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wiriwiu—Ml „„„„ _„„„„ e $ i Y R A D RAN 0.. GYMREIG, SAMUEL BOND & SONS, I Joints, Builders and Contractors, I I SHOP &. OFFICE FITTERS, AND General Repairers oi Property, GREENHOUSE MAKERS, MIDDLETGN VILLA, Belgrave Road, Colwyn Bay. ESTIMATES FREE. 1856 FOR s HIGH-GLASS & BOOTS SHOES- Of English and Foreign Manufacture. jr 0 Perfect in Design ee Shape and Fit.y^M yr yWO X THE NONE CAN y/^y EQLTAL SOLE aqENT5 in Colwyn Bay for the Celebrated "K" LOTUS and QUEEN S BOOTS & SHOES. AMERICAN STOVES. « „M gave Half your Coals JBLS6 HKI anc* Cuio your famoisy /x3|^W»^> uiiimntys. /X^IISBMIMMHNIIL send for CATALOGUE TmrTTF^Twliri tm (free; of moves to Durn ^^J9p^]u^3HnRl Coal, (Joke, Wood, Oil. 1 was. ^c* ffiMjMPlF™ II — Farmers' Boilers. Bath Ueysersand UP^ Hot Water Apparatus. "Mention the Pioneer WM. POORE & CO., American Stove Stores. 52, QUEEN VICTORIA ST., LONDON, E C. B.V. SAUCE IS MAGICAL IN ITS EFFECTS. PURNELL, WEBB & GO., LTD., BRISTOL PERFE07 MEDICINE. N E7 N W For Indigestion, An»emia, Liver Complaint, » ■ Biliousness, JOHNSON'S CHINESE PILLS, | I I/Ii per box, are the best. For Blood Poison. s I I •> Inflammation, Varicose Veins, Erysipelas. Bad M Ik Less, JOHNSON'S XX OILS, I/Ii, 2/3, is a M core. Advice free. JOHNSON Btos^rjJ| FINANCIAL. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY 10 Large or Small bums (not ieda than ;k;lO), ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. BSTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS. and now lending UPWARDS of 970,000 ANNUALLY. Fer ProBpectus and Terms apply to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. 11628 JS10 to Elooo ON THESE TERMS. jjoan £ 10 repay £ 11 10e Loan £ 50 repay £ 56 10s Loan £ 20 repay £ 23 Loan £ 100 repay £ 113 Loan £ 30 repay £ 34 10s Loan £ 200 repay ij&& i /A PPLY MANAGER, 25, BA STG ATE-RO W, U\. CHESTER. 19490p THE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY ,TS expressly Established and Registered pur- *X euant to Act of Parliament to make Private Advances without Loan Office formalities. To all Classes (Male or Female), FROM £10 TO £1000- ON SIMPLE WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY, for any immediate want; to Start Business, Fur- nish your Hou&e, to Pay Rent or Rates, or for ny Private use. The advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or can remain out from One to Five Years, by paying the Interest only. Having a large Capital always ready for Invest- ment, we can lend quickly and cheaply. Dis- tance no object. Interest and Repayments lowest in England or Wales. The Money is advanced at Applicant's own House, if required, thus paving them the trouble and expense of a journey. Strict privacy and straightforward dealings guaranteed. It will cost you nothing, it will nave you pounds by applying either personally or by letter for our Free Prospectus, to the NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY, 41, OORPORATION-ST., MANCHESTER; National Telephone, 260x5; or to our NORTH WALES DISTRICT OFFICES: 11, Dean-st., Bangor; 16, Bodfor-et., Rhyl; and 19, Queen-st., Wrexham. Established 1887. Nat. Telephone 260x5. CASH ACCOMMODATION, Ra to jBIOOO. Loan JB5, repay £ 6. I Loan JBSO, repay JE36. Loan £10, repay £ 12. Loan B50, repay £ 60. Loan L15, repay B18. Loan £100, repay £ 120. IA PPLY, MANAGER, THE PLOUGH ITS. HOUSE, BANGOR. 19491p t A DVANCES. £10 to £5000, immediately, Zt\. on Note of Hand alone. Any Distance, for any purpose, to all classes, strict privacy, low interest, upon the following easy repay- Inents .10 Loan from 3/-weekly. £ 50 Loan from 15/-weekly kt20 Loan from 6/-weekly. AlOOLoan from SOJ-weekly Monthly or Quarterly payments arranged. Cash sent by post.—Apply to the Old Established and honourable firm, Samuels and Co., Queen's Chambers, 6, John Dalton-street, Manchester. Satisfactory Security, Good Interest. mIlE LANCASHIRE WAGGON, 00., LTD., ITIMBury, Waggon Financiers (not builders), are prepared to receive Loans at 4 per cent., tax free, repayable at short notice, or to issue Debenture at 4 per cent., repayable at six (months' notice after an agreed term. Assets £363,161 plus £ 133,813 uncalled capital. nual t'rofita £ 20,100. Reserves £ 22,345. Bankers, Lanes, and Yorks. Bank, Ltd., Bury. Write for further information and balance Bheet. 13923 A. E. DEARDEN, Secretary. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT FIVE MJL PER CENT. PER ANNUM, from 210 to £ 5000.—On Mortgage and Life Policies, also on Simple Promissory Notes, at a very low Rate of Interest, repayable by Monthly, Quar- terly, or Half-Yearly Instalments, to responsible Householders. Capital may remain at Interest only. Strict privacy guaranteed. Distance no object. Genuine applications never refused. :WrÜe for free Prospectus, enclosing stamped f, U le, and addressed envelope, to the actual lender JOHN ROSE, 29, BUCKINGHAM-ROAD' TUE BROOK, LIVERPOOL. Branches- 148 HIGH-STREET, BANGOR, and BRISTOL HOUSE, 67, MOSTYN-ST., LLANDUDNO. Established 1887. 17826p LOANS £ 10 to alooo ON THESE TERMS. Loan £ 10, repay £ 12. I Loan £ 50, repay j660 Loan JB20, repay £ 24. Loan jBICO, repay £ 120. (Loan B30. repay £36. Loan JE200, repay £ 240. f A PPLY, MANAGER, 29, FELL-STREET ZcX KENSINGTON, LIVERPOOL. 19489p 1 !L. BOOK FOR MARRIED WOMEN. rriHOUSANDS of Women have written that it is the best Book they have ever read, and recommend it to their friends. The contents of the first and of the thirteenth chapters every Woman should know. 175,000 copies of this Book have already been sold. It is sent post gee; in envelope, for Postal Order, Is 2d, bv JR. T. R. ALLINSON, 67 Room, 4. Spani# £ Place, Manchester-square, London^ W«


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