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Porth Police Court.


Porth Police Court. Thursday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. Arthur Lewis), Alderman W. H. Mathias, essrs. T. P. Jenkins, David Thomas, and Dr- E. N. Davies. Poisoned Ice-Cream." A somewhat amusing but complicating case was dealt with by the Bench in which ft Italian ice-cream vendor bearing the &ttie of Giacomo Do Petri Ho, 69, T'yla- elyn Road, Penygraig, summoned a com- patriot ice-cream" rival rejoicing in the Agnation of Seraphino Volante, 39, r~^afod Road, Trehafod. tli + eyidence of the complainant was while leaning on his barrow in a i1 °et at Trehafod on August 15th, defen- ant came up to him and dealt him blows, and felled him to the S ound. A man by the name of John ..Chains eventually interfered between parties. defendant stated that he struck com- JVl,lriant because he had said that his pendant's) ice-cream was poisoned. T f^11 Williams, 23, Woodfield Terrace, J^od, said that the complainant was sting upon his barrow about three yards °tti his door, when defendant came up i0 him and rapped on his (complainant's) ^ii'ow .three times, and in a conver- Unl 1 Passed between them he "uerstood the defendant saying, You iih''0" ice-cream." He then struck com- Pa'iiant in the face, and he dealt him more blows when complainant was jj11 ^e ground. Witness asked him why (^struck the boy, and defendant replied, ovj irimd your own business." the Bench characterised defendant's co -as vei'y cruel, especially as the h0111plainant. was a, young boy. He would ave to -— 30s. and costs. Coal Stealing. hI GBorgo Vincent way charged with steal- vrS 56 tbs. of coal from the United ^onal Collieries. (|j Pendant was fined 10s., the Stipen- a remarking that it was a pity to see ill Illiligly respectable man being placed this position by his own indiscretion. Gaming. number of youths were fined various «. °Uuta ranging from 5s. to 15s. for tjinxg with cards on Sunday at Porth "lltnyahir. <la + Stipendiary remarked that defen- ce i8 ouS^ti to find something else to do 8ldes indulging in these games. ^Pce! Stealing at T.V.R. Station TrHaVic^ John Rees (19), 16, Baglan St., ^herbert, was charged with stealing a at'1^ the Taff Yale Railway Station j^nyshir on August 19th. sta+ ^• Noyes, of Norwood, London, that he identified the goods which Wt,t.e ..oduced in Court as those which he Jjai'ded by train on the same date. mas Thomas, 3, Taff Street, Fern- guard on the Taff Vale Railway, ty that on the date in question he j> 8 Working the 11.59 p.m. train from ^ypridd, and he received a parcel from Ytl inSt°a, which he deposited on the alj^hir platform, and told the porters t lf"e Nicholls, railway porter, said of he went down the platform in search 4 'he goods, but found that they had appeared. He saw a, number of people C11 the line, whom he ordered back to '¡¡' station. One of them, a woman, pas, e a parcel, and next morning, on the same spot, he found the dress o trials produced in Court. at vsie Lowell. Cardiff, stated she alighted ^yshi)- platform at the same time as ticked on to the line.'1 HS afterward's ix[C ed_ it up and offered her the dress t,atwial, but she refused it. Defendant threw it under a truck. stat jmas ^^hert, foreman platelayer, tljf.that he found a parcel on the line Wao. Ioil0iwing morning under some coal t^ion 100 yards from Ynyshir ^ated that defendant made Tlf 'V vv^len charged with the theft. e case was dismissed. Coal Stealing. agai c^ai'ge of coal stealing was preferred Amelia and Selina Jenkins, two TO from Ferndale, of 10s. was imposed. ^Piving Without Lights. ligl,?1" driving a horse and cart without Ang. Tylorstown on the 16th of Herbert Way, of Ferndale, was A char«e was preferred against Hen Jallbov- rag collector, Ferndale. atejv, topped by a constable, defendant JS'J i strike him. ln^ 10 s. Happy Mardy. etr ""1 Ma,dy women appeared before the 'fr t(> relate their tales of woe. plaintiff was Cecilia Lewis, Royal JfiDp while the defendant was Annie V J T°Pkins. Mr. C. Matthews appeared Plaintiff's story was that as she was M ^le road with a bottle in her buy some vinegar, defendant S her some opprobious names, 1 s^e lia^ bastard children in t,e and that her husband was not « ?l he'' children. t 1 v ^^nesses were called, who testi- fir 0 hearing Mrs. Hopkins using the i rTj,„ ^cribed to her. $a ^efendant stated that she never tjjr, (^'ai ,el with the plaintiff, but that ^ch tter was passing her house to ffa.r, plaintiff came on to her and she would hit her brains out. defendant called witnesses, who C'QV.J111 detail what occurred between tJ'\ tending parties, which drew from s+aVld Thomas the remark that if h '^derl aTfd_ in their own houses and e ^heir own affairs it would be °l'Pe n01 ^hein than to come to the (i °th with their rot. r(, /Vv°rpen bound over in their l3c r^Q^izances to keep the peace for

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