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COLWYN BAY. 1 SUNDAY SERVICES. The preadhero for next Sunday are as fol- lows: St. Paul's Church: Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 pm- Mission Church, Coed Pella-road: 11 a.m- an.d 0-30 p.m English Congregational: Rev. Thomas Lloyd, ptor. Salem (Welsh Congregational): Rev. Henry R Wil iiams, pastor. St. John's Wesleyan: Morning, J- E. Lloyd, M.A.; evening. Rev. J- Feathor. Nantyglyn-road Wesley an: Morning, Rev. II. Slderkin; evening, Prof. J. E. LJoyd, M.A. Tabernacle (Welsh Baptist): Rev. Peter Jonas, pastor. English Baptist: Rev. H.T. Cousins, Ph.D., pastor Engedi C.M-: Rev. W. Thomas, Llanrwst. Bethletm CM Rev. Enoch Anwyl, M'a. Harmon C M. Rev. E. Hughes, Llandudno- Seion C.M.: Rev. W- Rowlands, Aorefair. Horeb (Welah Wesleyan): Services morning and evening Presbyterian: Rev. J. Edward pastor. Society of Friends (Erskine-road): Meeting .t 11 a.m- Old Baptist Union, Greenfield Hall; 11 and O.30 p.m. Afrioa-n Institute: Servioes held in the In fitute Lecture Hall at 3 in the afternoon and in the evening, addresses being given by the African Students and friends. NEW HAIRDRESSING shaving ar.< iiam- íng saloon now open at Mr Ne-dham's Cigar Store. Conway-ro-- —(18401). FOR WATCH. Clock, and jewellery repairs at reasonable prices, try John Challanu, prac- tical watchmaker and jeweller, Gainsboro" Btfse, 44. Erskine-road, Colwyn Bay Orders fcy postcard promptly attended to.—Advt J ENGEDI C.M. CHAPEL.—A meting of the Litera.ry and Debating Society was held on Monday evening in the Schoolroom, when Mr Rowland Jones, schoolmaster, Old Colwyn, ilf&ve an interesting paper on "GaribaJdi." HOCKEY- — Three players of too Colwyn Bay Hockey Team have been ohoeen for the East v. West trial. These Frank Connah, who captains hia side- A. Evans-Hughes, and A- I/aw. SUCCESSING HORTICULTURIST. — Mr James Amphiett has during the past. eW years joined several prizes for grapes at various *hovvs, and last, week, at both Liverpool and Bolton, he gained two first prizes. Growers iroai every part of the country exhibit in these ghows. REHEARSING. — Tho St. Paul's Juvenile Prize Choir are a.t present rehearsing for bhe Rhyl and Old Colwyn Eisteddtodau on Boxing Day, and the Colwyn Bay Eisteddfod on New Year's Dav. The conductor is Mr E. Evans. DISTRICT RATES — The total amount o rates raised in the district during the past month was £3169 15s 8d. Of this amount $1756 15s 5d were in the way of district rates- ENGLISH BAPTIST MISSION.—The eight mission held at the English Baptist church brought to a. close on Monday evening, when MoLeod, the converted pugilist, related the lItory of his life to a. iarge attendance. CHRYSANTHEMUM SHOW.—The ninth prize in the tombola, held in connection with tihe Chrysanthemum Show last Friday, was Won by Mr W. G. Roskelly, c/o Mr Pollok, Titwood. Dinarth-road, RrJ<X->. We understand the gross receipts at Che SHOW amounted <o upwards of £80. METEOROLOGICAL REPORTS. — Dr. Jftarold Nuttall is interesting himself in the questdon of inserting the weekly weather re- ports of Colwyn Bay in the official report issued by tiie Meteorological Office, London, and at the suggestion of the T.A..A., the Council are oow communicating on the matter with the pro- per authorities- NEW GAS AND ELECTRIC MAINS. — "The Gas Manager (Mr J. C. Pennington) eabi- Viates that the following three new gas main hemes projected will cost as follow:—Twelve- iuoh main from the Launu'ry to the bottom of Cern-road, Oid Colwyn, ;£1301 14s; nine-inch main to couple up from the Pumping Station into Abbey road, Rhos, £149 1;)s. and a four- inoti main from Llannerch-road east down to the West Promenade, £139 15s. Tne manager ba8 been instructed to make arrangements for the new main to Old Colwyn, while in view of a suggestion made by the Local Government Board Inspector at a recent inquiry, the Coun- oil have decided' to borrow the sum of £4000 to tieir&j the cost of gas main extensions. It has also been resolved to apply for power to bor- row £2500 for the extension of electric cablas- NEW BUILDINGS-— Plans were approvod by the local authority last week in respect of 0n extension of Lansdowne-road Or the Cot- yYn Bay and Pwllyoroohan Estate Company; a detached house at Rhos-road, for Mr R. B. Humphreys; a detached house at the corner of Kings-road and Lansdowne-road for Mr Evan Cwen, builder; and two houses at Dingle Hill for Messrs S. Bond and Sons, buikters. FALLING DEATH-RATE.—The death-rate in She district during- the past month was 9.4 per 1000 of the population- This compares very favourably with the rate of 14 per 1000 prevail- ing during the same mooth last year. BETHLEHEM C.M. CHAPEL.—The annual frfeaching meetings at the Bethlehem C.M. Chapel wore held on Tuesday and Wednesday, the special preachers being the Rev. H. M. Pugh, Carmoi. and Rev. John Williams, Brynsiencyn. PERFORMANCE OF AN OPERETTA.— Unde-r the auspices of the Waifs and Strays So- ciety, s.n address and operetta was given in the Chu •ch Room on Tuesday evening. There were a largo number present, when Dr. E. Marietta, MB., tc-ok tho chair. The operetta "Too Bad" was performed by the pupils of the Misses ;Gverel.t. and proved most interesting, the youth- ful uerformers sustaining" their parts admirably. During the evening the Rev. Phillip Rees L.D., clericil organising secretary, delivered an ad- dress on th? work, which was illustrated by lime- light vie\v3 FREE CONCERT FOR MEN,—Tne tturd of a terrjs of free concerts for men was held on Saturday evening in the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association. Tnere was a very good attendance, and a most enjoyable tune was spout. Songs, recitations, readings, etc., were opendered by Mrs Woodiwisa, Miss F. Brown. Miss Loui Gree.nfield, Mr Roberts (Mancnester/, Mr iWoodiwiss, Mr H. Greenfield, Mr R. Jackson, tar Ralph IJoyd. and Mr Harold. now Davie. Mr' S. Johnson (organising secretary to the 3T.M.C.A.) presided. It is purposed to hold these ifpe concerts for uici weekly throughout the winter months. Y.M.C.A. MEN'S MEETING.-On Sunday ;afternoon, at 3.15. there was a good muster of young man at the weekly men's meeting, re- cently organised by the above Association. Mr Jt E. Elcock presided. Mr Hill gave an in- spiriting address en "Example," Mr D. Llew. Davies rendered a solo, and Mr Newton accom- panied at the piano. These meetings are for one hour prompt, and are calculated to prove not janly popular, but highly beneficial. .BETHLEHEM LITERARY SOCIETY.—Ex- celient addresses were delivered on Monday evening entitled "Why I am a Pro- testant," by Mr Robert Jonce. Horne- leigh, and ''Why I am a Calvinietic Mefcho- oist," by Mrs T. M. Jones, Bodgwenallt. and these subjects were afterwards discussed by the following members: Mrs Jones, Cheater House; Mrs Owen, Rose Villa; Messrs O. LI. Evans, West End Stores; Samuel Parry, Rhiw-road; E. G: Jones, Abergele-roid; D. LI. Davies, St. Tudnc; Owen Parry, Smallshaw; O. Pierce Jones, Woodhill. There was a large attendance, and a ■vftr- instructive evening was spent. HERMON C.M.—At the Literary Society, on Monday evening, Mr W. Williams presided. The subject of debate was "Does music in Wales con- duco to the success of religion?" Mr D. E. Parry took the affirmative side, and Mr R. Jones tho negative. Excellent papers were read, and & spirited discussion ensued. The Ravs. J. Small wood, Cymmau, and J. H. Williams, Llan- gefni. are announced to hold preaching services at this chapel on December 10th and 11th. WINTER AMUSEMENTS.—"Pegg-ie" writes: ■—"In reading through your excellent paper of ,-e 14th inst., I was delighted to notice that Some brave soul, signing himseT 'H. M.' had jptarted a correspondence re 'Winter AmiKc- menU for CoCwyri Bay.' My answer to a-M his suggestions :i-6: my sentiments.' Coming ntly from Southport to reside in Colwyn. Bay, the lack of gcod winter amusements struck I me as almost phenomenal. Certainly, the lessee qf the Public HaiJ does his best to relievo the jnori/ofcony of liie, and in return desorvofi bettor support. At a small expense the ha31 could, by -tbe way. "be Jtiado to look more attractive and I ooey, with the aid of some matting on the floor, more comfortable scats." CONCERT.—(A SlllIl concert was lueld Bronynant C-M. Chapel on Monday even- j&S, fho proceeds being in aid of the Child- ren's Christmas Club. Mr T. U. Jones, Con- Spray, who was unable to be present to preside, t a letter of regret, and enclosed a. hand- re contribution to the funcfe. Th-e Rev- T- Jones, Colwrn Bay. conductcd proooed- :j1!.8", and Mauaiae Waller, Llandudno Juric- jCt60, was the aooompamst. Boings were ron- by Mws Roberts (Mold). Miss Roberta XLlanrwst),-Mr Pritobard (Llandud'no Junction), Messrs J. Parry, T- J. VVifi<iar.:s, and Robert Roberta, Colwyn Bay. Tho Gluawyddc-n and ■Sfony-nuht Quartette Parties g-ave several jCtecea. a.nd Master J. Roberts, Llaiirwst, and Ir W. O. Grifiitiis, Rhos, recited. CAKE AND APRON SALE. An interesting sale, the object of which was to Wise rnoftf-y for missionary objects, under the ausfioas of thd United Sunday Schoo'3 of St. in S an:* N'lrjtyglyn Werleyan Churches, was yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and evon- Wig, in St. Jolm's Schoolroom. There was a -Vow-led attendance. The event was the ninth of .Jb tWld and has produced excellent results. The .president, Mr W H. Jones; treasurer, Miss Moss; and t. e Mt-SM Edith Adamson and Ethol Xomkmson en". gelic 9cretr;e". The opoiiing ceramony was graciously per- ,|orm vl by Miss Ethel. Hovey, of Penrhos Col- k,e. who delivered a charming little speech. A vot.9 of thanks iwas proposed to Miss Hovey by Mr H. W. Jc^ies, superintendent of the Nantyglyn School's, seconded by Mr C. A. Charant- secretary of St. John's Sunday School, and carried venaniraously. A brE,k business was then made, and tea wa3 a1:,o supplied. At six o'clock an organ recital wan given in the church by Mr T. J. Linekar in his usual artistic manner, and Mr F. G. Moore gave two vialin I08, wihieb ere much enjoyed- At seven o'clock a foreign missionary meeting was held. agd presided over by Councillor Joseph Dicken. An address on Foreign Mis- sionary Work wai given by the Rfv. James Feather, pastor of St. John's, and another by Mr Ojo Alarigba: Pratt, who rooounted some of his experiences ip West Africa. Musical items wero also givon by a anited juvenile choir from St. John's Nantygly.n Sunday Schools. A coffee supper that was largely patronised ter- minated the day's successful proceedings.



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