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LLANDUDNO CRICKET CLUB. ANNUAL DINNER. CRICKET IN NORTH WALES. INTERESTING SPEECHES. The fifth annual dinner and meeting of the Llandudno Cricket Club were hel:d at the Royal Hotel, last week. Lord Moetyn (pre- sident of the club) presided, and Mr R. S. Chamberlain occupied the vice-chair. The com- pany present included: The Rev. L'. R. Hughes, M.A. (rector), the Rev. R. Arnold [tCdge41, the Rev. W. E- Jones, Rev. (C. D. Thomas, Deganwy; Councillors ftamuel Chantrey, J.P. chairman of ffhe Landudno Urban District Councii), Edward Jyooies (Deputy-Mayor of Conway). E. E. Bone, F. J. Sareon, A. G. Rogers, 'Dr. Lockhart Muir, Messrs J. Adey Welle, J.P., G. A. Humphreys, George Fold, J. A. S. Hawaii, C. N. Jones, J. M. Archer Thompson. J. E. Hwlinark, Walter .Wood, C. Searell, Edwin Turner, A. G. Pugh, W. Hamer, G. F. Brown. W. B. Briggs, W. Duncan, J. Forrester, Howel Jones, R. H. fThomas, T. W. Jones, W. J. Williams, J. Hirnd- iey, C. F. Farrington. Arthur Dunphy, W. D. Henderson, Jack Roberts, R. Woodward, \V. ibailev, S. Hewitt. Denbigh Cooper, J. R. Hughes, H. Nekon, E. P. Morris, W. Roberts, Goodman Jones. William Wib'iaims (captain of the Llandudno Bowling Club), etc. THE MENU. The following was the menu:— Soups: Vermioelili. Ox Tail Fish: Fried Sole. Cod and Oyster Sauce. Entree: Saute Kidney. Joints Roast Beef and Horse Radish Sauce, Boiled Calf's Head. Game: Pheasant. Sweets: App'.e Souffle. Stewed Fruite. Jellies. Blanc Mange. Savory: Macaroni au Gratia. Cheese and Biscuits. Coffee. The Chairman submitted the loyal toasts, !w!hich were cluly honoured. THE ANNUAL REPORT. The Secretary (Mr E. P. Morris) read the an- jwial report, which was as follows:— In presenting the fifth annual report I regret he (Lab cannot be -congratulated very much 5rom a playing point of view. Lhe olub has suffered considerably from the departure of Aorae reny good players. At the commencement of tihe season 0. Briggs went out to South 'Africa, and from a letter received he has joined a good club in Johannesburg, so perhaps we i tnay in the near future see htm visiting these chores as a representative of South Africa. My colleague. C. L. Fairlese, who was of very grea-t help both as a secretary and a player, was removed to Belper. The Rev. M. E. AfLban hav- ing accepted a living near Dolgelley, we lost his valuable services. The olub has suffered by these losses, but we can oniy wish them every success in their ivevw espheres of labour. Other players who were with us last season have retired whilst several others •were stricken with the golf fever very badly, but from what we have heard we think that some of them will return to their old love, and if wo could prevail upon some of the players to come out of their retirement, we ougiht to be able to give a 'better account of oumelves in the coming season, as we have a promise of some new recruits. The great difficulty is in raising a team to go away, and if the players generally (were a little more enthusiastic this ought not to exist. Our captain, George Field, gave us a good lead, although he was not ab'.io to play very re- gularly. He was alby supported by Mr Edward Jones, who devoted a great deal of his time to the welfare of the olub. During the season, which, as you all know, fwas not a very good one as far as weather was concerned, we played 21 matches, of which aix "were won, ten lost, and five drawn. The bat- ing and bowling do not come up to our uauaA -standard, but the following are some of the lead- ing averages:— BATTING. No. of Times Most inn. not out. Runs. in inn. Av. G Field 8 1 280 70x 40 A Halstead 11 2 179 78x 19.8 C. N. Jones 15 1 273 62 18.3 J- Smitn 11 2 121 28 13.4 12 3 107 41 1.18 F. F0.J4- 10 nil 96 24 9.6 E. Jones 9 nil -83 26 9.2 x Not out. BOWLING. W. E. Jones: 222 runs, 22 wkts., average 10.2 V. S. Ellis: 361 runs, 31 wkts., average 11.30. Ellis is a young player who promises to turn out a good bowler, but who, we are sorry, will not be available next season. The other bowlers took less than 10 wickets, so it is quite evident where our weak spot is. We have a splendid batting side and if we oould attain a good fast bowler we could hold our own with any team. No centuries were scored during the season, but the outstanding instance was the first wicket stand of the captain and C. N. Jones against Mostyn, when the aveilable runs to gain a vie- tory were obtaine9 in record time and without either of them losing their wicket, G. Field being 70 not out and C. N. Jones 47 not out. The performance roused great enthusiasm, and was worth going a long way to see. Needless to say, Mostyn had their revenge on the return fixture. Two of our players played for the county during the season, viz., W. E. Jones and C. N. Jones, and gave a good account of themselves. County cricket generally suffered owing-igi the bad weather, and Carnarvonshire's weakness generally. AN INTERESTING PROPOSAL. There is a proposal to join Merionethshire with our county, which may result in the team being strengthened considerably by next season. The hon. treasurer will speak on his depart- ment, but we cannot refrain from again re- fering to the valuable help received from the vice-presidents, who are the mainstay of the club, as far as being able to meet our financial liabilities. At the commencement of the season the Pre- sident (Lord Mostyn) kindly met a deputation of the committee, when his lordship kindly pro- mised to carry out certain improvements in the pavilion and on the ground, and we have rea- son to believe these will be carried out before the coming season. The ground is second to none in North Wales, and it is to our advantage as a club and to the town generally that it be kept in good condition. The committee have met periodically, and are deserving of the club's thanks for watching over the interests of the club. The press have again taken a keen interest in our matches, and in addition to being advertised in our weekly papers, the daily papers have also recorded our scores. We desire to convey our appreciation of the kindness of the directors and secretary of the Llandudno Pier Company for again granting permission to post notices of the matches at the entrance to the Pavilion. It has been the means of attracting visitors to the ground, and bringing the club under the notice of cricketers who come down on a visit, also to the Town Improvement Association for inserting notices in the weekly programme. We also thauk Mr A. C. Burgess, of the N.P. Bank, for kindly au- diting the accounts of the club; Mr J. R. Evans for acting as an efficient scorer, and Mr W. B. Briggs for the gift of a new flag. We are looking forward to a more successful season next year, and with a little better luck in away matches and more enthusiasm on the part of the players, who ought to come down to practice oftener, there is no reason why the club should not be equal to what it was in its palmy days. On the motion of Dr. Lockhart Muir. Be- conded by Mr J. Adey Wells, J.P., the report Was adopted. THE FINANCIAL POSITION. Mr Ilowell Jones (the treasurer), in presenting the balance-sheet, which showed a balance in hand of j629 16s 6d, as compared with J350 8s 4d for last year, said the receipts were less than the previous year, but the expenses had been reduced by about L15. Upon the proposition of Mr W. Hamer, se- conded by Councillor A. G. Rogers, the report was adopted. LORD MOSTYN RE-ELECTED. Upon the proposition of Mr R. S. Chamberlain, seconded by Councillor A. G. Rogers, Lord Mostyn was unanimously re-elected president of the club for the ensuing year. His Lordship, in thanking the members for --electing him, said it would give him great pleasure to act as their president for another year. Upon tho proposition of Mr Geo. Field, all the jtice-president8 were re-elected. THE NEW CAPTAIN- Mr Geo- Fifiki' proposed that Mr Edward ^•ories, of Deganwy. be appointed captain for 1 ensuing season. As Mr Jones had taken a interest in the club, and was always able accompany the team when they played y his leadership would certainly be a great a.. age. ■Wn k Howtfll Jones seconded the proposition, ion was carried unanimously. Dnd Pon t. proposition of Mr Geo. Field, see- n o( u)" Councillor A. G. Rogers. M,r C. N. was vice-oaptain. V Howell Jones was re-elected treasurer, lttr E- P. Morris as secretary. j THE COMMITTEE. The following were appointed in addition to the above to constitute the oommitte.e for the yea.r -CouncilJor A. G. Rogers, Rev. W. E. Jones, Messrs A. Hahstead, Goo. Field, and A. D. T. Marks. THE TOAST LIST. Business being over the t.oast list was pro- ceeded with. SUCCESS TO THE CLUB. Lord Mostyn., in proposing "Success to the Llandudno Cricket Club," said he rojoioed to see such a very representative fathering of lovors of cricket present. At their lt dinner he believed the number present was 45, but it 'de was considerably more than that this year, which showed what a deal of interest was taken in the good old game of cricket (applause). He was an old cricketer himself, and' had only given it up two years previously, but he was story to say that he also suffered from that disease known as the goilt fever (laughter). However, he did not see why a man who play- ed golif should give up cricket—(hear, hear) and he maintained that it was a great advan- tage even to a cricketer to learn golf. He was sorry to hear that last season had not been quite so suocossful as the season before. They had rather a small number of players- Instead ci 22 playing members in a large town like Lland'udno was, they should have at least a hundred. Did they give sufficient encourage- ment to young men to join the club? They had a very efficient captain, and he rejoiced to know that one of their captain's best scores was made on his (Lord Mostyn's) ground. He sin- cerely hoped that some efl'ort would be made to bring in the younger element. Personally, he should like to see two elevens at Llanciludiiio .a first and a second elevemo as to encour- age the young players (applause)- Referring to the cricket ground, Lord Mostyn said they had every reason to feel proud of their ground, which was one of, if not the best in North Wales (applause). In conclusion, his lordship said he was glad to leann that Merionethshire were likely to join the Carnarvonshire team in oounty cricket, and his most earnest wish with regard' to the Llandudno Club was "may it continue to flourish" (applause). SELDOM BEATEN ON THEIR OWN GROUND. Mr George Field, in responding on belhalf of the Llandudno Cricket Club, said they all felt deeply indebted to Lord Mostyn for presiding over their dinner that night, which showed tha keen interest lie took in the welfare of the Llandudtno Cltub (applause). The vear of 1907 had been one of the worst for cricket he could remember owing to the unfavourable weather. Their record at Llandudno was not a bad one- In fact it was very seldom that they were beat- en on their own ground (applause)- They wanted more young players, but in these day3 of so many other attractions, tihat was the ory everywhere. The only way in which he thought the difficulty oould be overcome was that fathers told1 their (sons that they must play cricket (laughter and applause). He quite agreed that the ground at Llandudno was second to none in Nortih Wales—(hear, hear),— but cricket matches were not enough to en- courage visitors to the ground- He thought it would be a good thing if tennis tournaments and other competitions were arranged there. For a time the team had lost the services of Dr. Muir, but it was to be hoped tihat the Doctor would' again oome to their assistance, and that Lord Mostyn would play goilf in winter, and stiok to cricket in summer Uaughter and ap- plause)- PLAIN TALK BY MR CHAMBERLAIN. Mr R. S. Chamberlain next gave the toast of the President, and said that probably Lord Mostyn and himself were the oldest supporters of cricket in the room that might- Tihey had just heard a very doleful account of cricket, but he was going to speak plainly. He knew of several young cricketers in the town who at one time belonged to the club, and when he asked them why they discontinued their mem- bership the reply made was that there was a clique in the present club, and tha.t they were not wanted excepting to do leather hunting for the older members. Tihat was perthaps an exagerration, continued Mr Chamberlain, but at the same time he found that there was some- thing in it- When matches of minor import- ance were played young men were kept with- out an innings at all. If the committee asked him he would give the names of young men who would jolin the club when they felt that they would be received in a sportsmanlike spirit {heajr. hear). Referring to county criokot, Mr Chamberlain said thay could not have good oounty cricket in North Wales without suitable frrounds- With regard to the suggestion of promoting tennis tournaments, he thought there was a difficulty in the way because Llandudno had at present a tennis tournament which was third on the list in the kingdom. The committee should do all in their power to get young blood into the cricket team or the club would be dead in an- other three yeart6* It was not many years pince they had one oil the finest oounty teams in England at Llandudno—a team tihat was fit to play against any second eleven of the English counties (applause). NO CAUSE FOR PESSIMISM Lord Mostyn, in responding, said lie endtonsed all that had been said about cricket by Mr Chamberlain. He remembered when first class (beams visited Llandudno, what little interest was taken in the events by the general public. Mr Field had alludbd to tennis tournaments, but he (Lord Mostyn) agreed with Mr Chamber- lain that they were big things to tackle, and it was no use having a tennis tournament un- less it was a big one. He was pleased to see some members of the Bowling Club pre&ont that nliighit supporting cricket. In running the ground from the estate they tried to do what they oould for all parties. Tlhey had to con- sider the Bowling. Club, and the schools. Ef they gave the younger generation a good gnoutid they would soon become grounded ia cricket—(applause),—and he hoped that next season many young cricketers would be seen an the Llandudno Club (applause). Thev musv. not be pessimistic about this report, for last year was a very bad year all-round for cricket (ap- plause). THE VICE-PRESIDENT- Mr A. G. Rogers, who next -ave the toast of the Vice-President, said they all knew Mt Chamberlain ao a courteous and' generous neighbour, who always supported every move- ment that was for the interest of Llandudno, and aliso as one of the best supporters of aU fine old English sports, especially the game of cricket (applause). Mr Chamberlain, in responding to the toast, said it was true he loved every kind of sport. Sporit of all kind tended to bring out the best in a man if there was any "best" in him at all a(applauee). THE VISITORS. Rev. W. E. Jones, in submMting the toast of the visitors ,coupled the names of the Rec- tor of Llandudno and Mr Samuel Chantroy (chairman of the Llandudno Urban District Council- The Rector, in responding, said he had many things in common with Mr Chantrey, especially perhaps, their interest in the visitors to Llan- dudno. Mr Chantrey was interested in them one way, and he was in another way (laughter). He was glad to tell them that the visitors to Llandudno were improving (hear, near). Last year some visitors had appealed1 to him for as- sistance to return to their homes, but he was glad to say tihat he had had no such appeals this year (hear, hear, and laughter). During the past season they had had many distinguished visitors amongst them, but the -I.t thing was to try and convert visitors into re- sidtentis- Proceeding, the Rector said manly sport formed a nucleus for the benefit Oe the community, out of which no- thing but good' could result- Fewer games in the evening and more in the day time was what was required to raise the standard of the ris- ing generation. He wished every nrcsiperiby to tho Cricket Club at Llandudno a(applause)- Mr Chantrey also briefly responded to the toast. Mr Geo- Field gave the toast of the secretary, to which Mr E. P. Morris responded- Mr Howe 11 Jones proposed1 the Press, which was responded to by Mr W. T. Brocklehurst. During the evening the followerlp- contributed to a most enjoyable musical programme: Messrs Denbigh Cooper, J. R- Hug-hep (Llandudno Junction), W. Brcrwin, Arthur Dunphy, Samuel Hewitt, and W- Roberts-








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