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ABERYSTWYTH. MARKET (MO-IDAY). -There was a good attendance at the market to-day, when the prices were as follows :— Wheat, 6s. 6d. to 7 s. WL-^barley, 4s. 6d. to 4s. 9d. oats, 3s. 6d. to 3s. 9d. wdol, 9s. per 11 lbs. butter, Is. 2d. to Is. 3d. per crock. DKDSK IN THE STREETS. —On Tuesday lastCapt. RicM. Clocker, Goginan, was brought up before Mr J. Davies, at the magistrates clerk's office, and charged with being drunk in the streets the previous night.—The case was proved by P.C. D. Thomas, who stated that he found'de- fendant very drunk, and locked him up.—Defendant was fined 5s., and tiie costs. SUDDEN DEATH IN THE STREET.—On Wednesday morning last an inquest was held at the Prince Llewellyn, Bridge-street, before J. M. Davies, Esq., coroner, on the body of a man named William Lott, who fell dead in the street o the previous Monday afternoon. Deceased was in the employ cf Mr F. Fear, fishmonger, asid on Monday afternoon was serA with a "kit". of herrings to Mr Richard James, of Bridge-street. Lott placed the herrinp by James's dorr, atd immediately afterwards fell back- wards, and died without saying a word. Mr James Jacob was foremanx'f thejfiry, and the cnly evidence taken was that of Richard Jaaies, who stood by Lott sfi he fell. The witness observed deceased struggling, sfter he fell, but not a ward escaped hisTtips. The jury turned a verdict of u Diebv the visitation of God." STE.VLIXO A GQLR EING FROM A C',ORPSE.-Ann Evans, aged 50, of Tra'nlLil, vwas on Monday last brought before J. G. \V. Bonsall, Esq., Vaughan Ds.vieo, Esq., and Thos. Jones, Esq., at the Twm Hall, on tte charge of stealing a gold ting frlm the bc.Liy of Elizabeth Jones, who died on the 24th of November Jones, brick burner, Tretalirsin. -.stated that !-is wife, Elizabeth Jones, died at Tretalie,in on the 244h of November :l,ast, and he was present at her funeral. Deceased was & widow before her marriage with witness, d when his wife died- she had on her finder, iwi gold rings. Before her death she desired that one of tka rings should be placed oa her little finger, -which was acosrdingly coaiplied with, the other, ring being given to witness. About, an hour before the corpse was -taken away fc r burial, witness noticed that the ring which had been placed on deceased'^ little finger had been taken •off.—Ma-rgar-c 4 ones stated that she was present when •the bodv of the deceased, Elisabeth Jones, was laid out. One of the rings dropped off deceased's finger, and was afterwards given *.ie the last witness; the other ring being left on her little finger. The only persons m the room with the body of deceased were witness and the prisoner. Shortly before-the coffin containing the body of the de- ceased was closed, there was ,no ring on either of her finger-s.—Thi:< statement was corroborated by Bridget Jtobertg, the d 3?eased"s motherinlw. —Sergeant Morgans, -Tre'ddol, stated that he went to tLe house of the prisoner and told her that she was accused of having stolen the missing ring, and that he had come to search for the ring. After SCIHJ conversation prisoner gave the officer a ring, which was identified as the missing one.—Prisoner, who ,admittefi the charge, wss centenced te one calendar menth in Cardigan gaol, with hard labour. FOUNH lliAD ON THE JROCKS.—Much excitement pce- -vailed in the town on Saturday morning last owing to the 'body of .a man having beeE found op-che Craiglais. It appears that Mr Lewis, the bathing man, who was on the terrace afeaut ten o'clock on Saturday morning, moticed the body of a man lying on the beach. He pro- <rurer] assistance and had the tody ycmoved to the Life- "boat House. On enquiry it was found that the body was that cf a man named Samuel Holland Kemp, a baker in the em ploy cf Mr (Jarner, Terraee-rpad. The body was afterwards yelaovecl tQ St;. George's Inn, and on Monday anorning an inquest was held before J. M. Davies, Esq., jeoroner, and a jury of whom Mr James Jacob, mariner, •was foreman. The following evidence was taken :—Mr Thomas Garcer, Terrace-snad, stated that the deceased had been in his employ as baker since the 29th ult. On [Friday evening, the 3rd instant, Kemp told witness that lie was goipg for a walk, and left the house. Witness never afterwards saw Kemp alive. Since deceased had p been in witness's service he had found that Kemp had previously been in better circumstances, which witness thought of late had preyed upon his mind. Witness -did mot notice anything unusual in the appearance of deceased on Fridav.Nir W. J. Lewis, bathing man, stated that he found the body of the deceased under the Craiglais, .between ten an 1 eleven acloelk on Saturday morning. He "went and informed Sergeant Eyans, who ordered the body to be removed to the Lifeboat House, and afterwards to the St. George's Inn.—Dr C. Rice Williams stated that Jie examined the body of the deceased, and found traces of a disease of long standing, from the appearance of which be judged the deceased to have been subject to fits. Witness gave it as his opinion that deceased had had a fit, and fallen on the rocks under the Craiglais, and whilst in an unconscious state the tide had enclosed him. There were ten wounds on the body, but they appeared to wit- ness to have bee.1 cased after death by the body striking against the rocks. Witness found no traces of wounds inflicted before death. The jury returned an open ver- dict of "Found dead." PROPOSED REMOVAL OF THE POST OFFICB.-The change which has recently taken place in the management of the post office, owing to the resignation of Mr Cox as post- master, has necessitated the removal of the office from the premises occupied by Mr Cox. It is felt by a large num- ber of the inhabitants that New-street is not central enough for the post-office, and accordingly a memorial, signed by a large number of the ratepayers, was sent to the post-office surveyor, Shrewsbury, recommending London House as a most suitable place for the future post and telegraph office. The memorial sent was as follows The resignation of the office of post-master of the town by Mr Cox having rendered necessary the re- moval of the existing post-office, your memorialists re- spectfully beg to suggest that the house called London House should be selected for the future post and telegraph offices. London House, which can be obtained upon very Teasonable terms, and with immediate possession, is situate at the junction of Great Darkgate-street, Baker-street, North-parade, and Chalybeate-tjerrace, in the most central position in the town, and within one minute's walk oi the railway station. These are, in the opinion of your memorialists, cogent reasons why London House should be selected as the place for the post and telegraph offices. Another cogent reason for its selection is that the increase in resident population since the census of 1861 has been about 2,500, of whom upwards of 2,000, are located north- east of London House, and any further increase must necessarily be in the same direction, independently of season visitors, who are nearly altogether located in the north-eastern district of the town. Your memorialists respectfully solicit your attention to the foregoing im- portant and indisputable facts, and hope that they may receive your favourable consideration. And your me- morialists wll ever pray, &c. 7th Dec., 1869." A num- ber of persons anxious for the office to remain in the vicinity of the present office also got up a petition to that effect. It is very evident that London House is the most central, and it has long been felt by the greater part of the population that the present position of the post-office is very inconvenient. No doubt the facts will be carefully considered by the surveyor, Mr W. G. Godby, and we hope ere long to see the offices removed to a much more central part of the town than that where they are at pre- sent situate. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY.—Before J. Matthews, Esq., Mayor, and J. Davies, Esq. Druni-Samuel Jones, Fountain Court, Trefechain, was charged with being drunk in Trefechain on Wednes- day, the lst.-P.C. D. Davies proved the charge, stating that defendant became very abusive to witness.—Mr Davies: Who is defendant?—Sergeant Evans: He is a sailor, and goes ont with the Credo.—The Mayor; Is he in a position to pay a fine.—Sergeant Evans: Defendant is a married man and has a family. —The Mayor said they should impese a fine of 10s., costs included. Non-payment of Rates.-The following parties were summoned by Mr James for neglecting to pay the improvement and water rates:—Mary Ann Richards? George-street, El 10s. tid.; E. Row, Moor-street, 21 12.g. 4d.; Edward Rich rds, Moor-street, 5s. 5d.; Richard Jones, Moor-street, 5s. 5d.; Sarah Morris, Moor-street. 4s.; Susanna Morris and Owen Stephens, Little Darkgate- street, 6s. 3d.; John Owen, Little Darkgate-street, 6s>. 3d.- Win. Evana, Yulcan Place, 8a. 5d.; Laura Llewellyn, Sea' view Place, 2s. 9d.; Richard Richards, Sea view Place, 4s." Mary Davies, Prcspect-street, 21 10s. 3d.; Ann Davi.;s; Prospect-street, 7s. 3d.; John Edwards, Prospect-street 4s, 6d.; David Jenkins, Prospect-street, 4s. 6d; P. Thomas Nort a Parade, 16s. 8d.; John Morgan, Baker-street, 7s. 3d.; Jesse Elimon, Baker-street, 8s. Id.; Evan Davies, Mary-street, 8s. 6d.; Mrs Davies, Northgate-street, 6s. 3d.; John Jones, Northgate-street, 10s. 10d.; Thomas Beyston, George-street, JE2 Us.—In each of the cases the arrears were ordered to b. paid within a week. Transfer.—The licence of the Unicorn Inn was trans- ferred from Thomas Brooks to Arthur Ashley. This terminated the business. FORTNIGHTLY MEETING OF THE IMPROVE- MENT COIMISSIONERS, TUESDAY.-Present Mr Jonathan Pell (in the chair); Messrs J. J. Atwood C. Hackney, B. Hughes, D. Williams, and J. Watkins; Mr W. Thomas, clerk; Mr D. Lloyd, assistant clerk Mr V aughan, surveyor. The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed. WAYS AND MEANS. The usual fortnightly bills for labour and work done in the town were signed and ordered to be paid. A bill for grass, for the horse belonging to the Com- missioners, ;wa3 presented, and amounted to 7s. per week. The CHAIRMAN said 7s. per week was a large sum to pav for grass. Mr VACGBAN replied that it was what other people in the town were at present paying. Mr ATWOOD thought it would be much more economical if the Commissioners rented a field from the Corporation. Mr VAUGHAN was not aware that the Corporation had any fields disengaged. The CHAIRMAN said there would be plenty of the Cor- poration grass land at the disposal of the Board next May. LIGHTING OF THE LAMPS. The usual fortnightly bill for lighting the lamps was presented. The CHAIRMAN said there was a resolution on the books since last September, inviting tenders for the light- ing and cleaning of the lamps. ° Mr B. HUGHES remarked that a committee was ap- pointed at the last meeting to enquire into the lighting question, and send m a report, but it appeared they had not yet seat in a report. The CH AIRMAN thought it would be well if the gentle- men appointed on that committee fully considered the quest'on of lighting. The < 'LERK suggested that a meter should be provided I for the Board. Mr HACKNEY agreed with this suggestion and the sub- ject then drorroed. I MONEY IN THE BANK. The CLERK stated that there was at present money in the hank at the d s >osal of the Commissioners. He wished to •snow whet ler the Board would apply the money towards Pay'ng the Gas Company or towards paying the intere: t or money advanced to the Board. The CHAIRMAN—Are there any bills outstanding to day? The CLERK-No. The CHAIRMAN—What amount remains unpaid of the last rate? The COLLECTOR— £ 150. Mr B. HUGHES suggested that half of the money in the bank should go towards paying interest, and half to the Gas Company. The CLllK stated that the Board were indebted to the Gas Company in something like 2360; he thought it would be best to pay off that debt. It was accordingly agreed that half of the amount dtie to the Gas Company last May should be paid out of tie money at present in the bank. ANALYSIS OF THE WATER. The CLERK read the following letter, which liad .been addressed to him R'vers Commission, Laboratory. Ill, Victoria-street Westminster, S W. At the requtst of A. Tay or. Esq., Local Government Act Office, I sent you on Friday, the 3rd int., per Great We tern Railway, -cix bottles for samples of water for ana'ysis. Ienchse directions for securing samples, aud should be e!ad if you would forward tiiem at au early date.-From yours faithfully. ViM. THORP, jun. Chief A,-ist-,int. The CLERK said it was his opinion that the Commis- sioners had not sufficiently searched the country for a good supply of water. -He was speaking to a gentleman on Wednesdav, who told him that he had some conversation with Earl Lisburne with respect to the water supply, and during the conversation Earl Lisburne said an abundant supply of water was to be obtained from a stream that ran near Dolfor farm. This would be some miles nearer the town than the Strata Florida scheme. 'JL be CHAIRMAN said the only objection they had to the strean mentioned by-the clerk was that it was dry for some; time last summer snd the summer before. The CLERK said it was Mr H. C. Fryer who mentioned the matter to him. The CHAIRMAN said the water would have to be pumped from that place. Mr B. HUGHES said that Mr Szlumper had inspected the stream mentioned. Mr ATWOOD remarked that they would have to get a temporary supply by next summer. The CLMK-Now is the time to see about that. Mr ATWOOD suggested that a special meeting should be called to consider the question. Mr HACKNEY—Why can't you erect another reservoir .above the present one? Mr ATWOOP-It is no use goitg into that question. A special meeting is required to settle as to what is to be dene. The C HAlRMAil said they would bave to provide a supply for two years, as it would be twelve months next August befere they could obtain a permanent supply. It was accordingly agreed to call a special meeting to consider the question. The following gentlemen were appointed as a committee to pr,rure analysis—The Mayor (J. Matthews, Esq.), Messrs J. Pell, C. Hackney, and Dr C. Kee Williams. PENFARKEY RATING. The CLERK stated that Mr Arnold Taylor had given it as his opinion that the rating of Penparkey should be the same as Fountain-court. The CHAIRMAN—I believe it was understood that they be charged cue-fourth. The CLERK said they were bound to be eharged the same as other persons in the district, but the Board had power to make some allowance. Mr WATKINS thought the people in Penparkey ought not to be taxed very heavily; they were, generally speak- ing, very poor. The CLERK-They must pay something. It was accordingly agreed that the people living in Pen- parkey be charged three-fourths of the district rates, pending the lighting and rating of that district. A COMPLAINT. Mrs WILLIAMS, of George-street, complained that her house was over-rated compared with adjoining houses. The COLLECTOR stated that some of the houses in the street^were rated at £ 1310s., and others £ 9; Mrs Williams's house was rated at £ 1114s. The CHAIRMAN said the Board could not help them- selves, as they followed the poor rate. APPLICATIONS. Mr LEWIS EVANS, the contractor for the new English Baptist Chapel, applied to the Board for the drain which runs in front of the chapel to be made deeper. The application was granted, and the necessary instruc- tions given to the surveyor for the carrying out of the work. Mr MORGANS, Great Darkgate-street, applied for leave to place a grating in front of the new shop now in the course of erection; also for a coal grating, The CHAIRMAN stated that the grating must be of iron. The application was granted, the work to be carried out according to the instructions of the surveyor, and on the usual terms. PLANS FOR FLAGGING OF THE STREETS. Mr ZOPHAR HUMPHREYS laid before the Board plans and estimates for flagging the footpaths with Abergavenny flags. As there was but a small attendance of the Commis- sioners, it was agreed to refer the discussion of the matter to the special meeting to be called with reference to the water question. The Board then rose.






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