Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

20 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



r CORWEN. PENNY READINGS.—'The first for this sesson of these popular entertainments came off 011 Thursday evening last, when*-a good programme-was successfully gone through, the following taking part:—The Rev. W. Richardson (chairman), Mrs Walker, Mr and Mrs W. B. C. Jones, Mr Watson, Master R. Williams, Miss E. Roberts, Mr H. Moltby, the Rev. D. James, Miss Daniells, Miss E. Warne, Mr Ith'el Williams, Miss E. Jones, Mr M. B. Maurice, Miss IVl. Humphreys, Master P. Fuller, Mr T. Attwell, and the school children. LITERAKY MEETING.—A literary meeting on a very ex- tensive scale came off on Friday week at the Calvinistic Methodist chapel in this town, when the well-known Tan y Marian and "Ab Alaw were announced to be firesent, but owing to an affliction occurring in Ab Alaw's amily, he was not able to attend. However, the people's 'enthusiasm never ceased and the place was thronged. At the afternoon meeting, which commenced at two o'clock, the place was well ffted, but the evening meeting was such a one as is rarely or ever seen at Corwen. The building before six o'clock, the time to commence, was so crowded as to leave a very large number outside, who failed to get admission. It Was reckoned that there were between 800 and 900 present and, adds our correspondent, they were packed like "herrings in a barrel, bint not quite so quiet." The meeting turned out a decided success, and great praise is attributable to Mr Owen and Mr Eryr Alwen, the two secretaries, for their unwearied exertions in arranging matters. The first meeting commenced at two p.m., When the Rev. H. C. Williams presided, and the following programme was very successfully gone through :—Address Toy the Chairman.- Address, by the Bards. Adjudication of Tan y Marian on "Tucbangerdd i Len Ysbeilwyr." The first prize was awarded to Mr Edward Joires, shoe- makeE, Llansantffraid, C'.mpetition in reciting a piece of Cywydd y Rhosyn," "by children under fifteen years of age:; adjudicators, ReVs. W. Williams and R. Jones. The prize was divided between Masters E. E. Jones, Cysulog, Corwen, and J. Roberts, Tan-y-gaer, Conven.— Competition in singing Toriad y Dydd;" best, Mr Eft- Ward Rowlands, Llafeaantffraid.—Adjudication on the be,t translation. of a piece of "Hooker's Ecclesiastical Politybest, Master W. Thomas, Llansaintffi»ai<L — Song, by Tan y Maa-ian, "Yswain dimai," which was capitally Rurg.-lixtempore reading; 1st, Master R. Roberts, Heagaer, Druid; and a second prize was awarded Master E. J-cnes. -Competition by fowr choirs in singing the "Anthem Genedlaethol Gymreig." The Corwen choir was successful. — Adjudication on the essay Hanes Jonah the prize was awarded to Mr R. Davies, junior, Cynwvd.—Tan y Marian's adjudication on the englynion to "Y Teulu Bedwydd." The prize was taken by Mr Hugh Pttgh (Clvnog), Gelly Rhydymain, Dol,&,elley.-All the choirs joined in the Welsh National Anthem, under the leadership of Mr Hugh Davies, the leader of the suc- cessful choir.Rie next meeting commenced six p.m., when the R6v. W. Williams presided. Address by the Chairman.—Competition in singing "Y peth sydd ddamwain. The prize was taken by Mr Edward Row- lands, LlauF;ai,.tffraid.-Competitioii in rsclthig any piece of the candidate's selection; the prize was taken by Master E. E, Jones.—The adjudication of Tan y Marian on the pfinripal subject of the meeting—an essay on "The Rights and Duties of Welsh Landlords." The prize was awarded to the Rev. Mr Evans, of Aberdare the adjudicator highly recommended the essay, and that the committee should publish the paper. -zCompetition in extempore winging by not more than four. Four sets com- peted, and the prize was taken by the Llansantffrsid four.—Extempore spcech, "lfrt, Mr J. Rrcnardsv Geufran:; and a prize was also given to Mr J. Lloyd, Glyndyfrdwy, by Mr M. D. Evans, Bala.—Song, "Lhvyn on," by Tan y Marian, well rendered.—Pryddest on" Liberty." The prize was awarded to Mr D. C. Harris, (Oaeronwy,) Llan- deilo-fawr, Carmarthenshire.—The competition of four chcirs in ringing the "Amen Chorus." The first priu was awarded to the Corwen choir, Mr Eugh Davies, the leader, be ing invested by Mrs Davies Eughes. Am extra prize was given by the committee to the LlansantSraid choir for their energy and the perfection attained by them in going through their "task. Their leader, Mr William Owen, r,as invested by Mies Jones, "Vron Newydd.—The adjudication of Mr D. Roberts, Ty'nyc-efn, upon the best drawing of the" Fnwéh iEth a'r Fcrrwyn." Master J. Roberts, Ty'nycefn, obtained the prize. -Adjudication on "?Englynion i Ben y Pigin." The prize was awarded'to Mr "Hdward Jones, Llansantffraid. -As a conclusion of the day's proceedings, the -four choirs united, and under the err-ductorshilt -fif Mr Dartres, sang ti e "Amen (Thorns," which was very powerfully given. Amongst the chief promoters of this meeting, whom we saw on the platform, were "Sie following:—The Revs. Mr Stephens '(Tan y Marian), W. Wi M*amr,, -H. C.'Williams, J. Lewis, and. R. Jones; Messrs 0. D. Hughes, D. Rofesrts (Ty'nycefn), J. Jones (London House), Eryr Alwen, Owen (British. School), Jarrett, R. 'P. "Reverts, Griffiths (Alwen nulls), Moltby, Jones (Feathers Inn), W. O. Jones, B. M. 'Wil- liams (Ruthin), R. H. Pritchard (Bala). M. D. Evans (Bala;, Hugh Davies, E. Evans, Davies (Trewyis), Owen (Tynycelvn), W. E. WilUer38, &c. PETTY SESSIONS, \2Sth ult.—Before Cel. Tottenham CChair- man), C. R. W. Tottenham, Esq., Rev.teiehn Wynne, ■eaad Gafit. TayloT. Non-Maintenance ef iPwrestt.-J<)hn Thna^as, of Pennar.t'&wydd- eVwern, was summoned at'the instance cf Mr White, "Clerk'tc the Corwen GuardirLtw, for not complying-with an 0r4er,df tile Jnstiees upon him to contribute 2s:6d.cckly towards main- taining his mother. Defendant was tweeV,six weeks in aryepr, and pleaded povertv-on account of his ill health.—Ordered to pay by intalmont,. eaeh moilth. f emitting Drunhemmz and using- to Admit the Police—*I.C, Evans, of of the Croes Keya Inn, ftf^the -ame place, with this offenee,P.C. Robert eorre- borated.—Defendant, who mee inot present when his case WSl; beiird i r.!)Petre(I at a Is-,ter sta-g-e of the,W-fcedings, and was Re- formed that the Bench'had'till£d,him Island costs, and £ 5, «nd COBt3. rtle paid the money. Tkrunken Batch.-WilJiam !Farry and Bsavid Jones, hoih Of Llandriiio, and Hagh Morris, a Gynwyd, «rere charged with; in- etrriety--All were flnred and asrder £ dt»to pny costs,—The3fcev. Jchn Wynne took no part in: theueases fromViiis own parish,xias- drillo. InfrhKement of the Factory i4st.—fiobert Davies, Cynwyd "Fae- tory, was suinnioned at-tlie instruce of SIriEent, Factory Inepec- tor,-fmr an otfence un4er this Fined"2. and costs. PtMux, a Base Coin. — Isaac Hughes, filias Isaac Effidorlas, who had been remanAed on iheQgth, was bocnght up in eostody. Priaonea-on the 18'h nit. went into the shop of Mr JGlta Evans, ironm«t.-Ker, and bo«^ht a krtifoi, for 2s.. aed gave a b-üe half- cre-wm ir. payment, a young girl o. served him giving him (id. change. ^fr Evans in a short .ifcme aftexsra-ds discoveredrthe counterfeit coin and naade-enqilmes respetftiug it, when it was breaght heme to the prisoner, whe was. apprehended. When at the lock-qp, listening to the charge-read to him, and after being cautioned, he first ntsde a statement throttle had the coin amongst- c&a club moaey at <L1&Maintffrai.d, but at the eame momentr-jae told Seri^eant 1iVilliases whovwcs taking dews, ins statement,-that if he w«sld strike.«ff whTit^ie iiiad just s&L-C he wotdd. toU, thie truth, and be said tåat he., waE drinking at the Harp tInn, en Mr Bofeeet WilliaKS, Gwndir, -gave him tikt -2,9. 6d., which turned out to be the 'foot.—Mr -Eobcrt Williams was examinedvM to what teat place, when it appeared prir shewed witness a knife and masked feim to give Jilm three glksses of ale for-it. Witness gave two gteeses of ale-icd 2d. in copper. While he «a^8^etting the «s»ppe*s tli-e had half-erown tamed «sp, and he shewed it prisoner, srlio wished to. get-ii. -'Witness said it Was a 3>ad one, which he hsd amongst change'Jcr a sovereign, and told.hki- '*»t to offer il anyone. Witness ,ö2.å endeavoured to ascertain T-'bere ho had had it but the pasties he suspected denied any-knowledge of it, aufl fthueiifc reniaine&in his posses- sion. This witness was severely reprimanded by, the Bench for allowing ptisoner to get the 8s. CS., which he knew was a coun- terfeit, t^peciaUy as prisoner was not,eonsidere4^rnite right.- Prisoner was allowed to go at large, entering nppn Ms own recog- 1 nizance to appear ag'iin in a weoth.