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ST. ASAPH (DENBIGH) RURAL DISTRICT COUNCI" PROTEST AGAINST COMPULSORY SHES DIPPING. The monthly meeting of the Council was on Friday, Mr Bennet Jones, J.P., presidiilg- The Clerk reported the receipt of a letter Dr. Lloyd Roberts (medical officer of be; expressing his deep appreciation of the va sympathy from the Council on the death e wife. WIGFAIR IMPROVEMENTS. At the previous meeting of the Council. Howard, C.B., Wigfair, had asked for m- mittee to meet him near his residence spect to a scheme for improving the roa^ne committee now reported that they appr of what was being done, and the necessary-ion was given. WATER SUPPLY SCHEMES The oommitteo appointed to deal witb p.o- posed supply of water to Rbydyfoel refund- ed that the suggested scheme be not aed at present, the reason given for this t that there was another scheme in view byJ" the Village oould be supplied with water cavita- tion, It was also thought that this sci could be carried out without any initial to the ratepayers. The committee also rE.rilended that the further consideration of flutter be adjourned.. The Council agreed to the recorniation of the committee. With regard to the new water)ply and drainage scheme for Llanfair, i),-ton, C.E., submitted a report stating tthe water supply works were nearly complctana as re- gards tho sewerage scheme all toeen com- pleted with the exception of a httork at the irrigation tanks. He anticipateiat all the work would be completed in thorse of tho present month (hear, hear).. The Clerk stated that a comae of inspec- tion had been over the works, that every- thing appeared to be satisfactory The Llanfair Parish Council X calling at- tention to the need of improvise road above Melai, the residents of the distiat present ex- periencing great difficulty in ctg material to and from the farms. A small committee wras apped to go into the matter, and to prepare a )rt. It was reported by the Sany Surveyor and Inspector that Mr Peter Wilb, Denbigh, had completed his contract for ag a supply of water to the schools and sclnouse, which was now satisfactory. THE CLAIM FOR COENSATION. The question of the el a to compensation submitted by Mr Henry Wms, Henllan, was again before the Council, letter being read asking if the Council interi to pay him com- pensation for the loss of feye, which, it was alleged happened whilst ire Council's employ as a stone-breaker. The o it wasf stated, had presented some difficulties.d the man had been able to follow his emplojnt although he had lost his eye, and was suing a great deal of pain. The doctor had a'stated that the man had been incapacitated bjeumatism. It was decided to leavee matter m the hands of the Clerk. THE COMPULSORSI-IEEP DIPPING ORll. A letter was read m the Merionethshire Farmers' Association Gaining a resolution of protest against the coulsory dipping of sheep unless scab existed in district, paid the Coun- cil were asked to peth the Board of Agricul- ture on the matter. Tho Chairman moi that tne lei-tor be laid on the table. Mr John RobertsAbergele) disagreed with the Chairman's mot He considered that far- mers were put to nrry and trouble without cause. Sheep oouldit be removed to fairs and markets, whether rb existed or not, and far- mers were being -,itinuaily compelled to put theiT sheep in cokkter. It was simply cruelty. In fact, farmers ve put to a lot of trouble by people who knenothing about the matter (laughter). He prosed that they send a similar resolution to thé .ard of Agriculture. Mr Wm JDndLlannefydd) seconded, and agTeed with Mroberts. Although he had no scab on his far he was compelled to dip his Mr" Thos. E«3 (Abergele) contended that compulsory d:pig was a source of great annoy- ance to farmer The Chairillt argued that oompulsory dipping did away wit-itiany regulations which would otherwise be ^rce, and he did not agree with ^Mr Robert mo^on was carried, the Chairman only votingS'ainst LANNEFYDD CULVERT. Mr WrJones stated that great complaints were beinmade with regard to the new culvert at Llannfdd, which was being built over the river As He did not think that traction en- gines cod cross there. The Jpector replied that the work was being done iiaccordance with the plans submitted to tho comittee and upon their instructions. The-ouncil gave a committee power to act in the ntter.








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