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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Artl°UC^a^"—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. Alrlp!11 ^ewis), Alderman E. H. Da vies, L,Jm^ Morgan, Alderman Richard Sia'lnfr- D" W Davies and Mr. J. D. Youthful Offenders. feri-p f31'*68. charges of thefts were pre- i'nv a§ainst two .Pentre boys, viz., Win °2 and Edgar Jones. p^bert Dyer, collier, 20, Robert St., gaiY|le' said that be owned an allotment U,1. at the back of Baglan Street. On th Ursday, the 17th inst., he noticed that out ors sevei'al vegetables had been the f ii ailc' strewn about the place. On *n§ Saturday he found that a tlip, potatoes had been stolen to value of 2s. b(ath,ine Davies, the wife of William that, ii ^■reharriei Street, Pentre, said 8atUrj b°y F°x cante to her house on fy a'id asked her if she wanted take f0e?' She replied that she would them8 sting's worth, and she paid for beill1. Defendant stated that they th Onged to his father. The police came the oil Monday, and she handed them j> imler of the potatoes. P.§' 'T Millet said that in company with Slid arnes he arrested both prisoners ivhe,.C0liyeyed them to the police station, ab0uf tney were charged with stealing kv ii ~31bs. of potatoes, the property of KoWvt Dyer. Vas Sec°nd charge of stealing potatoes WP'e??lTed aga'list- Fox and Jones by ^iti van's-' postman, 20, Queen St., IV at j.i°Secutor said that he owned a garden th C ac^ °f Baglan Street, and on the Potaf August he missed a quantity of gave, from his garden. He immediately i]]; ntormati°n to the police. sta,t ?' 1i^nn Cooper, Treharne Street, and ,i. -^ox 80 her 31bs. of potatoes 't0 e paid for them. ^lefcha (,lles,h"t from the Stipendiary than (|l obtained more for her money W| slxe. usually got, she replied that she her th httle more. Defendant informed f4ththat he had the potatoes from his ]i s garden. ii'' ^et gave evidence of arresting the '^oncr, and of recovering some of add stolen property from various fh 868 •. aboyf third charge was that of stealing P "t'1 °f potatoes from the a £ lai cf Henry Bartlett, collier, 15, I,?11 Street, °8, 'rfaV!tli Paul, wife of Mr. John Paul, 8at i'ne Street, Pentre, stated that ioHse 1,1 the boy Fox came to her Potato an(* asked her if she wanted any theIn nS- She asked him where he had thela „rom> and he replied that he had 0iIb}i+ im ^'s father's garden. She Jip about 6d. voirth from him. ^ts' sppke to arresting defen- pqt 'alld charging them with stealing .I3al'U Oe8, the property of Mr. Henry T, ett, Baglan Street, Pentre. °f t|i i Stipendiary Mrs. Fox, mother Fox, stated that she knew °f the doings of her boy, neither e bring her any money whatever, ^•'ok^ 'X F°x was sentenced to have six !'s with the birch, and both parents £ 5 boys were bound up in a surety of zq 1tch. The boy Jones was allowed to \I]\¡eb\)P, as it did not seem that he had to do in the business. £ Coal Stealing. s [,,(10riUl D<l vid Roderick, William Thomas, }f;o Morgan and William HE iu Gilfacii Goeh; the property Mr■ Christopher Evans." fine of 5s. each was imposed, with of Hill, and the parents he hound over in a sum of £ 5 each to thej Sponsible for the good behaviour of e'lr children for six months. j Timber Stealing. '°^n Skyiu, a young boy from (l U;t was charged with stealing a nollierv i> °f timber from the Tynybedw n' Pentre, the property of Messrs. re onirS utt°n, mechanical engineer at stated that he saw defen- Cojltain T a hag and truck, both of which i t)ej eV ahout fcwt. of timber. llant was fined 5s., and was also ^avi,!>Ver. 'tl a sum ot" £ 5 to be of good 11'' for six months. <Mz. r Coal stealing- a ^ach p Ue a young girl from n (ili;n,4 ^0c^' was charged with stealing of coal from the Britannic t>.c yT^ding, Gilfach Gooh. .4 fjj. J^vans proved the charge- L or 5s. was imposed, and the girl t ^env, d over. Lun Williams and William Locke, M al){, boys, found themselves at h «ual i Court for stealing; a quantity i-i1'0111 the Glamorgan Coal Com- A:i, ],Yllypia. a6 Cnli- er AJJPll iiight watchman at tt call' t. t ii. ,<>y- gave evidence, and stated e lads stole the coal from a full Jl'tlj of 10s. each was imposed, and were bound over to be behaviour for six months. an Horse. ha8 r'ha,ni Owen, an Ystrad brake-driver, My Jf?d with driving a horse at Tony- la Cn,v, was r)°t fit to work. L'^e table stated that there was a o1]g ound near the collar about an inch alld half-an-incih deep. ti- "'Otithiul Coal Stealers. Ai'^1 Osborne, Mary A. Owens, CrvTer u'l'is; Thomas Fisher and Henry <Lai fi'Ayvere fined 5s. each for stealing the Cambrian Collieries, Cly- 0fh?L ^eai'ing °f the case, the she^lstrat boyg Fisher implored the to -i ^as t° he lenient in he# case, as eachWl^°W* fine was reduced ^^hZUriOUS D,,iving" cha?ai'ed V -Lewis, barman, Tylorstown, 0f Pefpre the magistrates on a <>f -8. g- nrious driving. K\mT{gh stated that on the 9th W? V..J saw defendant driving a !?U> p<tre. » vary U)(! tj;etCii -^he horse, he said, was m rat, and a,ppe,ai-ed to be going at eildnTi+ miles an hour. V of Said that the horse was 16 ^^■S0^lainedd°f;°Uld n0t travel at thG ^e"i, said that he was on aVn Road on the night in at n i e. saw the defendant tt'ah othfv,. terrific rate. There were A 0f J?;en in the bottom of the 0| ^honi appeared to be drunk. A R Was ^mPosed- r'uta' Irishman. 2,' 'V1 -fr'shnian, was charged llg i l"g j> and disorderly and also t ^-C; amcs on Saturday even- ^M^^ey^p^t-ed that he was called tW '-h,011 S'atmS res^ment House, Ystrad 8 OTfi»+" y evening where defen- a disturbance and also 8 landlady. He advised k. him to go home quietly, and after he went as far as Bridgend Square he began to use most filthy language. He again managed to persuade him to go away, and after going about fifty yards he made use of threatening language towards the constable. When witness went, on to, him he knocked him down and gave him several blows, and bit his hand. Witness managed to get him to the police station after a considerable strsjggle, in the course of which he lost his helmet and his cape. Defendant was fined 10s. for drunken- ness, and he was sent, to prison for two months for the assault on the constable. Trespassing on the T.V.R. Jenkin Evans and Hugh Richards were fined Is. each for trespassing on the Taff Vale Railway near the Cwmparc signal box. Detective-Inspector Edwards said that they were having a great amount of trouble on this part of the line. There was only a crossing for people going to work, and for the families who lived in the farm close by. During the summer time hundreds of people crossed the line to go up to the hillside. A similar fine was imposed upon Wm. John Evans for trespassing on the Taff Vale Railway. Gaming. George Coonibes, John Thomas, Gwilym Bowen, Charles Evans and Austin Lewis, of Tonypandy, were charged with gaming near the Great Western Railway near Kenry Street, Tonypandy. P.O. Smith said the- were playing a quiet game of nap, and when disturbed by witness and another constable, fled, leaving behind two halfpennies and a couple of cards. Fines ranging from 10s. to 25s. were imposed. A similar charge was preferred against Charles Fryer, collier Tonypandy. When caught, Fryer said that he would rather do six months than give the names of his companions. P.C. Pinkard said that defendant played nap every Sunday. A fine of 10s. was imposed. Drunk and Disorderly. Peter Riddy, Ystrad, 10s. George Owens, Gelli, 15s. Thomas James, Blaenrhondda, 10s. John Ford, Blaenycwm, 15s. James Jones, Blaenycwm, IDs. Fred Pierce, Treherbert, 10s. John Jones, Treherbert, 10s. Frank Bird, Treorchy, 10s. John Owen, Cwmparc, 20s. Thomas Evans, Treherbert, 15s. Caroline Blake, Tonypandy, 5s. Jeremiah Cox, Gelli, £ 1. James Cochlin, Williamstown, 15s.

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