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ADVERTISING RATES. Advertisements intended for insertion in all Edi-biotns muwfc be xec-p-lved by WEDNESDAY EVENINGS POST at J a tot. Advertise- ments coining to hand afterwards may only appear in the later Editions. "SMALL" PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Situations Vacant or Wanted, Apartments to be Let. or Wanted, Miscol.aneous Wants and Sa-ltts, Ilcm-crs, Shops, Business, otc., to be Sold. Let, or Wanted. Partnerships Wanted or Offered, etc. One Three Six Thirteen week. weeks. WJcks. weeks. L a. d. a. d. a. d. e.d. 12 words 0 6 10 19 30 ?4 „ 1 0 2 0 3 9 70 32 1 6 3 0 by 11 0 40 2 0 4 0 79 15 0 48 „ 2 6 5 0 99 18 0 fó 2 9 5 b 10 6 20 0 In futuro ail "small" advts. sent for insertion must bo accompanied by postal order, or stamps if under tho value of a shillIng. The inconvenience of booking small amounts, and tho subsequent expense of collect- ing the same, renders it ne- cessary that this rule should be strictly observed, otherwise insertion cannot be guaranteed. Per line. Parbameai'ory Notices, Election Addressee, and Company ProfepectueeB 1/- L'igai, Municipal, and Contract Notices 6d Property Sales 6d Furniture and Stock 4d Paragraphs, Series (Local) 6d Articles or Pars as News 6d Births and Deaths. (per insertion) 1/- Marriages (per insertion) 2/6 Public Announcements (per inch) 2/6 TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. 52 insertions \l f 1/6 2/- 2/6 Per inch single column. THESE TEHMS ARE FOR NEXT TO NEWS POSITIONS. SPECIAL POSITION BY ARRANGEMENT. Perso answering Advertieementa are re- quested to note—Address, number only, at this r-L'Tv-n ^hat application must bo made by LETT Eli ON L Y. Petlephone No. 56 Co.Iwyn Bay. AJJ remifcfanoee to be made paya.ble to J S. I'iowARDD, and«tll business communica- tions to be addressed to the MANAGER. "PIONEER" OjjiTCE. Cti.uVN ESTVTE AGENT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, X Estates Managed ani Developed y Valuations &. Surveys v for all Purposes TN«P55°De 4 CAYLEY, ESTA TE OFFICE, XWYNNSTAY CHAMBERS COL WYN BAY. SOLE AGENT to the Caley Estate w HICH COMPRISES SOME 300 ACRES OF RIPE BUILDING LAND Between Colwyn Bay & Rhos-on-Sea, WITH Magnificent Uninterrupted Sea Frontage of 1,000 Yards: William A. EARP, Architect & Surveyor, Wynnstay Chambers, Conway Road, COLWYN Y- n-< FREDERIC BATESON, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, POST OFFICE CHAMBERS, PEN BH YN ROAD, COLWYN BAY 16107 OLD COLWYN AND NEIGHBOUR- HOOD. "vT.n COLWYN enjoys unrivalled view of U Sea and Mountains, with great immunity from the East winds, and a. drynchs and warmth by being chiefly situated on the Limestone. Sea Bsuking, beautiful Walks, and Golf Links." HOUSES TO LET. BUILDING LAND for Sale; also excellent Sites for Bungalows.—Apply, "Estate Office," Ilolyhead-road, Oid Colwyn. 177b9p APARTMENTS TO LET. APARTMENTS, Wyniii-lay-r oad, for young Lades' oar Gentlemen in business; homo comforts.—"Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19521p COMFORT A BLE Living Room for married ,q-j coupic; Rhoe-on-Sea. — Add rose "M. M. "i'lonoer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 19515p COLWYN I;AY.-Apartmente ofiered, or part C of Howo-e, furnished; small private family. —H. G., "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 19213p COLWYN BAY.—To Let, Iront Sitting room and Bedroom, good locality, summer, tornia 256 inclusive, permanency 15s.—Adare&J, X. F., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 182.65p COLWYN BAY.—Sitting and Doub.'e-bedded c Room to Let; suit two Business Men. Terms, 4s oach.—Address, J. P., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19343p COLWYN BAY.—Winter Apartments with J Board, JE1 58 a week.-Brooklea, Bay Viow- road. 19347p (COMFORTABLE LODGINGS, good Cook. J ing.—1, Treveiyan-terrace. 1927c CCOMBINED ROOM; bright pleasant outlook; > 8trit L;>dy low terms for pe.rixianciioy.- 54, Grove Park, Colwyn Bay. 19451p LADY desires in Coiwyn Bay Bedroom and Sitting-room in December for reveral weeks; terms, J61 per week, coals included; ole&ttUnesB very essentia!, and good cooking and Tcfereinoo "i-red.-Addrcke, M.D., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19452p APARTMENTS WANTED. XTNFURNISHED Sitting-rocan and Bedroom U with attendance; or suitable House re- quired for the District Nurse. Baithroom essen- ti,a.L-Appi,y, Mrs Humphrey Lewis, Oaklamdii, Conway. 19506p BUILDING SITE FOR SALE. ri^O BE SOLD OR LET, choice Building Site 1 of about 2\ Acres, situate in the delightful Dwygyfylchi Valley, within easy reach of the Fairy Glen, feychnant Fass, and Town of Pen- maenmawr; Post Office and Hotel close by, for Sale, or Owner would be willing to erect Bunga- low for suitable tenant, at moderate rent, most suitable for Poultry-farming, Bee-keeping, or as a Country Residence .-Apply, J. M. Porter and Elcock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 19298P MEDICAL. IL, MEDICAL HOMITCOLWYN BAY.- -L FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not a.t cases, and are under personal supervision. Patients received. Massage Nursing Appliancce un Hire. Tel. No. 24.—Matron. —— a THE VALE OF CLWYD. TO LET UNFURNISHED-GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE WITH ESTATE. COUNTRY RESIDENCE, pit-uato about FOUR MILES from STATION, a.nd TWO MILES of GOLF LINKS. The HOUSE M APPROACHED by a CARRIAGE DRIVE, through a rfnall, PRETTILY-WOODED PARK, and contains on the GROUND FLOOR:— LARGE ENTRANCE HALL. THREE RE- CEPTION-ROOMS, GOOD KITCHENS, and ALL tho USUAL DOMESTIC OFFICES. Aleo EAVATORY oft the HALL. A handsome OAK STAIRCASE leads to the FIRST FLOOR, which comprises FIVE BEDROOMS, DRESSING- ROOM, BATHROOM, and Servants,' Rooms; also good Attics. Back Staircase to Servants' Room*. THE EXTENSIVE OUTBUILDINGS include COACHMAN'S <"OTTAGE. LARGE COACH-HOUSE, STABLING for SIX HORSES, etc. The GROUNDS are BEAUTI- FULLY LAID OUT. TENNIS and CROQUET LAWNS and. LARGE GARDENS. Approxi- mate AREA :-TWENTY-SIX ACRES, a.i'i in Grai-e, and about ON r; THOUSAND ACRES of SHOOTING rcund the hou*>e. MERIONETHSHIRE. SMALL RESIDENCE WITH ESTATE—TO BE LET UNFURNISHED. CCOUNTRY RESIDENCE about ONE MILE ) from STATION stajid ng in its own, WOODED GROUNDS of a.bout TEN ACRES, j Accommodation:—LARGE SALOON HALL. THREE RECEPTION-ROOMS. HANDSOME OAK STAIRCASE, FOUR LARGE BED- ROOMS. 'TWO SMALLER BEDROOMS, DRESSING-ROOM, BATHROOM (hot and cokl water). Lavatory, W.C., etc. THE SERVANTS' PORTION of the house is reached by separate Staircase; Kitchen and ail usual offices, 4 Ser- vants' Bedrooms, etc. STABLING for FOLH. HORSES, and COACH-HOUSE. MOTOR PIT. Room, for Man over. The ridea and drives in the neighbourhood cf the prcpcrty magni- ficent, i-iciliding tfhe beautiful VATJJEY of the ESTUARY of the MAWDDACH, which em- braces ecrne of the finest scenery in Wales- Far further particulars, orders to view, etc., apoly,— J.M. PORTER & ELCOCK, Land and Estate Agents, Architects, Surveyors & Valuers, THE ESTATE OFFICE. UOXJ WYiN BAY. Wire: "Plans, Colwyn Bay." "Phono No. 38. BUSINESS FOR SALE. RAPERY BUSINESS FOR SALE (owiug to ii-i-hc, I th), popular lleeort On Weeh coast, old-established and doing a good ali-the- yeor-round Trade. Premifics situate on main road, occupying excellent corner feite with win, dow frontage 01 45 feet. Fitst-ciasfl Workrooms, etc. lteiit t;75 (on lea^e). Stock and Fixtures at Valuation. Spendid opportunity for anyone requiring a sound Country and Seaside Buiji- nev-H.—Apply, Henshall and Co., Accountants and Valuers, 27, Braseiinose-e.treet, Mancheeter. 19456p TllRIPE, Fiwih and Chip Businei-s for Saie; A Double Pan Stove; steady trade; nice Diccrict; reasonable price. Addrets, M.C., "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 19450p FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. COLWYN BAY.—To Let, fcr 6, c 6, 9 or 12 months, Detached Private Rcei- uonce; tastefully decorai/cd. and Uirnu^ned; ex- tensive grounktis, gardens, and giurs; Stabling for 3 or 4 houses; motor or coach-house; oharming views* over land and sea, about one nine trom Station.—J'or terms and aii parti- culars apply MtJjor and Ahell, jjstatj ^.jjente 19471p TVKGANVVY. Nicely Furnished Modern D House; two Enitertaining-ioojns; termb very moderate.—Mir^ Jonee Bajton Viiia. liJ509fi_ FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. II^OR SALE by Private Treaty, Three charm- ing Detached Private Residence* with Scabiing and Gardens, situate at Colwyn, Col- wyn bay and Rhoe-On-Sea. Freehold. For particulars apply to Messrs T. H. Morgan and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Ray. 19295p npEN Freehold Building Plots for Sale by X Private Treaty, eituate at Rhoe-on-Sea; euner in one .ot or separately; suit Bulider.- Apply, T. H. Morgan and Co., Solicitors, Col- wyn Bay. lU2U2p THE FARM AND GARDEN. LOWERING 13UIBs (Hyacinths. etcT)7~250 for 2s; 125 for la 3d; 50, poat epiendid vaiue. Wiio.esale Buib Depot, 113, Dover-road, Blackheath, London. p PLANTING SO-A N. Ill GODWIN is ofl'eramg for Cash only Larch Fair, 2± to 3^ ft., 24s and 25ci per 1000; Standard AppeTreee, 5 to 6ft. etem, 15s a dozen; Bui-h Do., ltte per dozen- Standard Pears, 15s dozen. Do., PIIUIIP, 155 dozen. Do. CherrK'TF, 166 dozen. Standard Roses, best varieties, 15d dozen. Drop Do., 5a dozeji. Privet broad leaved 4s per 100, 376 6d per 1000. Austrian Pi>nee, Shrubs, and all other nursery stock at equally low prices. Samples at 34, Greenfield-rood, Coiwyn Bay. 19243p FURNITURE WANTED. WANTED, Modern or Antique Furniture; homes purchased outright.—Haslam, Auc- tioneer, Rhyl. p HOUSES WANTED. "VS7ANTED, near Rhyl or Colwyn Bay, a small V Detached House, five Bedrooms, email Coach-house, Stable, Garden and Field. Ad- dress, L.T., "Pioneer" Ofhoc, Colwyn Bay. WANTED a Cottage in Oid Oo £ wyn, near Golf Links; immediate* possession; rent moderate. — Edw. Davics, Secretary, Braeside, Old Colwyn. 19507p HORSES, CARRIAGES, ac.. BAY HORSE, 16^1, ten year oid, quiet in ali harness and good worker; Lurry, 10- cwt., in good condition; Waggonette, carry six. poio and bar complete, nearly new, maker, Hartley, Wakefield. For price, etc., addreee, L.H., "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Ray. HNIlJp ft very good Phaeton, convertible Jt' into Waggonette, with removable head; ao Four-wheeicd Buggy, holds four, good for luggage.—Campbell, Umnityn, St. Asa pa. 19495p- ]V[EW tlandcara and Wheelbarrows, Bccond- XN hand Float, DogcartB, Governess Cars, rubber Lyred; also Brougliam, Victoria Wagon- ette, and Dogcarts, iron tyred, also strong Car- riers Cart.— Francis and Sons, Coachbuiiders, Coiwyn Bay. 17738p STRONG HORSE for Sale, 15 hands, quiet, s good worker; C16. Apply, Bryntirion, Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey. 1943. rilO BE SOLD, together or separately, strong JL Carriage Iloree, dark brown, stands motore; usetul Brougham.—Appiy, Coedmawr, Carna rvon. 1992c "A 1 A. SIZES ANT) TRICES TO SUIT ALL CUSTOMERS. HORSES, COtl, PONIES, WAGONS, .1 CARTS, Floats, Traps, iiarnees, etc., ior Sale, Hire, or Exchange, for Cash or Credit. The'grcat advantage of this is that horses, etc., unlike other tfringe on easy payments, earn the payments for which you get credit aa you go on. It great economy even to buyers tor caJh they avoid many risks, and have fair trials with view to purchase. Buyers should seo these; thia is an old-ertabliahed place with a good assortment on hand, and does not advertise selling under various pretexts.—Parker Wood, 22 and 24, VauxJaali-ioad. Liverpool. Telephone: 0213 Central. 6756 HOUSES AND LAND PIOR SALF- TTWJR SALE, Three Freehold Houses, Shop iv (Frondeg-street).—Apply, "Chrorucie uffice. AND JN COLWYN BAY (Dundonald-road) for Sale, ,or erection of 6a to 8s per week Hpusea.—James F. Taylor, Solicitcr, 71. Lord- etreet, Liverpool 18120 TflO BE LET or FOR SALE, Three New Free- JL hold Houses, with X Rooms in each.- Annlv Wi,liam Jonee, Tan-y-Bryn, Mcnai Bndg. 2018c TITO BE SOLD, well-buiit Detached Country .1. Cottage, bituate in a bracing position in the Viilago of Llytsiacii; largo Garden. Accom- modation Sitting-room, two KitcheilS, four Bedrooms, etc. Price, £ 375 Early possession. —App.y, j, M. Porter and Eicock, Land Agents, Tho Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. lu2b9p SOLD all that substantially-built Pri- JL vate Residence, known JIS Rueeell House, Rhvl. The House stands in its own grounds, and contains threo Entertaining-roome, eight Bedrooms, Dressing-rooms, Bathroom, 2 Kitchens, and other Dometstic Offices, with Wash-house and Coaihouse adjoining. There are also com- modious Out-bui.dings attached thereto, which can bo easily adapted for Stable and Coach- house. The Grounds are tastefully laid out, and comprise a well-built Conservatory, Summer House, excellent Tennis Lawn, and Kitchen Garden well stocked with fruit trees, and con- tainuig in the whole 5536 square yards. For further particulars and prices apply to Mr F. J. Gamlin, Solicitor, Rhyl. M.B.—The above would be Let with immediate possession at £ 100 per annwn if preferable, p -1 SITUATIONS VACANT. A SMART LAD Wanted ae an Apprentice in the Watch Making Trade. A good opportunity to learn the business.—Apply, "T. ^Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 96ho A YOUNG MAN of good appcaranco and address Wanted, to Represent a Firet- ciakis Company. Good remuneration and pro- spects of early promotion to a capabio man witii good refeTEnccs. Write, Biggs, Box 19458, "Pioneear" Office, Colwyn Bay. APPRENTICE.—Wanted Apprentice to Car- A penter and Joiner's Traae.-App,y to S. Bond and Sows, Buiiders, Beigrave-road, Co.wyn Bay. 19420p AGi'lNTS, Spare Time, for Bangor and dis- trict, 10s weekly earned.—Appiy, Super- intendent, Irish Proviuent, loi, Carnarvon-road, Bangor. HHJUc BOOK-KEEPER and Invoice C.erk.—Appiy, in writing, stating experience, age, reter- ences and wages, to Nixon and Jarvis, Bank- place, Bangor. 1988c BOOiFkEEP^R, BUTCHERS, Wanted, at eneo. Young Man as above; one with slight kno-wiiccige of tiie trade preferred; live in.—A. M. and R. If. Wl-iiams, Ruthin. 19441p COOK-GENERAL, experienced, Wanted for c December 15ttli, in email piii-vato tamiiy; good wagtv,Appiy, Firitnvilie, Marino Drive, 195U2p ClOOK Wanted; aged about 30. — Aadiet-e, ) Royai Ùdj Ilo^el, Bett\M-:ycoed. 19501p CAOOE, good, ptam, £ 24; gcx>d references J neceoisary. — Turner. PorUiamel, Lianfair F.G., Anglesey. 19ó7e tIANADA — Agriculturists Wanted. Book J now. Mr J unt, Lectures on Canadian Lite and Proove-ew November 2/uli, seven p.m., Cxieii- ter Town Hail. Particulars, Wright s, Tourist Office. Watergate-street Cnester. Ocean and Rail Tickets ucd, i'ajrceit, forwarded. 19449p I^^NGINFI DRIVER.—Wanted, for Saw-milie, -1-^ at Connan s t^uay, caiiaD.e Man, to tajtfe cnaige of F»ngaie ana Boi ei.—Appiy, by ieuei onjy. stating wages and experience, to Ricruai'd W Lulams and Sons, o9, Oid tiaii-street, Liver- POOl. 194b2p Goul) GENKRAIJ Wanted, good wages for U competeiit person; sinaii fainny privixle.- Apply, Airs it. Dunn, The Ivuo l, Upper Coi wyn Bay. 19425p ,e \OOD GENERAL Wanted^, at once, fcr Trtf- rivv; good reference.—App.y, 'Mrs Edw aide, Aber Deiiayn, Treiriw. 19'iyoj) | i-> v^vJi^i^rjCiUH Wanted for good Agency.—Appiv, Singers, Colwyn Bay. ^9b9_ OOD General; no wafcthing; able to plain cook and iron; sma.i lamily; comiortab.e home; wagets to begin ±-ld.—2b, Mooriieid-road, VVest Diusnury, Manchester. 194l?p GEN IÜtAL SERVANT Wanted in Manciies- W ter; three 111 family; no children; Chapci near; good reterence requlred.-Acldre&3, Mrs liar wood, bl, Seediey-read, Pendleton, Maji- chestcr. 19418p GXOOD General for Private House.—Apply, Mrs Adams. Bronaiit, Old Colwyn. 19422p ( ENEIRAL Sillt VANT1 Wanted, age 20 to 20, must be clean, neat, and ah.e to wasii! State wages and reference. — Addrefs, M. L., "Pioneer" Office, Coxwyn Bay. 1949op g_| O U SE-PAULO UUMAID Wanted" for tiie -i country, near St. Asaph; CliuTchwosnan preierred. Address, M. E., "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 1946up J^TURSE, for Boy, 18 months (at present in Liandudrio); Protcs>tant; 6trong, early riser, willing to sew, wa:ili, and iron; reterenece, age, a.nd particulars to ivira Bennett, G.P.O., Liandudno. OSTLER Wanted; Man used to Horses and Hotel iard, ab.e to milk; good wages to suitable man; aged 20 to 30.-Appiy, Jonn Hughes, Pen-y-Bont Hotel, Llanrwst. 19416D j>ltUi1i 1 ABLE GOODS every kinu 101 Lieaiers, i etc., to sell, credit and approval. Wholesale Catalogue free.—May, 77b, Birming- ham. RESPECTABLE Young Girl Wanted as Genera, for one must be good washer and early riscr.-Miw West, The Ferns, Coiwyn Bay. 19409p REPRESENTATIVE Wanted by an impor- tant Company. To a suitable person tho remuneration will be most liberal.—Address. Biggs, Box 2021c, Office of this Journal. c*. UFFICE, list), lliuii-oi., fORT- MADOC.—Air* Humphrey* haft excellent Situations for respectable women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaid, etc., tor next term (Peu tymhor). REGISTRY OFFICE tor Servants of all Ciastes.—Mm A. Ephraim, 6, ianyinajiod- terrace, B.acnau Fcsumog. 19214p SUPERIOR G £ NKRAL Wanted for 1st week in January, liberal waget:, two in tanuiy, lIJOIÓ comfortable home, for Manchester.—Ap- ply, Agoma. Riviere's-avenue, Coiwra bay. 194 66 p WANTED, a good General, for family of three, 111 Atiierton (9 miles from Man- chester), ago over 20, able to wash, must bo ciean and trustworthy; wages Os bd per week.— Address, with references, inirs Darbyshire, West Bank, Athcnon, near Manchester. WANTED, a smart Youth, as an Appren- tice; Welsh.—Apply, T. J. Pownad and Co., The Stores, Mostyn. 19694P WANTED, young Girl, as General, for Private House; two in family; comfortable hoiiio.-Apply, Rosslyn, lliilsade-road, Colwyn Bay. 19429p WANTED, at once, strong Girl, as Kitchen- maid; fond of children. — Bronhuulog, Abergele. 19-loip \J\T ANTED, Quarry men and used to work v Steam Rock DriLe in Limestone Qua.rry. State wages and where last employed. — L.S., "Pioneer"' Office, Coiwyn Bay. WANTED, immediately, a Clerk, 0110 used to D.strict Council work preferred; Welsh indispensable. Appiy, stating age and ex- perience, to Box 1970, Office of this paper. WANTED, good Cook-Gcneral, strong.— Apply, Mrs Davies, Vicarage, Llanerchy- medd, Anglesey. 1926c WANTED, a smalil General Servant, good p.ain cook and do washing; wages' £ 12 to J614. Send copies of dischargee.—Mrs Luttrcll, 8. Fairfield Park, Rathgar, Dublin. 97hc WANTED, Handy Man, understand pony, pigs, poultry, garden; Churchman, com- municant. abstainer; wages E18, board, lodging. State age and referenow.—Apply, Rector, Peu- strowed, Caersvvs, R.S.O., Montgomeryshire. 2015o WANTED, immediately, experienced General, two in family.—Ghak>t, Hig'hlield Park, Rhyl. 19470p WANTED, for tho country, competent Plain Cook; must be punctual and early riper; three maidn kept. State wages and references.— "Mrs 1\1. "VVeekiy Newts" Office, Conway. uu 19500tp WANTED, immediately, good, strong Girl1; fond of chi Bettws School, Abergele. 19508P WANTED, Cook and Hoi-'Tinaid, ouie Lady; Cook, £ 26, three m lamily.—16, Bay Viow- roadi, Cotwyll Bay. 19520p SITUATIONS WANTED. CARETAKER by respectable married couple, c no encumbrance, good references, etc. — Address, L. B., "Pioneer" Oilico, Coiwyn Bay. 19399p DISENGAGED—Housemaid, 23; Nurte, 13; good Needlewoman, and others.—16, Bay View-road, Colwyn Bay. 19519p .E-MPLOYMINT-WANTED.-o-;îWy-iay J Capabio person desires Sewing, or wiii go by tho day (Is 6d) to Ladieti' lloiihea.—M. H., 66, Grovo Park 19463p GENTERAL MAN; gcod reppectalble Gardener; G caro pony and trap; Board and I/odgo himeeif; well reoommernded.—App y, liarbwry Hill, Ooilwyn Ray. 19516p «. JCOUNTANCY, Rent bn(i Debt f Collection, House Agent. Holder of a Certificate under the Law of Distress Amendment Act.— Liew. D. Jonee, Accountant, Bangor. HOUSEKEEPER or any place" of trust.- -M Apply, Jones, Smithy, Eglwyisbach, 'laly- cafn. 1993o "I^TOTTIEIl'S HELP or Sewing Maidj young, i-Tl- well up in Dressmaking.—Address, L.M., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19415p M1DDLR-AGED Man and Wife, no family, would like to be euited with place. Man able fo-reman Gairdener, with many years' refer- ence from last place. Wife able to take charge of Laundry or Dairy.—Address, M.A., "Pioneer" Office. Colwyn Bay. 19442p "jl/J OTOR-CAR DRIVER, good, Certificate for Ivi. Driving, and ordinary repairs.—William Parry, Little On no Cottage, Llandudno. 19344p SITUATION WANTED for ree.p^uTb! KJ ab.e young GirJ, as Under-Housetnaid or Under-Nurse.—Address. M. K., "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19494p WANTED, as Nurso Attendant to elderly Lady or Gentleman; experienced; refer- ences given.—Apply, Sidmoutlh Hou. Water- street, Rhyl. p WANTED, at once, a situation as Honise- PaifAmrmaid in a Gentleman's family, in or near Abergele. Write all particular —' "N. D. 47, Mill.street. Ludlow. 19498p SITUATIONS WANTED. \\TANTED. Sewing by day or week, at Ladies' » Houix\s; thoroughly experienced in Drcee- rnaking and, Hoiusehcld Sewing, etc. Apply, Mitft Hickey, The Lodge, Beach Holme, Pwlly- crxxihan-ave.niue, Ccilwyn Bay. 19514p DRAW. EDWARD THOMAS, Pell y Coed Bach^ Draw Postpoaied till November 22nd.— JJysfaen. 19455p RESULT of Gent's Ervglish Lever Watch Diaw, Colwyn Bay, .No. 7 Winning Num- ber. p LOST. IOST.—Four Mountain Sheep; three marked R.G.J., and one tarred J:tad{ on the ltump. •irvny person keeping the above alter tiit3 notice wiii be prosecuted. A. H. Daviee, Butcher, ,Ieiia' Menai Bridge. 2025c FOUND. STRAYED oil Parcaau Farm, Co..wyn S about the end of Octooer, 3 Sneep.—Owner can have samo en giving pa.iucu.aia and paying ex pei .feu. ltiHoop HOUSES TO LET. on oeashore, two Sitting, and four .D-edrooms. Kitchen and i antry; mouerate terms. iMiwaius, l eniei Uowy it, Llanl wrog. BEXTWS^COED.—Houeo to unfurnish- D ed, niceiy situated, two Situng-ioou.o, six jjeuiooiiis, Bathroom, and W.C., Hot aiiu Coid Water, usual domestic ohicee.—Appiy, uiiiuth and Aiiaiu, Lianrwst. Eight-rooui Vil-a, siaiming JLF en lie own ground, ciote to iiangor t-auu., 14u.aJ. Domestic umces; very suiiaoie lor com- mercial irian.-Appiy, Jones, Craig vwe.u, 11r gor. l^iURNlStiED HOUSES at moderate rentals A for Autumn and Winter; oniurmsiieu to Lt or for oaie; various sizes; several cnops to Lt in good positions.—iviehor and A-nen, tiiovjn Bay. loiUip GSOUSE to Let, immediately Gwyimyn, JLI. ireinw, furnished or uuiurmsued. — ii^jjiy lVi. n,vans. p L-et, Minaion, Watjliig- U street, convenient House, tor a lea^n- ..u. rent.—Appiy, Air \\linains, Metropolian Bank, iiaugor. iuiup LLiuNi-tvVSr.—To Let, the D weitmg-nouoe in -'LJ Station-ioad, known as "Bougwyneud, coiKkiuuig two iiiuiei'iaiiung-rooms, beven oed. looms, Kitchen, Bacli Kitcnen, and Panu~y.— Appiv to P. McJntyre, E.anrwst. MENAI BRIDGE.—"Raver View," Teford- road, iK-ar Sun-pension Brioge.—laou^e, Suuiiig-Tooanfi, live liedrooms, oin-nouse, iajurdeji; uumeaiato p<Jssession.—Mis 'j.*ty.oi. iiOiUC jsy EW7 COTTAGES to Let; Pa-riour, Kiteiien, i. 1 two good Bouroomt!, and ijardens. Kent, a-j oj per week. Also one Cottage at is per week. — Appiy, Ttnoinas iiugiie-o, Pouitoier, Rnydyioei, i^aanddu: a^. ibnbbp OL.D COLWYN. — ALFRED COY, iiouse Agent. State requirements. Stamp lor replY. p TO BE LET. RiilW BANK-i'FRKACfc. — House to Let from Christmas next; two Siuuig-rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, and usual Offices; Kent, Appiy, J. M. Porter and Liioock, LiLrid Agents, The Estate Ofhce, Colwyn Bay. 194uop IX-RC)OINIED Fairmount, Col- J wyn.—Staffoiid houre, Coed Coch-g-ood. Coiwyn. r^O LET, Detached Dwelling-house, known as JL Bryn 'Rodyn, Trefriw; immediate ixsuses- sion. —Apply, P. Mcintyre, Llanrwet. lbiolip f | VJ 1.F1, illiOSGAER, Gacrwen Station, con- X taming 5 Bedrooms, 5 Rooms downstairs, and usual Domestic Uthces; also 4-stalled StaD-ie, large Coach-house, Cow-house, etc., and aoout 2 xvcres of Land. Immediate possession.—Appiy, Pias Hen, liaerwen. iMbtc f | VO LET\ with immediate possession, fur- X nished or unfurnished, a pieafianuy situ- aied Residence in the Vale of Clwyd, within 5 minutes' walk from Railway Station, having 3 Reception and 7 Bedrooms, Kitchens, Ceuar, etc., commodious, Coach-house, Out- bui.dings, Gardens, Conservatory, etc.—Apply to T. S. Adams, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Land Agent, etc., Mold. 196Hlp j TO BE LET. 6, GROVE PARK WliST. — Ono Reception'- room, four Bedaooms, Kitchen, Sculery, arKl UtiiUaI: Offices, Bathrooni and W.O. Rent £26 p.a. Apply J. M. Po^rteir and Flicock Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 19463P LICENSED PREMISES WANTED. PUBLIC-HOUSE (small) Wanted.—Apply, 5/5, "Directory" Office, Llandudno. u MORTGAGEES. MORTGAGES on Freehold Farms (only). Two-thirds of the value advanced.-dp- p-y, by letter, addressed to J.G., care of "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. p MACHINERY. OOD A WATEfrALiCHlNE (Ry.andejT^I <t:uco 1000 dozen day; cheap; immediate Sttie.—M.H., "Pioneer" Omce, L'o.wyn Bay. lU4 12i3 MATRIMONY. GENTLEMAN would like to correspond with G Laúy, 4U to 50, view Matrimony.—Adduces, 1.0., Pioaieer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 19421p MISCELLANEOUS. IVI AiRlMUiMAL TIMES, the best and 1uickest introductory medium tor ali de- siring a matrinionia" aaianoe, navmg a iarger and more .vntluentiai Clientele than any Matrimonial Agency in the world. Price ou, in s.:<i.,cå envelope. Address, jiuitor, lvonert I tad told, &, l' eatberstnne i>auuiuSo, liuiomn, MATRIMONIAL POST, sealed envelope, 6d, IV-M. with circular, 9d; established quarter oi a cenuury.—Editor, "M. Poet," 1Z, Traiaigar Build- liigs. London, W.C. llcUú OFFICES, &HOPS, &c., TO LET. BANGOR.—House and Shop (fitted for Butcher) to Let, separately or togetner; good stand and suitable any business. Moderate rent.—t uox lob/c, "Ciirorncie" Umce, lxingor. tCOLWYN.—I/Ock-up Shop; contrail position; ) £ 18.—Addreas, M.B., "Pioneer" Uttice&, t/v/yniiay. 1944Yp "j GOLDEN HART," Rutliin, North Waleo.— To Let, commanding Business Premises in main thorougniare, comprising uoutxe-lronied Shop and Dwelling accommodation; grand posi- tion for any business; splendid windows and warehouse. Rental ±;2b.—Appiy, J. E. prJct, Maftyii it. AKaph. r | Y a SIOP ar Osod yn High-street, Porth- JL madog. Meddiant umongyrcnol.—iiuni- pui-eys, Auctioneer, Portmadoc. riTO LET, good Workshop, Erw Wen-road; X Stabiee.—Appiy, Hughes and Row- lands, Coiwyn Bay. 19355p <- POUL TRY, EGGS, ac. COCKERELS.—Buff Orpington, White, Leg- C horn (pure-bred); early hatched.—Tayior, Uiiiach, Roe wen. 19<S9op JjfOULTRY.— Eggs in abundance; Sampie Tin jL six stamps, free.—Great Ormo Poultry Farm, Llandudno. 19i8op OT'OCK COCK MRl'iLS from ofir noted wliir ^5 mnig strains for bale; White Wyandoties, Buif Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Minorcas, liorn 7s bd. — Eastwood, Woodlande Poultry iiaran, Conway. 194 93p To LET. TO BE LET. SMALL FIELD, situate in Conway-road, suit- able for Grazing purposes. Weekly or Monthly tenancy. Low rental. — For further particulars,, rent, etc., appiy, J. M. Porter and Elcock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn WANTS (Miscellaneous). BANDS 1 BANDS 1 BANDS!—Wanted by a well-known Military Bandmaster engage- ments to instruct Brass, Military or String Bands. Bands prepared for Contest. Adjudications undertaking. Orchestra of seven first-ciass Musicians., Buita'b.e for Balls, Banquets, Concerts, etc., can bo supp.ied at Short Notice. Terms Moderate. — Address, W. P. McElwee, Trie Ledge, Garth-road, near Menai Bridge. 2027c MILK ROUND Wanted, large or email, i Liandudno, Colwyn Bay, or any town on Weifch coast; must tie genuine. Oakiey, Ox- icy Bank, Bush bury, Wolverhampton. 1935op 19350p WANTED to Pu vohaeo Ladies', G&nit's and J Children's good'.Left-off Clothing. Good prices given. Personal afctendaiico upon receipt of P<,r:Card.—Jontp, Wardrobe DeaSer, Conway. WANTED, Second-hand Water-wheel, 10 to 12ft. by 18 to 24in., lowest price possible. A(ldict:s, li. 0., "Pioneer" Offices, Co.wyn Bay. 1942,11). WANTED, Old Furniture of every descrip- tion, in Oak or Mahogany, including Sideboards, Chairs, Bookcases, Cupboard-Tri- darns, and Dressers. Old China also bought. Highc6t prices paid. Samuel Lloyd and Sou, Oswald-road, Oswestry. 19235p PROFESSIONAL. FRENCH, SPANISH.—Lady visits; receives -f' Puplis; private or ciass; reloi:ence;s.- Ad- ttrese, M.J., "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 19473p "VTURSERY GOVERNESS desires re-engage- i. > ment to one or two children; usual ling- lish subjects), French acquired abroad, needier woman, excellent references.—79, Manor-road, Liscard, Liverpool. p QUARRYMEN, Miners, and Officials desiring NZ Promotion, take Postal Lessons. Geoiogy, Mining, Surveying, Electricity, Arithmetic. Certificates given. Write for Syiiabus.—"Cam- brian Mining School," Glanlfrwd, Porth. 19248p FOR SALE VARIOUS. C10KEI COKE I Prices Tor truck loads to any > Station.—Apply to W. E.uu Co., Colliery agents, Aoergeie. 189ilp OR SALE, Two excellent i/ittie Mood Pianos • A prices, ten and thirteen guineas; seen ioeaiiy.—Address, M.G., "Pioneer" <lttaces, C01- wyn Bay. I9471p -kiult SALE, Parcel of New Books,, int-eiided JC lor King's Scholarship Svuuy; bargain.- Apply, P. T., "Cionahydd" Omoe, Liangeim. mBoo "IivOR SALE, Chipped Potato Car, can be drawn by pony or by hand, only nought lvur months ago.-I-uii be seen at any tune at lU, Cecil-street, iioiynead. 16630 |OR SALE, Zither-Banjo and case, 50s; J- Ordinary tlanJO m leather ease, 84s. Lea- sons given.—ohciaon Seiway, Upper Garuh-road. I^OR SALE, splendid Dining Table, massive oak legs, p.ain top, 4ft. Din. wide, extend- ing to 12ft. A bargain.— Waiiis., Auctioneer, !tnyl. 19o97p | > ROUND AGRICULTURAL LIME in Bags VJT —For prices apply to W. Eau» and Co., Merchants, Abergele. 19454p G IALVANIZI^D Corrugated Sheets, "Spe- vS" ciai," an 63 inches wiue:—ait., lid; 4ic., lb a, ott., Is Otlj Ott., is luct; 7ft., 26 Id; 8ft., 2D od each, or 14s per cwt. All good, new Sheets, warranted sound, but siigntiy ueiective. Incse Sheets cover 2it. 6 inches with iap, and are 2o W.G., a medium thickness. — W. P. Uept., Butier, Den Works, Woiverhampton. Estabiished ld28. TO MOTHERS.—Every Mother JL who values the Health oi her Child should use Harrisons "Reiia,b.e' Nursery Pomade. One application lulls all Nits and Vermin, beau- tities and (Strengthens the Hair. In Tins, qid and 9d., Id. Ueo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad-street, Reading. Agent for Coiwyn Bay: J. W. Adamson, Chemist, biation- road. Agent tor Pcnmaeiunawr: T. j. ilugiles, Chemist. p OLD OAK DliESSER, length 6ft., height '1ft., over 2uu years old, almost periect.- Apply Office of this paper. 1>lANU. — Bouuoir grand Piano, by Erust Kaps, in perfect condition, to. be Soid, cneap. Can be seen by appointment at Mount Haze., near Carnaxvon. 0 Yv HlfiN-iou""ARE~T1RED~OF PAYING T fancy prices for your Wrapping Papers and Paper Bags, write for Price and Sample to CUBijUN and CO., Wink.e-street, South- ampton, the best an,d cheapest hour e tor every;ion of Paper. Sugar B-ag§, it-oil, 8e peir ewt. loz. Sweet Bags, 43d per thousand, etc. Genuine Greaseproof, 116 d per cw,t.. i!,lli(j1 NAILS. —Mixed, 8s bd per cwt., 28ibs. » » 2s 3d; Screws, mixed, 2& per cwt., 28ibe. c 76 bd. Ali kinds of Naus, Taciis, liivets, Staples', Bolts, and nuts, etc. Midland Nail Works, 25 to 23, Kea-streot, Birmingliaan.—C. W. liayies, Proprietor. 16509 ^^fALLPAPERS for ld per roll. Any Quan- » tity, largo or sma.i, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 100,000 rolls; all classes.—Write for Patterns, statmg class requircil.-Barnett,13 Wallpaper Warehouse (Dept. 221), Campfield- avenue. Manchester. p WH^N YOU ARE TIRED OF PAYING Fancy Priccs lor your Wrapping Papers and Paper Bags, write for Price Lists and Samp.os to eu B-LON and CO., Winkle Street, Southampton, the best and cheapest house for every description of Paper. Sugar Bags from 8s per cwt.; loz. Sweet Bags 4d per thousand; genuine greaseproof 17s 9d per cwt. 2005c 1 Q-GALLON Galvanised Iron Gas Boiler; 1-2 also 2 Secondhand Sewing Machines, viz.: Treadle Machine, Singer's Medium; and Hand Machine, Wheeler and Wilson. Condition equal to new. Cheap.—Owen, 4, Butter ton-road, Rhyl. 1932p (y /| CABINETS, 10s 6d; 24 C.D. vT^s^lklT /V ^fcOrdin&ry P.O.P. or Permanent Bromide, 8 inch, 1, 3s; 3, 6s; 6, 10s; 12, 15e. Stamp Por- traits, 100, 3s 6d. Send C.D.V. or Cabinet with P.O. to Francis and Co., "Dept. 10," 29, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. c HOUSE COALS. -=- NOVEMBER PIUCES. Per Ton for Truck Loads (Sax to Ten Tons) Carriage Paid to OOLWxN BAY STATION. General House Coal 18s and 19s 6d Best Cobbies 20s 6d Best Yorkshire Coa.1 21s 6d Terms,: Nett, Cash with Order or on Delivery at Station Yard. Prices including delivery and storage quoted on receipt of POfit Card; also for single tons. Address:— DIRECT COAL SUPPLY, Station Yard, 19391p OLD COLWYN. MUSIc. MR F. GUttNtY BARNETT GIVES LESSONS in the following Sub- jects:— ORGAN AND PIANOFORTE PLAYING, SINGING, VOICE PRODUCTION, THE- ORY, HARMONY, Etc. Candidates prepared for all recognised Ex- aminations. Lessons given at Pupil's own Residence; at Mr Fleet s, Music Rooms, Penrhyn-road; or at Normanhurst. Llanerch-road (off Brompton- avenue). Coiwyn Bay. DANCING. MISS MAUD C1HLWELL, U.K.A., Profes- sional Teacher of Ballroom and Fancy Dancing, will hold Classes at Khyl every hnaay, commencing October 11th. Also at Prestatyn) every Monday, commencing October I4uh; Hoiyweii, every Saturday, commencing Ootober cuuwiivllCltlg Oc* tobcr 15th; Abergeie, commencing October 10th. or paiucuiars, appiy Utiiwe-1, Clifton House, Rhyl. PUBLICATIONS. Tlrl £ brtEAi" Uwiwt .s. -wi:. FOR 1908. IF you aro a i'armer ana your crops laii, or a you are IU UOUUI auout ouyiiiy OR selling, hÙ.t"J:J.Ü,>:> iVl-.lUAj.NAC wm Ltll you Lua exact timet, to sow your crops, and wnen to uu,) and seU. if you arc a Gardener and your dowers, fruits or vegetauies tan, 1..t" U.t:ill.L;) AJjiVIAiNaC wm ten you wueu to sow, pmut or traii.^p.a.n^ tso that youi garden wih be the wouuer and ttdmuation of all- 11 you are a i^over and your courtship rougfi and thorny, this ALMANAC will teil you the exact times to court a.nd niarry with Lilla greatest teucity. 4 you are in Doubt and Perplexity legarding the .0 and know not which wa.y to turn, tins contains 13irthday Information tor every day wheieoy you may see what i-iaie has ill store tor you. it telis you when to buy, eel1, seek employ- ment. travel, remove, speculate, hire servants bake, brew, lish, etc., and contains numerous usefui tables, etc. 128 page- Price 6d, poet free 7d. lfouisi.a.i-n and Co., 4, Pilgrim St. Ludgato Hili, E.C., and at all Stationers and book. stalls. EFFICIENT BILLPOSTING. IJARTIES desirous of having Bills posted on J- ALL the most IMPORTANT Advertise- ment HOARDINGS in tho District of Rliyl, Prestatyn, Mel Iden, Dyserth, Rhuddlan, and St. Asaph, should send their Orders to BEECH BROS., THE RHYL and DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS. Advertising and BiJpOISting Contractors. SHEEP DOG TRIALS AT ABER. Thorny members of the committee met on Wednesday evening to discus tffoe details of the Trials to be held on New Year's Day- As èe- fore announced, there will be only two classic*; this year. Class I. (open to all comers): 1st prize, je4 and. a silver cup, value £ 6, presented by Mr D. Walter, Aber Hotel; 2nd pirize, E3 10fe; 3rd prize, 2.2 10s; 4th prize, JB1. Tho entrance fee for Class I, is 5is. Clal's II. (open to North Wiale-5, for dogs that have not won a prize. before): 1st prize, £ 4 and a copper kettle; 2nd prize, E3; 3rd prize, J62 10s; 4th prize, £1 5s; 5th prize, £1; 6th prize, 10s. Entrance fee for Clasis II. is 5?,. The entries close D-oc.c.-n. her 26tlh 1907. The committee are to' meet again next Wednesday evelDiDg, =- LEGAL NOTICE. FRANCIS HENRY JONES, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the Act of Par'.iaiment 22 and 23 Vict. cap. 35 that all Creditors and other persons having any Claims or Demand^ upon or against the Estate of Francis Henry Jones late of G eii- thorno Oiiff Road Olid Colwyn in the County of Den'bigh Gentleman deceased (who died on the 5th day of September 1907 and whose Will a Codicil thereto was proved by Mary Jane Jo;nes, AJan Gibson Steel, a,nd James Henry Roughsedge, the Executors therein named on the "0 14t.h day of November 1907 in the Principal Pro- bate Registry of Hit, Majesty's Higli Court of Justico) are hereby required to send in. the par- ticulars in writing of their Debts Claims or Dc- man<Li to the Exectrtoia at the Offices of the undersigned their Solicitors on or before the 3rxi diay c-f J anuatry next and Notice is hereiby also given that after that, day the said Execu- tors will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said deceased amongst the parties entitled there- to having regard only to the Debts Clauns and Demandfe of which they shall then have had Notice; and that tthey wil not be iiabe for the Afi-ets of the. said deceased or any pa.rt thereof so distributed to any person cr persons of whete Debts Claims or Demands they shall not then have had Notice. Dated this 20th day of November, 1907. LABRON JOHNSON AND SON, 22, Lord-street, Liverpool, Solicitors for the said Executors. PUBLIC NOTICES. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF DENBIGH. SHEEP SCAB (COMPULSORY DIPPING AREAS) ORDER OF 1906, and THE SHEEP SCAB (WELSH COMPULSORY DIPPING No. 2) ORDER OF 1902. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries by virtue and in exercise of the powers vested in them under the Diseases of Ammals Acts 1894 -to 1903 and of every otiher power enabling them in that be- half have by their Order, darted 12th day of November, 1907, ordered as follows:— "Tho operation of the provisions of Part II. (Regulation of Exposure and Movement of Sheep in Compulsory Dipping Areas) of the Sheep Scab (Compulsory Dipping Areas) Order of 1906 shall be suspended in their application to the Compu sory Dipping Area described in tthe Schedule to this Order froim and after the eighteenth day of November, nineteen hundred and scven, untl the fifteenth day of A prill, nineteen hundred and eight." Dated this, 15th day of November, 1907. W. R. EVANS, Clerk of the Denbighshire County Offices, County Council. Ruthin. SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO. An Area. comprising the administrative Coun- ties of Anglesey and Carnarvon (except those parishes or parts of parishes lying to the cast of tho River Conway); and also comprising thoso parts of the administrative County of Denbigh, which lie to the west of the River Conway. -19487p BENJAMIN THOMAS ELLIS, Deceased. LOST WILL. THE above named Deceaeed (who for 42 years prior to his death on the 4th day of September 1907 resided at Rhyjiech in the Parish of Llannor in the County of Carnarvon) made a Will bearing date the 31st July 1895 which Will cannot be found. Any person or persons who is or are able to afford any information as to the whereabouts of such Will or has knowledge of any subsequent Will or testamentary document is requested to at once communicate with the undersigned Solicitors for the Executors named in the said Will. Dated 6th November 1907. D'ALBANI and ELLIS, p Newmarket, Cambs. Re ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, WOOD BANK, TREFRIW. Under a. Deed of Assignment. A IJL. persons having- Claims again&t the a.bovo FJstaftc are requested to serid full parti- culars of such Claims to the undersigned not later than the 3rd day'(j,f December now next, after which date the Estate will 00 distri- buted. Da.ted this 19th day of November, 1907. W. J. ROBERTS, Ty'11-y-Fynwent, Trustee. Llanrwst. OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. COLWYN BAY CENTRE. rplIE PRIZES and CERTIFICATES gained A by the Successful Students, at the recent Examinations, held at the above Centre, will be distributed by Professor Hudson Wi'.iiams, of Bangor, at. the PUBLIC HALL, on FRIDAY, 29ch NOVEMBER, at 3 p.m. Friends of the Students are invited to at- tend. E. M. OSBORN, W. JONES, 19517p Hon. Sees. DENBIGHSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. WANTED, CLEANER for the LlaneJian School. Pairticu) ars of duties will bo ex- plained by the Head Master. Salary, to include Cleaning Materials and Firewood, £ 7 Os Od per aninuim. Applications, enclosing two Testimonials, marked "Cleaner," to bo semt to the under- signed, by the 27th inst. F. J. HOLMES. Ba.nk ChambcTs, Cohvyn Bay. 19512p PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. I DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE. SHAKESPEARE'S TWELFTH NIGHT will be given in tho CHURCH HOUSE, ABERGELE, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12th, .1907, at 7 p.m, IN AID OF THE WALSALL HOME. Also at tho i PUBLIC HALL, COLWYN BAY, iOn FFTLDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 1907, at 7.30 p.m., IN AID OF THE COTTAGE HOSPITAL. HON SECRETARY, MR CHAS. PIERSON, GARSWOOD, ABERGELE. 19497. C.B.T.A. ASSOCIATION. -I CONCERT AND VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT, PIER PAVILION, NOV. 27th, 1907, HUMOROUS SONG COMPETITION PRIZE, SILVER CROWN. HUMOROUS STORY COMPETITION;— PR)ZE, SILVER MEDAL. THE AUDIENCE TO JUDGE. Competitors to apply without delay:—Secretary, Town Halt. 19313 -I Church of England Temper- ance Society. ST. ASAPH DIOCESAN BRANCH.! THE ANNUAL MEETINGS will be held II JL. at RHYL On THURSDAY, 28th NOVEMBER, 1907. For particulars see Posters and Handbil ls. 11. 19448p LLANFIHANGEL G.M. SHEEP DOG TRIALS. TIIE abono will be held at L.LANFIHAN- i- GEL, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5th, 1907, when valuable Prizes will be offered. For fullil par-tieui ars a,pp>ly to Secretary, GEORGE HUGHES, Hafodwcn, Llanlihangel G.M., Corweft. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. ABER SHEEP DOG ANNUAL TRIALS will bo held At ABER, 1st JANUARY, 1908. PRIZES Class I (Open to all Comers): 1st, S,4 and Sil- ver Cup, value £ 6; 2nd, £ 3 10s; 3rd, £ 2 10s | 4th, £ 1. Entrance Fee, 5s. Ciasu II (Open to North Wales, for Dcgs that ha-ve not won a prize before): 1st prize, i:4 and a. Copper Kettile; 2nd, £ 3; 3rd, E2 10s; 4th, £ 1 5s; 5th, £1 j 6th, lOte. Entrance Fee, 3c;. JgNTRANCES CLOSE 26th DECEMBER, 1907. For data:Is, write to- O. W. HUGHES, Hon. Sec., Aber. LADIES' TAILORING, ALEXANDER SEE LADIbS' TAILOR, of 10. Pepper btreet, CHTER, IS NOW SHOWING A LARGE ASSORT- MENT OF ALL THE NEWEST MATERIALS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER WEAR. ————.—— p ERFECT FIT GUARANTEED in tho A LATEST STYLES. A Good Serviceable Costume made to order for 50s. Riding Habits, Motor Coats, etc. Patterns sent post free. u bt Wtlsb Coast Pioneer." LARGEST CIRCULATION ON THE COAST. THE SALE OF THE Welsh Coast Pioneer" Amounts to an average which, if tested, will show an EXCESS OF SEVERAL THJUSAND COPIES WEEKLY OVEH ANY OTHER rENNY PAPtrt. Branch Offices LLANDUDNO MOSTYN STREET LLANRWST WATLING STREET RHYL 29, HIGH STREET. ABERGELE CAX "ON HOUSE. London Representative MR. PERCY DAY, 74, FLEET STREET. -• ———— ljt The 11,PIONEP-iic is printed at the rate of IX,000 coptes per hour, on a "VIctory" Web Press wtuch is driven direct from a X5 B.H.P. Sandycroft" Motor, erected by the National Electric Construction Co., Ltd.

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