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I- (Continuation from 4th Pago.) FOOTBALL. NORTH WALES AMATEUR CUP. BEAUMARiS v. HOLYHEAD SWIFTS. VICTORY OF "THE TEAM OF TALENTS." (By "Critio"). Beaumaris 4 goals. IT l„l 1 Ci 1,. rauijiiuiiu c guuis. When these two teams last met, in a League encounter at Beaumaris, on the 17th ult., the homesters gained the verdict by securing four of the five goals scored, and considerable interest was taken in the match under notice, for it was expected to be a fine struggle. It was unfortu- nate that the weather conditions proved unfavour- able, though up to noon or so they were pleasant enough. The game was largely played through a drizzling rain, which did not, however, ("lamp the ardour of the players or their support- ers. A large number had journeyed from the seaport town to the scene of action, and when the teams lined out there was a large number of spectators. The home team were the first to make their appearance, and were greeted with thundering cheers as they stepped on the field, closely followed by their rivals, who were re- ceived with an encouraging cheer. Prior to the commencement of the game the band of the "Clio" Training-ship beguiled the waiting min- utes with several selections, which were well rendered and duly appreciated. Before proceed- ing to describe the game I should like to ac- knowledge the courtesy of Mr Briercliffe (chair- man of the Beaumaris committee), who very kindly provided the Press representatives present with chairs aud a table to facilitate them in their work. Mr R Hersee (Llandudno) was in charge of the £ ame, and the players lined out as under:— Beaumaris: Fielding Richards; W. G. Williams and S. Davies; W. J. Jones, W. O. Humphreys (capt.) and Emyr Hughes; Dick Humphreys, Dai Davies, H. Thomas, Smedley and Poole. Holyhead: Collier; Conlan and Parry; Roland Williams, W. T. Jones and Dick Ellis; Salisbury Owen, J. Rowlands (capt.), 0. B. Edwards, R. C. Jones and J. Jones. The rival captains tossed for choice of ends amid intense excitement, and Rowlands having won ho elected to play down the slope with a strong cross wind in his favour. Following the opening exchanges, Rowlands and "O.B." wended their way goalwards, but Williams relieved, and Dick Ellis returning, "O.B." secured, and passed on to "11.C. that player transferring to J. Jones, who appeared well placed, but was de- •j'ared offside. The homesters now made a tnove Gollierwards, but "W.T." headed clear, the ball eventually going into touch, from which Thomas secured, and gave to Poole, who was sue-cessfully tackled by Conlan. A run down by the visiting right was effectually checked by Wit iiams, but "\V.T." secured, and sent in a capital shot whicjj was well saved by Richards. The homesters tried to break away on the right, but Dick Ellis barred their progress, and placing beautifully to Rowlands, the latter slipped when in the act of shooting, Davies being thus en- abled to clear. Dai Davies attempted to get through, but Roland Williams robbed him clever- ly, and enabled his forwards to continue their attack. Some nice play between Rowlands and Salisbury resulted in the latter giving to "O.B. who caused Richards to fist out a good shot, and the ball reaching "W.T." he shot behind. The visitors were persistent in their efforts to score, but Williams was playing a grand game, and time after time averted disaster to his side. Some pretty play between Smedley and Poole was the moans of changing the venue, and Con- lan was hard pressed, but he managed to kick clear, only to see the ball returned on the right, Ernyr Hughes giving Dick Humphreys possession, but his final effort went wide. Salisbury seemed likely to prove dangerous at the other end, but having successfully eluded the attentions of Emyr he was robbed by Davies, who sent well up, the ball being returned by Parry, and "W.T. securing, he placed nicely for Salisbury, who how- ever was offside. The visitors renewed their at- tack, and were firmly established near the homo goal, when "W.T." was accidentally kicked by the home captain, the game being stopped for a fw minutes. The popular centre-half pluckily resumed, though it was seen he was in distress, end thereafter did not shine as conspicuously as he generally does. A good deal of midfield play followed, though on one occasion the homesters were very near scoring, a run by Thomas ending by his giving to Humphreys, who again shot wide when in a good position. The visiting for- wards again attacked, and Rowlands had hard lines with a good shot, whilst a moment later "W.T." shaved the upright with a splendid at- tempt. Responding to the cries of their sup- porters, the homesters made play on the left, and a pretty bout of passing between Smedley and Poole resulted in Conlan granting a corner off the latter, which proved abortive, after which Humphreys and Davies, on the home right, made tracks for Collier, but Davies shot feebly be- hind. Fifteen minutes had now elapsed, and tho visitors having had rather more of the play than their opponents, but the homesters were the Erst to score, for after Emyr had given to Poolo, that player eluded Roland, and sent across a nice contre, which Dick Humphreys pounced upon and planted the ball well out of Collier's reach. Beaumaris, 1; Holyhead, 0. Thundering cheers greeted this feat, and, as though to acknowledge the acclamations, the homesters redoubled tbeir efforts, causing the visiting defence many anxious moments, but they withstood the attack well. The visitors were by no means disheartened, and some pretty play by Salisbury and Rowlands resulted in the former testing Richards, who fisted out, Davies com- pleting the partial clearance. The homesters again got going on the right, but Parry relieved, and the ball going to W. J. Jones, he tried a long shot, which went wide. A nice bit of play bit the part of Dick Ellis was the means of putting "R.C." in possession, and having out- witied W. Humphreys, he parted to J. Jones, that plijyer sending in a iovely centre, which was placed out of danger by W. J. Jones. Emyr successfully coped with the efforts made a moment later by Rowlands and Salisbury. Poole was making headway, when he was tackled by Conlan, the homesters being awarded a free-kick, which Parry cleared, and "O.B." securing went off on his own, being able to force a corner off W. Humphreys, which was safely disposed of. Thomas went through at the other end, but has pass was intercepted and cleared by Parry, which enabled the visitors-to renew their attack on tho home goal, "O.B." being eventually robbed by Williams, and the homesters rapidly advanced to the other end, D. Humphreys again shooting behind. A nice centro by J. Jones was returned by Williams, whilst he thwarted (the efforts of "R.C." and "O.B." Within the next instant Thomas endeavoured to get away, but "W.T." intervened, and gave to "R.C. who was going strongly when he was fouled by W. Humphreys, the resulting free-kick coming to nothing. Parry had to clear from Dai Da- vies, which he successfully did. Coming- again on the left, Poole sent in a nice centre, which Thomas secured just outside the penalty area, and being unmarked, he studied himself and shot hard and true, the ball entering the far cornor. and though Collier threw himself at the ball he was not able to reach it. Beaumaris, 2; Holyhead. 0. The home supporters went wild with delight, and the cheers were simply deafening, the home- sters, spurred on by their second success, making » determined raid on the visiting goal. Parry and Conlan being hard pressed, but tho ball v.,as ulti- mately cleared, and the visiting quintet dashed down, the movement culminating in "R.C. firing uichards a very warm handful, he having to grant a fruitless corner. The visitors were not to be denied, but a good chance was lost through Rowlands having slipped when nicelv placed. W. J Jcnes was allowing the visiting left but vory little latitude, and often placed his forwards in possession, while Roland Williams' fine tackling and judgment was freely commented oil- Richards dealt very ably with a splendid effort by "W.T. and W. Humphreys securing gave to W. Thomas, who in turn passed to Smedley, that player testillg Collier, who cleared, but the homesters were not to be denied, and they returned on the left, Poole finishing up with another splendid centro, which went to D. Humphreys, that player sending in a shot which appeared to be going out of play, but which in reality struck the far post and into the net, much to Collier's astonishment a.nd chagrin. Boaumaris, 3; Holyhead, 0. This naturally put the homesters on exceeding- ly sood terms with themselves, but the visitors dashed away from the restart, R lehardr, having to rush out to clear from "R.C. and immedi- ately afterwards Rowlands headed in. but Rich- ards saved again.after which the home team again attacked, but Parry came to the rescue of his side, he and Rowland Williams being conspicu- ous for their defensive play. A sustained attack by Lhe visitors followed, and a melee took place near goal, during which "O.B." securcd the ball, and Richards threw himself into the midst of the rude of players, and though he succeeded in g-ottdng tho ball away ho was injured, but was ablo to resume. From now to the interval the visitors had most of the play, though Collier was called upon to defend his charge once or twice. Five seconds prior to half-time the efforts of the visitors were rewarded, "R.C." doing the trick wito a really magnificent shot, thus reducing the w&d gained by the homesters, score •—■ Beaumaris, 3; Holyhead, 1. Resuming hostilities the homesters made play on the left, but Roland Williams kept them well in check, but they came again on the left, and Parry missing his kick let in Dick Humphreys, who sent across, for Poole to place the ball be- hind. They were back again in a moment, and Collier had to exert himself in order to repel a good attempt by Thomas. The visitors, well fed by their halves, then had a turn, and "O.B." boating W. Humphreys, sent forward for Salis- bury, but he was not up in time, the ball going over, though the latter -made a good attempt to get at it. b Rowlands and "O.B." were making strenuous efforts to break through, but the home defenoe was very safe, and from a free-kick given against the visitors Williams, from the half-way line, sent in a really great shot, which Collier saved with difliculty. Poole caused him to handle again a little later, a mclce occurring within close proximity to his charge, but Parry eventually got the ball well away. Very pretty play between Dick Ellis and J. Jones looked promising, but W. J. Jones nipped tho move- ment in the bud, Williams performing a similar feat at the instance of Rowlands and Salisbury, ho having crossed over to relieve Davies, who had been well beaten. W. J. Jones had a pop at Collier, but that worthy cleared with case, and from a nice run by Poolo Thomas headed over. A short visit having been made to the other end Poole received, and dashed down the wing, be- ing met by Conlan, but ere he reached him Poole had tapped the ball forward, and rounded the full-back, but was tripped near the corner flag, and just outside tho ctreaded area, Roland Wiiiiams clearing the ensuing kick, and "R.C." receiving made for goal, but was robbed by W. Humphreys. Returning to the attack, Salisbury ran round Emyr, outwitted Davies, and sent in a capital shot, which struck the side of the post and went behind. The home forwards were-next seen racing down, but Conlan managed to clear. The visitors were making desperate efforts to reduce the lead, and after a persistent raid on the hotne goal "O.B." secured, and scored the second gcal for the visitors. Beaumaris, 3; Holyhead, 2. The excitement at this stage was simply great, and the game waxed fast and furious. The visi- tors exhibited a glimpse of their true form after this success, the homesters being kept strictly on the defensive, and but for an occasional break- away play was confined to their quarters for the last twenty minutes of the game. In attempting to clear Williams gave a corner, which Salisbury placed beautifully, but W. J. Jones headed away, only to see Salisbury with the ball, and that player flashed across a perfect centre, but Wil- liams once again proved the. saviour of his side. The time-honoured custom of putting Parry in the forward rank was now observed, but try as they would they could not pierce the stubborn defence opposed to them, though several chances were thrown away owing to the lack of under- standing between the forwards, Salisbury being given but little to do. Suddenly, thè venue again changed, and Thomas dashed away at top spoed, beat "W.T. and sent in. Conlan missed the ball, but Collier saved the situation at tbo expense of an abortive corner. From now to the end the visitors tried desperately to draw lei el, but their efforts were futile, and close on time the homesters again broke through, and Dick Humphreys sent across. Conlan went for- ward, but was too slow and ore he could clear, the former had whipped the ball dead into goal, Collier being thus beaten for the fourth time. Immediately after the whistle sounded "halt," with tho score:- Beaumaris, 4; Holyhead, 2. It was a stubbornly contested game, and con- sidering the state of the ground was a very fast one. A truer reflex of the play would have been a draw, for although the winners had more method in their attack the visitors had rather moie ot the play on the whole, and especially was tins the case in the last 20 minutes, though the home forwards were dangerous near goal. The victors undoubtedly owe their vie-" tory to the extremely fine defensive play of their right full-Dack, but had tho losers shot oftoner the result would probably have bec-n different They seemed to prefer trying to run the bail through, and were nothing like so successful as the forward line which played so fine a game against Conway the previous Saturday. Hence their having to acknowledge defeat.