Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

20 erthygl ar y dudalen hon






INTERESTING WEDDING AT CONWAY. EVANS-DOUGALL. In the presence of a large oongTeg-ation the marriage tcok place at Engeda C.M. Church, Conway, on Tuesday morning, of Mr Arthur LI. Evans, (idest son of Mr Owen Evans, Paris Houee, Conway, and Mia-s H. J. Dougall, eldest daughter cf the lata Councillor Robert Dougall, and Mrs Doug a/1, Lancaster Square. Ccnwa.y. The bride, who was g.ven away by her uno!e, Mr Rogei-s Jones, of IJiana-wst, wore a handsome gown of ivory silk santor, trimme-d w' real hce and .vilver; the skirt had a panel of lace edged with sil ver trimming, while true lovers' knots bordered the hem. gown was mounted on silk and chiffon. Her hat was also white, a lajge ostrich he at., or taking a pro- minent place in the trim-rriing. Ifce bride's bouquet, the trift of the hrid-^room, was ocin- rioc-x-d of white chrysanthemums, lillies of t-e va, ,i iy and fern. Miss Eveiyn pN-an« (sister of the groom) and Miea Dougall, of Hjwth, Dufcdin (cousin of t'iie brid-a), were tl;.e attendant maids, the former peong attired in a mole -coloured costume, w:th nat to malcih, and the lattc-.r in a o>turrie of a pawn-bloom shade, with a hat to match. '° rvJtX'?r-<:irtl was watted ujKjn bv his broLier (Mt Herb:e EvansJ and Mr Tudwal Dorkins, an intimate friend. Ti;o &enTIce was carricd out by the Rev. T. Gwynead Roberts, Conway, and t' -c Rev. E. Panry, Carmel, HolyweS (where the bridegroom rec-ejitly took U) the posit* on d headmaster in tho Oauno-J SchoctR). Ar),-)i-priate rniusic was PLiiyed on the erg-an by Mr W. R. Jones of LXomvay. Aftor the ce eanonv the party lunc ed at the u ,'?V?iK,r where tik, reception was he!d. ir and Mns Evans subsequently drivir. to Llandudno Junction, w.b<.re a.ev caught the mid-day uiall for Iejrdoii (n tLheir honov- nx,.o,Q.. THE PRESENTS were as follows :— i k1 ? (mother), household linen, gold L'cLet and ciiajn; Mi«j Madge Dougall (s ste^) brass Ftz:.r nxis; Mr and Mrs Howeils Jonei ( and si- tar), fish carvers in case; f Wi Jf>n00 (EJ'ew), piotiure; Mr and Mrs VV alter J. Parry (brother-in-law and sister) brass table lamp; Mr a.nd Mrs TOIII Dougall (brotrer and si.ster-in-law), barometer, etc.; Mr and Mrs Roger;, J n<-8 fa711;jv L.anrwst, silver taa and os>ffe« service Mr and Mrs Cx>wa0, Preston 15ro k, silver su--ar bas;n and cream jUK; Mr W. J. Roberta. Llanrwst, too. se<t; Mm DctJgalJ DuKhin. hand-painted Japanese we; Mrs Moore. Dublin, silver cruet «ot; Airs Davies Col.wyri Bay. s'lver sardine dash Mr and Mrs Owen Evans (father and mother) cheoue: Mies Evelyn Evam (safer), table cover; Mis Gladys Evans (sster), jam dish on srlver stand with epoori; Mlias Gwen Evans (sir^c-) cheese stand; Mr Herbert O. Evans (brother)' dinner sorvios; Misa Roberts (Pari* Houee) oak and brass coal scuttle; Mas C. Rob-arts (ditto), teapot and hot water jug; Mr R Evans, Old Nv-N-,n. crimrib brush and t.ravMrs VviJiiams. boa View, oriental vao; Miss Nevitt, I^and'udno Ju.nctiou, silver to: a. &[)oons and ^ur tongs; Miss Rolx'rts. Ohurch-street fruit dish on stiver stand w,th servers; Miees Willianis lias Mawr. par of paintings; Mr O Williams, d:tt<». water colour; Mrs Thomas. High-street, bedroom toweis; Miss Thomae. ditto b-an- stitc ed table cloth; Mi 8 Mair and Master Icy Jones, vv at km-street, duc.hesne act.; AlilFs f-nfllrt, lle«ent IIou»\ table cloth; Mrs W. J. Robarts' Ivirwyrdd-terraee. hnen; Rrkles Suncbv Sciiool n kn-yes m case; Mrs Jones and Mr J EfV Cacit,!e-S'tr<»:;t fancy bedrocm o^ock | Mr R. Roberts, iliiway View, brass table lamp; Misses Pix'ese lygwyrdd, 6ilVer cruet; Miss Jonea. Carmel. HoiyweL!. copper (.j^r-ne G.F.S. members, teapot (engraved) • and Mrs E. Parry. Carmel, Hoivwell silver breakfast cruet; Anna, Lily and Glvnne Dalies Carmel. brars pheto frames; teachers and "h.,1. ars. Infant Sdhool. COIl way, silver lot water itje (engraved); Mis Llugwy Owen, ph:'<j:ü frames'- Mr and Mrs Jones. M< treixil Ia:i Rank, (.'omvav' silver salt cef' ars; Mr Hughes L'anl'air P G-* table cloth; Mr and Mrs W. R. WiiIi;iJri3 View, pair vases; M.iss T,. J .Jones, Tv.rwvrdd dessert kn ves; Mr and Mrs M. Parry Jones, 23' High-street, tray cltxth: M.r and Mrs 1)' i Evans. Newtown, table cover; Miss Parrv lkd View, trray cloth; Mr W. Llew. Parrv. (>arol- strwfc. pair of vase Miss Evans. Gian Conway s-lve,r t ,gt. rack Mrs Vaug.han Edwards, oic- trure; M, Wiiune Jones. 1) serv et.t<is; Mrs J. E. Jones (jmirj, silver fish-eaters; MVs OvveiK Wocdiands. trinket sot; Rev. and Mrs Gw.vnedd Roberts, silver ejrff fooons; Mifiws Gwen and Beseie and Master Cyril an'd Glynrie Owen. s Ivor trinkets; Mr W. 12wart Prion ta eosv: Mrs Wood. Ikd.'ondeb, ccpy of "Cforist- i-n Year;" Miss Hughes. Castle-street, table centre; .M,r and Mrs VV 0. Parry, Berry-street, iard.niere; Mai-tor Hubert Parry. r natch stand; Mr and Mrs T. R Hughe-. Bryn Morfa. braes c md'esticks; Mr and Mrs H ughes. BrcnaJlt, gentloman's toilet eet and itiat-irialude jar; Mrs WTm. Thomas. 12, li jam d'i-h on silver stand; Deputy-Ch.ef-Consitable and Mrs Rees. County Building's, serviettes; Mrs Jaied Williams, jardiniere; Miss Edwards, Hod Erw satin caisson; M:r and Mrs T. E. Parrv, HoRin- wood, silver pfrnerettes; Miss Parry', ditto, table centre; Mr Fo-de, Be.aat, silver stand'; Mr and Mis J hn Hiigihcs Berry-street duchesse set: M.r W. Allan, jam di-sh on si.'ver stand: M.r and Mrs Owen Jones, Astoni-a, silver flower stands; Miss Eiit.h Jones, Compton House, table centre; Mr and ¡"8 WTynne Ro- berts. t"- b'e doth; Mr and Mrs J. Fou.lkes, Castle-street. brass p.Dob frame; Mr T. J. Parry, Porthvfelin, ros. buwI; Mr J 1I. Tliomas, china bedroom dock Cunt, and Miss Roberts and Mr and Mrs VVli.lley. oak trav; Mr and Mr-s J. Hll.1:ffl, 21, Cast.'e-str<'et, Ixedroo'/n towels; Miss Roberts. 7, IIi.<r.h-street, tray clcth .1 MIDU Mr J. E. Conway Jones, si-lver-mountf-d um- brella; Mrs Gwen Griffith. Regent Hour*?, v'.ettes; Mr and Mrs Writ. Jones, Rosema.ry Ivme. diuchcsse sst; Miss Polly Jones, ditto, Wedgewocd ware Mr VV. J. Jones, ditto, braat ink-stand; Mr D. l^oliVn Jones, ditto, volume of Shakespeare's book Miss M. F. Jones, 23, High- street. sil flower v Mr T C Jones. Ma-n. chester. silvir cake stand Master I v. r Parrv, Victoria House, silver salt sprinklers; Miss Jennie Jones. Woodlla.nds d <iyh*ys Miss Jennie Wlhit-talcer. Conway, get (f jugs; Mis Poole, Wedgewood trinket set; Meesm R. E Jones a.nd Bros., fascv bedrcom clock; Mr R. ThornMs. 7. High-st-eot. cc-rcfr inkstand; Mr Oswald Dorkins, London, silver card trays; Mr J. TudwaJ Dorkins. cali tray; Mri Jones and Mr R. W. Jones, Plough Inn, bra::s candlesticks; Miss Dorkins. Cadn.nt Park, silk duche-we set; Mrs Tlev. John, CMimmot Park, silver aftecn<xiri tea spo~ns; Mrs J. Lloyd Jcn°s, Bazaa.r, shiver butter disli and knife; Miss Kate VVilliajns, Wat kin-street, pair of vases; Mr Pierce H. Evans. Pwli eli. s-lver cruet stand; M,iss Kd- wards, Towyn, s::I-va- fhwer Mr David W il- haMrs, High-street, table clotl; Mr and Mrs Evans, Old CoIwvtl, cheque; Mr and Mrs David Roberts. Acton, W-. brass paper b-Lsket; Mr and Mrs David Joik'b, I'ygwyrd.d-tcirace. dessert service.




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