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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

9 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MONEY. CHEAP. MONEY RE-PAYMENTS EASY. 95 repayable 5s. per week, total charge, 7s. 6d tio los. I I 11 158 £25 „ 25s. „ 35s 6d 250 50s. 68s Other Sums at similar Rates. Apply for prospectus to— The WESTERN FINANCE ASSOCIATION (LTD.), 17, Working Street, Cardiff. MARKET-SQUARE CHAMBERS, CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD Attendance at Pontypridd Mondays. 4.30 till 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 11 till 2. Fridays, 4.30 till-7. 3913 FLIGELSTONE, Pawnbroker & Jewaller, f continues to make advances on all kinds of Jewellery, Plate, etc., at THE LOWEST INTEREST. The oldest established local firm maintains its reputation for promptness and secrecy. Cor- respondence receives immediate attention. Call or write. FLIGELSTONE, 22, City Road, Cardiff. 3536 MONEY. IT1HE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from zio to Z5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated sransactioos with us. If desii-ed, one of our Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND THEN. Call, or write (in confidence), to the MANAGER, MR. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, QUEEN SQUARH, BRISTOL. FOR SALE. FOR SALE (having given up riding) First Class Lady's Cycle (High Grade) in perfect condition; free wheel.—Mrs. Berry, Ael-y-Bryn, Porth. 4021 171 OR SALE. Shop with Double Frontage, and Dwelling House with a large and commodious Bakehouse at the back, fitted ap with all the latest appliances, at Tony- pandy, within 2 minutes walk from the main street, suitable for general business. For terms, &c., apply-XYZ, "Leader" Office, Tonypandy. 4137 (CHEVIOT SUITINGS, Tennis Flannels, J Habit Cloths, New Stripe Suitings 3/11 dress length, carriage paid patterns free.- Bradford Dress Warehouse, Bradford. b777-52 1 AL)Tt;5r~GASHMEKE dressLengTHS, 2s. lid. Stripe Suiting Tweeds. Habit Cloths, Dyed Fancies, 3s. lid. paid; patterns free.—Pearson's Dress Ware- house, Letds. b779-53 MERSILDA, SHANTUNGA, Crepes, Zephyrs, Linens, newest creations for Blouses and Dresse°, 4fd. yd carriage paid. — Dress Warehouse, Darlington. b779-53 VV'HEKLBARROVVS, 300 for Sale, lew price, strong, hard wood Navvy Barrows. 13s 6d. general pur- poses. 1.3s. 6d. each. Price for quantity on application. Builders send trade card for illustrated list of all kinds of Woodwork.—Jennings & Co., 358, Pennvweil Road, Bristo1. 3312c FISH. FISH. FISH for Fryers, Hawkers, etc supplied at lowest market price. Quotations daily by wire. AJackrel Season now on. Frying Fish a speciality. For terms apply DRIÑG, Fish Market, Swansea. FOR SALE AND TO LET. MO USE, Cart, and Harness for sale good bargain for cash. Also Two-Stall Stab'e and Cart-House to let. Apply—48, Eleanor Street, Tonypandy. B809 TO LET. A LARGE 7-Room House for Sale, situate in Kenry Street, Tonypandy. Write— Box 807, "Leader" Office, Tonypandy. MISCELLANEOUS P. Lougher & Sons, Curriers and Leather Merchants, Pontypridd, have opened their new premises, Market Square, Pontypridd. 4093 IMPORTANT TO MATHERS. Every Mother who values the heaich and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S "Reliable" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4d. and 9d., postage Id. Geo. W. Harrison, Chamist 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agents, Emrys Richards, Chemist. Goedyiueibion, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy; W. R. Williams, Chemist. Medical Hall, Tylorstown J. P. Lewis, Chemist, Medical Hall, Ynyshir. B761-70 PHIL JONES Tate pupil of Signor Moretty, f R.A.M. (London), is open to receive engagements for Oratorios, Miscellaneous Concerts, etc. Moderate fee. Dr. Randegger says He possesses a decidedly beautiful tenor voice most pleasing to listen to." Copies of testimonials on application. Address, Phil J one-, Tonyrefail. 430 GREY HAIR permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using HARRI £ ON'8 HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It ij not a dye, but by natural me D8 acts as a rrstorative- Contains nothing ujurious, and is beneficial to the growto and beauty ot the Hair, in bottles, price Is. 6<1 (postage 3d. extra) Manu acturer:—G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist Read- ing- Agent for Tonypandy Emrys Richards, The Dun aven 1'havmacy, B801-86 JOHN CURTIS, THE STUDIO, CiLYFiTNYDD. gjg*" For JIlnminate i Addresses, Inscriptions on Presentation Books, Emblems, etc.- SHIPPING. ;@NADIANpAcIFtC t__eT, Weekly Service from Liverpool. FAeTEST Luxurious accommodation in ailc)* ■ 1MB es at mo.ierate fares—only four days. open sea. Emigrants -i,et at I.ivtr- TO pool by Canadian Paciae Officials. For sailings and pamphlet re Wo?k and CANADA, Wages, apply to Local Agent,—W R. Thomas, 36, Pcntypool-rd. Porth. I All persons going abroad to any Country should apply for full particulars to Messrs. W. Thomas & Sons Shipping Agents, Town Hall Chambers, PONTYPRIDD. Agents for principal Steamship Lines. 40 Do You Cycle? (T if so, do you enjoy the pastim ) under the best condition ? There are Many Improvements on the 1908 Machine, And it might Add to your pleasure if you consulted us. OW If you are thinking of purchasing a New Machine we will show you all the Latest Models, And give you expert opinion as to which is the best machine for you at the price you want to pay. REPAIRS AND ACCESSORIES. A JENKINS, THISTLE CYCLE WORKS, 2, Llwynypia Road, Tonypandy a CYCLES, &a. LV Buy your Cyeles from the actual makers andrSave Agentslproflts. Send for our new List for prices of Cycles, Repairs, Plating and Enamelling, &c. Agents for the Sale and Repair, of Rudge Whiteworth Cycles. Our new depot now open opposite Miskin .Hotel, Trealaw. Hammond & Co., Cycle Manufacturers, PONTYPRIDD CURE THAT COUGH NOW! It may not seem much at the beginning, but if it is neglected and allowed to run its course without check, there is grave danger waiting for you- It is not worth while to he laid up with Pneumonia or Bronchitis when you have a very simple remedy at hand in the form of DAVIES' BALSAMIC GOUCH LINCTUS — Take this according to directions aud yon will find that it will cut the phlegm, and enable you to breathe much more freely that it will give you infinite relief, and soothe the troubled tubes. Try it. Price 1/- per bottle. D. E. DAVIES, I Chemist, Treorchy. I ——MHP'WiJBBIaHm I 00 GIVEN BY Mr. A. E. JONES IDEAL NEW TEETH. The Rhondda New Teeth Supply, 6, CHURCH ROAD, TON-PENTRE (Close to Ystrad Station and Workmen's Hall. Hours, 10 to 8 daily ~a l Worth Considering. | THE Spring Cleaning season brings 11 f X to light quantities of goods that k are faded or soiied. < k Do not cast these goods aside. ( A We are in a position to renovate all sorts of materials, and give them a new lease of usefulness. < l' Interesting Booklet, "Spring Clean- (' ( ing, post free on application to ( > W. E. VAUGHAN & Co., ) DYERS AND CLEANERS, J | LLANDAFF ROAD, CARDIFF. ( Pcntypridd Branch-19, The Arcade' I 3998 1 "A f,dIbIhI11 Jn Prove your Eyes » WM CONSULTING MK WA 0. F. WALTERS m fmm F.S.M.0., F.I.D., wmk WMm Qualified Sight- wmk Testing Optician mmj (Holder of the liighes^ Jmm Diplomas possible to Wjg obtain a» a Sight- gftk Testing Optician). GK& 51,Oxfor d St. OK (Late 15, Union St.), JJMM « SWANSEA- fM M Don't be mislead. No mm conaeefcioii with the business Jim carried on in our old premises. [apy m. Branch—49a, Commerelaxi M M St., ABERDARE. Q 4106 One Cake Free If you will buy one cake o{ Liquozone Antiseptic Soap—price sixpence—we will give you one cake free. That means two cakes for the price of one, if you will bring this advertisement. This soap, in 1904, was awarded the prize as being the finest soap in existence. No other soap is so delightful, so economical, so antiseptic. Every cake is seasoned two years before it is marketed. We want you to know this exquisite soap; then you will use it always. So we make the above offer, for a few days, to all who bring this advertisement. J. BURGESS, Chemist, 44 & 46, Strand, FERNDALE, Glam. !l\\ THE LARGEST STOCK BEST VALUE 21 1 »M WALesi 1 J I S P J.BRADER & SONS. ,J| [ | 2| I < I I I ABSCESSES |l Mother & noy Cured Permanently. j| fit SufFerers from Abscesses, Ulcers, II B\ Tumours, Bad Leg6, Boils, 0lai\dular |B; Swellings, Sores, Eruptions, or any g Kindred complaint, should at once profit j ■|1 by the experier)ce of IV[rs. ClarK 1BB Mrs. CLARK, of 40, North Street, Tunbridgc SS& Wells, writes: "Gentlemen.—I hadrbeen suffer- J HB 1 ing from abscesses for many years, and after I BB t taking four bottles of Clarke's Blood Mixture, £ S| |H| l am perfectly cured, and have not had the SSg j 1 slightest sign of them since. My little boy also BBS j HHH j was suffering^ from the same disease. After B^g j giving him two bottles of your medicine, he S| JBSH 1 was cured, although at the time lie WAS such flB3| Ben an awful sight that I was ashamed for any fgjsKg ] one to see hitn, abscesses "being aU over his Bm ragS body.* BRi Wm THE DEACON Clarke's Blood Wm\ InC ItCHOUll Mixture effects ||pxf§ | tmSm such wonderful cures is because it is j ) the only medicine which thoroughly drives out all impurities from the Egl|| Blood. Remember" For the Blood Hi is the Life," and Skin and Blood 1 gsiii |H| j Diseases, such as Eczema, Scrofula, I Scurvy, Bad Legs, Abscesses, Boils, WSI Pimples, Sores and Eruptions of all I BgK S9 j kinds, Blood Poison, Glandular Swel* gH lings, Rheumatism, Gout, &c., can only be |h» Eg permanently cured by purifying'the blood. IHg I CLARKE'S I I BLOOD MIXTURE 1 B j can be obtained of all Chemists and Stem, II ■ I 2/9 ■per bottle, or post free on receipt of IB I trice, direct from the Proprietors, IHC 1H | LINCOLN <&• MIDLAND COUNTIES ]■ ■ DRUG CO., Lincoln. II t REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. |1 Taff Crated Water Co. CLARENCE STORES, PONTYPRIDD. BREWERS OF STOXE GINGER BEER, HOP BITTERS, &c., &c. IT" MANUFACTURERS OF CORDIALS. WHOLESALE PRICES ONLY. W. BANFIELD. For HIGH-CLASS g 5 PHOTOGRAPHY! In all the latest processes call at |T J STUDIO, | TREALAW BRIDGEg (Near New Station). jfe ENLARGEMENTS in every known process. Old and Faded Photos Copied. = Special Quotations for Groups, Sunday Sehoo «g. Parties, Choirs, etc. CHILDREN'S POTRAITS. J Jt Very Rapid Appliances are used in order to ju. obtain Good Pictures. g Note the Address-T. J. HUGHES, Photographic Artist, 4 Bridge Street, TONYPANDY. # f, 5 OS:4I(. The correct style in Collars, HatS, Caps," c., and 1FLtest in TieR, &c., are very Important. V J HAYDN JONES, J Hat and Tie < 15, Pandy Square, | TONYPANDY.

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