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The Cardiff Empire. QUEEN STREET. Managing Director OSWALD STOLL TO-NIGHT. BIONDI IN 14 CHARACTERS, THE FAMOUS ITALIAN-UGO BIO-NDI, In a Comedy Sketch, in Two Acts, and Prologue, com- posed, by Biondi. Scenery by Ernest Albert, of New York. First Act—The Stage Vestibule. Second Act —Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York. SISTERS DESMOND. Duettists. GEORGE BROOKS, Comic Singer. The Principal Boy of the recent Drury Lane Theatre Pantomime- MISS ELAINE RAVENSBERG, Vocalist. THE TWO BEES, In their Amusing Dialogue and Duetts. THE LAUGHABLE HOLHENS, In a Comic Lav Figure Act. ALMAIO BROTHERS, Smart Athletes. LIZZIE DANIELS, Singer and Dancer. "THE MUSICAL GARDEN," THE FLORADOR QUARTETTE, Comic Acrobatic Instrumentalists Next Week THE FAMOUS AMERICAN— R. G. KNOWLES, Two Performances Nightly. Early one between 7 o'clock and 9; late one between 9 o'clock and 11. Box Office open daily (with exception of Saturdays) 11 1o.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plan of Grand Circle. No booking fees. 443 A PIANO QUITE WITHOUT PARALLEL ANY- WHERE AT THE PRICE. £16 16s. THIS STATEMENT IS NO EXAGGERATION. BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY THE FACT. CHECK I CMAMAA FULLEST ACTION iron Frame COMPASS. SOLID in construction, in SOLID Walnut Wood, and of really SOLID Value DALE, FORTY & Co., PIANO MERCHANTS, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. Also at Cheltenham, Birmingham, &c. National Telephone, 1103. 351 DO YOU WANT A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN ? EASY TERMS NO INTEREST THE Penygraig and District Perfect Thrift Building -1- Society affords an easy method of purchasing a house. Subscriptions 6d. per share, per week. Frequent Ballots. 43,573 already advanced on property in the locality. All information and Rules may be obtained from the Secretary, T. EVANS, 81, Rhys-street Trealaw. 145 -< 20 per cent. Reduction 4s. IN THE POUND DISCOUNT OFF THE REMAINDER OF OUR WINTER STOCK OF Lamps, Oil Stoves, Curb Suites, Fenders, Coal Vases, Fireirons, Fire Screens, Bedsteads and Bedding. During the Sale Special Reductions on all our Stock of > 0 Grates and Mantlepieces. Clocks and Bronzes. ABSOLUTELY NEW GOODS. NO OLD STOCK, I 4s, in the £ > allowed off our Original Plain Figure Prices. DON'T MISS A BARGAIN. x CROSS BROTHERS, THE CARDIFF IRONMONGERS, 3 & 4, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 355 1!111' 11 11!111111 'I!! 11 11 FOLLICK'S mm 48 & 50, BRIDGE ST., CARDIFF, The BEST and CHEAPEST FIRM for GOLD & SILVER WATCHES & JEWELLERY. ør- Wedding Rings and Keepers are our Speciality. Our 19/- Guinea Gold, government stamped Wedding Rings are unequalled. Other prices, I 9ct, 5/9, 7/- and 10/6 (very wide) 22ct, 12/6, 19/- and 26/6 (extra heavy). Keeper Rings in great variety from 5/- We have a special line at 8/6 (very wide, handsomely engraved: a real beauty. 48 & 50, Bridge St., Cardiff, and 44, Holton Road, Barry Dock, 48 iiiiiii, 11111, iHS 'I.! -=- EASTER HOLIDAYS. Visitors from the Rhondda to Cardiff will be more than fully repaid by calling at F. FLIGELSTONE'S JEWELLERY & CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT, 42, Bute St. and 7, Herbert St. (4 doors from Hastings Hotel), CARDIFF, Where they will find a well assorted stock of Watches, Jewellery, Guns, Revolvers, Musical Instruments, &c., at prices to startle everybody. Money advanced at a low rate of interest. 558 TEETH TEETH ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE—OF ARMS, LEGS, fAv. EDWARD C. ELLIS, Hands Eyes, Leg Irons, Spine Supports, TRUSSES, Surgeon Dentist, Ladies' Belts, Elastic Stockings, Crutches, etc. 1 11 10, Queen Street, Cardiff (late 47). —— ———— MAKER AND REPAIRER ARTIFICIAL TEETH: Set, 1 Guinea. ALLEN PEARCE, Tooth, from 2/6. 7, Charles Street, Cardiff, Absolutely Painless Extraction and 35 & 36, Broadniead Arcade, Bristol. New Process—2s. 6d. 4- T i T i INDIA RUBBER STAMPS Takes 30 seconds p UBBER EMBOSSING PRESSES O RISK NO PAIN NO DANGER !i JLtj ENDORSING MACHINES f-v nifr A ttc'N f1 HAND NUMERATORS OBVIA1ES GAS. QTAMPS. ETC. Supplied at the Leader High-Class Dentistry at Lowest Possible I Office, De Winton Street, Charges. 463 j Tonypandy. AV% WAV& John Williams & Sons (Cardiff), Ltd. "CRAFTSMEN IN METAL WORK," "SPECIALISTS IN FIREPLACES." *\TT A A A ~VT m T" "171 CI A Big Stock not to be equalled » » V/WJJ lVLiLll JL anywhere for Design or Finish. THE PATENT QUADRANT KITCHEN RANGE Now holds first position. Eclipses any other Range, 0 It will pay persons from a distance to visit our Showrooms. n 9, 13, 15, 17, Queen Street, CARDIFF. 474 &rfggh s MR, GEORGE POOLE, (Late Manager to J. HAYES, 42, St. Martin's-lane, Trafalgar-sq., London), SURGEON DENTIST, 35, WESTBOURNE-PLACE, COWBRIDGE-ROAD (Facing Sophia Gardens Lodge) CARDIFF. Teeth Painlessly Extracted with Gas, 3s.6d; Cocaine, 2s.6d.; and other Anaesthetics. Even the most Nervous may take it and be sure of having no pain. ORDINARY EXTRACTIONS 1s. Special Terms to Nurses and Domestics. Lady in Attendance. ".27, Kenilworth-road, Cadoxton, Barry, 1st April, 1901. Dear Sir,—The teeth which you have supplied me with are a perfect treat. I can saj that since I have had them I have enjoyed my food well, and have better health. If you refer any person to me I shall be glad to speak of your ability.—Yours faithfully, Thomas Gear." Finest Prize Medal Artificial teeth at prices to suit all classes. Consultation and all Information Free. Regulation of Children's Teeth a Speciality. W Professional Hours-9 a. m. till 3 p.m. Sundays, 6 till 9 p.m. Patients visitad at their own residence by appointment. 453 GREADER & HOWELL, 18, CAROLINE STREET, Established] CARDIFF. [1876 For Ice Cream Freezers Ice Pots, Glasses, Tablet's, Ice Wafer Makers, AND ALL REQUISITES. 451 Sales by Auction. On TUESDAY and THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd and 25th, 1901, commencing at Two p.m. precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON WIN SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION at their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE! (Removed from various residences for ab- solute sale), including:— Valuable Pianofortes, Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft. and 4ft. Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets and Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rosewood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Sideboards, Bookcases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmantles, etc etc., in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to and morning of each day's sale. Arrangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers The Goods can be purchased any day priv- ately if desired. Complete or Part Houses of Furniture Bought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every description undertaken. For Terms, apply at the Auction Rooms, as above. Established 1860. Election Addresses. COUNTY COUNCIL BYE ELECTION. LLWYNYPIA AND CLYDACH VALE DIVISION. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I beg to return you my most sincere thanks for the triumphant majority given me on Monday last. The pleasing feature in the contest was the unity of purpose shown by Labour, Liberal, Buisness and Tradespeople. I hope by faithful service to merit a continu- ance of your confidence. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, 576 JAMES' EVANS. -V- c OUNTY COUNCIL BYE ELECTION. Llwynypia and Clydach Vale Division. ,Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg to thank the 488 electors of Llwyn- ypia and Clydach Vale Ward who were good enough to record their votes in my favour on Monday last. I am not disap- pointed or discouraged at the result, when taking into account the fact that, I was rushed at the last possible moment to oppose a, sitting member, whose attendances were faultless. Having only four days at my disposal (a ridiculously short time for organisation and arrangement), i had no time to address a single public meeting, and, practically speaking, the electors had made up their minds before, I was. in the field. I protested against, being nominated and actually wrote my withdrawal on Tuesday afternoon, but gave way to my friends' enthusiastic persuasion at the last moment.—Yours truly, T. P. JENKINS. April 16th. 1901. 575 COUNTY COUNCIL BYE ELECTION. No. 7 WARD, Comprising Penygraig, Dinas, Williams- town and part of Edmundstown. TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— Having been returned as your repre- sentative on the above Council for the ensuing three years, I beg to .sincerely thank you for electing me, and trust that with your support I shall be enabled to serve you efficiently and to merit your confidence. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obedient servant, 577 REES LLOYD. Too Late for Classification. BETHLEHEM, M.C., Porth. Gynelir Eisteddfod yn y Capel uchod, 0 dan nawdd y Ganghen Ysgol yn Cymmer, Nos SADWRN, EBRILL 29, 1901. Llywydd Mr. Wm. James (Eos Morgan wg) Beirniad y Canu D. T. Prosser, Ysw. (Eos Cynlais)'; Beirniad Amrywiaeth: Mr. Hopkin Rowlands, Tonyrefail Cyfeilydd Mr. David Evans, Cymmer; Swyddogion y Pwyllgor—Cadeirydd Mr W. G. Lewis, Porth • Trysorydd: Mr. Jacob Davies, Cymmer. Eisteddfod i ddechreu am 6.30 o'r gloch. Mynediad i mewn, Blaen- seddau Is., Ol-seddau, 6c. Programmes, lc. yr un, drwy y post, Hd. i'w cael gan yr Ysgrifenydd: D. R. Owens, 110, High- Street, Cymmer. Prif Ddarn Dyddiau dyn :sydd fel glaswelltyn oj (T. Davies) i Gor heb fod dan 30 mewn rhif. Gwobr, 92, a Medal arian i'r Arweinydd. 569 on GENUINE Offer of 100 new Sterling Silver Gent's Lever Watches—Capped and Jewelled. Every watch warranted. All latest improvements, to be cleared at 21s 9d each, post free.—J. Parfitt, Watchmaker, Wymond- shani, Norfolk. a227 CYCLE TYRES Re-rubbered W. and A. Bates' reliable Rubber Covers; Palmer, Dunlop, basket pattern or plain, 7s 6d. and 9s. each, guaranteed twelve months, cheaper quality, 6s. returned in three days, carraige paid best Inner Tubes, Dunlop valves, 3s. lOd. List and Samples free. Mackenzie, Tyre Expert, 28, Palamos Road, fceytgn, London, "2Zm The West End Tailors Ladies' Dept.: 23, DUKE STREET. Gentlemen's Dept. 19, DUKE STREET. Orders by Telephone, 834 Cardiff. Orders by Telegram, Revolution, cardiff." Ladies' Coats and Skirts. 1 Suits, Overcoats, etc., To Order True Fit Guaranteed.. The New Grey Stripes «63 3 O The New Lounge Suit, 39/6, 45/ SU/- (ln the Latest Spring Shades) <T° Measure) The New Faced Cloths 3 3 O The New Monnmg Suit 50/ 55/ 6^/ Til N (,N C" £ ew Colours> The New Reefer Suit 45/ 50/ 55/- The New Sac Chesters 115 O (To Measure) (In the Groliat Rainproof Cloths) The New Chesterfield ) 35/ 40/ (In the Groliat Rainproof Cloths) The New Chesterfield ) 35/ 40/ The New Raglan Coats 2 5 O Overcoat or Raglan 45/ 50/- (ln the West of England Covert Cloths) (To Measure) Nw PATTERNS POST FREE. BW PATTERNS POST FREE. 50 WESLEYAN & GENERAL ASSURANCE SOCIETY. (ESTABLISHED 1841.) Chief Offices: BIRMINGHAM. EMPOWERED BY SPECIAL ACT OF PARLIAMENT. The SIXTIETH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held at the Grand Hotel, Oolmore Row, Birmingham, 113reh -6th, 1901, MR. BENJAMIN SMITH, President of the Society, in the Ohair. The following Report was presented. rf Your Directors have much pleasure in presenting their Report and Statement of Accounts for the year elldm" December 31st, lIÆO. New Polici es-Show an increase of 65,914 on the year, after allowing for lapses, deaths and surrenders. Income-The Income for the year, from all sources, was 4493,399 16s. lld, an increase oft53,664 6s. lid, on the year. t Claims—The Claims paid during the year amount to £ 225,095 8s. 3d., which brings up the total amount paid since the Society's establishment, to £ 2,627,350 18s. 4d. sse s Assets—The total Assets of the Society at December 31st, amounted to £ 556,018 4s. lid., an increase oi £57,665 9s. 2d. on the year. In the Report for the year 1890, the Jubilee Year of the Society, a comparative Statement was given shewing the Premium Income for each decade of the Society's existence since the commencement, which exhibited marked manrrer the impetus which had been given to the Society's bnsiness during the last 20 years of the period- It will be seen by the following figures that the progress then reported has been well maintained during the decade ending December 31st, 1900, marking the Diamond Jubilee of the Society YEAR. PREMIUM INCOME. YEAR. PREMIUM INCOME. £ s. d. £ s. d. 1850 1,588 3 7 1880 65,617 13 3 1860 15,903 2 4 1890 200,590 7 7 1870 27,713 6 1 1900 474,772 6 3 The Accounts and Securities have been examined by the Auditors appointed in accordance with the Society's Rules, who have certified to the correctness thereof. BALANCE SHEET Of the Wesleyan and General Life and Sickness Assurance Society, on the 31st Dec., 1900 LIABILITIES. ASSETS. £ s. d. £ s. d. Life Assurance Mortgages on Property within Fund £ 474,700 9 5 the United Kingdom 390,098 16 Sickness Assurance Loans on Municipal and other Fund 67,836 10 10 Kates 30,497 0 Annuity Fund 9,796 6 4 Loans on the Society's Policies 17,542 1 Investments— Total Funds 552,333 6 7 Leasehold Chief Offices, Free- Superintendents' and Agents' hold Branch Offices, Furni- Guarantee Funds 3,684 18 4| ture, Fixtures, etc., at Chief Offices and Branches 28,591 19 Other House Property (tree- n hold) 3,233 15 Freehold Ground Rent. 2,232 10 « Invested in Policies 68 18 0 Agent's Balances 2,050 11 Outstanding Premiums 49,829 14 1 Interest £ .3,175 19 10 accrued to December 31st 4,421 16 3 7,597 16 1 Cash on Deposit 21,452 8 4 Cash in hand, and on Current Account 2,822 13 9 24,275 2 1 E556,018 4 11 9556,018 4 Examined with the Books and Securities of the Society, and found correct. CHARLES ROWE, BENJAMIN SMITH, Chairman. THOMAS ROSE, JOHN FIELD, Vice-Chairman. HARRY S. RICHARDS, hAuditors. DAVID BARR, Director. CHARLES E. MURRAY, R. ALDINGTON HUNT, General Manager- FEBY. 6TH, 1901. STEPHEN J. MILLS, J Application for Agencies may be made to District Superintendent Mr. T. Thomas, 63, Saint Paul's Terrace, Porth Superintendent Mr. J. Davies, 22, Maindy Road, Ton Pentre Superintendent Mr. T. Lloyd, 9, Cross Street, Porth. SEPTIMUS CHAMBERS Gun Maker & Athletic Outfitter, 21, CASTLE STREET, CARDIFF. Also at Bristol and Shepton Mallet. Telephone No. 01339. CRICKET BATS—"Excelsior" Bat, 6s., special value Tennis Rackets, from 5s. Cricket Balls, from Is. FISHING TACKLE-Rods, from Is. Flies, from 6d. per dozen, splendid value. Quoits, Table Tennib, &c., &c, SEND FOR PBICES. QUOTE THIS PAPER. T The "Rhondda Leader" is set up by the Linotype Composing Machine.

SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, 1901.