Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



E| CARDIFF EMPIRE £ (QUEEN STREET) Managing Director OSWALD STOLL -0- TWICE NIGHTLY-6.45 and 9 o'clock. Seats booked daily by Post or Tele. No. 626, Nat. Mondayt April 27th, 1908, and Twice Nightly during the Week— TWELVE OF MEN P TWELVE OP RAISULI'S MEN And One of his Dancing Boys. In Native Desert Exercises. Captors of the Kaid Sir Harry Maclean. Captors of the Kaid Sir Harry Maclean. GRACIE GRAHAME, The Charming and Versatile Comedienne. The Popular Sketch Artistes. I Mr. & Mrs. HAROLD FINDEN, WARSAW BROS., Erne & Dave, Australia's Musical Comedian. HARRY EDSON" and his Dogs "Dog" & "Tige," An Act as Marvellous as it is Olever. In a Musical Incident The Schoolboy's Dream. RRHODA PAUL, g Scene—Waterloo Bridge by Night. A J. W, RICKABY, Burlesque Character Comedian. BERT HARROW E That's me The Rum Comedian. That's All! New Pictures on the AMERICAN BIOSCOPE The Famous KKLLINOS, In their Great Speciality Act, 'A Fete in Venice.' NEW THE. AIRE CARDIFF. Sole Proprietor ROBERT REDFORD EVERY EVENING at 7.30, THE MUSICAL PLAY THE DAIRYMAIDS. Next Week— PETER PAN By J. M. BARRIE. Miss Pauline Chase as Peter Pan. The entire London Company and Production from the Duke of York's Theatre, London. MATINEES on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, Box Office at Theatre, 10 to 5. Nat. Tel. 376. Clydach Vale. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MESSRS. E. T. DAVIES & CO, have been instructed to sell by Public Auction at the PANDY HOTEL, TONY- PANDY, on TUESDAY, APRIL 28th, 1908, at 7.30 p in., subject to such conditions as shall be then read, the following valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Lot 1.—All that Dwelling House and Prem- ises known as No. 33, Glenview Street, Tonypandy, in the occupation of the owner Mrs. Catherine Jones. Lot 2 -All that Dwelling House and Premises known as No. 34, Glenview Street, Tonypandy, let to Mr. Aaron Jones at 30/- per lunar month. The above Premises are held for a term of 99 years from 29th September, 1903, subject to a ground rent of j61 8s. 4d. each. Let 3.—All that Dwelling House and Prem- ises known as No. 3, Park Terrace, Clydach Vale, let to Mr. Towling at 30/- per lunar month. This lot is held for 99 years from May 1st, 1897, at a ground rent of 15/- per annum. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Penti e, or to Messrs. SPICKETT & SONS, Solicitors, Pontypridd. 4147 Coliseum Auction Mart. Mr. L. FINE begs to announce that he will sell by Public Auction on Saturday next at 7 p.m., and Monday next at 2.30 and 7 p.m., a Large Assort- ment of useful New and Secondhand HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Diiii- g-roorn Suites in Leather, Cloth, Velvet ai d Saddle bags; Walnut Loo Tables, Sideboards, Overmantles Fenders, Brasses, Clocks, Carpets, Ornaments, Bedroom Suites, Bedsteads, Springs, Overlays, Kitchen Drebsers liocking Chairs in Leather, Cloth, etc., Kitchen Chairs, Arm Chairs, and a Large Stock of other articles too numerous to mention. The whole will be sold without the slightest reserve. Money advanced on Furniture and other stocks previous to sale; or stocks bought outright for Cash Note the Addreba-COLISEUM AUCTION MART 3999 (Old Brewery), TONYPANDY PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Tylacelyn Road and No, 1 Hendre cafn Road, Penygraig, Rhondda Valley. Attractive Sale of 3 Valuable Leasehold Shops and Premises situate in a command- ing corner position on the main road and known as Tylacelyn Road, together with a Valuable Leasehold Cottage, Cellar and Premises situate in No. 1, Hendrecafn Road, Penygraig. MR. WILLIAM MORGAN has been favoured with instructions to sell by Public Auction at the SWAN HOTEL, PENYGRAIG, on TUESDAY, MAY 12th, 1908, at 7.30 p.m., the above very valuable and eligible LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. For further particulars see sale bills and next week s issue of this paper, -or on appli- ation to Messrs. Morgan, Bruce & Nicholas, Solicitors Pontypridd, or of the Auctioneer, at his Offices, Maesyrhaf, Trealaw, and Coliseum Chambers, Tonypandy. A140 Pontypridd Union. APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTOR OF POOR RATES FOR THE PARISH OF YSTRADYFODWG. nnlIE Guardians of the above-named JL Union invite applications for the appointment of Collector of Poor Rates for the Parish of Ystradyfodwg. Salary, L400 per annum. The person appointed must attend per- sonally to and devote his whole time to the duties appertaining to the _Office, and must be capable of carrying out the same in the manner prescribed in the Orders issued by the Local Government Board or any Act of Parliament and must enter into a Bond with the Guardians in some approved Guarantee Society for the proper uncharge thereof in the sum of £ 6,000. The appointment will be subject to the Poor Law Officers' Superanuation Act, 1896. Forms of Application may be obtained I from me, the undersigned, and must be returned to me not later than Tuesday, the 5th day of May, 1908, endorsed Appointment of Collector of Poor Rates." WM. SPICKETT, Union Offices, Clerk Union Offices, Clerk Pontypridd, tith Aywril, IVIUH 4124 HIPPODROME TONYPANDY 7 30th WEEK. Monday, April 27th, and during the Week U TWICE NIGHTLY. WILL STONE'S nT 'Oft ELECTRIC BIOSCOPE CUI^TIE Final FOOTBALL MATCH, as played at the Crystal Palace on Saturday, April 25th, will be shewn nightly on the Bioscope. WIPE YOUR FEET (very Funny). A CHILDISH MATCH. WANTED, A MAID (a Screamer). THE GHOST STORY (Another Funny Picture). Sleeping ""B.1.iV A New and Beautifully-coloured Picture, New M-usic by the Popular Hippodrome Orchestra. Special Engagement of the BROS. BRADSHAW, the Insane Acrobatic Eccentrics. MISS QUEE-NEE, Comedienne. TWO VERVAINS, in Song, Story, and Wooden-Shoe Dancing. WILL WYNNE, Comedian. VIC VERNEY, Whistler. ABEL AND WILLING, in Refined Musical Act. PEOPLE'S POPULAR PRICES-Gallery, 3d., Early Doors, 4d. Pit, 6d., Early Doors, 9d.; Stalls, Is. Early Doors, 1s. 3d. TIYOLI Palace & Hippodrome, PENTRE. Proprietors POOLE'S THEATRES Limited Acting Manager Mr. JAMES GuNN 6.50 & 9. Twice Nightly. 6.50 & 9. Monday, April 27, and Twice Nightly during the Week Special Engagement at Great Exitense of the Ja!L Nine Artistes. Vaudeville Entertainers, under the direction of PAUL MILL. Special Scenery and Effects. SAM VELD, in an Up-to-date Musical Act. HELEN ANDREWS & WALTER THOMPSON in a High-class Singing Vaudeville Act 3 COMERFOROS, Comedy Acrobats and Tumblers "At the Club." Miss JENNIE RUBY, Comedienne and Dancer. TREVOR AND TRUE, In their Refined and Up-to-date Comedy Act, "The Dude and the Waiter." MERSANO, Mysterious Mariner and King of Coins. The Coins and Card Marvel. THE TIVOLISCOPE in a Grand Series of Up-to-date Films. Changed Weekly. THE ST. CLAIRS, Comedy and Football Cyclists. THE TIVOLI BAND (of Selected Musicians), one of the best in the Provinces. Conductor—Mr. John Brierley. CIRCLE, 1/- (Early Doors, 1/3, Reserved at 1/3). PIT, 6d. (Early Doors, 9d.). GALLERY, 3d. (Saturdays, 4d., Early Doors, 4d.). Early Doors 6.30 and 8.40. Ordinary Doors at 6.40 and 8.50. OPERA HOUSE TREHERBERT. Proprietors POOLE'S THEATRES CO., LIMITED AW THE MOST ATTRACTIVE DRAMA OF THE DAY. Monday and Tuesday, April 27th and 28th, far Two Nights Only Special Engagement of Miss BONWIN CARLTON'S Co., In the Beautiful and pathetic Play- THE OLD,OLD STORY Tale of Love, the Love that never dies. Wednesday, April 29th, for One Night Only, Special Engagement of Miss BONWIN CARLTON'S Co., including the well-known London Character Actor, Mr. -EDWARD SURREY, In the Sensational Comedy Drama, entitled- The Plucky Nipper! By EDWARD SURKEY. Special Scenery by Mr. H. J. BUTLER, of London. POOLE'S POPULAR ORCHESTRA under the Direction of Miss LESLIE. Poole's Popular Prices-Gallery, 6d.; The Entire Floor, 1/ Balcony, 1/6; Balcony Stalls, 2s .t.a.a..a.a.I.a. @. HIPPS, LIMITED, 1 iThe Public Benefit Tailors. i 1 Rainproof Overcoats, 16/61 i I To Measure. $9 103, Dunraven-st., Tonypandy,w 3719 » a_ta.t* Public Notices. I Rhondda Urban District Council Education Committee. rilENDERS are invited for the Supply of JL COAL to the Council's Schools for the Year ending 30th April, 1909. Copies of the Specification and Conditions, together with Form of Tender, may be had from the undersigned on receipt of a stamped addressed foolscap envelope. Sealed Tenders endorsed Tender for Coal," must reach the undersigned not later than 10 a.m. on Thursday, the 30th day of April instant. ftThe Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender, and reserve to themselves the right to accept the whole or any part of any Tender. T. W. BERRY, Director of Fducation. Council Offices, Pentre, Rhondda, 11th April, 1908. RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUN- CIL ELECTION, 1908. TO THE ELECTORS OF NO. 1 WARD. Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of the Treherbert Labour Council I desire to thank you most sin- cerely for so loyally upholding the banner of Labour at the recent Election. I en- deavoured to present the Labour cause free from any vagueness, and to give it that breadth and definiteness of aim and policy which logically belong to it. An issue so clear and bold inevitably brought ail the forces and weapons of privilege and reaction into play against us, and the victory achieved under such circumstances is a high tribute to the educative and organising work of the Labour Party in the Ward during the last few years. It shall be my endeavour to remain faithful to the principles which carried me to this victory. Yours faithfully, 4144 W. H. MORGAN. THE PRACTICAL VALUE OF AN ± L. E. & G." POLICY. The Staff of the London, Edinburgh and Glasgow Assurance Company are doing a splendid work where they induce the hus- band and father to effect assurances on his own life. As typical both of the value of such work and of the uncertainty of life, we have fresh in our memories:- (1) The Dinas Main Colliery Disaster; (2) The Railway Accident at Shrews- bury; (3) The Hamstead Colliery Explosion. In each of these sad events the L. E. & G." were able to send cheques to pay claims as the result of the good work done by their canvassing representatives. xhe loss of H.M.S. "Tiger" brings the following letter from the widow of one of the brave fellows lost in that sad disaster (Copy of Letter). 5, Seafield Terrace, Copnor Rd., Portsmouth, April 11th, 1908. To the Directors of The London, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Company, Ltd., Euston Square, London. Gentlemen, I beg to tender my sincere thanks for the prompt manner in which I received my claim of P,12 4s. Od. on the death of my husband Oliver Goldsmith, who lost his life on H.M.S. Tiger," and although he had only been insured in your Com- any three months, the full amount was paid me. I will do my utmost to recommend your Company to my friends. Yours faithfully, (Signed) FANNY GOLDSMITH. Work such as this, that comes so close to human suffering in the hours of its greatest loss and need, must beget enthu- siasm in those engaged in it, and com- mand the respect and hearty good wishes of all who sympathise with the widow and fatherless. But in this, as in all else worth having, it is the completed work that brings relief. it is work such as this that explains the L. E. & G.'s great increase of last year — £ 43,748, in Premium Income, and R94,470 added to the Assurance Funds, which now amounts to £ 913,671. 4146 For Sale by Private Treaty. 30, 31 and 32, JONES STREET, BLAEN- CLYDACH, being Dwelling Houses converted and used for and known as the "National Democratic Club." These premises being centrally situated, are admirably adapted for business purposes. For particulars, permission to inspect, etc., apply T. Llewellyn, Sec. pro. tem., 30-32, Jones Street, Blaenclydach. b811-41 TO REFRESHMENT CONTRACTORS CLUB SECRETARIES AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF MARQUEES, TENTS, ARMY SHEETS AND BLANKETS. Cardiff Arms Park. MESSRS. S. M. WILKINSON (F.A.I.) ULL & CO. are favoured with instruc- tions from Messrs. Paull & Co., Ltd., Tent Proprietors, Martock, Somerset, to Sell by Auction on the Cardiff Football Ground, at the Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff, on Thursday, May 7th, 1908, at 2 p.m. punc- tually, a Large Quantity of MAJJQUEES, TENTS, ETC., being surplus stock, and including about 43 Marquees and Tents in various sizes from 60ft. x 40ft. down to 5ft. x 5ft., plain and striped Garden Tents, about 40 Army Bell Tents, about 200 Army Blankets and 100 Army Ground Sheets, &c., &c. The whole will be erected and on view morning of Sale day, and the Sale affords exceptional opportunity to Refreshment Contractors and others of obtaining Marquees and Tents ready for immediate use, all having been thoroughly overhauled and in the best condition. Further particulars and Catalogues may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 1, St. John's Square, Cardiff. 4143 Too Late for Classificaton. THOMAS WATKINS, 86, Trealaw Rd., Trealaw, hereby state that I will not be responsible for any debt or debts incurred by my wife, Diana Watkins, 223, Ynyscynon Rd., Trealaw, after this date. 22nd April. Signed, B810 TIIOS. WATKINS. ANTED. Two Furnished Rooins in W Trealaw or Porth. Apply-Box 12, Leader," Office, Tonypandy. B812 WANTED at Tonypandy, a respectable working Housekeeper. A comfortable home to a Widower, two in family. None need apply but sober trustworthy persons with references. State wages required. "Z.A.R. "Leader" Office, Tonypandy. CARYL'S SPECTACLES Relieve Tired Eyes. W. P. Caryl, F.S.M.C. The Qualified Sight-Testing Specialist 16, High Street, Arcade, CARDIFF. And 15, UNION S RREET, SWANSEA. =='=-'=-C- How is it That G. C. DEAN can give his customers so much satisfaction ? Well, its because he buys his material in large quantities, much cheaper If than the ordinary trader, therefore the customer reaps the benefits. Compare our Prices:- Devreser" Tweed Suit (Registered) from ZI 15s. Od. to order The Well-known 11 Lierapnon Serge (Registered), (Value unequalled) from zel 17s. ed. to order Flannel Suitings (Very Smart Patterns), from £1 15s. Od. to order Black Suitings in Serge, Vicunas, etc., from £1 17s. 6d. to order Mourning Orders Executed in 6 Hours only at G. C. DEAN, THE TAILOR. ftSfl, TflFF ST., POHTYPRIDD (Next door to Boot's Cash Chemist) DON'T FORGET THE ONLY G. C. DEAN IN SOUTH WALES.

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