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■' ■■'■ » ■' õO: >T- i — I- OLD ESTABLISHED y Fnt-class FAMILY HOTEL ———————— SHELTERED POSITION IN 0 FINELY WOODED PARK. V Kational Telephone No. 13- Telegrams- C P" /J A Pwllyctochan, ^ji?iii^ELECTRIC LIGHT, Colwyn Bay. -sj4* SEPARATE TABLES S) r,ov^ .^MAGNIFICENT VIEWS, ^RECHERCHE CUISINE, POSTING, ^GOLF, TENNIS, BATHING, BILLIARDS, &c. ^ii^:EFFICIENTLY HEATED THROUGHOUT. THE GRINDELWALD OF WALES. THE A/0 ST BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED AND DAINTILY EQUIPPED HOTEL U /<V 7H £ PRINCIPALITY. V* # • W Manageress Mrs. C. A. BAILEY tj <0 Pv < golf, Y -ts;^ TE1W7S, 70?S OAKWOOD, ,■><_ \1 ,*1. CONWAY. XOV Ci?O0C7 £ r, TY**A«K O 00 ARCHERY, AND BOWLS- BOATING, SHOOTING, BILLIARDS- Q P- BALLROOM (Floor on Springs), THEATRE. HOTEL DE LUXE OF CAMBRIA. HOTEL METROPOLE, COLWYN BAY. Near Sea, Station, and Pavilion. Over 50 Bedrooms. Drawing and Smoke Rooms. Lounge, Billiards (2 Tables). 'Large sized Ballroom. Electric Light throughout. Excellent Cuisine. Near Golf Links, Week-end Assemblies, Wedding Breakfasts, Receptions, Dinners, and Balls catered for. Manageress Miss S. A. GRISDALE. iclegratns—u Metropole, Cohvyn Bay." National Telephone—No, 188. ST. WINIPREEXS. —— AND WINTER RESIObNOli RHOS" COLWYN BAY. Facing Sea and Pier, Bright Warm Rooms, Excellent Cuistae, Good Smoke and Billiard R near Golf, Good Boating and Sea Fishing, Moderate Terms. MRS GRAY. JUST OPENED. JUST OPENED WHEN AT COLWYN BAY STAY AT LEWIS' NEW TEMPERANCE HOTEL (NEARLY OPPOSITE THE PUBLIC HALL). MOST CENTRAL, QUIET, COMFORTABLE & ECONOMICAL FITTED WTTTT ELECTRIC LIGHT AND ELECTRIC BELLS*. Smartly Furnished Bedrooms and Cosy Commercial Room. Well-lighted Billiard Room with Two Full-sized Billiard Tables. Large Dining and Tea Rooms on Ground Floor.' A Splendid Assortment of High-class CONFECTIONERY & CHOCOLATES Picnic and other Parties Catered for. Very moderate charges throughout. OWEN LEWIS (Sole Proprietor), Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay Davies Bros., Butchers. I WE have catered for the Public for many years. O:lr Business has grown I with the growth of the District, and our rep itau n for reliable and deli- cious Meat is stronger than ever. At this season of the year we offer MUTTON, BEEF, PORK, &c., of the PRIMEST QUALITY Which we believe will give satisfaction to all who Buy Windsor House, Abergela Rd., Colwyn Bay, & Doughty Building TKTZZ- FLEETS" rLE.)E. < !St (I MUSIC WAREHOUSE, COLWYN BAY. Imp — ? INSTRüMENTS BY THE BEST MAKERS flrr I l FOR SALE OR HIRE. H V f LARGE STeCK OF MUSIC AND STRINGS. J r J JL NOTED FIRM FOR HIGH-CLASS TUNING & REPAIIUNB TUNER TO THE COLWYN BAY AND LLANDUDNO PAVILIONS. TELEPHONE—No. 0163. Agent for Llanrwst District- MR WILLIAMS, The Library. THE PRACTICAL MAN sf<k^ "J" To,b",n f'fV PurP°se is good only in so fir as it achieves some • t clearly defined end. It is for this reason that he has always been an enthusiastic believer in Beecham's Pills. They appeal to him not only because they conform to the acknowledged principles of medicine, but perhaps more because he invari- ably finds that they deal thoroughly and effectively with the ailments against which they are directed. The practical man is too busy and wide-awake to waste either money or time in experimenting with things declared by interested r traders tc b "just as gcod." He TAKES Beecham's Pills because he has found that they are beyond compare the best i family medicine for dsaling satisfactorily with all derangements of the digestive orpans, impurities cf the blood and general loss of tone. His reasons are always dear and adequate and never more so than when he takes his dose of An iff Em BEECHAM'S PILLS- } Sold everywhere ia boxes, price 11\ [S6 pills) & 2J9 (168 pills). ■ -« —M^===Z==R^=Z.YI The fiwalia Hosiery Co., Ltd., I HOLYWELL, North Wales. J »< »* REAL WELSH FLANNEL SHIRTS, PANTS, 7 VESTS, BLOUSES, SHAWLS, etl TURNOVERS, etc., etc., ) ALSO MAKERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN "NATIONAL" and "LLEWELLYN" Shirts and Shirting. II { PRICES AND SAMPLES ON APPLICATION. »-»====»-»===»-»===**==# i


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