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Rhondda Evening Con- Ration and Technical Classes Committee. Meeting at Porth. Spanish or German P A Lak *0OUP Member and iVIarrlage- Tht. able Girls. ^°lice o°Ve Committee met at the Porth ^()|,gan \jUl t on '-Tuesday last, Alderman Heetin '^ams; as the convener of the ■chair^' being appointed temporary Alder» There were also present fy ^ri Richard Lewis, Councillors \y, to • Wight, R. S. Griffiths, deor Thomas, W. P. Thomas, Thomas Idwan Daniel Evans, Ben Davies, togofu Jones and Tom Evans, V; ei' with Mr. Tom John and Miss Coiiv,,•™[ai'dy), the Clerk of the District Dirpii W. P. Nicholas), and the fducation (Mr. T. W. Berry). tlie JJ. r fading the circular convening SeveVa, lnS a,1d a number of letters from to l 'UcinlxM's regretting; their inability P''esent:, the Director read the %tee last meeting of the Com- ^t. rr millut <[>ni John proposed that the ^aniei p, e confirmed as read, and Mr. to tll Evans seconded, and on being put !l¡Ot!SI;, 111(01 IJIrt they were passed unani- Y. I], of Co-optors. W flection of co-optors, three names ft and seconded, namely, Mr. Sw r,;tIoocl.' Llwynypia; Key. W. 0Odd- ^'eorchy and Mr. J. E. Jones, !> the i c^- Before voting, the name atter was withdrawn, and Mr. ^anjjv^d the Rev. W. Charles were elected as co-optors.' of Permanent Chairman i °|ln proposed that Mr. W. V}tian e'ec^ec^ as ^le permanent To* ^'c^la (' Lewis seconded, and fltr John supported the resolution. S* |U'holas stated that he felt the !ia'i'tna een]y °f being elected as the ,M }t,'1, but he was afraid oha •lva,s no^ 'n a position to accept l^ed lrilianship, as his duties necessi- j HtyC°nsiderable absence from the H Jjj, ?|_ion was put to the meeting, u the' Nicholas was unanimously elected n' Ni Pc!ma,|ent chairman, whereupon leH took the chair, stating that c0 Jiciff first came into the room he had fjtst ji0?1 that he would be elected the 1.1 4chairma,ii of that large Committee. l\ nes could say was that lie would do >°N j i o merit their selection, and he .W at they would never have any he«+ 1'egret the honour which they 111:1, estwed upon him that evening. 'f Evans suggested that they ')the have a vice-chairman, so that, Kr,Hai ence of Mr. Nicholas, the vice- 'V. rjJ Would naturally take his place. 1.s did not favour the sug- /] Sa.ying tha t it would afford the ^htej-) facilities to get away Richard Lewis said that he ^ight? agree with the doctor, and &1H ay ProPosed Alderman Morgan »! to be viec-chairmaii. n°tion was seconded and carried. County Council and the Evening Schools. t})5tles> Rector read a letter from Dr. ^4L«unty Education Officer, asking L8%uiXiime>? schools where even- At ;UlUation classes would be held him. i^ JE> rSit!that the names of w¡¡t Thomas seconded, and the motion Committee then considered the V a s°heme as prepared and drawn up A* %ector. tr ton discussion was indulged in as to > eyAvc-Ullg of theoretical mechanics in vrV?g classes. ^sai^i was warmly in its favour, Sv r- T it should be taught. said that he was in full ib ?ce. rm?fck teaching this branch of A^^l'in J ought to have full power ^erm WlS1. these things. co^ aFd Lewis wanted to .theoretical mechanics would „,Wlw applied mechanics in the v «tf. passes. (j,, replied that the successes tw0 in the former to one in the 11 ^?wis What was the reason k of theoretical mechanics W- Wi i years a§° ? ^>er^aPs tliey had no quali- C,ev^t ^i;iffiths suggested that in V ^inb ° ^ai'ing to secure the neces- vWe students in each locality afUr»ec^s' a central class should W bn orth, which in his opinion k Vuii Convenient to all students in <]/V f!leys. iu0mf,ls thought that there was a cUr, Pacing too many subjects in The subject taught j|s^ore upon the boy than the ^ics0^^011 to include theoretical n t eventually passed. 1lJ.i!l Ðëtrush or German P W 151, 1t to th61 literary and commercial [V W li ,|om John suggested that it 8 to include Spanish among thai q ^anguaSea taught. Indeed, Spanish claimed a preference Nv°aj wir' inasmuch as in South Ned to j> *lch was opening more and W1* trade, the chief language V Panish, and consequently a i knr,°t Spanish was more valuable Wi^led§e °f German. <fr /avoui'ed Mr. John's sug- pfis § ca e- groiind that Spanish- lvSicti Ulitries were the only coun- ji AVere now open to British nLewis: You don't riW T ftitute Spanish for German? that ohn Oh, xxo ■, but I certainly lij V ougtit to be placed before *sa'd that a brother of |i ed a splendid berth in South th r°u^^ hii; knowledge of \vmATion of Mr. Tom John, thaf « Edward Jones, it was to SPanisli be included. fjM 1wit},1, domestic subjects, and u0lH feed;™ eience to home nursing Sir'^n.,8 a,»d care of babies, Mi. Tg Jet "^d.that he thought no girl t'o ko ut fi, tled, until she knew some- t!eV+-ei1 dil object. suK^i1011 followed upon the ^,°f vioiT 'n^^1'0'1 included the id li,0Uiac Playing. a,^j ,a'ctei'ised violin playing pubul °ould not favour the for iUvri Triot)ey should be used |,W ved to |, les- „ He said that those c0h arn V|°l'n playing should trcV lan. p; i th« Lewis could not ud been vitoi'e views- He said fapiVu^ med in the past for ^8ie n"Tes in teaching instru- deserved Tt. t fought that the object 68 wa, not only utilitarian, but also to give recreative facilities to the world. He would prefer to see a young man study something; like the violin than to be lounging about the streets. Mr. T. W. Berry, the Director, was of the opinion that violin teaching was more suitable for the individual than for a class. Mr. W. P. Thomas said that they had a violin class in Treorchy some, time ago. and they paid a guinea a night to a teacher for his attendance. Mr. Wight: If you start the recreatite spirit, where will you end? Why do you put in the violin and leave out brass bands? Alderman Lewis: That will come in time. Dr. Thomas: In Gelli Park! Mr. Wight: Yes, in Gelli Park! (Laugh ter). Alderman Lewis said that the intro- duction of violin teaching would be the beginning of great things. At the pre- sent time they had no really good orches- tra in the district. When they wanted a good orchestra to accompany an oratorio or anything of that sort, they had to go outside of the district for one. Dr. Thomas proposed that the violin be eliminated. Mr. Wight seconded. Mr. R. S. Griffiths contended that a great number of working people were deluded out of their money by these violins. No sooner the violins had been purchased than the children would have nothing more to do with them. Alderman Richard Lewis moved that the words instrumental music be sub- stituted for the violin. The amendment was seconded and car- ried After some further discussion, it was unanimousl-" agreed that the further con- sideration of the report be deferred. In the ensuing discussion on the locale of the sub-committees. Dr. Thomas pro- posed that the members of each sub- committee residing in the district should form the executive of each sub-committee, and that the chairman (Mr. Nicholas) and Mr. Berry act as conveners. The motion was seconded and carried.

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