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ADVERTISING RATES. 1 Advertisements in-tended for insertion in all Editions miu-t be received bv WEDNESDAY EVENING'S POST at latcet. Advertise- ments coming to hand after wardu may o-niy appc-ar ill tho later Editions. "SMALL" PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Vacar.-t Or Wanted, Ape^tmersis to be Let or Wanted. Mifcoi.aneoiw Wants and Sa4tHP, Hcw.cs, Shops, Baeine*,W"S, ate., to bo Sold, lid. or Wanted, Partnerships Wanted or Offered, e:c. One Three Six Thirteen week. weeks. w f ks. weeks, e. d. a. d. 6. d. 12 words 0 6 1 0 1 9 3 0 94 „ 1 0 2 0 3 9 7 0 32 1 6 3 0 b y 31 0 10 2 0 4 0 7 9 15 0 48 „ 2 5 5 0 r 9 13 0 f-6 2 9 5 Ó 10 6 20 0 In fuiufs 3f! "arnal!" advts. sen* fcr intenisn nrsuc-t bs acccmpanicd bll postal order, or starrtra if tha value of a shining;. Tho inconscnicrica cf boo5<i^'?r sman air.oariti, ERCI the subsequent expanse c? coJisct- ing t:va amc, rentiers i cessaryf that this ru!a ehcuid [-2 aii-lctSy obsorvee, otheiA-iis insertion cannci bo grcjaruntccd. Per line.. rarsramejitary Noiires, Efcetic-a Addresses anil Company Ptoepcc.uFes 1/. Le-g&l, Municipal. and Contract Notices 6d Property S&W &cj ffurmturo an-d S'jrjck 4d .Paragraphs, Series (Local) Ci Ariiclipa or Pasr, cs News 6d tnth and Deaths (per inseriion} 1/- Marnage-a (per i-nserticr,) 2/6 Publae Aimouiic'-mc'Titf. {lie:* inehj k 6 TFiADii ADVERTiSCftlCFiTS. 32 insertions t' t 5 Ik 2,6 Per inch single column. IBSSE ARE ?OH NEXT TO NEWS POSITIONS. SPECIAL POSITION BY AEBANGKMSNT. Persons afv.ivenng Advertisements are re- qpested to note—Address, number only, at this y^?.~rinsa'1A ^at application must bo made by LETTER ONLY. Telephone No. 56 Coiwvn Bav. AM remittances to be made payable feo J. 3. EDWASDS, an<J til business communica- tions to be addressed to the MANAGER "PIONEER" Oj.ii.aCE. COLWYN a AY. ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, Hstatcs M an age J a n 1 Develop ci yvy X Valuations & Surveys for all P¡J,)J,3 X Telephone S\. 3} No 55. XMl CA YL E v* ESTA T E OFFICE, NS\VYNNSTAY CHAMBERS COLWYN BA Y. SOLE AGENT to the Caley Estate WHICH COMPRISES SOME 300 ACRES OF RIPE BUILDING LAND Between Colwyn Bay & Rhcs-on-Sea, WITH Magnificent Uninterrupted Sea Frontage of 1,000 Yards. WILLIAM A. EARP, Architect & Surveyor, Wynnstay Chambers, Conway Road, COLWYN BAY. FREDERIC BATESON, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, POST OFFICE CHAMBERS, PENBHYN ROAD, COLWYN BAY 16107 OLD COLWYN AND NEIGHBOUR- HOOD. £ \T.n COLWYN enjoys unrivalled view of \J Sea and Mountains, with great immunity the East svinde, and a dryness and warredl ,j being chiefly situated on the Limestone. Scu -Mthing, beautiful Walks, and Goif Links." HOUSES TO LET. BUILDING LAND for Sale; also excellent D Sites for Bungalowe. — Apply, "ltaje office,Hoiyhcad-roacl. Old Colwyn. 17768[> FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. FOR SALE by Private Treaty, Three charm- r ing Detached Private Residences, with cabling and Gardens, situate a.t Colwyn, Coi. ryn Lay a.nd Rhos-on-Sea. Freehold. — For artlcuia.r" apply to Messrs T. H. Morgan a.nd 'o.. Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. 19293p J^EN Freehold Budding Plots for Sale by JL Private Treaty, situate at Rhcs-on-Sea; ither in ono lot or separately; suit Builder.— Apply, T. n. Morgan and Co., Solicitors. Col- 1 fjn Ba.y. 1929lip VALE OF CLWYD, N. WALES. FBE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, Freehold Farm llouee and Out-buildings, '0 Acres of Land, near Railway Station, ex- eiknt water supply. Also Freehold Farm, 27 Acres, good Laud, arable and pasture; timber. —Apply, W. R. Evarid and Jones, Solicit ore, ilutiun and Denbigh. 19303p BUILDING LAND, PENMAENMAWR. BE SOLD BY PPJVATE TREATY, a few Acres of choice Freehold Building in Alexandra Park, laid out in plots to purchasers, for "Villae, single or mi- •iefeached, at 3s per square yard; or on chief ent, at li per ya.rd in perpetuity; it is nncly ituated, and surrounded .vii} roads, drainage, vater and gas.—For further particulars apply a A. Duncan, o- Chamberlain and Johnson "lolicitors. Llano.m» 19309p The FARM AND GARDEN. JTlBEKIS BASIC SLAG.—For prices apply to W. Ellis a.nd Co.. Merchants, Abergele. I FLOWERING BULBS (Hyacinths, etc.), 250 for 2s; 125 for Is 3d; 50, poet free, 7id; -piend«i value. — Whoesa'e Buib Depot, llo, .Jover-road, Blackheath, London. p PLANTING SEASON, 1907. F GODWIN ia offering Larch Fir true native, 2i to 3i ft., 25s per 1000; 2 to 3 ft., 24s 1000. Cash only. Samples can be seen at .4, Greenfield-road, Colwyn Ba.y, or a personal all can be made with samples on application. Godwin would be pleased to superintend any Wanting, having had considerable experience oth in rearing and planting of tre.-34, Green- -;9ld-road, Colwyn Ba.y. 19233p l)LAXTi^G SEASU. T71 GODWIN is offering for Cash only Larch A? Fir. 2^ to 3^ ft., 24s and 25e i>er 1000; efom, 15s a. dozen: Do., ICte im* dozem. Standani Pears, 15s ■ >zen. Do., Plume, 15<! dozen. Do. CheTries. dozen. Standard Roses, bEt varieties, 158 ozcJt. Drop 1)0.. 5s dozen. Privet bread leaved i pec- 100, 37s 6d per 1000. Austrian Pinee, wub?, and all other nurpetry stock at equally ? w prices. — Samples as 34, Greenfield-joad, I <.Jwy.n Bay, 1924 3p SMALL BUILDING ESTATES FOR HALE. VILLAGE OF LLYSFAEN. BUILDING v SITE, containing about 4 ACRES with GOOD FRONTAGE TO PAR18H-HOAD. SOUTH ASPKCT1. CAPITAL SITE for COT- TAGES. SHOPS. Large STONE QUARRY on t-he Property its-clf. Price £2(10. OLD COLWYN.—GOOD BITLDING SITE a,p;r.oxima+eiIv about T\\0 ACRF.S iiRi ex- tent. SANDY SOIL. LOVELY VIEWS of I SEA. ar:d i: surrou-nded by VERY PRETTY RURAL SCENERY. Near Church, Po t Officc, and Shopii. ILANDUDNO JUNCTION. — FOR 1M. J MEDIATE SALE about 16.400 SQUARE YARDS of FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND IN VICTORIA. FAHK. Practically FREE or RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS. Tvxoei>ni she; s. No waric. Good road frontager. Drain- age ar.d water supply. Near yine Saticp. Pes. Otrico 'Clnirca. etc.. f!row:ng ne<ghbou, hcc-d. ONLY 2.s PER SQUARE YARD. CON WAY. — BRYN HYFRYD ESTATE. Chsrmir,^ FREEHOLD BUH.-DING ESTATE to be SOLD IN PLOTS, forming rife* for SMALT, VILLAS and fcrpcrior COITAGES. Good frontage to ForvrnaeTirnawr Main Road, also to Bryn Ily.fryd Perfe, whtch wiE'l phccitiy 1*5 ta:d Oilt with the roadway, paths, etc.. com- peted by the owners. Building chea;> a« timber w'r.<a-rf and Brickyard are within tasy caring dfiUi.nee. dfiUi.nee. Pia-His be arid ether -iiiforiria.tVn üY¡ned i'rein J. M pppfp^ ^iOiOIC Land and Estate Agents, Architects, Surveyors & Valuers, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. WfKE "Plan?, Colwro Bay. Puo^x:— No. 33. Colwyn Bay. APARTMENTS TO LET, (>OL",VYN LAY.—ApartmetUfi offered, or part ■> of House, furnished; small private fain.iy. —ti. G., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 1921dp C<OLWYN BAY —To Let, front Sitting ream J and Bedroom, gocd loca.ity, 6un:uier, terms 256 inclusive, permanency lbs. — Address, X. F., Pioneer'' Olfice, Coiwyn Bay. 182fc5p ClOLWYN BAY. — Sitting and Double-bedded 1 Room to Ld; suit two Business Men. Terms, 4 s orach.—Address, J. P., "Pioneer" Office. Colwyn liay. 1934ip C>OL\V\N BAV.—Winter Apartmeiits with J Board, ill 5-j a, weeit.—Brookiea, Lay View- road. 1Q347p CvOM FU RTAJJL fcl" LoT7uIng"s7" good'" CooF J mg-—1, Trcveiyan terrace. 1927o CvOAIBlNIvD ilOOM; Wight peasant cuiiock; > Lady lew terms lor permanency.— 54, Grovo Pack, Colwyn Bay. 19461p JAL-Y dmrrn? in C.iiwyn Bay lkdrcoaa and Sit tun g-room m Dcceraber for revert! vveoks; ter;ns, £ 1 per week, c-ooi's included; o'ci/niiiner.v very e-^c-n; :a'. and good cookisig and vofemnco desired.—Acdr«.i.<?, M.D., "Pioneer*' Omœ. C; wyn Bay. 1:;1\52:) .& FARMS TO LET. ANGLESEY.—A compact Holding to be Let, .1- 14 null's from the Market Town of Lian- gdni; good house and bu-iidinge; 50 or nioro Aoros of land; rent £ 120.—Apply, Box 18l'8, "Chronicle" OHic{;, Bangor. c FOR SALE — VARIOUS. FOR SALE OR CHARTER, A IIANDSOMl'-LV Modeiled Screw Steamer, Xi. approximate dimensions llurt. x 20ft. x 9lt. fiin. Kstunated deadweight about 180 tone. Speed H,boo; t d Knots, .NOW completing tiiorough overhaul and rc-eiassdication at Lloyds; ali-o ce- oeivnig new A moderate price will be accepted, and Owners might arrange for ex- tended terms of payment.—For fuli pariioule:s. etc., applv to The SHIPPING INVESTMENTS, LTD., 34, Great St. Helens, 1046c iiondon, E.C. c. OKE! COKE! Prices Tor truck loads io any Station.—Apply to W. Co., Colliery Agents, Abergele. 13931 p FOR SALE, Parccl of New Boobs, intended Jt' for King's Scholarship Study; bargain.— Applv, P. i' "Ciorianvdd'J OiLee, Llangefni. 1996c I .TOR SALE, a. few Poultry Hou, in good condition; also 60 Egg I:>euba;or (Tamlins), a.nd Two Foetermothers and Mccchsj.—J.C-, "Pioneer"' Office, Colwyn Bay. 19294p SALE, Chipped Potato Car, can he drawn by pony or by hand, only bought four months ago.—Car: be eeen at any time at 10, Cecil-street, Holyhead. 1383c W-ighi^ cheap -i' (stamped). — L.J., "Pioneer" Offi.cs, Col- wyn Bay. 19414p IpOR SALE, tplendid Dining Table, massive oak legs, top, 4ft. 6in. wide, extend- ing to 12ft. A bargain.—Wallis, Auctioneer, Rhyl. 19397p C~ i R< >( N O AGRiCl I/1 I FiTa7l1 MK 111 Pa^'s T —Fcr prices apply u> W. Elilis ajid Co., Merchants5, Abergele. 184[1411 t'orrugatcd Sheets, y ciai,ail 33 inciies wide:—3ft.. lid; 4tt., Ig 3d, k eft., Is lOd; 7ft., 2;3 Id; 8ft., 2s 5el each, or 14s jier cwt. All good, new Sheets, warranted sound, but slightly defective. THese Sheets cover 2ft. 6 inches with lap, and are 26 W.G., a. medium thickness. — W. P. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Established 1328. 1~ MPORTANT TO"MOTHERS.—Every Motte7 who values the Health of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable'' Nursery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beau- tifies and strengthens tho Hair. In Tins, 4id and Ud. Postage, Id. — (Jeo. VV. Harrison, Chetnust, 118, Broad-street, Reading. Agent for Colwyn Bay: J. W. Adamson, Chemist, Station- ruwl. Agent fot' Peninaenmawr; T. J. Hughee, Chemist. p AiiCG ANY OA SII _OFFlCrE, complete", 3ft. Gin. x 3ft. tin.; flEt. 9iu., height.— Apply, J. Houldsworth, Back of Sea View, Gwynfa, Colwyn Bay. 19316p ON SALE, American Stove: good condition; oven, boiler; take "what offers." — X.. "Pioneer" Office, Watlmg-street, JJanrwst. p 1>IANO. — Boudoir grand Piano, by Erast Ja. Kaps, in perfect condition, to be Sold, cheap. Can be £ een by aprx?.intnient at Mount near Carnarvon. c "rilEN_YOU ARE TIRED OF PAYING » ▼ fancy prices for your Wrapping Paper's and Paper Bags, write for Price LiMs,and Samj.lo to CUBBON and CO.. Wiiik.le-ytreeH, South- ampton, t1e best, and cheapest houro for everv of Paper. Sugar Bags, from 88 per cwt. loz. Sweet Basp, 4d. per thousand, ere. Genuine (Urease pro of, 17s 9t per cwt. NAILS.—Mixed, 8s 6d per cwt., 281 b3. » r 23 3d; Scrow3, mixed, 2os per cwt., 2Sibs. 75 6d. Ail kinds cf,_ Taciis, Rivets, Staples, Bolts, and nuts, etc. Midland Naii Wcrks, 25 to 28, Rea-stroet, Birmingham.— C. W. Havles, Proprietor. 16509 \\TA I'Kiiri for Ud per roil. Any Quari^ » t tity, la-rge or sma.l, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 100,000 roils; all classes.—Write for Patterns, stating olass required.—Barnett'a Wallpaper Warehouse (Dep*. 221), Carnpiield- avenue. Manchester. p 1 q-GALLON Galvanised Iron Gas Boiler; also 2 Second-hand Sewing Machines, viz.: Treadle Machine, Singer's Medium; and Hand Machine, Wheeler and Wilson. Condition equal to new. Cheap.—Owen, 4, Butter ton-road, Rhvl. 18392p ij a CABINETS, 10s 6d; 24 C.D.V., 1^*17' /V ^Ordinary P.O.P. or Permanent Bromide, 3 inch, 1. 3s; 3, 66; 6, 10s; 12, 15-s. Stamp Por- traits, 100, 3e 6d. Send C.D.V. or Cabinet wifh P.O. to Francis and Co., 10," 29, Ludgate HiD. London, E.C. c- CONWAY UNION. MACADAM, riAHE GUARDIANS of the above Union have for SaJe about 200 tons of Macadam at tr Workhouse, at 3s 3d per ton at the H0abe, and will be giad to receive for same. By Order, T. E. PARRY, Union Offices, 0'e.rk to the Guardia.i,B. StanLey Buildings. Conway, 1st November, 1907. 10445p HOUSE COALS. NOVEMBER PRICES. Per Ton for Truck Loads (Six to Ton Tons) Carriage Paid to COLWYN BAY STATION. General House Coal 13s and 19s &d Best Cobbles 20s 6d Best Yorkshire Coal 21s 6d Terme: Nett, Cash with Order, or on Delivery at Station Yard. Prices including delivery and storage quoted on receipt of Pest Card; also for single tone. Address: — DIRECT COAL SUPPLY, Station Yard, 193Slp OLD COLWYN. SITUATIONS VACANT. ] A YOUNG MAN of good appearance and addreeB Wanted, io Repreeont a Firet- c-iaes Company. Good reinuneration and pro- speotB of promotion to a capable man with good references. — Write, Biggs, Box 19458, "Pioneer" Oiiice. Colwyn Bay. A RESIDENT Represemtati ve re«puired for 1 each Dwt-nict in Wales to call upon mem- Gcr" of t'he variioiw. rongioMj. bo-dies on behaif of a wdImown Ix>iidon. EirnK Work might be dene in spare tiino. Local Preacher or Chapei Worker preferred. •nancncy and good to a. capable man. Slate age, experience, ere.—Adduces, in first insta'nec, M.B., care of "Pi.->.n'Ocr'' OlTioes, Co<lwyn Bay. 19444p APPRENTICE.—Wanted Apprentice to Car- penter and Joiner's Trade.—Apply to S. Bond and Sor.t; Builders, Beigrave-road, Co-wyn Bay.. 1942Cp A MAN of good address can hear of re- .1-1 munerativo out-acor work that can 00 done either in t-ho day tmio as sole occupation or in the evening without interfering widl the day's employment. Jxnidou or provinces. — Apply, by or postcard in the first ui;-tance, —Address, Barns, box 1905, "Chronicle" Officc, Bangor. c A GKNTS, Spare Time, for Bangor and dis- .t., trict, 106 weekly earned.—Apply, Super- intendent,'Irish Provident, 189, Carnarvon-road, Bangor. 19&Co BOCK-KEEPSVl and Invoice Clerk. —Apply, in writing, stating experience, age, refer- ences and wages, to Nixon and Jar vis. Bank. place, It-¡¡gor. 18 i>OOK-K'EEPER, BUTCHERS, WaiTied^ at once, Young Ma.n as al>i>ve; v\r h s.ig-nt kno'wiedge of the trade preferred; iive in.—A. Ai. aiid k. H. W.uiani. Ruthi-n. ly-Mlp CiOOK, gocd, plain, £24; good references ) r.ece.-sary. — Turner, Perihamel, Lianfair P.G., 1:01°- £ AO *V xVIAjN Wanted, steady, experienced Man; J must be good Milker; good wages, Cotwge and Garden provided.—Appiv, J. Owen, CWd- clas, Cor wen. 12339p (tANADA! — Agriculturus's Wanted. Book J now. Mr J-utfrc Lc-cturrs on Canadian Li.e and i"}(0t)Ct November eeve'ii p.m., tor Town lla;l. Particular Wrig'ai. s, Toenst Oiiice. Watergate-street < "Hester. Occam and ,ck-L"ts i.rsued, Parcce^ forwarded. I9149j> OKi. -uAKiNG.—Young Lady desires to iLp learn all round Dressmaking in Cmi:arvon- shire or Anglesey. —State terms, R, J., Cior- lanydd" Oiiice, Llangefni. NGiNE" DRIVER,—'Wanted," ior XnW^iik, 1 at Connah's Quay, caoab-c Man, to take charge, -d Engme and—Apply, by jotter omy, .stating wage,} and osperieim-e, to Richard Wi.! ia.m.i and S'tni-, 2y, Old iiail-strcet, Ltver- pool'. If!462p g •■LK.)u COLl.t^Ci UK Wanted for gocd 'O*" Agency.—Apply, Singer's, Colwyn Bay. 5939 OOD General; no washing; able to plain vJT cook and iron; iamily; comfortabe home; wages to begin £ 18.-26, iicoriieid-rcad. West Dirlsbury, Manehestor. 13417p V yLNEIIAL SERVANT Wa-ntcd in Manchcs- V-31 ter; three in family; no children; Chapei near; good reference required.—Address, Mrs Ha.rwood, 61, Seedlcy-rcad, Pendleton, Man- chester. 18418p GOOD General for Private House. — Apply, Mrs Adams. Brciiaiit, Old Colwyn. l'J422p GOOD GENERAL Wanted, good wages for competent, perso-n; emaii fami.y; private.— Adtlre^s, L. P., "Pioneer" Office, Coiwvn Bay. 19425p ""V\ri C The Pioneer and C > its Small Advts. 3 Unsolcted Testtmomals. T 5 We have received the following un- solicited testimonials to the efficiency of r the Pioneer as an advertising medium :— 5 Caersws, H.S.O., Monts., 3 < October 7th, 1907. C P Dear Sir,—I have received so many applications ia answer to my advertise- P ment for a general servant that I sball P S be glad if you will omit insertion in your c next issue, and should be glad ii you r could insert that I am sorry I could not ? answer all the applications, as they were r S so numerous. j Deganwy, i P October 8th, 1907. P Please stop advertisement in Welsh J Coast Pionetr," as MiS A. has been < suited with a maid through the Adver- j f tisement. C f Colwyn, October 8th. P I Sir,—Please withdraw my advertise- p rr.ent for a gardener from yuur Pior..eer., j i I am suited. f Old Colv.'j l, j Oct. 21U, 1907. To Tn pricior^, J S "eish Coast Pioneer." t P Please do not insert my a«. .irtke- P S lIWlIt for General Servant, etc. P (ii.M.). again, as I am pleased to S my I have been euik-d, thrcugh 1 !tho medium of your paper. Kindly 6<:ntl me tho account. The Scala for Smelll Adverti.^sni:nts will al.vays LL fouml j.t the lop o! the first column on page six. "} €\ ROOM-GARDENER Wanted; married man. I —Apply, wii'h full partaeuare, to D. Mac. Nieo-11, Derwae, Abergele. -c- HOUSEMAID WAITRESS, not under 26; ne.c-d.ew(}man; must have excellent refer- ences; good wages.—Apply, Mrs Glynn William; Friajs School, Bangor, N.W. 1986c HOUSE-PARLOURMAID Warned for the 1 country, near St. Asaph; Church vrcanain lirciierred.—AddrCMs, M. E., "Pioneer'' Office, Colwyn Bay. 19460j> MALTSTER.—Wanted, at once, a Working 1'f Mallcter, only thoroughly experienced Men need apply.—Particulars, salary, etc., to R. Roberts, Hand Brewery, Ruthin. 19337p__ UR!3E for Boy, 18 months- (at present in Llandudno); Protestant; strong, early riser, willing to sew, wash, and iron; references, age, a.nd particulars to Mrs Bennett, G.P.O., Llandudno. STLER \V anted; Man used to Horses and Hotel Ya.rd. abe to rnnk; good wages to suitable man; aged 20 to 30.—Apply, John Hughes. Pcn-y-Bont Hotel, Llarrrwst. 19416p kinu lor Dealers, etc., to sell, credit and approval. — Whoieeale Catalcguo tree. May, 7iU, Birming- ham. R ESPl^tjrALLii Young Girl Wanted as General for one Lady; must be good washer and early riser. Alisy West, The Ferns, Coiwya Bay. i-Ut Ji'tcy OFFICE, 120. HlGil-S'l., It MAliCC. — Mrs Humphrey* excellent Situations for respectable women as Generala, Cooks. Housemaid, etc.. for next term (Pen- tvmhor). for Servanta of all II—Mrs A. Epbraim, 3, Tanymanod- terrace, B-aenau FcsÜuiog, 19214p nc'al. where another i» kept; one 0 in* family; wa^hin-g.— Addrca; giving fuil r-ariieu'Ia-rp, Mrs Ri&c-y, -Mot^ioy liili, Abergele. 1 19443p lt-t week 10- i.u January, Kberal wagec-, two in famili.v, nieit comfortable for Manchester.—Ap- l'lv AIf-onia. Riviere'e-avemic, Coivvyn Bay. ID66p- W- ANTEOT a Working-Housekeeper for Farm.—Address, Royal Oak Hotel, Be tt vv:?y coed. 6001 WIfXlNG GIRL, good character, for small famdy. — 64, Wiibraham-road, Chor.ton, Manchester. 19302p WANTED, Servants, all Classes, for Man- 1' chester, Cheshire, and Welsh coast. — Whitfield, 25, Wel 1 mgton-road, Rhyl. 16655p ANTED, an experienced Married Man for tl the Gardem, without any family; age 30 to 35; Cottage coal, 13s per week.—Address, J. S., "Pioneer Officc, Colwyn Bay. 19354p ANTED, a good General, for family of three, in A: her ton (9 miles from Man- chester), age over 20, able to wash, must bo clean and trustworthy; wsges 6t; 6d per week.— Address, with references, Mrs Derbyshire, West B?.nk, Atherton, near Manchester. WANTED, a smart Youth, as an Appren- 'V tice; Welsh.—Apply, T. J. PownaH and Co., The Stores, Mostyn. 19394p WANTED a good General Servant. No one v need a.pply unless competent. — Apply, Victoria Hotel, Bethesda. o WANTED, young Girl, as General, for Private House; in family; comfortable home.—Apply, Rosslyn, Hillside-road, Colwvn Bay. 19429j> SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, a.t once, strong Girl, as Kitchen- Vv maid; fond of children. — Bronhivuiog, Llan/fairtaL.liajarn, A'be.rgele. 19461p "7"ANTED, a superior General Servant, not V, under 25 years of age. Duties, to look after Master and Matron's private rooms, and to assist Matron generally; no washing, but must bo able io Starch and Iron when required, also able to do plain sewing. Welsh essential. Wages £16 a year to commence.—Apply, Matron, Union Workhouse, Llanerehymedd, Anglesey. 1923c a/ANTED, Quarrymen and used to work » Steam Rock DriLlS in Limectono Quarry. State wages and where last employed. — L.S., "Piojicer" Office, Colwyn Bay. WANTED, in Vicar's smali family (4), good General Servant, or Between Maid to tram as such; no washing; comfortable place.— Mrs Owen, Brithdir Vicarage, DolzcU<,y. 1992e W'ANTED, immediately, a Clerk, one usca V' to District Council work preferred; Welsh indispensable. — Apply, stating age and ex- perience. io Box 197U, Office of this paper. WrANTED, good. Cook-Gonera.1, strong.— Apply, Mra Davies, Vicarage, Llanerchy- medd, Anglesey. 1926c \rO{:NG COOE-GENli 11AL, "another Servant 1 kept; washing, bakmg; one in family.— Address, giving full particulars and reference. —Mrs iiiey, Moss-ley iliil. Abergele. SITUATIONS WANTED. CURl-rrAKElTby respectable married couple, > no encumbrance, good references, etc. — Actdros, L. B., "Pioneer Office, Co-wyn ISifeiip DISENGAGED gKXjd Cook and Housemaid ;• 29; three years' rcfercnccs.—15, Bay View-road, Cotwyn Bay. 194?- MPLCYMliNT "WANTED. —Colwyn Bay.— Capable pcrao-n desires Sewing, or wi.'i go by tho dav (1" 6d) to Ladies' Houi-ies.—M. 11., 63, Grove Park. lS-163p. G'. E"N"TLEl\1A¡-¿csiring to settle in Liaai- f dudno, solicits position of trust; excellent references in Liverpool.—Address, J. n., "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19322p I I. ivXx.)ONTANCV. ReiJt &i.d Debt VS" Collection, House Agent. Holder of a. Cortfficato under tho Law of Distress Amendment Act,—Lievv. D. Jones, Accountant, Bangor. HOUSEKEEPER or any place oi trust,— Apply, JontB, Smithy, Eglwycbach, laiy- caui. 19Btc "OTHER'S-HELP" or Sewing Maid; young, ITIB. well up in Dressmaking.—Address, L.M., "Pionoer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19415p MIDDLE-AGED Mam and Wife, no £ anwiy, would like to be e-u-it^d with place. Man abio foreman Gairdeue-r, with many re for- ewe from last place. Wife ablo to tciko cbaige of Laundry or bar.y,—Addrer-e, M.A., "Pioneer" Officc, Col-wyn Bay. 19442p 1|,|0T0R-CAR DRIVER, good, Certificate for XTS. Driving, and ordinary repairs.—Wiiiliam Firry, Liuio Orme Cottage, Llandudno. 19344p O MASTER BAKERS."— "Wanted' by re- -&. spectable man Single or Forehand, well up in both branches.—Address, L.D., "Pjoncchr" Offices, Colwyn Ba.y.18405p f1¡{) Property Owners, Buildd Estate X Agents.—A Practical Painter, Decorator, Pa per hanger, Glazier, Signwriter, etc., wants work; own Tools supplied; reason able terms; done, piecework; distance no object. —Address.. J.M., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. WANTED, by a middle age person, Situation as Working Cook-Housekeeper, or a.ny p"c..CD of trust,—Address, L.C., "Pioneer" Officc, Colwyn Bay. 19402p a Situation as Under Nurse; age 1' 10.—Apply, "17;)," 16, Bay View-road, Colwyn Bay. ly_4W2p WANTED Situation as Gardener; good refer- ences.— Address, J.D., "Picneor" Office, Colwyn Bay. 10305p VOUNG Housemaid, English, Protestant, .1.. seeks Situation in Gentleman's Home; near Anglesey.—E.B., Plas Coch, Lan- (air, Anglesey. P MATRIMONY. ENTLEMAN would like to correspond with X Lady, 40 to 50, View Matrimony.—;-s; L.N., "Piomeer" OiTices, Colwyn Bay. I 19421p DOGS FOR SALE. rf\0 FANCIERS, — A rough Pedigree Coi lie A Bitch for- Sale; winner of &nc special, tiur«e firsts, two seconds, two third prizes; Xi) or nearest oller: Also a Pedigree Welsh Terrier Buch; winner of two pmcu at Denbigh Show price 30s. Both of tho Bitches are well bred, and guaranteed to win, giving up showing. — Addrefs, L.E., "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 1940Sp -_u -_u. HOUSSS TO LET. A COTTi\GE with half a.n Acre dLand to Lei; Kncsneigr Station haif a nine; rent £ o.—Appiy, Box lodl, "Chronicle" Office, Ban- gor. 0 ANGLESEY.—Farmhouse on Seashore, two Sitting, and four uedioonss. Kitchen and Pantry; moderate terms. — Ed wards, Berne; Dowyn, Lianfvvrog. BLTTWS¥COED.—Iiouso to Let, uufurnish- ed, nicely situated, two Sitting-iooms, BIX Bedroo-ma, iJatiiroom, and W.C., liot a.nd Coid Water, usual domestio offices.—Appiy, Griffith and Aiiaid, Llaarvvst. lo5!iiip CCOUNTRY HOUSE to Let, beautiiuly ) situated in a pïetny wooded park, ù acnes of U.ia«a» Laud and 101'U oi Snooting, l jiii-Cr) irom fetation, near Golf Link. Kenc very moderate.—fuil particulars on appiieaiion, V. "Mac. N lccil. Estate Office, Old Con, yn. I9iii2p BVSEUTH, near Rhyl.—To Let, with im- meet.ate pcesctision, witliin 6 mimlteb oi motor tram, Detached House; loveJy views, large Garden, 2 Entertaining, 3 large, 1 tunai. Bouiroems, Bath, 2 W.C. R, good. Kucnens. Vvash- jiou-e; Rent, ;t;25.-Addr\ L. A., "Pio-neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. l'Jc'Jop IpURNlstlED HOUSES at moderate rentals -!L i&r Autumn and Winter; umurmshed to Let or for Sale; various sizes; several Shops to Let in good positions.—Mehor and ALen, Coiwya Bay. lavyVp HOUSE !o Let, three Entortaining-rooms, Eeveii Bedroom. good conoilicn and sp.endid situation; very guiiaijie for Aparimcms, etc.; Reno ijed'.—D. Mac. Nicoli, Estate oiiice, Old Co wyn. 1841bp BiOt.SE to Let, immediately Gwyafryu, .2. irelriw, furnished or unfuinianedc ■— Apply M. Avails. p | N NOVEMBER, a VILLA, standing in its M. own ground, clooe to Bangor Station. Rent iloO.-Apply, J ones, Ciaig {)v,ClJ, Bangor. 1836 T IJVNRWST.—To Let, Mmafon, Watling- B-J stieot, conveniorit House, for a rea&on- au.c rent,—Appiy, Air Williams, Metropolitan Bank, Bangor. Uiiop LLA^NRWST.—To Let, the Dwelling-house in Station-road, known as "Bodgwynedd," eon'.bining two limoriairung-iooms, seven bed- ruoms, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and Pantry.— Appiy to P. Mclnlyre, Llanrwst. MEN AI BRIDGE.—To be Let, new Dwell- J. ing Houses, fitted with Hot and Cod water; jxioderate rental; extensive sea view.— Apply, Mr R. G. Thomas, Archncct. c J^jUKlH WALES,—Semi-Detached House, ten minutes from Llandudno Junction, two Entertaining, five Bedrooms, Attic, Bath, etc., Gas, large Room; rent ;L¡5, on Lease, or Sell Freehold.—Sibiey, Gwynfryn, near Conway. 19307 p OLD €U>L\V YN. — ALFRED COY, House Agent. State roquireniente. Stamp for reply. P TO BE LET. I RIIIW BANK-TERRACE. — Houeo to Let from Christmas next; two Sitting-rooms, 4 Bedrooms, Kitchen, and usual Offices; Rent, I £22.App:y, J. M. Porter and Eicock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 19406p rgVO LET, Detachcd Dwelling-house, known ass A Bryn 'Rodvn, Trefriw; immediate posses- sion.-Apply, P. Mclntyre, Llanrwst. 19182p LET, RHOSGAER, Gaerwen Station, con- o tainiiig 5 Bod rooms, 5 Rooms downstairs, and usual Domestic Offices; also 4-stalled Stable, large Coach-hotif.e, Cow-house, etc., and about 2 Acres of Land. Immediate possession.—Apply, Plas Ken, Gaerwen. 1884c nrVJ LET, with immediate possession, fur. .1.. niched or unfurnished, a pleasantly situ- ated Residence in the Vale of Clwyd, within 5 minutes' walk from Railway Station, having 3 Reception &nd 7 Bedrooms, Kitchens, Cellar, etc., commodious Stabling, Coach-house, Out- buildings, Gardens, Conservatory, etc.—Apply to T. S. Adams, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Land Agent, etc., Mold. 19341p 6, GROVE PARK WEST. — One Reception. room, four Bed'rocme, Kitchen, Seuiliery, and lu'iiai'i Officer, Bathroom and W.C. Rent p. a.-Appiy J. M. Portor arid Ecock Land Agents, The Estate Office, Cýlwyn Bay. lD453;o GRAZIWQ TO LET. nm LET, 8 Acres of good After-grass.—Appljr, -B- T. Hopkins, Heskoth Hotel, Abergele. The apple shipments from Canada this sea- eon total 457,887 barrels, being an increase of 130,650 bsirrols over tJio corresponding period <4. lost year. DRAW. Pen y Coed" "ikioffi Draw Pct^ipoBied till November 22nd.— Llysfeen.. 18455p LOST. LOST (Tucsclay, Novemher 5 th), between Ta'i-y-Cafn and Lianrwfit, GewtSfctmaii's Macintoisli.—Suitable Reward for returning to Supi. Wool'-am, Loanrwet. 18465p 5S. REiWARD. — Ixet, Molucca Slick with ivory handle, between coa-ncr Pw.'iy- croc-hanHavonue and Glan. (Jonway, name en- graved) on g,i ver band<—"Fursyitfo, (y,Ùh a ill. Aippiy, P-wilycrochan Here, Colwyn 19467p jpl REWARD. — Lest, Friday, 25th October, ow Diamond Pin Head. Singlo Stone Claw Setting. — Apply, Police Station, Colwyn Bay. 19359p FOUND. STRAYED on Pa rciau Farm, Coi wy n about the end of October. 3 Sheep.—Owner can have same en giving partdcula.-s and payana IVSKDICAL. rpHE MEDICAL HOME COLWYN BAY.- J- FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not at Ca..8, and are under personal supervision. Patients received. Massage Nursing Appiian«*» on Hire Tel. No- 24.-1a.tron. MORTGAGEES. MORTOAGKS on Freehold Farms (oniv). Two-thirds of the value advanced.—Ap- py, by letter, addiessed to J.G., care of "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. p PROFESSIONAL. 1V7URSERY GOVERNESS desires re-engage- ment to one or two ohildren; ueual Eng- Jis-h subjects, French acijuired abroad, needle- woman, excellent Manor-road, Liscard, 1/iverpcol. p QUARRY MEN, Miners, and d Officials desiring '<oS Promotion, take Po>;(al Lessons. Geoicrgy, Mining, Surveying, Electricity, Arithmetic. Certificates given. Write for Syllabus.—"Cam- brian Mining School," Glanfi'rwd, Porth. "-p _n -u- BUSLDIKQ SiTE FOR SALE. 1 O LE SUl^D OR LET, choice Building Site. 5 of about 2g Acres, siluato in the delightful Dwygylylchi VaHey. wuhin easy reach of the Fairy Glen, i-ychnant Pass, and Town of Pen- m lenmawr Post and Hotel close by, for Sale, or Owner woula be willing to erect Bunga- low fc-r suitable tenant, at moderate rent, most suitable for Poultry-fanning, Bee-keeping, or as a Country Residence. Apply, J. M. Sorter ana Eicock, Land Agents, Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 19298P HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. iTWR SALE, 3 F'rccho di Houses; Shop (Dean- street.).—App.y, Box 1895, "Chronicle" udioe, Bangor. 0 LAND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonald-road) -β-J for Sale, .or erection of 69 to 8s .per week Houses.—James F. Taylor, Solicitor, 71, Lord- street, Liverpool. 18120 MOCliDKE, Near" COLWYN BAY. Two Houses, one Stable, ono Shop, Slaughter- house and Appurtenances.—l'or price and parti- culars. apply, Davie»j and Jones, Hope Bank, Colwyn Bay, i9043p SOLD, well-buiit Detached Country Cottage, situate in a bracing position in the Village of Llyefaen; large Garden. Accom- modation Sitting-room, two Kitchens, four Bedrooms, etc. Price, £375. Early possession. —App.y, J. M. Porter and Eicock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 19299p rr- õ BE SOLD all that substantially-built Pri- JL v3to Residence, known as Russell House, Rhyl. The House stands in its own grounds, and contains threo Entcrtaining-rc-oms, eight Bedrooms, Dressing-rooms, Bathroom, 2 Kitchens, and other Domestio Offices, with Wash-house and Coalhouse adjoining. There aro also com- modious Out-bui.dings attached thereto, which can be easily adapted for Stable and Coaeh- iiouso. The Grounds aro tastefully laid out, and comprise a wpll-built Conservatory, Summer House, excellent Tennis Lawn. and Kitchen Garden well stocked with fruit trees, and con- taining In further particulars and prices apply to Mr F. J. Gamlin, Solicitor, Rhyl. M.B.— The above would be Let with immediate possession at £100 per annum if preferable. p To LEY. — 1B VJ LET, large Room (F urnie,hed or LJn- _1 furnished), euit Dressmaker or Tailor; good iKkrition.—Apply, Box 1768, "Chronielo" Oilk". Bangor. TO BE LET. SMALL FIELD, situate in Conway-road, (suit- able for Grazing purposes. Weekly or Monthly tenancy. Low rental. For further particulars, rent, etc., apply, J. M. Porter and Eicock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Cúiwyn &y. 19407p WANTS (Miscellaneous). MILK ROUND Wanted, large or small, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, or any town oil \L.j1 coast; must be genuine. — Oakley, Ox- icy Bank, Bush bury, Wolverhampton. 19350p MOLE SKINS Wanted. Highest Price. Names of Mole Trappers requested. — Gerrard Brother: Furriers, Edinburgh. TR^OLESlvINS Wanted. Best price paid. It-X Slack pelted Ski tie purchased. Cash by return of post.— Hignett, O&Avestry. 1973c ^TANTED, Second-hand Water-wheel, 10 "to V V 12ft. by 18 to 24w., lowest price possible. —Add roc. s, L. 0., "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 19424p WANTED, Piano, euitalye for learner; V v must bo cheap.—State price, maker, etc., to Wood, "Pionoer" Office, Colwyn Bay. .9428p_- WANTED, Old Furniture of every descrip- I" tion, in Oak or Mahogany, including Sideboards, Cha-im, Bookcasee, Cupboard-Tri- darns, and Dressers. Old China aleo bought. Highest prices pad. — Samuel Lloyd. and Son, Oswald-road, Oswestry. 19235p _F-:k! -:J FURNITURE WANTED. Furniture; homos purchased outright.—Haslam, Auc- tioneer, Hohy. p .n_- OFT>C £ S, &HOP3, &c.. TO LET. BANGOR.—House and Shop (fitted for Butcher) to .Let. separately or together; good stand and suitable any business. Mo-derate rent.—^ Dpiy, oox 1587c, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. COLWYN.—d>ock-up Shop: ccntral position; £ 18.—Addtrese, M.B., "Pioneer" Offices-, (3o.lwyn Bay. 19447p <JLDK^riiA HT,f: Ruthin, N0rth~Vales. r To Let, commanding 'Business Premises in main thoroughfare, comprising doubte-fro-nted Shop and Dweiling accommodation; grand posi- tion for any business; s-plcndid windows, and warehouse. Rental £ 26.—Appiy, J. E. Price, Mo, tn House, St. Asaph. 19393p rilY a SlOP ar Osod yn II igh-street, Porth- JL madog. Meddiant umongyrchol.—Hum- phreys, Auctioneer, Portmadoc. H_ rjlO' LET, good Workshop, Erw Wen-road; a'so Stabler.—Apply, Hughes and Row- lands, Colwyn Bay. 19355p HOUSES WANTED. "VSXANTED, near Rhyl or Cdwyn Bay, a small Detached House, the Bedrooms, small Coach-house, Stable, Garden and Field, — Ad- dresa, L.T., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. BUSINESS FOR SALE. DRAPI'TRY BUSINESS FOR SALE (owing to il-l-heaa'th), popular Rceort on Welch coast, o'-d-establ'ishicd and doing a good all-thc- yoa.r-roun.d Trade. Premies situate on main road, occupying excellent corner elite with win- dow homage. of 45 feet. First-el ass Workrooms, etc. Rent £75 (on, lease). Stock and Fixtures at Valuation, Speiididi oppurtunity for anyone requiring a. sound Couwiry and Seaside lU&i- nci 13.—Apply, Henerfiail and Co., Accc-untaniB and Valuers, 27, Brazennose-street, Manchester. 19456p TIYRIPE, Fish, and Chip Business for Safe; -*• Double Stove; steady trade; n'ce Dkhrie.t; l-eaconabte price. — Address, M.C., "Pioneer" Office, Cohvyn Bay. 19450p BUSINESS WANTED. ILANDUDNO (Neighbourhood of).—Wanted to purchase Business, allowing gocd profits, fair turn over, must stand investigating. Good catering premises preferred. — Adctress, J.S., Glan.ra.fon Hotel, Trefriw. p FARMS FbR SALE. 17^ OR SALE.—A small Farm of 21 acres, with J good House and Buildings, situated within a mile of Valley Station.—For particulars, apply "Clorianydd" Oiffce Llangefni. 6069 rl BE SOLD, a Freehold Farm in Anglesey, I A comprising 102a. 3r. 30p. or thoreaboutE of very rich land. Good Sporting Land. — For further particulars apply, S. R. Dew and Co., Solicitors, Bangor. 1.1:1100 POULTRY, EGOS, Ac. COCKERELS.-Buff Orpington, White Leg- V-^ hOorn (pure-bred); early hatched.—Taylor, Giifach, Roewen. 19396p RABBIT CATCHERS Wanted to send large It quantities of Rabbits to Wholesale Firm; beet price and prompt paynier, te. -Part] c u lai-is, Wilson, Fern Cottage, Llandudno. p LICENSED PREMISES WANTED. PUBLIC-HOUSE (s-mall) Wanted.—Apply, 575, "Directory" Office, Llandudno. r- APARTMENTS WANTED. A SINGLE Lady (Widow) requires 2 Unfur- A nished Rooms and Boxroom, all threo on second floor. No Attendance. Permanent, if suitable.—Address, J. B., "Pioneer" Officc, Col- wyn Bay. 19291p WANTED in Colwyn Bay, nice good-sized Furnished Sitting-room and Bedroom, both 011 ground floor, for two ladies (with small dog); central position; end of November; not more than 25,s per week; attendance.—J., Bryn Eisteddfod, Rhyl. 19404p HORSEC. CARRIAGF-S. &c., ACTIVE, Powerful Cart Mare, 16-2 h.h., J.-1. seven years, reason for selling proving in foal, suit farmer, £ 20, or offer; ak-o stout-built Welsh Cob, 15 hands; nearly new Harness and light Two wheel Van on crankaxle; Cab, fronted very stylish lot, £ 30 or separate, suit baker, iaundryman, or grocer, or lend few months to good home.—Mre Fox, 64, Gloucester- piao?,, Liverpool. I9411p BAYt HORSE, 16-1, ten year old. quiet in al; harness and good worker; Lurry, 10- cwt., in good condition; Waggonette, carry six, pole and bar complete, nearly new, maker, Hartley, Wakefield. For price, etc., address, L.H., "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 194ICp FOR SALE, a Single Horse Brougham, in pcrfect condition, strong and light, suit- able for hilly country or Doctor.—Apply, Mrs Norrifi, Gorphwysfa, L'anrwst. 1968c E\V Handcars and Wheelbarrows, second- ly hand Float, Dogcarts, Governess Cars. rubber tyred; also Brougham, Victoria Wagon- ette, and Dogcarts, iron tyred; also strong Car- rier's Cart.—Francis and Sons, Coachbuilders, Coi wyn Bay. 17738p STOUT-BU|LT Welsh CobTl^^T^^iy new Light Lurry, and Harnea?, saciifico lot JE20, or stylish Varniith Float. e,:oit 13 hiindiR to 14 handle, equai: to new, £ 6 lfe; Governess CaT and Trap, carry four, lamps. cuahioaiB, complete, nearly new, £ 5 and ;bi. Change of business cause, of Sale.—Mis Fox, 64, STRONG HORSE for Sale, 15 hands, quiet, JO good worker; £ 16. — Apply, Brv'ntirion, Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey. 1943. rl BE SOLD, together or separately, strong -&- Carriage Horse, dark brown, stands motors; useful Brougham.—Appiy, Coedmawr. Carnarvon. 1992c ALL SIZES AND PRICES TO SUIT ALL CUSTOMERS. HORSES, COBS, PONIES, WAGONS. CARTS, Floats, Traps, Harness, etc., for Sale, Hire, or Exchange, for Cash or Credit. The great advantage of this is that horses, etc., unlike otl\er things on easy payments, earn the payments for which you get credit as you go on. It is great economy even to buyers [or cash; they avoid many risks, and have air trials with view to purchase. Buyers should see these; this is an old-established place with a good assortment on hand, and does not advertise selling under various pretexts.—Parker Wood, 22 and 24. Vauxnall-road. Liverpool. Telephone: 0213 Central. 6756 MISCELLANEOUS. A STROLOGY.—Horoecopo of Future; lm- V portanfc Events Foretold; Marriage, Part- ner Described, Family, Changes, .Legacies, Planet, etc. Send birth date, Is, and etamped envelope.—Madame Marion, 4, Gilford Park, Edinburgh. 1871c MA'l KlMO.\ IAL TIMES, the best and quickest introductory medium for ali de- siring a matrimonial alliance, having a larger and more influential Clicntelo than any Matrimonial Agency in the World. Price 6d, tu sealed envelope. — Address, Editor, Robert •tadford, 5. Fealherstono Buildings. Hoi born. MATRIMONIAL POST, sea Jed envelope, 5d, M with circular, 9d; established quarter of a century.—Editor, "M. Post," 12, Trafalgar Build- ings. London, W.O. 11606 SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE. USFTANIA" and "MAURETANIA" are J the Largest and Fastest Vessels in the World. Triple-screw Turbine "Carmania," 20,000 tons. Twin-eerew Steamer "Caronia," 20,000 tout:. Twin-screw Steamers "Campania" and "Lucania." Orchestras. Lounges. Daily Newspapers. CANADA: Fast Route: Special Rates. From LIVERPOOL (via Queenstown) TO NEW YORK. MAURETANIA Sat., Nov. 16 CARMANIA Sat., Nov. 23 LUSITANIA Sat., Nov. 30 TO BOSTON. IVERNIA Tues., Nov. 26 SAXON IA Tues., Dec. 10 IVERNIA Tuce., Jan. 7 "MAURITANIA," First Vovage, Liverpool to New Yo,.k, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16th. UNSURPASSED ACCOMMODATION at LOW RATES. An Allowance of 10 per cent. on tho homeward Fare is made to Saloon and Second Cabin Passengers taking Return Tick- ets. Second and Third CI suss Passengers, via New York, may travel without extra charge to Bos- ton and Philadelphia, and via Boston to New York and Philadelphia. Third Class Passengers may also travel without extra charge to Balti- more. Piui-engers booked through to all parts of America and Canada. Apply to the CUNARD STEAMSHIP COM- PANY, LTD., Liverpool; or to their Agcnts:- J. Jones, Central Restaurant, Llanrwst; J. R. Jones, Lloyd-street, Landadno; F. D. Chantrey, Perunacnmawr; J. P. Jones, Hendro Bach, Rhuddlan, R.S.O.; W. F. Williams Rces, Old Colwyn; E. D. Rowland, Wynnstay Chambers Colwyn Bay; W. 11. Ellis. Llanfairfcchan; C. Wright, Chester; John R. Evans, Abergele; and B. Williams, Rhyl. ° 5185p CANADA BY ALLAN LINE The Only Lino wil h Govc-anment Contract [or Canadian Mails, and THE CKLY TURSINE STEAMERS TO CANADA. EXPRESS WEEKLY SERVICE. Shortest Sea Passage—Cheapest Route. FREE FROM ENGINE ODOURS, NOISE, AND VIBRATION. Finest Hotel Appointments, Unequalled' Sorvioe. Special Low Through Fares to all parts. Apply ALLAN LINE, 103, Loadenhall-street, E.C' 5j, Pal] Mall Looidon; IS, James-street. Liverpool LINE FASTEST TO CANADA. For Sailings and Pamphlet re WORK and WAGES. Apply to C. P. Rly., 24, James Street, Liverpool J. F. Evans, Chapel-st, Al ergele BUY ONLY PRYCE WILLIAMS & C04 ts BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY. PURITY GUARANTEED. Note Address- West End Stores, AND Ceylon Stores, COL. WYN BAY Blue Bell Stores, RHOS-ON-SEA AND Devon Stores, OLD COLWYN. 5870 LADIES' TAILORING. LADIES' TAILOR,' of 10, Pepper Street, CHESTER, IS NOW SHOWING A LARGE ASSORT- MENT OF ALL THE NEWEST MATERIALS FOR AUTCMX AND WINTER WEAR. X5ERFECT FIT GUARANTEED in the A LATEST STYLES. A Good Serviceable Costume made to or do- for 51};. Riding Habits, Motor Coate, etc. Patterns sent post free. 1 iCUHUMul Uv. Fred Roberts & Co. HOUSE FURNISHERS AND REMOVERS. GET OUR ESTIMATE FOR Your Removal, Renovating Suites, Blinds, &c. Upholstering Goods, AND Bedding made up by us. Terms:—Cash or Easy Payments. PEN-Y-BRYN, OLD COLWYN. JNO L. HUNT Pharmaceutical Chemist and Optician, Conway Rd., Golwyn Bay Depat for Photographic Requisiest. Dark Room for use of Amateurs. Sight Tesi/ng Daily by Appointment. AGENT FOR Henry Lawrance's Celebrated SPECTACLES @ EYEGLASSES. Nickel Plated, Gold Filled, and Gold Frarpes. Scientific Sight Testing. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS WITH EMINENT OCULISTS. R. G. OWEN, F.S.m.C., LLAHBWST-. Correspondence invited regarding DEFECTS OF VISION. Please enclose Stamped Envelope for AT COMPTON HOUSE, CONWAY, first Friday in Eaoh Month. 13872 .==:4 Important. New Address. MR. G. M. ROBERTSeN, DENTAL SURGEON, 4, PENRHYN ROAD (Opposite Fleet's Music Warehouse), COLWYN BAY. Specialist in English and American Dentistry. Painless Extractions by Gas and New Process. I7733P