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NOTES. Tramps arc getting to know ae much as magis- tral nowadays. At. Holywell, four of thcee centry were charged with refusing to perform their Workhouse task. Ae their eipckcBWian made a saucy remark to the Chairman, he ob- eerved, "You are an old hand." I I No more than vour*e"f," was the retort. "I wanted the Stones weighed, and if you knew your business magistrates you would eee that it was done. Gurtajn and "hard labour." Here aro a few samples of the translations from Weiek into;i, at the Central WCif.,i} .board's ac aetii yn frafi" ("iic winked and grew tat ), "Bron ijrg- xeaig" ("Uoaemaj "V1 gwyaoaaua.u yeguooriawi" puaty'*). on T'be wiioae tho examiners report is higxuy ia\.our- aoie, pupua naviiig been presented a-t torty-nme BOilOClfi. "If," cays a writer in a Wckb vernacular newspaper, "Engi-ifch. is the janguage ot bir<i*s German ot the soldier, Italian oi women, and French ot men. YV e .<iii is the language of ivngete." On top of Mr "Puncn" picturing Mr Luoyd George as a b, tnie simpiy ma-Kcs U6 biush. » » Miss Eira Gwyn. a young Pwllheli artiste who wil, etiJj.ruy maitc her debut in London, was dis- covered in a romantic manner. Some latidts Staying in the neighbourhood chanced to hear her bionding her voice with that 01 a ioca. baker, arid were so struck with its purify that They got iundg together to send her to the RA.M. A correspondent bas been taking notice of the way ill which seme magis trait es in roouthfehire administer tne oam 1.0 wmuhto. One gentleman of elegant manners and fcorjd exterior &ay&, "The evidence you fhail give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and noohing but the truth, 'so help your Gawd. A tradesman J.P., who has apparently not learnt the exaot formula-, eays, "Bo de pt y'God. In ono of the towns en the hills a magistrate has a style all his own. He simply says. "You shall tell the truth, eo help you God.. Kiss the Bock." • • • • Wlben the Kaiser was seen in interested con- versation with Mr Liewe'.yn Williame, at the Windsor Cattle concert, someone exclaimed, "What a fascination these Welshmen have for. tho Emperor. Last night it was Mr Lloyd Geor-ge, who mon-opolised the Emperor tor twenty minwtes." The Kaieer was lmmeneely i interested i!n the Welsh music, and when Mr Haidane explained to him that tho choir was almost wholly composed of working men and women, the Imperial comment war, that the We':sh were a remarkable race, whcee imw-dcal capabilities were ineetimable. # # Captain Pritehard, the Welshman, who will be in ooimmaaid of the great Cunarder, "Maure- tania," is described by his intimates as "a pea Kitchener." and, with all his power, he is the most modest and fatir-minded of men. Mr Chris: Ilenlev telfe a story which throws an in- v teneBfciog light on his character. A year or,two. r ago, on a homeward voyage, he entered Queens town juet as a mammoth liner of a rival iiine was leaving for Liverpool. Be (Tone this latter boat was sighted at Holyhead, Captain Prit- chard was berthing his r-hip in. the Mersey. He wae called before tho Canard Board and con- gratulated on his performance. "You are- com- plimenting me gentlemen, on a piece oi luok whioh the other ship miüd," was his quiet reply. "Wo escaped a bad bank of fog off tho Wo'r.h ooast, and consequently could run at full ppeed. Captain was quite right to slacken his pace, and had I been in his place I would have dono the same thing. It may yet be my fortune to be called before you some day to explain why I was beaten through the same earnse." Landlords, and Welsh landlords in particular, are so often miarepresonted and painted to much backer than they really are that it is quite astonishing to find at so Radical a body as the Carnarvonshire County Council the higheet eulo- gies ImAged upon thc.dt as a claee. Even Mr Ellia Davies, M.P., "the Wilberfo" of the Welsh farmer," as his friends now call him, publicly declared at tho last mooting of that body that Lord Penrhyn waa an ideal lamdlord and that his representatives at recent sales showed tem.ant farmers unparalleled gencros'ity. Even more striking was the statement made that a. lan,dlord had 4Dffexed to seJiI cfvory ten- ant on the estate his own farm at a reasonable prjee; and that ii the tenant had no means to buy, the landlord would advanoo him tkree- lourthg of tho purchase money on mortgage at three per cent, per annum. This beat6 tho Small Holdrogu Act of the present Government liollow. The Government, which says iifc ie the farmers' triemd asks 3 £ per oent. on its loans, and autho- rises the County Council to charge another half per cent., making a total of four per pent.




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