff, Where business will be CARRIED ON IN FUTURE. Special Line in MEN'S SUITS, cut and made on the premises, FROM £1 10s. Od. to 13 3s, Od. 403 I The Oldest Established Business in Porth. John. Humphreys, UNDERTAKER, 123, NORTH ROAD, PORTh. (Next door to New Methodist Chapel). Hearses, Shellibiers & Mourning Coaches supplied on the shortest notice and at very reasonable charges. 279 FERNDALE WORKMEN'S Eye Infirmary AND General Hospital (Full Complement, 30 Beds). Patients admitted free of charge, on the Recommendation of Governors. Eye Cases, Tuesdays, 3-4. Saturdays, 3-4 p.m. The Hospital is for general Medical and Surgical Cases, and for Diseases of the Eye. 370 HENRY DAYIES, Hon. Sec IF YOU SUFFER FROM Tic or Neuralgia TAKE MY ADVICE, AND DON'T SUFFER ANY LONGER. The pain is too severe to bear for amusement, and the remedy is too get-at-able for anybody to make themselves Martyrs without reason. One dose of DAVIES' TIC MIXTURE Will instantly relieve and cure any of the above, complaints. This is not a quack remedy advertised to cure everything, but will cure the Nerve Troubles mentioned above or any belonging to the same family of Nerv- ous Diseases. Mr. HENRY DAVIES, County Mining Lecturer, writes Kindly favour me by forwarding in course of post a bottle of your excellent cure for Neuralgia. I had a bottle which proved remarkably effective five years ago, and I trust this one will be equally serviceable." Mr. D. T. TRUMAN, Cymmer, writes :—■ "I feel it my duty to let you know the marvellous effects your Tic Mixture had on my wife, who had suffered for months from severe pains'in the head and face. Though she took only one bottle, the pains have not since returned I can, therefore, sincerely recom- mend it to all sufferers." Sold in Bottlest at 1 /1. Prepared only by T. DIMES, PharniaGBuiicai Sfiemisi Ponth & Tonypandy. 33 GOLD & SILVER MEDAL PIANOS & ORGANS MARTYN THOMAS, CERT. R.A.M. 104, CASTLE ROAD, ROATH, CARDIFF. (The Red 'Buses pass the doer every few miuutes Pianofortes, Organs, &c., BY THE LEADING Continental and English Makers At Lowest Possible Prices .for Cash, and Easiest Terms Hire. Purchase. The MARVEL Full-size Piano Iron Frame, Check Action, Full Trichord, CASH PRIOE rBgns. A visit of Inspection and Comparison will bes esteemed a favour. PRICE LIST POST FREE. Experienced London Tuners sent, to all parts' of South W ales. 436 Pro Bono Publico." f ANCHOR TEA Is famous all over the world. "Anchor Tea Is now a Household Word in every town and village in South Wales. Anchor Tea Is appreciated by everyone—by the rich man, by the poor man, by the M i ner, and the Miner's Wife (which is still more important), and in fact by everybody. Why Because it is The Best Value Money can buy. "Anchor Tea Has forged ahead of all others solely C, by its own intrinsic merit. Ask for Anchor Tea And firmly but gently refuse all others. Agents in every Town and Village. FOR AGENCY, APPLY ANCHOR TEA COMPANY 43-45, GREAT TOWER STREET, LONDON, E.C. 543 IMPORTANT NOTICE! £ 20,000. THIS AMOUNT saved annually by the INHABITANTS of SOUTH WALES, by using H. SOLOMONS & SONS 'UNIVERSAL' MARKING INK For Marking Linen. Warranted Never to Wash Out. SOLD IN CASED BOTTLES, Is and Is fid EACH. Local Depot EVANS & SHORT, PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS, TONYPANDY. MW Depot for SALE of the UNIVERSAL CEMENT in Cased Bottles, 6d. Is. and 115. ed. Each, for repairing anything and everything BEN THOMAS, House and Estate Agent, 3, Regent Street, Barry Dock. RENTS PERSONALLY COLLECTED. PROMPT SETTLEM KNTS, Shop, Villa, & Cottage properties* for Sale in the best localities. Parties desirous of disposing their properties should forward particulars. Usual Terms. AGENT for leading property Owners in the district, 563

The Late Dr. Ivor Lewis.

--Pentre Collier Robbed. <.…

Alleged attempted Suic^6 Maerdy.

Assault by a TylorstoW /