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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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nl££i. GWAENYSGOR. Sale of a Highly desirable and Valuable Freehold Farm. MR. WM. FREEMAN WILL offer for Sale by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the RAILWAY HOTEL, PRESTATYN, On FRIDAY, the 15th day of AUGUST, 1902. At 3.30 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions of Sale as shall then be produced and read), the undermentioned VALUABLE Freehold Farm. &c., viz P-All that Farm, with the Messuage, Tenement, or Farm House and Premises, called 'Ty Isaf Farm,' situate in the Parish of Gwa.enysgor, in the County of Flint, and now in the occupation of Mr. RICHARD JACKSON, and containing by admeasurement 68 acres, 3 roods and 18 Derches, or thereabouts. And also all those several Pieces, Parcels or Quillets of Land, formerly forming part of the Farm and Lands known as Erynflynnon,' situate in the said Parish of Gwaenysgor, containing together 1 acre and 31 perches, or thereabouts, in the occupation of the said Mr. RICHARD JACKSON. And also all that Quillet' Piece, or Parcel, of Land, situate at Four Crosses Road, near Gwaenysgor, and known as the 'Four Crosses Qui let,' I containing by admeasurement H acres, or there- abouts. also in the occupation of Mr. RICHARD JACKSON. The whole of the above described Premises are let on an annual tenancy at iCS8 per annum. The Farm is in an excellent state of cultivation, and the Farm house and Buildings are in a, good state of repair. Three-fourths of the Purchase Money can be had on Mortgage, at a reasonable rate of interest. Plans and Particulars are in course of preparation, and application therefor should be made Ito the Auctioneer, at his office, Lion Hotel, Holywell, or to Mr. ANEURIN O. EVANS, Solicitor, Denbigh. LLANNEFYDD. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS AND SON, Will offer for Sale by PUBLIC A UCTIO N, at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH. on WEDNESDAY, the 6th day of AUGUST, 1902, at 3 o'clock (subject to conditions of Sale then read) the following Valuable Freehold Properties;- LOT I.-All that Farm and lands known as TYNEWYDD, Llannefydd. containing 8 acres 2 roods and 37 perches or thereabouts in the occupation of Mr. John Wynne. LOT 2.—All that Farm and lands known as TAN- Y-GRAIG, and cottage known as PANTYROGO, Llannefydd, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Davies. LOT 3.—All that desirable Cottage with the garden land, and premises thereto belonging, known as PLASYNLIjAN, situate in the Village of Llan- nefydd, in the County of Denbigh. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers Corwen and Denbigh, or to- MR. ANEURIN O. EVANS, Solicitor, Denbigh. To Colliery Owners, Estate A^t nts, Builders, Farmers, &c. I IMPORTANT SALE OF Hurdles, Timber, &c. I Agricultural Show Ground, I RUTHIN. MR. G. FT BYFORD HAS received instructions from the Execu- tive Committee and the Contractor of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society to SELL BY AUCTION, on the Show Ground as above, I On MONDAY, AUGUST lltb, 1902. The Whole of the TIMBER and HURDLES, used in the erection of tthe Grand Stand, Stands for Butter, Cheese, Implements, and other miscellaneous Stands, Lavatories, Cloak Rooms, Band Stand, 4 Large Rings, &c.. consisting of from 30,000 to 40,000 Feet of PREPARED BATTENS, BOARDS ,AND SCANTLINGS, including Battens, Scantlings 7 by 3, 4 by 3, 3! by 3, 3 by 3. 3 by 2; Floor Board (square edged), 7 by 1. 6 by 1, 5 by 1; Spars, Piles, Stakes, &c., Over 800 New Hurdles, in Lots of 20 5 Ticket Boxes, in sections, &c., Hoop and Scrap Iron, Firewood, and numerous other effects. The Hurdles and Plant will be on view on the morning of Sale, August 11th. In consequence of the large number of Lots the Sale will commence at 1 o'clock prompt. Auctioneer's Office, St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. FARM TO LET. VALE OF CLWYD. Desirable Farm, 48 acres, to be let. Present tenant has permission to transfer tenancy at once to person approved by landlord, but he must purchase all the [outgoing tenant's crops, live and dead stock, and implements. Farm in excellent condition. Apply. A. Foulkes Roberts, Solicitor, Denbigh. MRI. CLOUGH A-I G VF. Goruohwylwyr Ystadau, Surveyors, Ar- werthwyr, a Phriswyr, Dinbych. Llanrwst Smithfleld. THURSDAY, AUGUST 21st, 1902. MARRIOTT, WHITTAKER & CO. WILL hold their FIRST PERIODICAL SALE of yV FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, and LAMBS, in the above Smithfield, at Cae'rgraig, Llanrwst, on the above date. Sale commencing at 12.30 prompt. Terms-Casb. Further Entries solicited. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneers. THE AUCTION MART, LLANRWST. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. LLANRWST HORSE REPOSITORY. MARRIOTT, WH1TTAKER AND CO. BEG to announce that their next Monthly Sale of LIGHT and HEAVY HORSES, COBS ani PONIES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &c., will be held on THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th, 1902, and day following (if necessary), when Prizes will be given for the Best Heavy Horse, Light Lurry Horse, Light Horse, Cob under 14.2, Pony under 13. To ensure a good place in Catalogue, Entries should be made Early, not later than 13th AUGUST NEXT. Several Entries alreadyreceived. The Auction Mart, Bank Buildings, Llanrwst. EXCISE APPOINTMENTS- — At May J" Exam.; Students of King's College, London, obtained 22 of 35 appointments offered, with 6 of 1st 7, viz., 10 of 14 London successes. 12 of 21 Provincial successes, including all successes at 6 of the 10 successful centres, viz.: at Portsmouth, Plymouth, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and Aberdeen. Oral and Correspondence Classes. Prospectus from SECRETARY,King's College,London. ("1 I V I IJ SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. (I KINGS COLLEGE, LONDON. ORAL AND CORRESPONDENCE TUITION. Messrs BRAGINTON. M.A., and HINKS. SUCCESSES: SECOND DIVISION CLERKS (Oct), 74 of 150 5 of first 6; Boy Copyists (Mar.). '14; Excise (May), 22 of 35, 6 of 1st 7; Telegraphists (May), 23 of 109 Customs (Jan.). 23 of 80. WOMAN CLERKS (Oct.), 3 -of 25; Girl Clerks (Oct.), 5 of 40 Female orters (Apr.), 2 of 20. V. S. Candidate Id. Wkly, published, 86, Rosebery. avenue. Prospectus from SECRETARY, King's College, London. University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff. SCHOOL OP MEDIC iHE. ALL Classes are open to both Men and Women Students who may spend three out of their five years of Medical Study at this College. Special courses are held in preparation for the exa* minations for a diploma in Public Health, and also for Sanitary Inspectors. Infoimation regarding Fees, and a Prospectus of the School of Medicine, maj; be obtained on applica- tion to the •^Q-n of the Jf'iculty of Medicine. 9;. '). COLEG Y GOGLriDD, BANGOR (Un o'r Colegau yn Mhrifysgol Cymru), PRIFATHBAW H: R- REICHEL, M. A. Ll. D. DECHREUA'R tymmor nesaf HYDREF, laf 1902. Parotoir ar gyfer arholiadau Prifysgol Cymru, rhai o eiddo Prifysgol Llundain, y C rs Medd y,,ol yn Mhrifysgolion Edinburgh a Glasgow, ac arholiadau eraill. Rhoir addyag arbenig mewn Amaethyddiaeth ac Electrical Engineering. Mae yn y Coleg adran N rmalaidd i attirawoi, e fenol a chanolraddol. Cynnygir dros 20 o ysgoloriaethau, yn amrywio mewn gwerth o 402). i 10P- y flwyddyn i'r rhai ,fyddo yn ymaelodi yn y coleg gyda declireu y tymmor nesaf. Bydd banner yr Ysgoloriaethau yn gyfyngedig i Gymry. Dechreua'r arholiad amdanynt MEDI16eg" Ceir pob manylion gan JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A., Ysgrifenydd a Chofrestrydd. Eisteddfod Geaedlaethoi 1904. DYLID anfon CEISIADAU am EISTEDD- FOD GENEDLAETHOL 1901 (i'w chynnal yn y Gogledd) gyda'r DDEISEB o:blaid, a chopiCo r YM- RWYMIAD ARIANOL (Guarantee Bond) i ofal Ysgrifenydd CYMDEITHAS YR EISTEDDFOD (E. Vincent Evans, 64, Chancery Lane, London) erbvn v 30ain o Awst, 1902. TTN BLWCH O BELENALT B. 41 XJ a waran'dr 1 feddygxniaethu pob ymdywal adau o'r Organau Troebhfaol, y Grafel, a Phoenau yn y cefn. Nic oes merchyr ynddo. Ar werth mewn blychau, amm Is. 60. yr un, gan bob Fferyllydd, a gwerthwr CyfFeriau Breintebol; neu anfonir un rhyw gyfeirfed am 60 o lythyrnodau gan y Gwneu- EMIGRATION TO CANADA ."RY ALLAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS L*hJilerv Thursday., Free grant lands; Farm also ail4 Domestic Servants in great demand ZnSng{ for capitalists. Pamphlets and full St rppr i n f. cc\ Apply, Allan Offices, 19, James Llverpool, or 103, Leadenhall Street, London. VALE OF LLANGOLLEN SHEEP-DOG SOCIETY. Under the Patronage of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. President—LORD TREVOR. Vice-president—Mr. ROBT. JONES nnonlas. The Trials will be held At PLAS-YN-VIVOD, On FRIDAY, AUGUST Sth, 1902. CAMBRIAN STAKES (OpenlPrizes: £12, £ 7 ) £ 4, and k2. Entrance Fee, 10s. Spocial Prizes of JE4 and B2 for working two dogs at the same time. DIS f RIOT STAKES for Dogs & Bitches Prizes £ 2 and £ 1 10s. respectively. Entrance Fee, 5s. GRAND CHALLENGE CUP, given by LORD TREVOR. SILVER CUP for the best Dog or Bitch in the DISTRICT STAKES. Entries to be made and fees paid on or before noon on Thursday, July 31st, to JOSEPH NANSON, Secretary. GONNAHaiGYF. 5, Vale Street, Dinbych. Arwerthiant mawr yr Half am 4 wythnos, yn dechreu Dydd Mercher, Gorphenaf 23ain. Bydd i'r oil o'r Peiriannau da a gym- merir i fewn yn gyfnewid am rai eraill Z!1 gael eu gwerthu am Brisiau hynod o is el. Hefyd nifer liosog o Beiriannaunewydd- ion sydd wedi sefyll yn y siop am beth amser. Rhoddir gwahoddiad i bawb i ymweled b a'r siopau, a gweled drostynt eu hunain. MR. EDWARDS, SURGEON DENTIST, 63, Hign Street, RHYL. GELLIR ymgynghori a Mr. EDWARDS, neu Gynnorthwywr Piofiadol, yn y mauau canlynol BALA.—Bob dydd Sadwrn, a phob Ffair, gyda Mr, avid Jones. Cyfrwywr, Tegid Street, o 12 hyd 4. BARMOUTH. Cyntaf a'r trydvdd Iau yn y mis, yn Meirion House, o 12 hyd 6, BLAENAU FFESTINIOG.—Bob dydd Llun, a'r ail a r pedwerydd dydd Iau yn mhob mis, yn 42, High Street (y drws nesaf i'r Maenofferen Hotel), o 12 y boreu hyd 9 yn yr hwyr. COLWYN bAY. Yii y Laurels, Woodland Road, bob dydd, o 9 y boreu hyd 8 (Mr. Robertson, Manager, yr hwc sydd yn Ddeintydd rwyddedig). CONWY-Bob dydd Gwener, a phob Ffair, gyda Mrs. Abrams, Temperance Hotel, Castle Stree o 12 hyd hanaer awr wedi pedwar. CORWEN.—Y dydd Gwener cyntaf yn mhob mis, a phob Ffair, yn nh Mr. David Ed NArdS, Cooper, o 12 hyd 5 o i gloch. DINBYCH.—Bob dydd Mercher, y nht Mr. Jamei Green IroiimoDger, o 11 o'r gloch y boreu hyd 5 o r gloch. LLANRWST.-Bob dydd Mawrth a Ffeiriau, gyda Mr. D. Jones a'i Fab, Masnachwyr Gio, Station Road (gyferbyn &'r Boar's Head Hotel), o 11 y boreu hyd 7 yn yr hwyr. PWLLHELI. Bob dydd Mercher, gyda Mr. Robert Parry, Watchmaker, o 12 hyd 4. RHUTHYN.—Bob Trvdydd dydd Llun, a phob Ffair, yn nht Mr. Lewis Jones, Llyfrwerthydd, St. Peter's Square o 12 hyd 4. TREFFYNNON. Bob dydd Gwener, yn Waterloo House, igh Street, o 12 hyd 6 or gloch. Gellir gweled Mr. Edwards, neu Gynnorthwywr Profiad- ol, yn Mhorthmadog a Rhyl, bob dydd, o 9 hyd 7. Ni ehodir Tal am ymgynghori. Siaredir Cymraeg. JtSullep's CLEARANCE SALE OF HIGH GRADE BICYCLES NOW ON. Best Makers only. Note address for Genuine Bargains- PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH Alliance Assurance Company LIMITED. ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL—FIVE MILLIONS, FUNDS-Exceed £ 5,000,000 Sterling The Right Hon. LORD ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS, General Manager. Chief Office—BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restrictions. Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plans. A low and limited expenditure. Large Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously. Moderate Rates. Survey of Estates and Works free. Prompt Settlement of Losses. BRANCHES At-among other places— LIVERPOOL-30, Exchange Street, East H. T. OWEN LEGGATT, Secretary. WREXHAM: 28, High Street; JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary. Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the Company's Branches or Agents. EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE, & CO. Steamship Owners & Brokers. CARDIFF. 8YMMUDIADAU EIN LLONGAU. Gorphenaf 30ain, 1902. Gwenllian Thomas, gad. Newport am Gibraltar G. 26 lolo Morganwg, cyr. Manchester o Huelva 30 Anne Thomas, cyr. Barry o Ardrossan Mehefin 6 Bala, gad. Newport am Marseilles Gor. 29 W. L Radcliffe, gad. Huelva am Rotterdam 25 Sarah Radclifie, cyr. Alexandria o Barry 26 Mary Thomas, cyr. Barcelona o Cardiff 26 Jane Radcliffe, cyr. Algiers o Swansea 26 Douglas Hill, gad. Cardiff am Alexandria 19 Llanberis, cyr, Cardiff o Hamburg i Manchester, cyr, Cardiff o Glasgow 18 Peterston, gi d. Marseilles am Braila 24 Anthony liadcliffe, cyr, Nicolaeiff o Theodosia 23 Ethel Radcliffe, pasio Lizard am Barry 30 Dunraven, cyr. Alexandria o Barry 23 Windsor, pasio Pera am Rotterdam 23 Llandudno, gad. Alexandria am Odessa 30 Paddington, cyr. Sulina o Brindisi 22 Existon, cyr. Civita Vecchia o Newport 29 fVimborne. cyr. New Orleans o Rio, 16 Swindon, pasio Galata am Rotterdam 8 Llanover, gad. New Orleans am Rotterdam 18 Llangorse, gad. Newport o Alexandria 25 Llangollen, gad. New Orleans am Rotterdam 3 Llandrindod, cyr, Ancona o Barry 22 Llanishen pasio Pera am London 26 JENKiNS, WILLlAMS, & CO. Steamship Owners Sz Brokers^ CARDIFF. Awst lydd, 1902. SYMMUDIADAU EIN LLONGAU. North Tyne, gad. Barry am Tonnay Charente Awst 1 Rowtor, cyr Braila o Marseilles Gor. 29 Powis, gad. Swansea am Genoa 25 Straits of Alenai, gad. Barry am Marseilles 25 Farringford, cyr. Barry o Antwerp 15 ttaliana, cyr. Rotterdam o Theodosia 31 OWEN & WATKIN WILLIAMS, & CO". Steamship Owners & Brokers, CARDIFF. POSITION OF STEAMERS. August 1st, 1902. Silurian s.s., a. Rotterdam from Zwijndrecht July 31 Canganian a.s., arr. Antwerp from Carthagena 26 Demetian, s.s., arr. Palermo from Catania Aug. 1 Ordovician, s.s., left Santander for Kratzwick J'y. 29 Venedotian, s.s., arr. Liverpool from Almeria Aug. 1 Segontian, s.s., left Swansea for Oran July 31 Goidelian,-s.s„ arr. Huelva from Lisbon 26 Coranian, s.s., left Cardiff for Golfo Aranci 23 W. & U. T. JONES. Steamship Owners and Brokers, CARDIFF. SHIPPING LIST. Cardiff, July 31st, 1902. Charles T. Jones,left Kustendje for Gibraltar July 24 Margaret Jones, arr. Marseilles from Barry Dock 29 Blodwen, left Rotterdam for Barry Dock 30 Afonwen, left Sulina for Rotterdam 29 Frederick Knight. arr. Odessa from Theodosia 25 Derwen, arr. Port Said from Cardiff 26 Enidwen, arr. Rotterdam from Sulina 29 Millicent Knight, arr. Rotterdam from Odessa 23 Groeswen, arr. Port Said from Barry Dock 27 ELVIIWE & M0KGAN, Steamship Owners and Brokers, CARDIFF. GEO. H ELVIDGE, CARL S. MORGAN. CARDIFF, August 1st, 1902. "IOHFI LA, A M. Castro from St. Nazaire July 31 SOABISBKIGK s. arr. Bilbao from La Rochelle 30 !» from Is. weekly. Special Offer tl2 15s. Od. Sample for Z6 6s. Carriage paid. Plaited Rims Free Wheels, Rim Brake, i Fitted Free. Agents wanted, i Dereham Road Cycle Coy. | Norwich. NWYDDAU rz t-, vvv cl cl Yn dyfod i mewn yn DDYDDIOL Yn Mhob Adran. Sicrha un ymweliad ymweliadau craill. T. J. WILLIAMS DBAPER. DINBYCH. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM this date forward, thb Proprietors of th6 JD 'BANER AC A MSEBAU CYMRU' (two editionsT Wednesday and Saturday), and the 'NORTH WALES TIMES,' are prepared to insert PREPAID Advertise- ments of Situations Vacant, Situations Wanted, Houses and Apartments to Let or Wanted, Lost of Found, FOR SALE :-Single Articles, Horses, Car- riages, Equipments, &c., in the Three Papers at the price of Two, For example, an Advertisement of 18 words, wliio will be Inserted ONCE in One paper for 6d., will b inserted in the THREE Papers for Is. Thus adver tisers, for the sum of One Shilling, will have the Wants mf de known in THREE Papers having distin and separate circulation, amounting to over 16,000 per wao k. lEantcb.—Hit Qfiøicn. WANTED a good'Genrral Servant. Apply or write Mrs. Davies, Walton House,? Llangollen. REFINED Home (Private) for Lady willing toinvestkm. Good Business. Oo WEEKLY", Lady or Gentleman, who X<0 will invest £ 300 to £ 500. Profitable business, WANTED, good, plain Cook for the country. rV References. Good wages to competent per- son. Apply, No. 46 at the office of this paper. VN EISIEtJ, Morwyn tua 18 oed, o'r wlad, mewn teulu bychan (ty preifat), ger Colwyn Bay. Aelod Methodistaidd Calfinaidd. Cartref cysurua. Ymofyner, gan nodi oed, cyflog, &c., a rhif 9981 Swyddfa y FANES, Dinbych. WANTED, a Strong Youth, as an apprentice to the Drapery and Ont-fitting Department. Apply, Pritchards, Feathers Shop, Cefn, Rua-bsn. A GENTS Wanted to start Clubs for the A supply of Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and other useful Articles. Terms liberal. Particulars und pamphlet post free.—J, W, BENSON, Ltd., 62 and 61, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. TUTOR, A GRADUATE IN ARTS, REQUIRED FOR THE PREPARATORY SCHOOL, BALA. Subjects: English, Elementary Latin, and Greuk. Salary, E70. The appointment to be for one year only. Candidates must be members of the C. M. Church. Applications to be sent in to the Registrar of the Cullege by Sept. 2nd, 1902. HESPIN wedi crwydro i Tyddyn Isaf, Llan- JH. fair Talhaiarn. Nod Croes Stwmp,' Disgwylir r perchenog roddi disgrifiad pellach. Gwerthir os na ddaw ei pherehenog yn rnlaen erbyn Awst Sfed.— John Hughes. { OLLWYD Merlen Mynydd ddu trwyn llwyd1 15 heb ei thori, cynfon Mr. Gwobrwyir pwy bynag a roddo ei hanes i John Jonea, Ddol, Gaerwys. WEDI crwydro i'r Brookhouse, Dinbych? dafad Gymreig ac oen. Noi, tori blaen, a bwlch tri thoriad dan y chwith, a charai dau doriad oddi ar y dde. l'w chael ODd talu y costau, Ym- Ofyner ag Evan Lloyd. — — ■ w < TO LET, with immediate possession, for any trade. Good House and Shop, known as Chirk Shop, Denbigh. Apply No. 993i. Banner Office, Den- bigh. OROEN IACH A GWAED 1 Ui; -i)yDa yr \~J hyn y mae y' Sarzine Blood Mixture' yn ei sicr hau, a dim arall. Nid yw yn honi gwella "pub peth fel yr Yankee Patent Medicines ond os blinir cliwi gan groen afiach, ysfa, pimples, toriad allan, scurvy, doluriau, penddynod, &c., yn tarddu o waed drwg ac ammhur, mynwch botelaid o 'Sarzine Blood, Mixture,' gan y Druggist nesaf atoch. Is. Hc. a 2s. 6c, y botel, neu gyda 3c. at y cludiad yn chwanegol, oddi wrth y Perchenog. Hugh Davies, Chemist, Machvn lleth. Maes Llafur Undeb Y sgolion Sab- o bothol S liethodistiaid Calfinaidd, Yn awr yn barod Esboniad Newydd ar yr Wyth Pennod cyntaf o'r Epistol at. Y Rhufeiniaid9 GAN Y Parch. W. J. WILLIAMS, Hirwaen PRIS, WEDI EI RWYMO MEWN LLIAN HARDD, IS. T. GEE A'l FAB, Cyhoeddwyr, Dinbych. D.S.—Lie nas gellir cael yr Esboniad gan y Llyfrwerthwyr gellir ei gael yn uniongyrchol odd wrth y Cyhoeddwyr ar dderbyniad ei werth.